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By Giorgos Alkaios and Friends. This was Greece's entry for the Eurovision 2010 contest. It sounds awesome to me! :iconchibiamericaplz: And very Greek. :iconchibigreeceplz: I thought this would place higher than 8th. It's got high energy, and makes you want to dance.:dance:Although, I've heard if the song's not in English, it usually isn't placed too high. That's stupid if it's true. :icongermanyplz: Also, they might judge on a political bias. So sad. :iconsadrussia: Greek culture, food, music, etc. have always been interesting to me. My parents got the chance a couple of years ago to go there. Sounds like it was fun.


It seems like it's been colder than yesterday. Still below normal. Might reach normal on Friday. Kind of disappointing since summer's already started. Oh, and today's Meteor Day. Cool!:iconthailandplz: I found some more songs for my playlist! :iconyaykumajiroplz:Makes me happy! But, I got to find more. :iconmoarplz: The Country Cheddar thing I had last night was really good! :iconhungaryplz: The cake was nice, too. I worked a bit more on my new character. Decided he'll be a made up demon. :iconchibipolandplz: Since, I can't find any folktales/myths that come close to what I have in mind. (It will be like one of my other characters.) That makes it easier. :iconchibicanadaplz: But, now I have to find out what I'll call him and where he'll be from. Wahoo! :iconbrothercanadaplz: I played some more Irish tunes. Played pretty well and got more into it. When that happens, it feels like it takes over you or something. Quite an interesting feeling. :iconeestiplz: I'm not used to Dad being home when I play. So, he kept popping in trying to talk to me while I was playing. I kind of ignored it, but it still was a little irritating. :iconchibienglandplz: I don't do that when he's playing his violin. :iconkikuplz: I'm fine with people listening and talking to each other in the same room. But, trying to get my attention while I'm playing gets on my nerves. 
In 666 Satan, Kirin decides to go back to town when his pickled vegetable jars are smashed. He's on the cover with his pet 'dog' jajamaru. Especially, looks like Jiraiya from Naruto in this pic. Jio and Ball's 'flying machine' lands on one of Zenom's followers, saving the town's children. Museshi, part of Wise's gang, attacks the kids. He has a pretty scary O-part. One that looks like bear claws, and can cut through anything, including bone. Ball tries to release his spirit energy to fight him, but it doesn't work. So, he runs away, until his sis can't keep up anymore. After thinking about the others, his spirit power finally releases. 
I finished another sentence from the grill's manual. Almost done with another. 製品に変形や破損が生じた場合は、修理や改造をせず、ただちに使用を中止してください。(Seihin ni henkei ya hason ga shoujita baai wa, shuuri ya kaizou o sezu, tadachini shiyou o chuushi shite kudasai.) Please, if product is damaged, don't try to fix it by altering it, immediately stop using. (It sounds funny, so along with all the ones that do; I'll have to go back to it later.) 
In Fairy Tail, the town where Gray used to live was destroyed by Deliora. He was saved by Ul and Leon. (Gray's at his parents' grave with Ul and Leon in pic.) Ul and Leon taught him to strip when he was training. Hmmm... is that why he has problems keeping his clothes on? Ul's explanation for it was: if you want to control cold air, you've got to become one with it. They trained hard for a while in a frozen tundra like area. Soon after, he tries to go fight Deliora on his own as a kid. To avenge his parents. Ul and Leon follow him, and Ul protects both of them. She uses a spell called Iced Shell on Deliora. Which changes the liquid inside the caster into ice. She called it permanent preservation. In the end, she did turn to ice, while freezing Deliora. In present time, Lucy, Happy, Erza are going to fight Leon's men. Gray's about to use Iced Shell on Leon. Natsu can't do anything but watch. 

I played War of Cells. It had so much promise, but was rather boring. :iconpolandplz:You're an alien cell who crash landed on earth and froze for almost 24,000 years. You start attacking other human cells. I think you eventually evolve into something. It was slow, though. Then, I played Meteor Launch. This was a lot more fun! :iconeduardplz: Cute graphics and funny. You have to launch the meteor back into space. You have to catch fireflies too, in order to buy more supplies to help launch it further. With all the things you add to the meteor, it ends up looking really funny. :iconchibijapanplz: 6 coconuts on the sides, lots of flowers, huge firefly nets, and other stuff. 

I'm still not sure if I like how the coloring turned out for Zero. :iconchibirussiaplz: I fixed a few things, and shaded him. Started figuring out how I'm going to color Loathe. I'm a little reluctant about it. :iconchibilithuaniaplz: But, soon I'll post it. 

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