Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Parallel Spec


By Gesu no Kiwami Otome. Another interesting one by them. The other song I featured of theirs was Digital Mogura, which was the opening theme song for Subete ga F ni Naru (or: Everything Becomes F). After going through some of their other songs, this one was the only other one that seemed to stand out. They're a very interesting band. I think half the time the lyrics aren't supposed to make sense in their songs. That can be a little confusing for someone who's learning the language...:iconhanatamagoplz:But, there are some other international bands that do that, too. (I think this song makes a bit more sense than the other one.) Someone was kind enough to translate the lyrics. They're kind of hard to keep up with at times. It starts with: A positive rap for depressing reasons. It kind of gives off the feel throughout the rest of it that they're going to go against what the 'haters' want them to do. It even mentions what some of their haters think of their lyrics, saying they don't seem 'real'. Some of the last lines are: Someone answer me right now/ How far do these/ Parallel lines go? go?/ Leave me here, hey. It's got a nice jazzy beat. Hopefully, I'll like more of their songs in the future.

It's been pretty cold and dark the last couple of days. Supposed to get into the mid 70s at the beginning of next week. Today's going to be one of the coldest days this week. Oh, joy.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz: 

Started a new blog through Blogger. This one's going to focus on thoughts I might have throughout the day. I have so many of them during the day, but there are a few I seem to think more deeply about. Feels like it'd be a waste to not get those out somewhere...:iconpolandplz:I tried on Twitter for a bit, but their 'design' is kind of annoying to me. At least with Blogger there are quite a lot of templates and color schemes. Plus, there's no limit to characters in each post. It was hard to get all of my thoughts out with such a short amount of space on Twitter. For some, I'm sure it'll be short enough, but for the vast majority of them, it won't be enough. Twitter's probably more for leaving quick comments about things, rather than 'discussing' how you really feel. Facebook is pretty good, but I'm not sure if I like that 'venue' for it. Anyways, that other blog is going to be quite a journey. I might post to it more than once in a day, or not at all for like a week. It won't matter...I think I'll end up learning a bit more about myself, too.:iconchibiaustriaplz:

On Monday, I edited the 7th short story for my nightmare anthology. This one, I think, was based off of 2 or 3 of my recurring nightmares. Which makes for quite a ride. They seemed to flow into each other pretty well. That night, I came up with some more ideas for the anthology as a whole. I was trying to sleep, but these ideas suddenly hit me. That's what happens sometimes...:iconlietplz:Anyways, most of them were on what to name each story. Oddly, I remembered about all but, I think, one of them. So, I was able to come up with 11 of them. (Actually, for a couple of them I came up with alternative names.) They all sound interesting, and slightly ominous. I don't know which story I'm blanking on, though. That's ok, when I get back to it, I'll come up with something.:iconchibiswedenplz:I also realized that this is going to have to have a mature rating on it. I'm not used to that kind of thing.:iconkikuplz:But, it is rather graphic, gory, and very psychological. Doesn't sound good for kids, or maybe even some adults...:iconchibichinaplz:But, I do know that there are some die-hard horror fans out there, and they might like it. I still haven't really come up with a solid title for the whole anthology, though. Had some of the description for the book pop into my head that night, as well. This one's a lot easier to describe than my 1st novel. Probably, because each story (except the last one) is based on the nightmares that have been repeating throughout most of my life. The first story is based on the earliest recurring nightmare I can remember. That being when I was 2. So, they're pretty well ingrained in me. (I think the most recent recurring nightmare that a story is based on started about 5 years ago. That's still a while.) I also came up with ideas for the cover art. I'm kind of getting excited about it now!:la: 

