Tuesday, October 14, 2014

National Dessert Day!


Yay! Awesome that there's a day just for desserts.:iconawwwplz:I don't think it's very good to eat desserts all day long, but it's nice to appreciate them. Although, I kind of feel fruit can be used as a dessert, and you can have a decent amount of those in a day. 

It's also the 6th day of Sukkot. I didn't do anything for it, and probably won't for the remaining couple of days.:iconthinkinghkplz:The only celebration I would have gone to was on Sunday. But, you had to RSVP beforehand, and before Sunday I was feeling horrendous.:iconlietplz:I don't think I would have been able to sit through it with how bad I was feeling. Simchat Torah is on the 17th. Basically a day for celebrating the Torah. Marks the end and beginning of the Torah portion cycle, too. We read from it, dance (usually with a Torah), have candy, and some congregations unwind the scroll completely around the room so everyone has a chance to look at it. It's quite impressive seeing it totally unwound.:iconheroamericaplz:Not sure if I'll go to the congregation's one (the one where we attended their High Holy Day services. They're a lot nicer than the other one we used to frequent), though. I guess we'll see. 

Oh, and happy belated Thanksgiving to people from Canada.:iconhappycanadaplz:It was yesterday. Yesterday was Columbus Day for us, which I'm not all that fond of. The Seattle school district is calling it Indigenous Peoples' Day. Not really sure if calling it that is good either. (I'm definitely for a day honoring Native Americans, though. If not more. Maybe it should be on a different day? One where it's not counter or anti another holiday. It seems to be a disservice to them this way...:icontinoplz:) It sounds odd. Might be better than Columbus Day at least...

My stomach was feeling a lot better by Sunday, but for most of last week I was really hurting. Felt like my stomach was on fire, and it had a million pins and needles inside.:iconwtfukplz:I thought I'd be fine almost immediately after taking my omeprazole, but it took a while to work through my system. I'm glad that it feels more normal now, at least. I guess omeprazole is more important than I thought.:iconusaplz:The other med I have is even more so, though.

Decided to restart my sit-ups at 10 twice a day this week. I missed too many recently.:icongermanyplz:I would have probably been up to about 30 twice a day this week, if I hadn't skipped so many. Doing that many after not doing it for a while is not very wise. Haven't been very good about my 2 2-mile walks either. Tomorrow I'll definitely do both of my 2-mile walks!:iconberwaldplz:I'm still sticking pretty closely to the way I want to eat. Although, Friday's dinner, when Shabbat starts, tends to be my lax meal where I allow myself to eat how ever much I want. I've read that it's good to do this once a week. Kind of to give your body a break, jump-start your metabolism, and to reward yourself. (Sometimes Saturday's lunch or dinner is also one of those types of meals.) 

Rosie has a hard time cleaning her backside close to her tail, so lots of thick clumps of fur tend to get matted there.:iconraivisplz:Every so often we have to cut them out with scissors. I did it Sunday. (Dad held her down, which was a great help. Claws can be scary.:iconchibichinaplz:) They were so big, I kept thinking I was going to accidentally cut into her skin. I don't ever want to hurt her, and that sounds horrible.:iconawkwardplz:I luckily got them out without cutting into her skin. My fingers always feel oily and are stinky after doing it, but I'm happy to help her. She seemed so much happier afterwards. And, was extra clingy later.:iconsleepygreeceplz: 

