Wednesday, March 14, 2018

National Potato Chip Day!

I love potato chips! There are so many different kinds out there. Some of my fave flavors are: salt and vinegar, honey dijon mustard, BBQ, and dill pickle. When I could eat spicy food, jalapeno potato chips were amazing. I miss those...I basically love potatoes in any form. Chipped, baked, roasted, mashed, etc. Good stuff.

I'm hoping to post more often on here. So far so good. I felt like I was hit by a truck when I woke up today. I was going to get up at around 8am, but I somehow fell back asleep after that. I ended up getting up later than I wanted to...A similar thing happened on Monday. However, I went to bed earlier last night. 

I'm close to 170 pages altogether for both books. Almost done with the dessert section for the cookbook. I think she had a snack section next. There aren't many recipes left. It seems I'm almost done with writing the recipes out. I'll still have to rearrange them, change the section titles a bit, maybe add pics (if I can...), etc. The cookbook seems like it'll have a lot more 'editing' than the other books. The current chapter of Alliance is intriguing so far. Not sure exactly where it's headed. 

For German today, I'll be going over places again. Yesterday was a 3rd predicative part for this section of the 'trek'. There was a predicative part in the section just before that I was having difficulty with. With this one, it was really easy. Maybe I just improved? I don't know. The one after places is feelings. I'm surprised they haven't gone over feelings yet. I'm pretty far into their course on Duolingo. They might not have thought feelings were as important as the rest of the stuff. Still, it seems odd. Feels like it also took forever to get to any 'numbers' parts. I'm up to 57% fluency now. I feel like I hardly know anything yet.

Ao no Exorcist or Blue Exorcist had an update yesterday. Didn't really reveal much. Everyone is starting to be able to see the demons that are coming through the forced open gate. Mephisto said he tried to tell Yukio numerous times about the truth behind their births and their mother. However, they never showed that in the manga. Since he's the demon lord of time, it hints that he has been repeatedly setting back time after each 'failure'. Eventually, he gave up on Yukio, and is going to help Rin with the truth. Rin never wanted to know about it. He even asked why help someone who doesn't want to know, and he said it was perfect that way. Rin wouldn't be too eager or desperate about it. Plus, he likes messing with the brothers. It ended with Rin about to walk into a portal to the past. They had a similar thing with Lightning traveling to the past by using a special key in any door, and opening it to a portal to a different time. I don't think Lightning could change the future with that. It was more like they could watch things happen and go through the records that were there. I think Mephisto controlled it, too. Not sure if he would with this one considering Rin's using his adoptive father's key. Might be a totally different thing. Guess we'll just have to see.

Managed to do some more cleaning yesterday. Yay, for a little more energy! I'm able to do a little bit with it at least. I got to my bathroom counter finally. I didn't realize how bad it had gotten. Had to really scrub at areas. Looks much better now. 

Posted my recent drawings to deviantART and Instagram. These were of Shadow's wings in 3 different perspectives. I had to clean them up a bit in Photoshop beforehand. (Not as much as I thought.) I'm surprised by the response. I quickly got 4 faves and a watcher on dA. People collect other people's art by faving them or putting them in specific collections. A watcher is like a follower on there. (Although, it sounds creepy to have 'watchers'.) It hasn't been seen by many people on there yet. I had to crop each drawing by itself for Instagram, so I ended up putting 3 posts up for it. If I hadn't done that, 2 would have been cut off. If I had grouped the cropped versions together, all of them would have been cut off a little. I got a couple of follows with that, and a ton of likes. I was surprised by the amount of likes I got right away. The 1st one, which I don't like as much as the other 2, got 6. The 2nd with the wings extended, and the one I like the most, got 11. The last one got 10. Most of those were almost as soon as I posted them. Got a couple of comments, too. I'm thinking I'll post future drawings on there, as well. It'd be interesting to see what another 'community' thinks of it. 

I think I'll draw all the tails of the characters in Alliance next. Maybe the horns and ears, too. Might focus on features or parts of them right now. Eventually, I want to draw both a Dark Healer and Doina, who's a Light Healer, next to each other with different perspectives. Mostly with their heads. Probably would color those. I want to draw one of the Dark Healers' face and arm tattoos. That sounds fun. Eventually, I'd want to draw all the other characters, too. Buildings, scenes, landscapes, etc. would be great. I have so many more ideas for Alliance-related stuff. Seeing the response this time, encourages me a bit. Hopefully, I can put out something each week. This also will connect me more to the story.

