Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Coffin Man


From the first Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler soundtrack. This whole soundtrack sounds amazing, and has a lot of different influences in it.:iconchibihungaryplz:A large chunk of it sounds like they could be ragas or came right out of Bollywood. I forgot that was when they introduced Prince Soma and Agni. This one doesn't so much sound like it has an Indian flair. Although, the vocals in the background might...Can't tell.:iconusaplz:It gives an overall cool feel, though. It's one of the Undertaker's themes. Particularly when Ciel and Sebastian are in his shop. He's one of my fave characters. Maybe even more so now as I'm reading the manga. Other tracks have a distinct German feel, and others have an English one. The series is based in late 19th century England. Mostly in London. The composer did a pretty good job with the soundtrack. Didn't really care for the other soundtracks for the series, though.:iconkikuplz:Ciel's in the vid. 

Just a few days ago, it was in the high 20s and now it's almost 60 degrees.:iconseychelles-plz:Apparently it'll stay up around that temp for a little while. From freezing, to somewhat warm...We were colder than usual, and then might have set record highs for this time of year. Crazy!:iconwtfukplz:At least things aren't frozen over now. (Almost fell a few times while we were out shopping.:iconswissplz:) Although, we're also getting a lot of rain, and it was incredibly windy yesterday. So, there's a flood watch, wind advisory, and landslide advisory for the area. Apparently the wind is going to be even stronger tonight through Thursday. Since the lights flickered yesterday, I have a feeling the power will go out on Thursday. Oh joy.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz: 

Ordered my next Jewish calendar from Amazon last Thursday, on the 4th. They told me I wouldn't get it until the 10th. I got it on the 6th. That's incredibly fast!:iconshockplz:I wasn't expecting it that quickly. I thought since I'll be using it in January, as long as it comes before that, I'm cool with it. It was delivered and put on our front porch, instead of stuffed in our mailbox. Stayed nice and flat with the way they packed it, as well. The calendar is put out by the same people that did my current calendar. From the back, it looked like some more interesting stuff from their museum. Might be better than the current one.:iconberwaldplz:So now I'm set for the new year's calendars. Yay! With the current year's calendars, I can make some pretty interesting posters out of them. I love doing that, and this way it gets even more use.:iconheroamericaplz:The Italian one has a lot of small pics which will be a little different compared to usual, but that can be fun. Most of the 'posters' in my room came from calendars. I cut the pics out, and use Blu-Tack or some variant of it, and stick them to my walls and closet doors. Might put some on my regular door this time...:iconpolandplz:Don't know. 

Last Friday, for my 'cleaning day', I cleaned a good chunk of the dining room. Used the vacuum to get dust and cobwebs from the ceiling and around the posters/paintings. Vacuumed the curtains, too. Then, vacuumed part of the windows, wood around the windows, and the window's screen. Lots of stuff came off of it, too. Not quite as much as my bathroom window's screen, but close. I didn't know how dirty the windows were until I used Windex. The paper towels I used would instantly turn black as I went over a section for the first time.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:That might have been harmful for us, but at least it's gone...

I started cleaning the china hutch (or is it cabinet?). Got to the top shelf, including all the glasses that it holds up there, the top mirror part of that shelf, the lights, the glass doors, and vacuumed part of the very top of it. It was difficult cleaning the very top part, and I had to use a step ladder. Took a while to do all that. Windex worked wonders!:dummy:Now that top shelf and the windows shine. The glasses look usable again. They had a thick layer of dust. Broke one of them because of how tightly packed they were.:iconawkwardplz:It already had a chip in it, anyways. And, there were several others that had the same design. I was more worried about Rosie getting into the shards that had fallen on the carpet. She was watching me intently while I cleaned that room. She was good, and didn't run to it.:iconrelievedplz: 

I decided to do the rest of the hutch next time. On the lower shelves there's more than just glasses, so it'll be a bit more of a to do. (Silver, wood, etc. based things.) I did the table, challah board, and candlesticks as well. Windex made the candlesticks shine again, as well as the table. It's really cool to do all that, look back to see how nice it looks, and realize I did that.:iconawwwplz:It motivates me to do more. I'll also vacuum the carpet in that room next time.