Apparently, there was a marathon going on right outside our house Sunday morning.:iconseychelles-plz:When I woke up I heard cheering and clapping. And, I got up earlier than usual. (Just couldn't sleep, so why not get up then?) It was odd because it sounded so close. I knew our neighbors weren't there, and for a minute I thought it was from the high school stadium. I peeked outside, and saw some runners coming down the street and people in other driveways cheering them on. It was really foggy and cold out. Kind of not the best weather for one. And, I've never seen one held in our neighborhood before.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz: 
Started watching Hero (2014) on Wednesday. Apparently this is like the 3rd season. But, the first one was in 2001, there was a special in 2006, and the 2nd 'season' was in 2007. Huge gaps of time in between each one.:iconhanatamagoplz:I might watch the other seasons after this one. It's very interesting. Kohei Kuryu is a prosecutor at the Josai branch of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office. He acts and thinks differently compared to other prosecutors. His attire is a lot more casual, too. When offered a new case he tends to first visit the crime scene to look at things with his own eyes. He scrutinizes every detail, and finds things that were overlooked by the police. He's been a prosecutor for 13 years. Chika Asagi is his new assistant. So far his 'methods' have irritated her, but have made her think more about how not everything's as it seems. It's a hilarious show and quick paced. There's a lot of suspense too. It almost felt like a play as they were coming in out of their offices, and talking one after the other. The perspective of the camera is interesting at times too. The actors are all awesome!:iconinloveplz:Most I've seen in many other dramas. They're big stars in Japan. Especially the main character's actor, Takuya Kimura. Everything he's in seems to be awesome! He's one of the more versatile ones too. Able to do many different types of characters, and isn't really typecasted. In fact, in Ando Lloyd he played a cold unemotional robot, and the next minute he played a very emotional bumbling professor. That's hard to do. Although, I have noticed that he tends to play really intelligent or standout characters. But, that's not necessarily typecasting. He's not always a prosecutor/other law professional, or a scientist, or a villain, or the 'good' guy, etc. He usually makes you feel for the character even if they're a ruthless criminal. There are very few actors that are that good. In Japan, I think 2 of the few others might be Shun Oguri and Hiroki Narimiya. All 3 are definitely at the top of my list of fave Japanese actors. They seem to have the most diverse roles.

Time Spiral has been interesting. I think the actors are overly dramatic.:iconpolandplz:And, Gackt hasn't been acting that great. He may be a good musician, but not sure about his acting skills...(He was the base for the voice of the Gakupo vocaloid. So, he's big.) But, then again it might just be the character. He's rather creepy at times. The main actress hasn't been that great. Every little thing is overacted with her. She's usually pretty good. So, maybe it's the director? The story's very interesting. I'm mainly sticking around for what happens with the story, rather than the acting. Gackt's character, Shuya, is desperately trying to change the past. He's from 2020, and no matter what he does, his sister dies before that. Everything he does is centered on his sister. They led you to believe it was the female lead, Natsuki. She was kidnapped when she was little. The kidnappers had mistook her for her friend, Kentaro. She was wearing his clothes at the time. Apparently, without Shuya saving her from them, they kill her. And, he made a deal with her mother that if he saves her, she'll come up with some sort of med that'll save his sister. It works, but his sister usually ends up dying 'by accident'. Like having alcohol with her meds, dying in a fire, a car accident, etc. Every time he goes back in time his body weakens. Now, they're toying with the idea of what happens when Natsuki dies. Apparently in the many scenarios he's already gone through, there are hints that he married Natsuki. So, that would be tough for him, too. She's also in love with Kentaro now, and he was about to propose to her, but Shuya got in the way. 