Finished Tousei Gensou Hakubutsushi or History of the Present Day Illusions on Monday. It was a surprisingly good manga.:iconheroamericaplz:I liked when they delved into more of who Shinobu really was. The shop stuff was interesting, but not as interesting as he was. Depending on how you view the ending, it could be a good ending or a bad one for everyone. It ended by saying this world is an illusion, but it didn't say which one it was referring to. (The page was blank. And, what if it was really referring to our 'reality' being an illusion?) It kind of felt cool and unique. One ending you could see was essentially all the main characters died. Another way was that since Shinobu was able to feel and sleep (he was taught to blink when around people in order to appear normal, but maybe he didn't know how to close his eyes as he slept?), he was able to really be his true self. He didn't have to feel like a 'replacement' for someone who was already dead. Also, his father survived the fall, and was still recovering. (He was kind of abusive towards Shinobu through most of the series, but saved him in the end.) Hatsue might have recovered. She's apparently a robot (who has feelings), and going through water might have been too much for her. (Although, I could have sworn she saved Shinobu more than once from drowning.) They were all having fun, and celebrating New Year's at the end. I'd like to hope that the very last happy scene was the real ending. But, they cut to everyone being ok right after Shinobu was hunched over lifeless. So, we don't really know...I tried to see what the mangaka's (manga creator/artist) other works were, since it was so interesting. The only other thing available was something that they've been working on for 15 years. Only putting out 1 chapter a year. I don't think I'd want to catch up only to have to wait a year for the next one to come out. That's crazy!:iconwtfukplz:Once a month is hard enough. (Like Ao no Exorcist and Kuroshitsuji are...) I have quite a bit more on my to read list, at least. I'm kind of going to miss this one.

Some people on the Gaia 'Extended Discussion' section of the forums are really mean-spirited. One of the threads I responded to was on 'veganism'. I found that an odd title to begin with, and the opening post was kind of weird. They asked for a discussion about it at the end of the post. So, I 'discussed' what they posted. They came back at me at first saying: "How would you like it if I posted in a thread you posted in?" Uhhh...The forums are there for discussion in general, and that means actually talking about these things.:iconinsultedplz:That would be the normal thing to do in a forum...Even the rules say you shouldn't spoon feed people into only talking about what you want them to say. Then, they kept saying things like my argument failed. Well, please do tell me what part of it 'failed'? It's cool to have debates, but tell me where you got me, at least.:iconsighingplz:Telling me flatly that I failed doesn't make it right. He also was trying to prove me wrong by using bigger 'scientific' words. Trying to look smarter, when in reality he wasn't really. After seeing that he saw my response to all that, I put him on ignore. It's basically banning him from ever seeing my stuff/posts/threads/etc. (If you're ignored by enough people, the admin will take a look, and the possibility that they'll ban them from the site is high. They also can't post in a certain subforum.) He also was starting to threaten me at the end of his first response to my post...I got another somewhat mean response to a post I posted in a thread that was titled 'A Human Being Will Do Anything to Protect His Faith/Belief'. I had a big problem with that implying that all humans feel the need to 'protect' or 'defend' their beliefs, and it was a bit disturbing. I don't need to protect something like that. In debates, a good debater wouldn't have to 'protect' their views either. They carry their own weight. They could be wrong and concede, but to feel you have to absolutely defend or protect something you believe in is odd to me.:iconromanoplz:(It kind of means your belief wasn't strong enough, and that you really didn't believe in it in the first place.) The person who responded wasn't the one who started the thread. It was a really weird response. Not necessarily full of venom like the one before, but seeming to try and contradict what I said. Also, saying my response was 'unwelcomed'. And, mentioning things that weren't in the opening post...After my response to that one, he seemed to realize what I really was responding to. Saying things like: "Oh, yes, the main poster did seem to imply that." And, then wanted to go into different directions and essentially go off topic. I didn't put him on ignore, because he realized why I responded that way and seemed to apologize somewhat. (I didn't continue with another response either, since it did seem to go off topic.) I think a lot of the guys on there (not all) think that women are idiots and don't have a clue what they're talking about. When someone proves them otherwise, they don't know what to do. In a way it makes me angry, in another way it makes me want to laugh at them...:iconlaughingplz:There was another topic that seemed weird, but I haven't had a response from it. The main poster is basically saying they think it's ok to misgender trans people when they're angry, and that they're not 'special'. This one infuriated me a lot more, but I doubt anyone will respond. Maybe I should stick to the other subforums? The Extended Discussion didn't used to be so hostile.:iconawkwardplz:And, you could spot a troll a mile away. Now, it seems different. I shouldn't let them get to me, because that's feeding the trolls...I think the vegan thread kind of got to me a couple of days ago. But, I realized that person didn't really want to talk about it...(Why post then?!:iconchibienglandplz:)