Finished watching Strange Calls last night. It's an Australian supernatural TV show that's on Netflix. It reminded me partially of Eureka. Some say it's similar to Haven...I don't agree with that. Everyone in Coolum seems to hate the new cop, Toby Banks. The only one that befriends him at first is an elderly and very earthy man named Gregor. Toby's duty is to stay in the police's trailer, answer calls, and act on those calls if need be. There was a chicken place where the chicken was so good, it turned someone into a chicken. Another one was about people hearing an old lawn mower ad jingle and stealing mowers, and eventually either killing themselves or becoming homicidal. Another was about a killer ghost cat. Another one was about people turning into trees. With a lot of them Gregor immediately knew what to do. He always said he was 47, but during the last episode we find out he's much older. (We all knew he was, but didn't know his exact age...) The show even made fun of itself in the last episode. They mainly had one song played throughout the whole thing. In the background and with the opening theme. I didn't realize this until they pointed out the actual band that was standing outside the trailer. It was funny. It was pretty good overall.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Girl Scouts' Birthday

I was in Girl Scouts for a while. A Brownie and then Junior. I still have both vests. Even though I wasn't really a girl, I really enjoyed being in it. (I didn't know I was agender when I joined.) You could choose not to do the supposed 'girly' stuff, which is a plus to some. I learned a lot through them. I tried to get as many badges as I could, so both vests are pretty full. The only thing I didn't like was some of the 'religious' aspects. They started almost every meeting with a prayer, and we did 'holiday' projects. (As in Christmas and Easter stuff.) I think they're different now. They tried to 'accommodate' me by telling me to say Jewish prayers and sit out for those holiday projects. Didn't really feel right. More like isolating to me, and missed the point with people who weren't Christian. What would they tell an atheist who wasn't apart of any religion? They didn't get it. I loved camping with them, and we went to an awesome all day and sleepover event at the science center. A lot of good memories. Today celebrates the day in 1912 that the first Girl Scout group (with 18 girls) officially was registered in Savannah, Georgia. 

I finally embedded Alliance: Dawn and More Than Meets the Eye's Amazon previews on the right hand side of this blog. It's interesting to see all 4 books together like this. If you're on the mobile version, you won't see it. You have to switch to the web version for it. At least people could still see it on their phones. The previews have samples of each. I can only embed their ebook versions. Maybe after I get the next 2 published I'll create a page and move them there. Or, move other things. Otherwise it's going to get much more crowded. 

There was a local trans group meeting last Wednesday. We were doing a clothing exchange. There were a lot of clothes that the group has already collected. We don't have a permanent place for them, which makes it difficult for the person who currently has them. I thought there would be more people. It was about 7 this time. I wanted to look at both the masculine and feminine things. I think I might like some masculine things, but haven't really explored. I know I like a lot of feminine stuff. I think my ideal 'expression' might be a mix of the 2. That would be fun, and I can mess with others. One of the members knew about this, and really wanted me to look at the men's cologne. I'm not much of a perfume/cologne person. Plus, my skin is very sensitive so it's a little iffy with me. I used to wear a 'women's' cologne called Ambush. They stopped selling it locally years ago. The smell was great. Not really that flowery, or seemingly feminine. More spicy (I guess?) and had a slight citrusy thing going on. Hard to describe. It was one of the best, though. I also loved my grandpa's cologne as a kid. Not sure if he uses it anymore, but it was Old Spice. I could try that in the future. The colognes I looked at were different, and one was way too strong. 

I only found one thing there. A thick and long velvety skirt. I can't wear most normal-length skirts because my legs are so short. They end up dragging on the floor. Sad, because I like long skirts. This ends right at my ankles, which was good. I like velvety skirts, too. Haven't had one in a while. It has a nice downplayed floral print, and is a dark brown (almost black) color. The only problem is that it's a little too big around the waist. I'll have to pin it. It's fraying a little in the waistband, and there are no tags for size and cleaning. Still, not bad considering. 

What we wanted to do for Pride in July came up. Of course we wanted a booth. I came up with the idea at the end for having a clothing exchange there, too. We could get rid of more of it, and might reach more people. They thought it was a good idea. I was unsure of it at first, just thought I'd put it out there. I'm glad they thought it was a good.

Finished drawing those wings I mentioned in an earlier post. They're not bad considering I haven't really drawn in a while, I'm not used to drawing wings, and not used to different perspectives. It was good practice. The first set of wings weren't as good as the other 2. Or, at least, I didn't like the style as much. I tend to like to draw a lot of detailed and tiny things. I put too much detail in that one. I might take a pic of them tomorrow and post it to Instagram. Then, scan the drawings, clean them up a bit, and post that version on deviantArt. Since it's more of an art place to me, might be good to put a 'clean' version up. I don't know. Depending on the pic, I might post that to dA, too. Their app isn't great, but easy to submit things quickly. I'm unsure if I'll post all my future drawings on Instagram, too. It'd be interesting to see what another audience thinks of them. So far the only drawing I've shared there was the identity one. The one with an ace flag in the background, a heart in the aro flag colors on top of it, and the agender symbol in black on top of that. People seemed to like it on there.