Fairy Tail seems to be doing fluff stories now. That's reasonable considering how long the last story arc was. The most recent episode was on how Bisca ended up joining the guild. I like learning about the characters' back stories. She's one of the minor ones, but it's still interesting. She's really changed her looks from when she first joined. And her only 'friend' was a rat she named Sonny. Apparently, she was an immigrant, but I'm not sure if she was using that as an excuse to get away from Erza. She's married and has a kid now, so it's quite a turn around from back then. Her husband's into using guns with his magic, too. She still has that rat, but it sits under her hat so people can't see it. (She used to hide him in her cleavage...:iconkikuplz:) I wondered why she's always wearing it. Her daughter's cute, although slightly annoying at times. 
In Kuroshitsuji, Ciel along with Sebastian go to the Aurora Society's meeting on the cruise ship. They had to do a ridiculous pose in order to get in. They were serving super expensive water, too. The Undertaker (in the pic above. Don't usually see him without a hat) is apparently a member. Which surprises Ciel, but they don't really know much about him. He tells them that the main hospital that the Society is based on is a big customer of his. They had a presentation on their new 'breakthrough' of bringing back the dead. A teenager had died recently, and the family was so distraught they begged the hospital to bring their daughter back. They were supposed to demonstrate her coming back to life, being exactly as she was before. It went horribly wrong, and they ended up making a zombie instead. Ronald Knox, one of the newer Shinigami or Grim Reapers, showed up and mowed her down telling people to aim for the head next time. His 'scythe' is an old-fashioned lawnmower. I was reading something about their scythes or their chosen weapons, and someone commented that they didn't have these things at the time. Wasn't historically accurate. I looked around, and it turns out everything that they used was there at the time. Even the chainsaw. So, the mangaka (the creator of the manga) seems to be pretty accurate with it to me.:iconnorgeplz:She goes into great detail with being accurate with things in the series, it would surprise me if she messed with that. It takes place in the late 19th century. Maybe they thought it was the late 18th century? Anyways, Knox ends up fighting Sebastian saying it's one of his duties to save the souls from demons like him. While they fight, the head of the Aurora Society runs away to the storage area of the ship. Ciel goes after him. Snake loved the food so much, he took some to his snakes to eat in their cages in the storage area. Ciel bumps into him and Lizzy, his fiancee. They end up getting cornered by zombies that broke out of their coffins in the area. Sebastian saves them just in time, but he looked like he was dancing in the zombies' blood as he 'elegantly' and easily attacked them. Ciel had a flashback to when he was abducted. Sebastian said they were unusually soft for being human. They found the head of the Society again, and he told them that there were 10 times as many in another storage area on the other side of the ship. He didn't expect them to turn into 'monsters'. This is getting more and more interesting. Where's the Undertaker during all this craziness? And, I wonder if he supplied the coffins?:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:

Watched the Kuroshitsuji special: Ciel in Wonderland. Apparently, Ciel is Alice. He was in the wallpaper I posted earlier this month, too. I thought he was the Dormouse, with what he's doing. It was hilarious, and a little more 'mature' than I expected. But, it was pretty good. Sebastian was the White Rabbit. The Red Queen was Ciel's aunt, Madam Red or Angelina Dalles. Perfect for someone who was obsessed with red, and it was nice to see her again considering she was killed off during the first season. All the Shinigami, except for Grell, were at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Mad Hatter was indeed the Undertaker. Grell was the Cheshire Cat, which was perfect. The 'cards' in the house of cards were what he looked like when he was a butler. All of them were the same. He looked kind of dull back then, and he was Madam Red's butler. The Dormouse ended up being Lizzy. Which to me was an odd choice. She's way too cheerful and energetic.:iconhongkongplz:They had the Dodo too. It was played by Lizzy's maid. Lau was the caterpillar, which was perfect because he's into drugs (specifically opium). His partner and personal assassin was a mushroom. She rarely speaks. I won't say much about that scene, but it seemed more bizarre than most Alice in Wonderland parodies have been, but fitting somehow.

Wrote more of the 11th short story from my nightmare anthology. I think I'm getting close to finishing this one. At least I have an idea of where it's headed now.:iconchibinitalyplz:

Played my clarinet. Did some tunes from my general solo book, Duke Ellington tunes, and Gershwin pieces. Stumbled a bit, but again I haven't been playing on a regular basis for a while. Getting better though.
Studied the common compounds for the kanji: . 英気 or えいき (eiki): great wisdom, excellent disposition; strength (to face something), willpower, energy. 英語 or えいご (eigo): English (language). 英国 or えいこく (eikoku): Great Britain, the UK. 英断 or えいだん (eidan): resolution, decisive judgement. 英和 or えいわ (eiwa): English-Japanese (e.g. dictionary). 英知 or えいち (eichi): wisdom, intelligence, intellect. 英雄 or えいゆう (eiyuu): hero, heroine, great person. 石英 or せきえい (sekiei): quartz. 英文 or えいぶん (eibun): sentence in English, article in English, English text. 