Played my clarinet. Did some Irish and a bit of klezmer tunes. I really feel amazing when I play klezmer. The other stuff is great too, it just doesn't have the same 'feel' to me. Maybe I should get more klezmer books in the future. I only have one at the moment. Rosie stayed the entire time on my bed next to me listening to it all. She seemed really happy. She didn't want me to stop, and tried to reach out (with her claws out) to the instrument when I was about to put it away. She really is like my number 1 fan.:iconfrancisplz:
On Monday, I studied the kanji: . If pronounced as きょく (kyoku): pole; climax, extreme, extremity, culmination, height, zenith. As ごく (goku): (usually kana, not kanji) quite, very; (kanji only) (number) 10^48, quindecillion. As 極める or きわ.める (kiwa.meru): to carry to extremes, go to the end of something. As 極まる or きわ.まる (kiwa.maru): to terminate, reach an extreme, take to the extreme, be in a dilemma, be at an end. As 極まり or きわ.まり (kiwa.mari): extremely, end, bound, limit. As 極まり or き.まり (ki.mari): rule, regulation; settlement, conclusion, end, agreement, arrangement. As 極み or きわ.み (kiwa.mi): height, extremity. 極意 or ごくい (gokui): deepest level (of an art, skill, etc.), secret teachings, mysteries, innermost secrets, the secret (of success, etc.). I'll go over more of its common compounds next time. Practiced some more on JapaneseClass' site. I was surprised with how many of the 'new' terms I answered correctly. I think it might have been more than last time. Hopefully next time I can go through more of the chapter tests.

Finished translating a really long paragraph from a You Maga article. Turns out to be the last bit to that section of the special. It was about what to do, and what does it mean, when a kid is showing symptoms of some sort. This was relating to inner ear infections, the flu, urinary tract infection, or meningitis. It was actually interesting to read about what to do with babies when they are showing symptoms of these. Most of it resulted in them saying they should see a doctor immediately. They probably could have shortened it by quite a bit. But, I think they wanted to get the point across. 

I read an article in Japanese on RocketNews24's original site. This time about, as they put it, people's 'fashion sense' and when it might be out of hand. They said it's absolutely ok to have your own individual style, but there are times where it'll be too much. Some of the pics were...interesting.:iconseychelles-plz:A lot of crazy, yet creative styles from all around the world. Some made me think about how they could walk/move around in what they were wearing, and others just looked wrong.

Mother's Day was this past Sunday. I'm starting to feel weirder about it every time it happens.:iconswissplz:To me, I only had one mom, and she passed away 3 years ago. I know Dad says she's fine with me calling her dad, but it's starting to feel a bit awkward for me. While out with people who don't know us, I'll just say my 'parent' or her name. (A lot of the time 'parent' really confuses people. I'm not sure why.:icongermanyplz:) They seem kind of cold at times. But, I don't know a nice neutral word for it...So, this and Father's Day feels odd to me. It also reminds me (as if I needed a reminder), that I don't have her anymore. Looking at facebook and seeing people post: "I love my mom!" throughout it, doesn't sit well with me. It's great for them, and all the more power to them. Maybe I should just not look at it that day?:iconwtfromanoplz:Also, seeing the negative ones doesn't help either. I think I remember reading that there is a 'Parents Day', but it's not commercialized or anything. But, it's perfect. The only downside with it not being commercialized, is restaurants and such won't have specials for them like they do for Mother's or Father's Day. Sad...:iconraivisplz:But, Dad went to brunch with a friend on Sunday. It sounded like it would've been nice. On top of this, what would have been my mom's birthday is coming up soon, too...:iconohboyamericaplz:

I've started to go through the recipe-related emails I've amassed from various subscriptions. There are a lot of them. I'm writing down the recipes' names I'm interested in on a list so I can see what's there. (Some apparently repeat in the emails.) I kept thinking I'd look at them someday, and just spontaneously do something. But, that never happened. This will definitely help with it. 