Been getting into Gaia's forums again. (Mostly during the weekends.) There are some pretty racist people on there, but I've noticed that the open-minded people might outnumber them.:icontinoplz:I decided to respond to someone's thread about race, ethnicity, and labels. They were far from being racist themselves, but some of the other people were posting racist things in that thread. Similar stuff to what had been floating around in other places, so I just decided to respond and kind of get on my soapbox, so to speak...:iconchibiamericaplz:I thought I'd get a backlash from the racist posters, instead I've been 'tipped' (if people like your post they can tip you, giving you a certain amount of gold each time. Gold is one of the currencies in the 'game') 3 times, and quoted a couple of times. The person who created the thread quoted me, and just said: "Well said! :D" I feel a little better than I did before. Kind of made my day.:iconthailandplz: 

Also, trying to educate people more about Judaism, when those sort of threads pop up. The most recent one was with a Messianic 'Jew', who was getting nervous because she wanted to be closer to her 'roots', and not celebrate things like Christmas. I almost had a fit just reading it...:iconromanoplz:You can't be both Christian and Jewish. You can admire, study, go to ceremonies, etc. for one and be the other, though. Saying you're both is odd, since they are so different. It's not like comparing Catholicism with regular Christianity. (To me, they're of the same religion, just different branches.) It's like comparing Christianity to something like Hinduism, for example. That's how odd it sounds to me. I said if she really felt like exploring Judaism, and that it might be more for her, she should study it, visit a synagogue, talk to people who are, etc. And, you can't just convert, there's a long process. I'm also a bit weary of Messianic 'Jews', because they've tried to convert my Hillel group (a Jewish group) in college several times while I was there. They'd wait until the meeting was over, and then hound us. So, my view of them is not good...:iconchibienglandplz:
  Also, been selling a lot of my old stuff on there. Part of the site's 'game' is it recreates a marketplace. It has its own economy, you get your own store, etc. The dress up part of the site ties in with this (you have to pay for those dress up items somehow...), as well as your own house, car, game tokens, aquarium, and more. Since they did away with zOMG (an extra mmo game), I have a ton of items that are useless to me. But, people can still use them in alchemy (there are recipe lists for some things, and when you have everything, you can craft something new), and some can equip them to their avatar. There are also things I've found in Dumpster Dive (you have someone dive into a dumpster for you...When people donate, they go to the 'dive'. I donate quite often) that are very expensive, but I don't like them. Or, things I've gotten through Daily Chance (above every tab you go through, you win something if you click on the DC machine at the top once each, a day), or what my fish give me, or event items. Some have never interested me, so why not give it to people who want it?:iconchibinitalyplz:Well, I've made quite a lot lately...Just a couple of years ago I thought 7,000 gold was a lot. I currently have almost 556 million...:iconhongkong-wantsursoul:The economy has been haywire too. Everything is super expensive. There's a suggested range for selling each item. I try to go with the lower end, but even that can be high. I just sold something (I think it was a scarf that has a few options to change how its worn. Hated the color. It was like Pepto-Bismal pink. Yuck!:iconlietplz:) for 60 mil. That's a lot! And, I was selling it at a lower price than the lowest price in the marketplace for that item. I've seen some things that are being sold for billions on there. Some of the main shops, are pretty high up there, too. Lots of people are still complaining about it. I'm not sure if I'm complaining, or just amazed by that. They introduced GoFusion charms recently, as well. As soon as I was 1 charm away from being able to get an item I've wanted for a long time, they decided to do a huge overhaul and drop it.:iconbraginskiplz:They added a few things since, but I don't want those nearly as bad as I wanted that. I still can get a good number of things from it, but collecting charms takes a little longer...

Started watching Tales of the Abyss. It's based on a video game, and set in a fantasy world. It kind of feels like those shows where the characters are stuck in a game, only these started out in the game. So, it's more real for them. Just similar fights, 'magic', character designs, etc. I'm giving it another episode to see if I really like it enough.:iconchibiswedenplz:Tried a few others that were rather short, too. None of them interested me. I'm almost done with watching Hero, so I'll have another one to look at. And, the only ones that are left on my list are really long shows. I consider really long to be over 100 episodes. MAR's the next one on the list, and it's 102 episodes long.:iconhanatamagoplz:Looks interesting, though.

Lately, I've been trying to go to bed earlier again. Before I wasn't sleeping too well. But, I'm starting to feel better. I was going to bed around 11 and sometimes midnight. Now, I'm trying for around 9 or 9:30. That's helped quite a bit. I was feeling very run down before, like someone hit me with a truck.:iconraivisplz:Not feeling like that as much, now. Might still be recovering from it. I don't think I fully recovered from being sick because of going to bed so late. So, this has helped with that too. Still sneezing every so often. Maybe I do have allergies now? I've never had those before.:iconchibiaustriaplz:I have a chemical allergy, but that's different to me. (And, for most of my life, it's been the only type of allergy I've had.) 

