Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve!


I can't believe tomorrow's the start of another year!:dummy:At least, the secular year. It's funny because I get to celebrate at least a couple different 'New Year's'.:iconenglandispervyplz:I hope everyone has a happy and awesome New Year's! We're going to a friend's place to celebrate. We'll nosh on some snacks, talk, play games all night long. Then, there's the New Year's fireworks show on TV at the Space Needle.That's always fun to watch.:iconmochiplz:

We just went to the market to get stuff for it. Got some sushi, potato chips, 2 different dips, pickled herring, chocolate bridge mix, champagne, and more. Everything looks so tasty!:iconchibispainplz:I might actually have some of the champagne. (I'm not supposed to have alcohol because of the meds. But, it's a holiday.:iconseychelles-plz:) Since we'll probably eat a lot tonight, we got some light things for dinner. I got a bean, cheese, and rice burrito. These burritos have been staring at me for a long time, and I'm curious, so I'll try it.:iconheroamericaplz:They also put salsa inside. It looks very filling. Hope it doesn't make me too full. Since it's Shabbat we got our Challah. They didn't slice it up this time, thank goodness!:iconchibicanadaplz:It was really weird last week. It's meant to be pulled a part. If you're going to cut it, do it at the table, and make thick pieces. It's more of a community thing if everybody pulls off pieces.:iconfrancisplz:

I wrote a bit more of chapter 12. The vamps in my story seem, at least to me, a bit...'unique'. I guess when I finally post this chapter, you'll see what I mean. Makes it even more fun. Caught up on Naruto Shippuden. They're still not continuing the story yet.:iconpolandplz:Read somewhere that they might not until around the last week of January and beginning of February. Great! The time I'll be gone.:iconprussiaplz:That's ok. 
In Dear, Carol, Subaru, and Kurenai join the Punitive Squad to help out. They think they're too much like pretty boys, that they won't be able to handle anything. Especially, Carol. But, he shows them how tough they can be without trying. Chiruha collapses. But, it turns out it was just from taste-testing the alcoholic eggnog she made for everyone. She became drunk. Subaru tries to become friends with Kisara. They end up being a little more friendly, but Kisara still doesn't trust him. The Punitive Squad holds a huge welcome party. They all have fun, and they become closer as friends. Apparently, Ume chooses Komomo's clothes. And, he won't spit out men's clothes, much to Subaru's disappointment. He spits out frilly, lacey, and fancy type clothes. They go to see where he gets them. He steals from a specific store. Gulps down normal plain looking clothes, and somehow changes them into something he likes in his stomach. They shake him and lots of different outfits come out. I love this little guy!:la: 

Watched the Joker special. It wasn't as great as I thought it would be.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:Kind of slow, and mostly having a lot of flashbacks. I did like that they showed Date's first 'job' in the Joker project. And, they gave some background on why he goes to the same ramen restaurant just before he punishes the criminals. Also, he's thinking of investigating the organization behind Joker. I loved how this show made you really feel for the victims and their families. 

I tried to start a new drama yesterday. But, I wasn't very lucky.:iconbraginskiplz:There was one where I read really good reviews, and it won various awards. But, it was one of the worst ones I've seen. Kind of sad. Hopefully, today I'll find something. 

deviantART fave: Lazy Sunday Morning I did not make this! Kind of a cute nekotalia (Cat version of the nations) drawing. With Nekotalia (Italy), Germouser (Germany), and Japaneko (Japan) in different windows. There's one window with just a tomato. Suggesting that maybe there was either a Spain cat or a Romano cat? 