Haven't been feeling too good the last couple of days.:iconnataliaplz:Having really horrible headaches and cramps. I'm not sure what's really up. My 'friend' has been odd for the last few months. I get massive pain, but it doesn't 'happen'. It'd be cool if the IUD stopped them entirely, but also took care of the pain. I'm expecting something to happen, but it doesn't. (Almost feels worse this way...:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:) I'm wondering if that's the reason behind how I feel. I'm even getting the occasional negative thought that goes along with it sometimes. 

A very fitting Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei or Goodbye, Mr. Despair amv (I kind of miss this anime):
A hilarious Gintama amv:
An amv featuring Sougo from Gintama. The song really fits him:
An awesome parody trailer for Gintama (set to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trailer):
A cool Hitman Reborn amv:
An amv featuring Takasugi Shinsuke from Gintama:
Another awesome Gintama amv:
Another awesome Hitman Reborn amv (I haven't seen too many great HR ones, so 2 in a row is nice!):

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Lag B'Omer


Lag B'Omer started last night and goes until tonight. It's celebrated on the 33rd day of counting the Omer, which is the 18th of the month of Iyar. It marks the anniversary of the death of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, a Mishnaic sage and leading disciple of Rabbi Akiva in the 2nd century; and the day that he revealed the secrets of Kabbalah in the form of the Zohar (Book of Splendor), a major text of Jewish mysticism. Instead of the sadness and sometimes fasting of a regular yarzheit (anniversary of a death), it's celebrated with joy and celebration. Kind of like honoring a Tzaddik's work and their life instead of focusing on their death. (Shouldn't most yarzheits be that way?:iconsighingplz:) A Tzaddik is a righteous person. Some non-Jews can be considered Tzaddiks as well. People celebrate the holiday by lighting bonfires, pilgrimages to Rabbi Yochai's tomb, picnics, archery, first haircuts for children, weddings, parades, songs, and more. The L and G of 'Lag' in gematria is 33. (Thus, the 33rd day of the Omer.) The vowel sound is there for pronunciation. Gematria is a system where letters are given numerical values. They can add up to interesting and sometimes surprising combinations. Sephardic Jews (they originated in Spain and the Mediterranean) call it Lag L'Omer, instead. It's the difference of saying 'of' the Omer, and 'in' the Omer. Not all that much of a difference...:iconseychelles-plz:
This is my wallpaper for April. It features Gokudera and Uri from Hitman Reborn. Uri's on Gokudera's shoulder. Haven't had a Hitman Reborn theme in a while. It's still one of my fave series. I like both the anime and manga. Gokudera is one of my fave characters, and Uri is his box animal that his future-self left behind. It was kept in one of Sistema C.A.I.'s Storm Boxes. Uri has an attitude, and is sometimes seen scratching and biting Gokudera in kitten form. Despite that, they both care for each other deeply. When fed enough Sun flames, Uri turns into her enormous adult leopard size. And is extremely powerful. When she's like that, she kind of treats him like a mother cat would with her kittens. Gokudera is the Storm Guardian, and that's his main 'flame'. But, he can use Rain, Lightning, Cloud, and Sun flames as well. (Not many people can use more than one.) He came up with his own cryptic language full of symbols so no one else could read what he writes. Which helped several times in the Future Arc. He seems to be one of the most flexible, yet stubborn at the same time, characters. He's very bright too. Although, sometimes he doesn't seem so bright with common sense situations...He's superstitious, and believes in U.M.A.s or Unidentified Mysterious Animals. U.M.A.s, according to him, are intelligent creatures that aren't harmful (except for the Tsuchinoko). Most of them are based on things like aliens, Japanese folklore, mythical beings from folklore around the world, etc. I'm also not used to such a busy background behind them, but it's interesting. 

My Paris calendar features the Tuileries Garden. it's a popular public garden located between the Louvre Museum and Place de la Concorde. It features fountains, 2 large basins, numerous sculptures, and 2 museums including the Musee del'Orangerie which displays Monet's panoramic water lilies. Looks like a nice place. 