Wrote more of the 12th short story to my nightmare anthology. It seems even more unexpected than the others. Although, this one's the only one that's not really based on a nightmare. It's really about an odd (really annoying) sound I heard coming from inside my ears. I have Eustachian tube problems, and sometimes that creates some interesting sounds. (Also, have an excess of wax problem that kind of messes with it, too.) But, as I've been writing it, I've also added other elements that were actually from real life. Plus, I'm thinking this will be my last short story to it, so things have to be a little wonky for it...:iconsleepygreeceplz:Not sure how close I am to finishing this story, though.

Played my clarinet. Did some Klezmer and Mozart tunes. Realized a little while ago that the reed I was playing with had been badly warped. It was really hard to play with it. It surprised me, but I have been playing it more than I used to, so it makes sense that it would conk out at some point. I switched to a new reed the practice just before this one. It was a lot easier to play. I kind of felt like my clarinet needed a checkup (it's been a while since I've had someone look at it) or something, but it was all the reed's fault. 
Studied the kanji: , , , and . or かん (kan) means: bureaucrat, the government. can be pronounced either as かん (kan) or くだ (kuda). かん (kan) is used more with compounds. It means: tube, wind instrument. pronounced as せき (seki): barrier, gate. As ぜき (zeki): (suf) (hon) (sumo) honorific added to names of makuuchi and juryo division wrestlers. As 関わる or かか.わる (kaka.waru): to be affected, be influenced; to be concerned with, have to do with; to stick to (opinions). As からくり (karakuri): (usually kana, instead of kanji. Or 'uk'): mechanism, machinery, contrivance, device; (uk) trick, dodge. 指関節 or ゆびかんせつ (yubikansetsu): knuckle. 関西 or かんさい (kansai): Kansai (South-Western half of Japan, including Osaka). pronounced as かん (kan): (suf) look, appearance; spectacle, sight; (suf) outlook on..., view of... As 観る or み.る ( to see, look, watch, view, observe [the same as 見る, also pronounced the same]; to look over, look on, assess, examine, judge [same as 見る]; to look after, keep an eye on, take care of [same as 見る]; (usu. just for 観る) to view (e.g. flowers, movie); (uk) (usu. after a conative verb as ~てみる) to try, try out; (uk) (usu. after an aconative verb as ~てみると, ~てみれば, ~てみたら, etc.) to see that..., to find that... 観念 or かんねん (kannen): idea, notion, conception; sense (e.g. of duty); resignation, preparedness, acceptance. 

The first Log Horizon amv I've liked. (Although, I haven't been looking for them...) It's a really cool show! And, the song really fits the series.
An interesting vid featuring the male version of Belarus from Hetalia. I think he only shows up in the manga, normally Belarus is shown as being female (she makes it into some of the pics). I like the male version, though. (Not sure if he's better than her...) The song is actually in Belarusian.
Another interesting vid featuring England/UK (they have him as one character) from Hetalia. The song fits perfectly historically.
A funny scene of Gintoki and Hijikata in the sauna, from Gintama. I miss this show!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

National Pie Day!


Yay for pie! (This was on Monday, but why not continue celebrating it?:iconenglandispervyplz:) There are so many different kinds out there. They vary from savory to sweet. My fave dessert pies are: pecan, peach, cherry, Dutch apple, blueberry, and chocolate chess. I've made the chocolate chess pie one before, and it was awesome! (I should make it again sometime...:iconchibiaustriaplz:) I've had a s'mores pie that comes close to being a fave, too. Today's National Apple Pie Day, so it's still relevant...
This is my wallpaper for December. It's Kuroko and Kagami from Kuroko no Basket or Kuroko's Basketball. They're the main characters of the series. Kuroko feels that he's Kagami's shadow while on the court. It's a bit of a play on his name. Kuro means black. He also is like a ghost while playing. Most of the time their opponent doesn't see his moves until it's too late. He's perfect at passing the ball that way. They don't notice him off the court either. (In fact, it may be worse when off court...:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:Sometimes his own teammates don't notice him.) Kagami is very talented, but is a bit of a hot-head and jumps the gun on things. In a recent tournament game that I watched, he almost got all the fouls a player could get. (Almost disqualifying the team.) Kuroko also has a way of calming him down by sometimes punching him. Of course, he punches back, and it's meant in kind of a friendly way. I'm really liking this show so far, and glad I went back to it.:iconheroamericaplz:I like basketball, so it's interesting to watch their strategies and plays. 

