Monday, August 14, 2017

8th Blogoversary!

I wasn't able to post on the actual day, so at least it's still within the same month. The actual anniversary was on the 6th. I had several blogs scattered over the internet before that. They were at places like LiveJournal, certain forums that had a member's blog area (most of those don't exist anymore), Wordpress, and Xanga. None of them were kept up on a regular basis. As far as I know, my LJ and Wordpress blogs are still up. Haven't posted anything to them basically since I started this blog. At some point, I realized I was spread out too thin, so I decided to make this my main and basically only blog. I still used/am using deviantART's journal for art updates or major events. (That's been less often than it used to be.) Nothing like this, though. Interestingly, I did make 2 other blogs eventually through Blogger. One's supposed to be a place to practice my Japanese, and the more newer one is to 'discuss' or put my thoughts, opinions, and ideas down. I haven't posted to that newer one in just over a year. I like the idea for this one. It's been a longer time for the other one. These 2 subsets of blogs are quite different than this one.

Hopefully, I can post more often on here in the future. It was way too hot to turn my desktop computer on earlier this month. There isn't really a good Blogger app, and it's difficult to type from my phone to the regular site. Kind of sucks. Otherwise, I would have been posting. 

Hopefully, this blog can keep going for many more years. It's been going longer than any of my previous blogs. I've never written in a diary/offline journal for this long, either. I wasn't into keeping a diary, but I did have one as a kid. It was off and on, and then I forgot about it within about a year or 2 of getting it. Even had a little lock on it.

If something happens to Blogger, hopefully I can move everything to another host. Blogger hasn't exactly been the best the last couple of years. It's been worse since their latest big update. Although, I'm grateful to have a place to post to. There are a lot of pros to it still. 
This is my wallpaper for August. It's Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler. Thought it was a cool one, although more serious than usual. The current arc in the manga has had a couple of the biggest twists to the entire story. (Spoilers ahead, if you don't want them, skip this paragraph.) The mangaka (creator) was hinting a lot about what would happen, and we somewhat suspected. However, it makes Ciel's life sound even more cruel and disturbing than we thought. There were elements that were unpredictable. The part that most people were suspecting that was correct was that Ciel has an identical twin. We couldn't suspect much more than that. That's what I love about the mangaka. She makes you think you have it all figured out, but she turns it around. Not only is she an outstanding artist, but her storytelling is brilliant! Anyways, he has an identical twin, but the Ciel we know is not actually the 'real' Ciel. It's not his actual name. We don't know his name (or even if he has one), but he's apparently a 'replacement' for the real Ciel in case he dies or something. He wasn't really treated as well as it seemed when his parents were alive. Sebastian seemed genuinely surprised that the Ciel he knew wasn't really who he said he was. That's saying a lot. It's hinted that the real Ciel was killed off, but he apparently has come back to life and showed up at the mansion. Most of the staff had no clue. Now, they're not sure who to believe. A lot of fans think the ones who were behind illegally taking people's blood were really saving it up to bring him (real Ciel) to life. Probably the Undertaker is really behind that. Not sure where it's really going with this. Does this mean Sebastian and 'fake' Ciel's contract is void? That could go down many ways. 

The Pusheen calendar has her as a mermaid. Or, would that be mercat? She has a head ornament that's a yellow star coming from her ear and 3 pearls coming off of it. It's weird to see her as half fish with the tail and fins. She looks happy, though. There are 2 different shells near her, and another one in the actual calender part. 

The month-long holidays for August are: National Panini Month, National Peach Month, National Goat Cheese Month. Some are for important causes, some are to make you appreciate things you may take for granted, and some are just for fun. Not much this time, but interesting mix. 

I started this post on my desktop computer a couple of days ago. The internet connection was pretty strong that day. However, ever since then it has been having issues with it. It recognizes the 'options', but usually doesn't connect. When it does, it's only for a few minutes. It's frustrating. So, I bit the bullet and am trying a blogging app on my iPhone. I'm not sure how good it'll be yet. The problem is Blogger itself doesn't actually have an app. So, it's a little iffy. We'll see how this goes. So far, so good, I guess. If this works out, I might post more often. (More likely to have much shorter posts this way.)