My Jewish calendar's main pic's of an Omer calendar, which had an anonymous maker; made out of wood (oak and walnut), parchment, ink, and metal; Netherlands; 1750-1800. I don't think I've seen an Omer calendar like this. It has moving panels with prayers and such written out on each one. Some of them just have illustrations. Cool to see how old it is, and that it seems to be in really good condition. The other pic's of a Torah pointer; made by Christoffel Oepkes; made out of silver; Amsterdam, Netherlands; 1832. When reading from the Torah, you're not supposed to physically touch the ink, so you use a pointer instead. If you do touch it, the parchment and ink itself is very fragile, and it can ruin it. Oils from your fingers can rub into it, smear the ink, and discolor the parchment. It's also disrespectful.:iconhongkongplz:Sometimes, like during Simchat Torah, the Torah is fully unraveled, and people holding it up as it's unraveling are careful only to touch the edges. It's a really long scroll, and it can make many rounds around a room. Many people end up holding it up in the end. It's quite a sight. It's also extremely disrespectful to drop or let the Torah touch the ground. So, people have to be careful of that too. Anyways, the pointer part that touches the Torah usually has a hand design with an index finger extended. This one has that, and the other end has a big ring, then some sort of stylized pomegranate design. It's really cool looking. They were really specific with this one...:iconchibiaustriaplz:That's cool, too.

The month-long holidays are: National Asparagus Month, National BBQ Month, National Egg Month, National Hamburger Month, National Salad Month, National Salsa (the sauce) Month, National Strawberry Month, National Vinegar Month, Jewish American Heritage Month, National Pet Month. Some are for important causes, some are to make you appreciate things you may take for granted, and some are just for fun.

I'm thinking of making another sort of blog soon. This one will be for writing out my thoughts on various topics. Kind of showing how I view the world.:iconthinkinghkplz:My opinions, rants, thoughts in general about life and events, about myself, cultures, etc. I tend to think a lot about things, but don't feel like there's that many outlets to write them out on. (Feels kind of like they're wasted that way...:iconkikuplz:) I tried briefly on Twitter, but their design is kind of annoying, hard to get some things down to 140 characters or so, etc. I thought it'd be good to have a place where there was no limit to it, and I can feel free about it. Some posts on there might be really short, and others might be much longer. I might post more than once in a day, and other times go for several days without posting for that blog. This blog is mainly about day to day stuff or what recently happened, which is quite a different thing to me. And, I want to keep it that way. I was either thinking of another Blogger blog or Wordpress. (I have an old Wordpress blog, but it's been a few years since I've last posted on that one.) I'm going to start with it being public and comments enabled, and see what happens with that. If I'm not liking that too much, I can always switch it. It's kind of an adventure, and would be interesting to see where I take it.:iconheroamericaplz: 

We didn't go to group last night. It was actually moved from Tuesday to Wednesday nights. And, that was the first Wednesday night. Both Dad and I feel odd about the group now.:iconnataliaplz:It seems to be kind of falling apart, and there are some pretty toxic people. One of them seems to be without knowing. Kind of innocently, but that can be even more dangerous. Another is normally a pretty cool person, but lashes out at people when she's had a particularly bad day. Half the time that's directed towards cis people. Cisgender (cis for short) is someone who identifies with the gender they were assigned to at birth, and people outside that community might think of them as 'normal'. I don't really like to use the word 'normal' though...:icongermanyplz:A lot of people seem to overgeneralize huge groups of people as well. Saying things like: "All cis people think like this...", "The average cis person...", "All trans women...", "We all know...", etc. That can be harmful for a lot of people. We're not all the same!:iconwtfukplz:Plus, I didn't like that it seemed like only one person tried to comfort me when someone lashed out and said something really mean to me. Dad was hurt by a lot of other things that night, too. I've seen what people wrote in the group's fb page and in some texts about it all. Many claimed they didn't hear it, and yet I heard it across the room.:iconromanoplz:It seemed like people were afraid to say anything. I was grateful to the person who tried to comfort me though. I'm really not sure if either of us will feel up to going again...I wonder how many showed up last night?

I tried to start watching Saiyuki. It's based on the Chinese story called Journey to the West. I remember watching about 2 or 3 episodes with friends in college. I thought it was cool at the time, but got sucked into other shows. Apparently not cool enough to top those. That first episode was a lot worse than I remembered it.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:The animation isn't the best, fights seemed to end way too quickly (barely knew what was going on before it was over), characters were starting to get on my nerves for some reason, the background music was weird, and other things. Kind of a shame. 

I might go back to Bleach next time. It's been a while since I put it on hold. Got back to Magi, and didn't realize how close I was to finishing the 1st season...:iconpolandplz:So, I'm at least sticking it out until then. It's like 3 or 4 episodes left. I'm kind of liking One Piece so far. Don't really know why yet, though. MAR's very interesting so far. It feels like I uncovered a rare gem of some sort. Parts of it are pretty unique. 

The 1st marked 3 years since my mom passed away. Oddly, I haven't really felt down about it. It might be because she's not suffering anymore. She was basically suffering for a very large chunk of my life. Probably close to half my lifetime. I do miss her, though. The month is a bit difficult for me, too. Mother's Day is this Sunday, and what would have been her birthday is on the 21st.:iconhanatamagoplz:

Dad had a serious side effect from taking the vicodin, and had to stay home from work for a few days last week. She's a lot better now, and has stopped taking the pain med. 

Last Friday, we went to brunch at a local breakfast place. Got a veggie omelet with hashbrowns and a biscuit. It was pretty good. Went food shopping a bit after that. 

On Saturday, we did some more food shopping, then Dad had an appointment at a nail salon for a mani/pedi. They wanted to do mine, too. I decided not to, but Dad definitely deserves to be pampered. The smell of nail polish and hot dogs were all around me. It was very weird.:iconhongkong-wantsursoul:Someone brought their huge dog, and they kept walking out the door until an employee finally closed it. Which trapped the weird smells around me...:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:

We went to a local seafood restaurant afterwards. I got my fave, which is their smoked salmon linguine. Plus, house salad with bleu cheese dressing. The salad was way too big for its plate, and was a bit more 'fancy' than what I expected. The croutons were made from their homemade bread, and there were toasted almonds. It was good, though. The salmon was smokier than last time, which was a definite plus. It was very good. I never can seem to finish it, even when I didn't care how much I ate. It's always so much. I had plenty of leftovers from that and the salad to take home. The linguine didn't keep very well. I tried to scoop some of it out, and it came out as a brick. I cut off a section of it, and heated it up in a bowl. When I took it out of the microwave it was swimming in oil. Like there was more oil than pasta and salmon. I drained it as much as I could and ate what was left in the bowl. It didn't taste as good as the night before. (Had to toss out a good portion of it.:iconohboyamericaplz:) The salad was perfectly fine the next day. 

Went out shopping again on Sunday. This time it was for things I really needed at the mall. Got new sneakers, socks, jeans, and a screen protector for my iPhone.:iconranranruuplz:The sneakers are the same design as last time. They have memory foam, and immediately felt really nice. The socks were pretty cheap, and it was a pack of 7. They're longer than what I'm used to, but they're comfy and stay up. So, now I can go on my walks again. (I did a couple of times already.) My old jeans were full of holes, and sagged a lot in the butt. Things fit differently on me since I'm still losing weight. I wanted boot cut, but apparently straight-legged is the thing right now. Took me forever to find the jeans I settled on. But, I'm very happy with them. They feel nice, real, sturdy, and comfy. The butt doesn't sag either. Yay! In fact, it's rather normal looking in the butt on me. That's kind of a confidence booster too. It's just slightly stiff in some areas, but that'll change with wear. There was a crack in my old screen protector, and it was annoying to watch things with. With the new one, it's like a new phone. Very clear, no buildup, no crack (thank goodness it didn't go further than the protector), etc. 

Finished editing the 6th story to my nightmare anthology yesterday. Played my clarinet. Mostly did Irish tunes the entire time. Was pretty good this time. Studied the kanji  (basically: to compete) and (mirror or looking-glass), and their compounds. Practiced a bit on JapaneseClass' site. 

It's been a while since I've shared my faved vids, so there's quite a bit here.
4 amazing Gintama amv's:

A creepy, but awesome Pandora Hearts amv (the whole series is pretty creepy anyways...):

3 interesting vocaloid vids (I really like Kaito's cover of Radioactive, it seems to fit him well. And, all 3 of them are in English):