My Italy calendar features Umbria this time. It's a region in the center of Italy. The only region having neither a coastline nor a border with other countries. The capital is Perugia. The region is known to be like an artistic and cultural hub. It's hilly and has a lake called Trasimeno, waterfalls, and the River Tiber runs through it. There are quite a lot of famous places in the region like Assisi, Norcia, Gubbio, Spoleto, and others. A lot of the places in the pics look pretty rural. Today's (and yesterday's) pic's of a couple of friends chatting at a cafe. On the first, they had a farmhouse seemingly out in the middle of nowhere. It'd be interesting to see what the Paris calendar will be like for next month. Sounds like it might be better than this calendar. This one was good, but seemed very busy what with all those pics.:iconohboyamericaplz:

My Jewish calendar's main pic for this month's of a menorah, maker's anonymous, made out of brass; 1850-1900. They don't list the country that it originally came from. Maybe it's from Amsterdam, which is where the museum is located? It's one of those tall ones, and in a golden color. The second pic's of a menorah that's made out of silver; 1998. There's no mention of where it came from, or who the maker was.:iconwtfukplz:This one's pretty recent compared to what they've shown before. It's kind of 'modern' and odd looking to me. Each 'holder' is twisted and in columns, instead of in branches. The Shamash candle holder part is taller than the rest. Like many other menorahs. Others set it apart somehow. Like, in some traditional branched menorahs, it's right in the middle, coming from the main body while others are 'branching' away from it. The Shamash candle is like a 'leader' or 'helper'. It's lit first, and it lights the other candles in a certain order each night during Hanukkah. The last pic's of a kiddush cup, made by Daniel Henriques de Castro, made out of glass, from Amsterdam, Netherlands; 1856. It has a cool design etched into it. We use kiddush cups when we say the blessing over wine or grape juice. Usually that's during Shabbat and other holidays. I like seeing more of the older stuff. It's very interesting. 

Hanukkah is coming up on the night of the 16th. It's coming up pretty quickly!:iconranranruuplz:The last day's on the 24th, which is interesting. We might have a chance to go to a Chinese buffet during Christmas Eve on that night. (Dad has an appointment that day, which might make it easier to just go to the buffet afterwards...) It's kind of a traditional thing to do for Jews during that time. It's either that and/or going to a movie. I think it's because everyone who celebrates Christmas won't be out, and those are the few places that tend to be open during that time. So, it's not all that crowded then, either. Plus, some Chinese buffets run specials during Christmas Eve through the next day.:iconchibiamericaplz: 

There was only one month-long holiday that I thought was interesting: National Egg Nog Month. There really weren't that many listed. I love eggnog!:iconfrancisplz:Obviously not the traditional kind with alcohol...But, it's silky smooth, and has an awesome flavor. Recently got an eggnog latte at Starbucks, and it was really good. Better than the gingerbread one was. 

Went to a friends' place for Thanksgiving. The couple has been friends with our family for a very long time. They usually host Thanksgiving dinner, and invite us to celebrate New Year's Eve, sometimes Hanukkah, and Passover at their place. There have been very few times where they called off their Thanksgiving dinner. They also smoke their turkey. It's really good.:iconitalyplz:Some years they have a lot of guests, and some...not so much. This time there was only 5 people all together. Including the hosts. 