I noticed that my desktop computer is actually 12 years old. It was Dad's before it was mine. I think I've had it for about 9 of those years. It uses Windows XP, which Microsoft doesn't support anymore. This also means there are no security updates. That's risky. No matter how much I dust it, it still seems to 'overwork' itself. It becomes really noisy, fan sounds like it has issues, etc. Even writing with it using Word has been frustrating. It has been slowing down a lot lately. It's been a really good computer, though. 

In the future, I think it'd be nice to have in all-in-one desktop computer. It has everything packed into the monitor. Complete with USB ports, disk drive, headphone jack, speakers, etc. on the outside. They seem to have a wireless adaptor inside, some have Cortana, most have a webcam built in, and more. They've come a long way since this computer came out. Plus, it seems they're cheaper, too. I think I'd want another Windows one. I like and am more used to Windows for PC. Plus, Amazon and Smashwords (if I ever go back to that) only want Word docs for submitting manuscripts. So, in that way it makes sense. The only Apple product I'm familiar with is my iPhone. That's not the same to me. Although, right now it feels like it's turned into my main computer...

For the first week of it being hot out, I wrote more of the sequel to Alliance and the memoir in Notes on my phone. Got quite a lot of it done. Even wrote down a lot of ideas for later on in those books. I'm not sure if I'll just write everything from Notes to Word on my PC, or somehow get the connection to work long enough to copy and paste from it in my email. (Notes can be saved to my gmail account.) I always save the Word docs to a flash drive, so when I'm finally done writing/editing these, I can probably use another computer to submit it or something. It's still frustrating, though.

Some people/articles on fb have been talking about teachers teaching kids about gender. Often, the articles exaggerate it. I wrote out my take on it on fb. It really comes down to: why would people have a problem with their kids learning about gender? What is so wrong or too 'mature' about it? I think many people get it confused with sex. That also needs to be taught, but that's a whole 'nother can of worms. Are people worried their kids will turn trans or something? The teachers aren't going to tell them how to think or feel. It's not like brainwashing. Kids, *gasp*, might realize they are trans or don't want to conform to their strict gender's rules. This could also greatly help with acceptance from other kids. What's so wrong about kids being educated about another aspect of the world around them? It's kind of like parents being up in arms about kids learning about Russia, and thinking they'll turn Russian or something. That's how ridiculous it sounds. The argument that it's the parents' job is very problematic. Some parents will beat up their kids just for asking, some won't know how to explain it (even if they're well-meaning), and some kids will be scared to even ask about it. 

I've been thinking about joing a closed non-binary group on fb. They don't allow people who aren't enby. Basically, a completely enby space. Not used to a group that excludes allies. However, it might help with finding others like me, hearing people's stories, and learning more about myself. I know that a lot of enby pages and groups on there are being attacked by haters lately. So, it's understandable. They want people to fill out a form before they approve you to join. Feels kind of weird. It would especially be nice to meet other agender people through it. 

I'm unsure if I have gender dysphoria or not. It's a bit different than people who have a gender. I hate seeing myself naked. I get dressed and undressed as quickly as I can. Been like that for most of my life. In the past, I never liked undressing in front of people in locker rooms, so I'd either change under a towel or in a bathroom stall. The only reason I wanted bigger breasts at some point was because the girls in the locker room made fun of them. (They somehow saw them.) Saying I had mosquito bites instead. I also didn't fill up tops/dresses too well. Then, my breasts suddenly grew big during college. I thought I'd like it, but I didn't. It's never felt 'right'. I'm seriously thinking about getting a reduction or a complete mastectomy. A reduction would be for things to still fit ok, because I do like to wear 'feminine' things. However, there's a history of breast cancer in my family. My mom being the closest relative that had it; but my grandma on that side had it, and I think an aunt did, too. So, there's a high probability I might develop it, as well. If they're taken out, that risk goes way down. So, multiple reasons for it. Again, I'm not sure if this stuff is gender dysphoria or maybe just body dysphoria...There are other elements to it, too. I suppose talking with other enbies would help. 

I recently got a newsletter from the enby group in Seattle. They apparently have been meeting at each other's houses, but now have an actual meeting place. I've been there before. It's a nice and quiet conference room at a cafe. Those regular meetings are only for enbies (no allies), and people who are 16+. They do have other get togethers during the month. Most of those are for all ages and genders. They have a camping trip coming up. That sounds fun. Very interesting group. Oh, they're getting big enough that they're thinking of splitting off into groups during their regular meetings. I wonder if that means there might be enough for an agender subgroup? That'd be cool. 