Practiced my Japanese on JapaneseClass' site. Did pretty well, even though half of them were new this time. The site shut down suddenly for maintenance at some point. (There wasn't a warning beforehand.) So, I watched half of another lecture on bunshu or Kanji 'makers', or radicals, or 'sub sections'. They're the kanji parts broken down. If you know them, you're more likely to understand an unfamiliar word's meaning. It even adds more meaning to familiar words. A very handy thing. I'm still in the part of the lecture series on the history of how these 'parts' changed or evolved over time. Apparently, after Commodore Perry arrived, his influence ended up changing their writing system. A lot of the Japanese can't read things like memorial slabs that were written the 'old' way. Some of the 'parts' have changed dramatically. It's fascinating actually. But, maybe for me, since I have an interest in linguistics and cultural anthropology.:iconchibihungaryplz:

When my stomach was really bothering me, I played a little of the Sims 2. I based a new family off of Ciel's 'family' in Kuroshitsuji. The only character I didn't make was Tanaka. He's of Japanese descent, and the older looking previous butler for the family. Who still works as a house steward. Doesn't do much while Sebastian is in charge, but Sebastian respects him the most. He was there the night Ciel's parents were killed and was stabbed in the back trying to protect him. He rarely speaks, and if he has to step in as butler again he almost rivals Sebastian. I was surprised they didn't have an eye patch for Ciel. (They had plenty of other things in the eye wear section...) They didn't have his type of clothes either, so I went with something he might wear as a teen in more modern times. I remember a while back downloading red 'demon' eyes for it, too. They were perfect for Sebastian. His hair looks somewhat close to the character's from far away. His clothes are much closer to what they might be in the story. Don't really have anything close to Finny's hair, but his personality and clothes are pretty close. There wasn't any maid outfits for Meirin, but there was something that looked close. Her hair is red, but they don't have the style that she wears. So, I had it as maybe she took her short pigtails down. First character I put glasses on, too. Bard looks somewhat close. I was surprised that they didn't have a chef's outfit, that would have been perfect. I found a cheat through one of my apps on my iPhone, where you can give them however much money you want.:iconyayhanatamagoplz:So, I let them have a lot, and started messing with their house. Their house is huge now! It's 3 stories and rather big around. They have a huge pool in the back, and a big garden complete with a pond near it. It was kind of fun putting it together. Might do more to it in the future. I've never been able to mess with it this much before. The money makes sense because Ciel's from a wealthy family. Haven't really let them enjoy things too much yet, either. 

Watched Cabin in the Woods last night. Wasn't as great as I expected, but was certainly entertaining at times. Didn't like the end. It was sudden, and not all that logical. I loved that the remaining 'victims' let out all the 'nightmare creatures' from their chambers to have them attack the organization behind it all. It was just revenge for both those victims and the creatures. One of them was a unicorn, which most people don't think of them as 'nightmarish', but this one was brutal.:iconscaredplz:Definitely knew how to use it's horn and hooves. Now that I think about it, they do sound like they can do some damage. 

Also, watched Smilla's Sense of Smell. I liked it until the end. Seemed very anticlimactic, and kind of unreal at the end. It's an interesting story, though. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

National Fluffernutter Day!


Fluffernutters are awesome!:iconinloveplz:Probably not too healthy, but awesome nonetheless. It's a marshmallow fluff and peanut butter sandwich. Haven't had one in a long time. It's also National Pierogi Day. I love Pierogies! Especially potato and/or cheese ones. Good stuff. It's National German-American Day, too. I'm part German. So, yay for us!:iconyayhanatamagoplz:
Senryokugai Sousakan has been interesting so far. I've seen it be translated as Detective Designated for Assignment, but I think a better one would be Strength of an Outsider Detective. Her names Chinami, she's a complete outsider to the squad, and is treated as such. But, she outranks almost everyone, and is extremely bright. She just has never really had training out in the field. The squad is ordered to keep her away from going out into the field. She asks them beforehand to treat her like a rookie. She always finds her way to the case at hand, and manages to solve them with the help of Kyosuke, a detective who becomes her partner and is supposed to keep an eye on her. He's skilled in karate, and teaches it at his teacher's dojo. The first couple of episodes started with her bizarre dreams, but they had meaning to a case later. Kyosuke's teacher, who he also lives with, always says something relevant to the case in a zen way, I guess, before they've dug into it. The other detectives on the squad seem to be warming up to her already.
I decided to put Rurouni Kenshin on hold in order to try one of the new anime shows for this season. (I don't even think I'm halfway through that series...:iconseychelles-plz:It's long. Good, though.) Started watching Gugure! Kokkuri-san. Gugure is basically saying 'Google it!'. The story revolves around a little girl named Kohina. (She's on top of the instant noodles in the pic holding a coin.) She ends up summoning Kokkuri-san (a fox spirit. In the pic he's the middle one in blue), through an old seance game. (Kind of like Ouija, but with a coin.) At first he merely intends to haunt her, but soon becomes worried about her eating habits and overall well-being. Now he haunts her in order to protect her. She's emotionally detached, and refers to herself as a doll. Not human. She lives in a shrine by herself with no parents or guardians to take care of her. She only enjoys eating junk food. Specifically instant cup noodles. She had quite a collection of them, before Kokkuri got rid of most of them. She may look vulnerable, but she's capable of taking down people who are 3 times her size including Kokkuri. Really hilarious series!:iconenglandispervyplz:The humor reminds me of Cuticle Tantei Inaba, a little Gintama, and maybe a touch of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (Goodbye Mr. Despair). They've barely introduced the dog spirit or inugami, but he's seen in a box labeled 'oranges'. And, has howled like a dog. I think at one point he yells something like 'take me home!'. He looks human right now. (He's 2nd from the right in the pic.) This looks promising. Hopefully, it keeps it up. 
In Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), Snake has joined the Phantomhive's staff as a footman. He was about to seek revenge against Ciel (came close and was the uninvited guest in the murder case. He killed one of the guests thinking it was Ciel. No one else, besides Sebastian, realized), but Ciel managed to deceive him about what really happened to the other members of the circus. Instead of telling him that he and Sebastian ended up killing everyone, he said that they knew that the members were kidnapping children, and those members knew they were on to them so they ran away. Snake didn't know that they were kidnapping kids. And, Ciel left out the fact that they were using those kids' bones for making prosthetics. Snake was one of the few of that troupe that didn't have a prosthetic of some sort. He felt the circus was his only home, and he had nowhere else to go. Feeling betrayed by them as well, he accepted Ciel's offer to join him. He has scales all over his body. He has at least 9 snakes (most, if not all, are venomous. Probably a lot more snakes than that from when he introduces himself to the staff...They're crawling all over the place) that stay with him most of the time, and they speak through him. He gets nervous easily, too. He rarely speaks unless its to relay info through his snakes. He's one of my fave characters in the series. I'm glad they didn't kill him, although I'm surprised that he joined them.:icontinoplz:Ciel's fiancee's family is going on a cruise ship, and a shady organization called Aurora is meeting on the same one. They've been buying people to experiment on. It's a medical organization, and one of the main hospitals claims that it can revive the dead. So, Ciel's forced to investigate it further by joining her on the cruise ship. He was worried about her as soon as he heard what ship and day the meeting was going to be held. This will be Snake's first time going somewhere with Ciel and Sebastian in his new position. The other staff members will have to stay behind to protect the manor.

In Pandora Hearts, it's been kind of confusing. Things are being revealed quickly, and even the characters are taken aback by it all. Oz met his father while he was still in the ruins of Sabrie. His father treated him like he was nothing. Basically, like before his coming-of-age ceremony. Gil runs after him expecting to kill him, but Break stops him in the nick of time. Just before that, Break was torturing one of the Baskervilles to get more info out of them. He walked away after suggesting that they should be friends. I think he's tired of the whole thing. Oz felt more himself again once Gil, Break, and Alice came back. Apparently, Glen Baskerville can be brought back to life. He originally would travel from body to body every so often. Then, Jack interrupted him during the ceremony being done on Gil 100 years ago. (That's when Gil gained the Raven chain, because that was all that could be transferred at the time.) Jack cursed Glen by splitting up his own body, and saying that he couldn't come back without finding all of Jack's 'parts'. Those parts have apparently turned into memory fragments, instead of actual body parts. The Baskervilles apparently own the Abyss, too. One of them just got through the Abyss, and was just informed that it's 100 years later. She looked terrified. I'm not sure where they're going to take this. I'm still confused as to why Oz's existence is a sin in the first place. (That's why he was tossed into the Abyss at his Coming-of-Age ceremony.) Although, maybe it is to the Baskerville's because he's Jack's vessel now. 

Wrote more of the 11th short story to my nightmare anthology. Not sure where I'm taking this one, but it's been crazy, fun, and interesting to write so far. I think when I was more on a roll, I might have had the ending of it in sight. But, it's been a while, and might be going in a different direction.:iconwtfukplz:I did decide that this won't be the last one to the anthology. I think there's at least one more I can do for it. I might make it the shortest. I don't know. 

Played my clarinet. Did some Mozart pieces, and some from my clarinet solo book. Wasn't too bad considering I haven't played in a while. Not that many mistakes, just a few slip ups. But, if I play it regularly, I should get back to the way I was before and improve from there.:iconeestiplz:
Studied the kanji: , , . or (i) means stomach, craw, crop, paunch. Since there's only one way to pronounce it, it makes it easier. pronounced as いん (in): seal, stamp, mark, print; (abbr) India. The full name would be 印度 or いんど (indo), so the kanji in this one is used phonetically which is called 当て字 (ateji) or 'called upon characters'. There's no underlying meaning to the kanji this way, just for how to pronounce the word. Which can be confusing at times...As しるし: mark, sign; symbol, emblem; badge, crest, flag. As 印する or いん.する (in.suru): to stamp (one's mark, etc.), seal; to leave (one's footprints, etc.). Most of the time is pronounced as えい (ei). (On rare occasions it's pronounced as はなぶさ (hanabusa), which is used as a term in botany.) It means England, English, British, Britain. Did the practice quizzes on JapaneseClass' site. Was pretty good. A little rusty with some words I haven't seen for a while, but not bad. Made it to the top 20 ranking for the day. My overall rank is going up pretty quickly. Wrote out more of part of a You Maga article. It's the last section of this part. Soon I'll write out the last couple sentences, then start translating bits of it. I'm glad I'm nearing the end of this section. It's like a special with many mini articles that are apart of it. Interesting so far.

My meds were a little late.:icongermanyplz:I finally got them yesterday. But, I ran out of my omeprazole the day before. The main reason I was put on that was because of me throwing up all day for no reason, and not feeling it coming on. It just happened. The doctor was amazed, and couldn't figure out why it was happening. So, he tried this on a whim. It works great!:iconthailandplz:I haven't had a problem with it since. Although, it makes me wonder why I had that problem.:iconhanatamagoplz:Anyways, I've gone without it for a day before and seemed fine. So, I thought it wouldn't be a big deal. My stomach felt like it was on fire halfway through the day. It was so painful, that's all I could think about.:iconlietplz:I also started to feel like I was going to throw up at one point. When I checked the mail and found out my meds were here, I quickly took an omeprazole. It helped a lot, but I still feel a slight burning sensation. This is after I took another one at my normal time in the morning. I technically had 2 doses within a 24-hour period. Doesn't sound good when you're only supposed to take 1 a day. But, I needed it so badly yesterday. And good thing I got my other meds before they ran out. I had ordered these things at the beginning of last week. It doesn't normally take that long...:iconhongkongplz:

I didn't go to group yesterday. Dad had scheduled an appointment just before it, and wouldn't have had time to swing by the house to get me. I still didn't feel too great at the time, so it was probably good I didn't go.:iconpolandplz:I tried some frozen bulgogi for dinner yesterday. The brand was a bit odd. They used brown rice instead of white sticky rice. There was quite a bit of mushrooms and mushroom flavor in the vegetable and rice medley part. The sauce and beef were really good, though.:iconitalyplz:It was good to try, at least. I normally love bulgogi, but overall this was a bit weird. I also shaved my legs again.:iconchibihungaryplz:I'm trying to get back to making it a habit. It feels good to have smooth legs. Haven't had them this smooth since maybe the beginning of high school. Also, watched something during the time we'd normally have the meeting. So, I was all good with things during that time.