We brought the salad, someone brought some candied carrots (I normally like honeyed carrots, but these were even sweeter. Wasn't my thing...:iconkikuplz:) and cornbread. Our salad had dried cranberries, walnuts, shredded carrots, and cherry tomatoes along with a greens mix. We brought Caesar salad dressing, and a raspberry vinaigrette. The Caesar one seemed to be very popular...:iconseychelles-plz:The hosts did the turkey like usual, gravy, stuffing (with chestnuts, which I hate. I always end up picking them out), orange cranberry relish (another thing I'm not fond of. They usually get canned cranberry sauce as an alternative, as they did this time. I think adding orange to it destroys the sauce...:iconromanoplz:), sweet potato pie (something I really can't stand:iconlietplz:), and there might have been something else that's not coming to mind...The person who brought the carrots, also brought 3 different pies and caramel ice cream for dessert. The pies were: sweet potato (made to look like pumpkin pie), pecan, and apple. I hate sweet potatoes, so I stayed away from that. The pecan one was really good.:iconchibispainplz:The apples in the apple pie were too soft. It almost felt like they became apple cake instead. The topping was good, though. And, overall it wasn't a horrible pie, just weird.:iconhongkongplz:I heard that she used pumpkin pie seasoning for the sweet potato one. One of the hosts said it was just ok. So, oddly, I didn't have pumpkin pie this year. Usually, one of the hosts makes it, and their own homemade whipped cream. The whipped cream usually comes out kind of blah, though. Like they don't add sugar to it or something.:icongermanyplz: 

We took the leftovers of the pecan and apple pies home with us. Now we have a boatload of desserts.:iconawwwplz:We now have a huge box of Belgium-style chocolate cookies (barely have gotten into them), 2 pies (there was a lot of it left still...), chocolate almond biscottis, Halloween candy, and chocolate covered raisins. That's a lot. We'll be good on that for a while. 

I'm continuing with my idea of making Fridays cleaning days.:iconberwaldplz:Last Friday I swept and mopped my bathroom floor. That completes cleaning my entire bathroom. I hadn't mopped in a while. Had to dry the floor with a towel after I did it, and then sweep it again. But, now it looks amazing!:iconeduardplz:Like a totally different room. 

Also, today my bathroom towel rack fell off of the wall.:iconhongkong-wantsursoul:For a moment I thought that the wall itself was decaying behind it or something. I found a screwdriver, and tightened the screws that were inside the part that is on the wall itself. Then, put the part that holds the rod and connects it to the wall over it, and tightened the screw that was on the outside of it. (That part holds it secure to the wall one.) It worked super well. Now it's really stable, and it hadn't been for years.:iconfinallyplz:The other side is starting to pull apart from the wall too, but it hasn't gotten to the point where it's easy to take off. So, I'll wait on that. But, I'm proud of myself for figuring it out, and that it wasn't as bad as I thought it was.:iconhappychinaplz:One of the screws looked badly rusted, though. Oh, and recently I super-glued the cover of one of our fancy matchstick holder cases together with its case. The cover has a Shabbat table scene on it, and looks cool. It fell off the holder about a year ago. I've wanted to fix it for a while. So, yay! It's fixed, and the cover is pretty well bonded to it.:iconchibinitalyplz: 

This coming Friday, I hope to start cleaning the dining room. Not sure how much I'll get done, but I'll start it, at least. Almost everything in the china cabinet is covered with a thick layer of dust.:iconnataliaplz:So, that'll be a major part of it. Our cats have done some odd things on the carpet in there, too. I'll see what more I can do with that. When I get to doing my bedroom, I think that'll take the most amount of time. So, hopefully doing that in 'stages', and cleaning other areas in between them, it won't seem so big.:iconyayhanatamagoplz:And, I can reach those other places within that time as well. When I get to my closet, I'm thinking of trying on the rest of the clothes I haven't gotten to, as well. So, it's so much more than just dusting and vacuuming things. 