Since I wasn't interested in too many of this season's new anime, I've been watching mostly One Piece. Even Boruto has kind of bored me. Re:Creator is interesting, but seems to be really stretching it out. The others I was watching are somewhat old. I do want to go back to those, but I did get a bit tired of them. One Piece on the other hand, has only gotten better. 

I'm close to the 400th episode mark now. About halfway to where it's at currently. They now have Franky, who's a cyborg, and Brook, who's a skeleton. I like them both. Brook a bit more, though. His story is one of the most tragic ones so far. He ate a fruit that brings you back to life. He didn't know how that would work until after he died. I think he said his soul couldn't find him for 5 years, and he had already became a skeleton by then. He didn't see anyone for decades, and someone stole his shadow at some point. He mostly 'lived' on the same ship his fellow crew members died in, during that entire time. He's a musician. Apparently, can play almost any instrument, but prefers the violin and piano. In fact, the last thing he did before dying was sing and play the piano. Right now, they're trying to get to Fishman Island. It's underwater. There's apparently a way to take a ship down there. 

When it was so hot out, there was also a lot of smoke from the Canadian wildfires. So, 2 unhealthy things happening at the same time. I felt sick to my stomach every morning and afternoon. I think my gut issues got worse during this time. They actually had warnings about going outside in that weather. It was crazy. Luckily, we did go to other places during this time. Like the movies, eating out, going to Port Townsend, and more. 

We got a new clock yesterday! Yay! It's a big analog clock, on a brick wall, hanging over the fireplace in the family room. It's got an old looking map of the world, a separate seconds face, and interesting hands. Kind of reminds me of a ship or something. It's cool looking. 

Also, a couple of months ago I got some new towels and a bathmat. The previous towels were falling apart. These ones are nice, but the ridges/bumps to them take a bit of getting used to. I didn't have a real bathmat before. It was just a green towel. This is nice, though. Really fluffy, there's memory foam, and the backing sticks the floor. Just putting my feet on it feels nice. The cats are scared of it, for some reason. Especially Rosie. Like, it's some new creature or something to her. There's evidence that Tasha sleeps or lays on it, because of the fur she leaves behind. I would have thought both of them would love it.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

3rd of Av 5777

Rosh Chodesh Av was on the 24th. There's only 2 holidays during this month. One is a fast day and considered one of the saddest days. I might go into it more on or around that day. The other one is supposed to be one of the happiest days. 

A few days ago, I was selling a bunch of stuff I had accumulated on Gaia. I really needed to clean up my inventory, and it's a great way to make gold. I like to use their 'dumpster dive' to not only find interesting stuff, but to sell expensive things I don't want. It's kind of a 2-for-1 thing. A lot of that stuff people actually buy real money for, but you can get it for free (if you're lucky) or a gold amount on the market that has other users selling stuff. If you know the system, it's great. I always sell stuff just a little less than the lowest price it's being sold at. It helps a lot. I've been selling things pretty quickly, and have made about 6 billion gold in that amount of time. 

Anyways, someone pm'd me asking if I could lower the price of something by a lot. Not only do I try to go lower than the market is selling them, but I usually have the option as buy only. Once it is listed, I can't change the price. It's fixed. People can choose the options of bid, timed bid, barter, barter among their friends, etc. Those are more fluid. Plus, with lowering it by so far, I'd cheapen myself. It sold while I was asleep anyways. 

She later pm'd me asking to be my friend. Saying we had a lot in common. I thought: sure, I might as well. I don't really know them, and it'd be nice to have another friend on there. The first post of hers was super long. It looked like a wall of text. Me being someone who wants to get to know others more tried to respond with as much as I could. I either write very little or a lot, depending on who I'm talking to. With every post, hers seemed to get longer. I felt I don't have time for that sort of stuff. She also repeated herself word for word several times. Almost like she was copying and pasting. That seemed suspicious in itself.

She said she was 18, and joined Gaia when she was 10. Gaia doesn't let anyone join unless they're 13+. A lot of the stuff can be too much for kids younger than that. Even then, some of the items can be very mature. I've been surprised sometimes. She said she loved my blog, even though she just found me. Yes, my blog is listed on my profile, but she couldn't have had the time to read much of it. She went on and on about her depression. Don't get me wrong. I understand and am cool with talking about it, but at some point you should talk about something else...Also, bringing G-d into it felt strange.

I later looked at her profile. The background had warnings about 3rd party viewers or something. She had a HUGE wishlist. Took up about half of her profile. There wasn't much info on her. Oh, I think I tried to check her profile before we were friends, but only friends could see it. There wasn't really anything to hide...I looked at her forum posts, and noticed she was posting every single day for several hours at a time, and every minute during that in a giveaway thread. You can't post every minute on there. There's a time limit between posts that you can't post a thing until it's up. It's like 5 minutes each time. It's supposed to keep spammers away. Plus, that seems weird to me. I understand trying to get items that way, but that's overkill.

I think she was fishing for info from me. I only told her things I'm willing to share with most people. Not like I gave her my address. I'm glad I stopped responding after I realized, and blocked her. If she's reading this, and it was a real account, I'm sorry. It just seemed too fishy for me. Reading/writing that much every time, for a conversation, was a bit much. So, hopefully, I wont get an angry comment. At least, I'll be the only one who sees it (I have it set to moderate comments before publishing), and I can block her on here if need be.

Lately, I've been getting a lot of likes/follows for my Alliance fb page. That's been really cool. A couple are from the Philippines, one's British (they actually liked Sweet Endless Terror, too), one's from South Africa, and I think another one's Nigerian. All these in the last couple of weeks. Sounds like they're from all over. Makes it more interesting. 

I tried to make a meetup group for the local ace group. I went through the whole process of setting up an account for myself, then looked into making one. Apparently, it costs each month to make your own group on there. I could somewhat understand if we already had several members that were regulars offline, and we were taking dues or donations. The offline group hasn't been active, so there's no money for this sort of thing. That's kind of why I wanted to make a group on there in the first place. To get more members...I'll look into other sites that are similar but free in the future. I'm disappointed with meetup now.

I've kept up with writing both the sequel to Alliance and the memoir. I'm doing both each day now. I think I'm writing them about twice as fast as before this way. Makes me happy. Although, this means I essentially have to think twice as much while I write, too. Thinking about it while typing is the same as before, but then I have to think about the other one sooner. I'm trying to take a break between them, so I don't burn out. 

Recently, it seemed Netflix had completely wiped my list off. That list that is really long, but full of interesting international stuff. So, I decided to redownload it. It wouldn't except the password I had. A couple of days later, I tried it again with a slightly different password and got in. All of the things on my list were still there. Yay! I've decided that I might treat myself with a show of some sort after I finish writing for the day. Most recent ones I've started have been a Belgian detective show called The Break, and another Singaporean detective show called Against the Tide. Both have been surprisingly good. 

The Against the Tide one is about a famous mystery/fictional crime author. He's fascinated with psychology and studied a little of it in college. Apparently, in the current case, a murderer is copying everything from one of his books. There's also a psychologist who's helping with the case. Her client was killed. She seems like she's a main character. She finds criminals interesting, and tries to find out why they act the way they do. There are actual detectives, too. Ones a huge fan of the author, and the other seems like a real jerk. I hope they change that in the future. It loosely reminds me of Castle. I feel his look has a similar vibe to it, too. 

The Break seems to be about a detective who goes to extremes to get answers. No one else seemed to be into the current case. (Except for his partner.) They kept labeling it a suicide. One of the characters has a ton of Nazi memorabilia. He might be the culprit. They also keep flashing to the future where he's talking to a therapist, and he seems to be involuntarily stuck there. Something big happened. 

Finished watching Uchouten Kazoku 2 or The Eccentric Family 2. I ended up not liking Benten as much as before. She always had a dangerous side. She turned out to be bitchy, too. And, not in a good way. Yasaburou, one of the main tanuki brothers, was going to be cooked into a hotpot. Same thing happened to their father. He ended up being saved, and the humans in the Friday club that held that dinner annually, will most likely never be able to do it again. Yasaburou finally agreed to marrying Kaisei. She looks much younger than him. It seems a little weird that way. The only thing that kept him from agreeing was every time he'd see her, he'd transform from his human form back to his original tanuki form. In their culture, they say if this happens they're made for each other. He has an extreme case of it, though. It's usually not every time. The grandma was so cute. She was just a giant white ball of fluffy fur with a head that almost disappeared. She seemed to always be tired, and would take frequent naps. I think she lived in the forest. 


Kuroshitsuji (these are either just making fun of it in a lighthearted way, or making some already funny scenes even funnier):