A flash mob in Jerusalem. Full of over 300 Birthright Israel participants:

An amazing live performance of Kingyo Hanabi (Goldfish Fireworks) by Ai Otsuka:

Wednesday, December 29, 2010



By Ai Otsuka. A nice rockin' song.:iconchibiamericaplz:Another one I didn't like at first. It's about what romance is, supposedly, all about. (More the science side of it.) Interesting lyrics. Here's a live performance vid:

It's been pretty cold today.:iconchibicanadaplz:(Apparently, it's only going to get colder for the next couple of days.) I saw a few light snow flurries. Like barely visible. But, apparently some surrounding areas got some accumulation. I'm glad it hasn't here. At least, not yet.:iconusaplz:

I went to my psychiatrist's appointment. Everything's pretty much going well with the meds. I felt a bit weird feeling 'down' a couple of times. But, she said that was normal, and that she wants me to be able to have emotion. It's normal as long as it's not in either of the extremes and/or for too long. It's ok. Means I'm human.:iconheroamericaplz:I have to bring my med bottles with me on my trip to Israel. I can't just put them in those weekly pillbox things. It's a security/health issue.:icongermanyplz:I have to remember to bring more meds than I'll need, just in case. Also, sometime in the future, I have to have a routine kidney and liver check. They have to check them because of the possible side effects of the meds. I haven't had problems, so she's not worried about it. It's just a precaution. I hate blood tests, though.:iconwtfromanoplz:

Bloody Monday 2's getting more intense!:iconprussiaplz:I didn't think it could get any better, or more suspenseful for that matter. There's a kid who keeps trying to kill himself, because he's being bullied for money. Eventually, the new terrorist group gets a hold of him, and says let's die together. He opens a box they hide for him, and it's got a gun. I don't know why they would even think of using him, and what good would killing him do?:hmm:Other than maybe getting at Fujimaru's sister. Strange. J's slowly going insane. He knew he was going to die soon and tried to shoot himself. He goes off the deep end when he realizes there were no bullets.:iconbraginskiplz:Kano's accused of being a spy in Third-i. When he's really working for the prime minister. Maya is too, now. Fujimaru saved everyone again. Hornet had hacked into the natural gas system, and was going to leak a form of nerve gas through it.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:Fujimaru hacked in and gained control, thwarting the terrorist attack. This group seems a lot more vicious and cruel, then the previous one.:iconraivisplz:They still won't show who Hornet is, and who their leader is.:iconkikuplz:

Fairy Tail was a bit weird. Good, but weird. The team was relaxing at a big beach resort for a while. Then, just as Erza was starting to feel really relaxed, her old 'friends' show up. They keep saying that she betrayed them, and they had to take her to Gerard who's in 'Paradise Tower'. He says he'll use her as his 'sacrificial lamb'.:iconwtfukplz:I saw him in earlier episodes. He seems like a really good bad guy. Also, read some of O-parts Hunter. They've made it to the actual Olympiad, with some pretty creepy characters.

In You Maga, so far my horoscope's about overcoming hurdles in order to grow in character. Interesting. Only have a little bit left of the first part of my horoscope. Next, it's about love and relationships. Yay!:dummy:

deviantART faves: Turtle Cupcake Heavenly Pretzels I did not make these! First, this cupcake looks so good! I don't think I've had a turtle version of a cupcake. Second, really tasty looking pretzels. They're called Two Tone. Meaning chocolate and vanilla striped pretzels. Awesome! I want to try one! 

2 awesome Kagrra songs. The first's called Hoozuki, and the other's Utakata. One's a live performance:

Tuesday, December 28, 2010



By Ai Otsuka. A haunting, eery, yet beautiful song. I didn't like this at first, but I gave it a chance. Now, it's one of my faves.:iconchibihungaryplz:It's about her being terrified of love, yet she 'chases' after it. I think she might be singing about a lover who's recently died too. It's a bit vague, though.:hmm:Here's the vid:

Well, I think this post is going to be short.:iconkikuplz:I've been cleaning most of day. Things like the dishes, my bathroom, laundry, etc.:icontinoplz:

Zettai Reido was just sad. Good, but I feel oddly sorry for the killer. His father was the original serial killer 8 years ago. But, then he had a stroke and couldn't kill anymore. So, he abused his son, and made him do the killings.:iconraivisplz:It was interesting that the only thing that linked all the murders was they were seen walking around the same park. And, they had long black hair. 