Finished watching Amatsuki (Rainy Moon) on Monday. It was one of the worst endings I've seen in a while...:iconsadnessplz:Felt like they really meant to have a 2nd season, but it fell through. It felt like it just started. Things were finally moving along. The story was starting to get really interesting. They still didn't explain how Tokidoki and Kon were transported into this world that was supposed to just be a virtual reality program at a museum. The 'program' wasn't designed to have demons, people with special abilities, etc. in it. Just historically accurate events from the Edo period for high schoolers to get more of a 'feel' for it. You could interact with characters, but they were supposed to only be able to do superficial stuff, and couldn't have thoughtful conversations. So, why did it 'change'? And, there are hints that other characters may have gotten stuck in that world, but have lost their memories of the outside world. Apparently, the manga is still ongoing, and started in 2002. This anime version was only 13 episodes, and was in 2008. So, there obviously is a lot more to it. But, I don't want to have to read something that I watched in order to get some kind of 'closure'.:iconsighingplz:And the show for most of the season was just lukewarm with me anyways. 
Decided to drop Sougiya (Undertaker) Riddle, and replace it with Variante. It's very interesting so far. It's definitely not for the faint of heart.:iconchibichinaplz:Lots of gore already, but the story's been good so far, too. I love the horror genre, so this intrigued me. Hosho Aiko's a girl who was brought back to life by the left arm of a 'chimera'. Chimeras in this are a grotesque human-derived species that drastically alter the shape of their own body parts. It all started when Aiko saw her family slaughtered in front of her eyes by a chimera. The creature attacked and killed her after it noticed she was there. But, the next thing she knows, is she wakes up in what she thought was a hospital room. She was in the morgue beforehand, and was about to have an autopsy done on her body, when the ME noticed she had a pulse. The only thing they noticed that was abnormal with her body was her left arm. It looked deformed. Apparently, as she's 'rested' the arm has begun to heal a bit. But, when she woke up, she had amnesia and didn't remember what happened. She saw her arm and tried to cut it off with a shard from a mirror she passed and broke while walking around the 'hospital'. There wasn't a nurse or patient around at the time. She passed out eventually, and woke up again with restraints this time. After meeting the detective that dealt with her case, she came face to face with a chimera. As her arm attacked it on its own, she started to remember everything. Her arm is apparently a weapon now. She was into playing the piano only because it seemed to make her parents happy. Now that her arm is deformed, she feels she'll never be able to play again. Hence, the title of that chapter. Should be interesting to see what happens next. The detective was the one who brought the chimera in, but it was only so that Dr. Kochigawa could study it alive. She's the one who's now looking after Aiko. So far this has been much better than Riddle. 

Looked a bit at Kuroshitsuji's (Black Butler) soundtracks. They're quite interesting. There's heavy Indian influences, some have German tones, English flair, classical, and more. It actually makes sense now that I look at the series. It's set in England in the late 19th century, too. Some characters are Indian, some German, etc. The Indian songs sounded like a mix of ragas and a bit of Bollywood type music. I know that on that soundtrack there was a curry competition Ciel and Sebastian were forced to compete in. In that arc, they also met 2 of what are now somewhat regular side characters. Prince Soma and his 'butler' Agni, now live at the mansion too, much to Ciel's dismay. (Now that I remember, I think that he gave one of his manor houses to them to take care of eventually. But, they still visit him constantly. Almost like they never left.) Only because they try to help him out, make sure he's healthy, berate Sebastian if they feel he's not doing a good job taking care of Ciel, be friendly with Ciel, etc. It just gets overwhelming for him. But, they're really interesting characters. Small aspects of they're religion sometimes pops up too. Like, in the manga's arc that I'm currently on, Soma asked if a meat pie had beef in it. (Hindus don't eat beef. Cows are considered sacred.) People were unsure, so he refused to have any. Turned out Sebastian had put a powerful laxative in it, so he was the only one who wasn't affected. I'm glad that they influenced the music for it. I might feature a couple of the tracks on here soon.

Dropped S-The Last Policeman, because the last few remaining episodes haven't been subbed yet. Maybe someone will sub those episodes in the future, but it's not looking very likely...Sad, because it was really good. 

Finished watching Senryokugai Sousakan. It had a really good ending, and the humor was spot on this time. It was a 2-hour finale. It was cute and funny, but I'm not sure if it'd be worth it to see a 2nd season if there is one in the future.:icontinoplz:

I dropped Donten ni Warau (Laughing Under the Clouds), because I just didn't like how things were going in it. For some reason, it was kind of difficult for me to get used to the animation. I'm not exactly sure why. The hair and eyes kind of threw me off, and that might be part of it. They killed off the oldest brother too, and I thought that was kind of lame. He was willing to just sacrifice himself like that. Although, he said he didn't have much time left anyways. They could have looked more into his 'condition'. Since he died early in the show, I'm assuming it didn't end the threat either. Seemed pointless.:iconpolandplz: 

I've gone back to Rurouni Kenshin and Ranma 1/2, too. I might go back to D.Gray-man on Saturday. That leaves Monday open for another anime for me to try. Also, I'm getting close to finishing Hero. So, another spot will be open for it. I have 9 anime on my 'to watch' list, so it'd be interesting to look at those. A few are really long shows. And, I might have seen the beginning of a couple of them a long time ago. Those being Kyou kara Maou and the original Prince of Tennis. I might try One Piece out eventually. That's an extremely long one, and doubt I'd ever finish it. But, it'd be interesting to see why people are so into it. There's a lot of other anime that I don't know much about and would be interesting to see. It's kind of like an adventure with each one I'll try.