I've Been Married to Hell was really funny, yet touching this time.Happy cry (Tears of joy)It was interesting to see her interact with her actual parents. Her mother-in-law helped make both her parents and herself understand each other. I think the mother-in-law knows Kimiko isn't perfect, but she just wants to get to know her more. She has a lot of good intentions, they just end up making the situation harder.:iconwtfromanoplz: 

I'm still working on my horoscope in You Maga. It doesn't sound too good.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:(Like, I'll have bad luck with something.) But, I'll see what the rest of it says. It's kind of a fun thing to work on.

deviantART faves: Mayorin Gingerbread bite Itami the Voodoo Doll I did not make these! First, A hilarious drawing of Toshi from Gintama. That would definitely be his dream right there. He loves mayo a little too much. Second, very cute gingerbread cookies eating a living voodoo doll. I love this artist's style of making seemingly really cute things deadly. Or being twisted in some way. She's one of the ones I watch. Third, it's the 'living' voodoo doll's description. He apparently gets picked on a lot.

An awesome Gintama AMV. Shows you how great their fight scenes are. This also shows the episodes that the movie's based on:

A live performance of Change by Monkey Majik. This time it's without the Yoshida Brothers, and it still sounds awesome!

The ending credits to Konkatsu for the finale. I loved this show, and this gives you just a taste. Plus, the song's catchy too:

The ending credits to Erai Tokoro ni Totsuide Shimatta! aka I've Been Married to Hell! I'm loving this show so far:

Monday, December 27, 2010



By Monkey Majik. Kind of a fun jazzy tune. Most of their songs have an interesting 'feel' to them. The more I hear their songs, the more I like them.:iconchibihungaryplz:Here's a live performance vid:

Wrote some more of chapter 12. I almost forgot how much fun I have writing this story.:iconlachoirplz:It keeps getting more and more interesting, and there's lots of twists. I'm up to 96 pages in Word.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:Wahoo!:dummy:I never thought I would get this far. And, there's still so many ways the story can go. Probably why I'm thinking of making it a series. I played some Mozart. It was funny, I messed up on parts I'm usually good at, and did well with the other stuff. It's like things were switched around or something.:iconromanoplz:So, it wasn't too bad. Just weird. I'm almost done with the sentence from an article I'm working on in the North American Post. I have all the components, just have to put it all together. Then, there's only one more sentence.:phew:

In Afterschool Charisma, the first person Shiro met when he transferred to the school, was the Hitler clone. (Creepy.:iconwtfukplz:) Shiro quickly became friends with Napoleon and Ikkyu. No one wants to be next to Hitler. He's the most hated and detested clone. He's a little too nice. He gave Shiro a sheep shaped charm and said it was the 'Almighty Dolly'. Einstein and Joan of Arc make an appearance. Einstein makes most of the 'charms'. But, Hitler made a perfect one. They're called 'Dolly' after the 1st mammal ever cloned. A lot of the clones basically worship the sheep. Hoping that her luck will rub off on them. The school's going to hold an expo soon. Mozart hung himself. It seemed because he couldn't handle the stress.
In Letter Bee, Zazie was attacked by a Gaichuu and sent to the Hive's hospital. The assumption everyone has of him is, that he's more interested in killing Gaichuu than delivering the letters. The truth is, he tries very hard to deliver his letters on time or early, and so goes through a shortcut that's full of Gaichuu. The letters he had before the attack were left behind, and later found by Lag and Niche. And, they get attacked by the same Gaichuu. Zazie shows up and helps them. He realized it's a mutant and has 2 holes instead of just 1. (Like where their heart is.) So, he couldn't fight it on his own. So, with Lag and Niche they beat it together. Niche's really strong!:iconchibifinlandplz:(In the pic, holding up the Gaichuu.)

I came up with a lot of good ideas for what to draw next. These ideas will be added on to overtime. So, I always have an idea of what to draw.:iconberwaldplz:I might either draw a full body of Ravel (maybe color it), or a full body of Max (might color him too). Max is a skeleton demon. So, that would probably give me more practice on the 'skeleton' of my characters.:iconenglandispervyplz:Those are the most immediate ideas. Then, it's things like landscapes in my story, starting the manga, other characters, more memes, holiday themed with my characters or with symbols, still lifes, manga version of a self-portrait, art contests, and more. It all sounds fun to me!:iconfrancisplz: