Sunday, December 12, 2010

International Mountain Day!


The holiday was actually yesterday. But, I like mountains.:iconchibigilbert2plz:Wow! I should have went hiking or something yesterday or today. I'm glad that another thing, we may take for granted, is being celebrated. I live in a mountainous region, and they're always beautiful and majestic to see.:iconchibihungaryplz:You can almost see Mt Rainier everyday. Then, we have the rest of the mountains in the cascades, too. I've hiked a lot of them. Most have spectacular views. Plus, a lot of them, like Hurricane Ridge, are known for their very friendly deer population. And, there's a lot of them.:iconfrancisplz:The rest of the wildlife are really cool to see, too. 

It's actually been warm the last couple of days. Well, for this time of year. Today alone, I think we're about 10 degrees warmer than normal. Since we went out so late to the grocery store, we didn't have time to have our regular Shabbat dinner.:icontinoplz:So, we ate there at the market. I got their really good Philly Cheese Steak with fries. Last couple of times I forgot that they add mushrooms, and oddly that it had onions. So, I asked for without those, and they added more meat and cheese. So good!:iconitalyplz:I remember just before we were going to leave, that we didn't get the challah. So, I went to the bakery. There was only 1 person working the counter and someone ahead of me, wanted 3 bags of baguettes sliced.:iconromanoplz:It took a long time, but they actually still had the one they hold for us. Yay!:iconyayhanatamagoplz:I asked if the Japanese section had taiyaki. The person who was there at the time, was new. So, he didn't know. Looked around that section for Korean, Japanese, etc, styled rice porridge there too. We didn't find it. Since we kind of know the manager of that section, maybe next time we'll ask her. And if not, we can ask if they'll be getting any of that in the future. And, maybe for now, next time I go I'll get the regular cream of rice stuff and add things to it.

One of my presents, I think I got on Friday, was a book light. It looks pretty sturdy. A bit difficult to put on a paperback book, but it works.:iconchibiamericaplz:There's also 2 settings for the light. It's bendable. I think I like it. I also got some pajamas, this design is called Aqua Dogs. Has dogs with hats, scarves, and sleds in the snow with an aqua background. Kind of cute.:iconchibicanadaplz:Mom also got me a thing that's similar to those Snuggies you see on TV. The only problem was, it's a little difficult to move around or walk in. Also, to keep up around the shoulder area. But, really, it's nice.:iconthailandplz:I was really toasty last night. 

I went to services yesterday!:dummy:We had an ok turn out. At least it was a minyan. The Rabbi led it again this time, next week it'll be our old cantor. I agreed with most of his drash. Kind of about: if it's not easy being a Jew (like there aren't many in the area), you build a better and stronger foundation, than if it was easy. I don't know if I worded that very well.:iconseychelles-plz:But, you become stronger after going through that experience. I didn't think of it that way.:iconkikuplz:I always wanted to live in heavily populated Jewish areas. I thought I could have a better 'grasp' of it, I guess. But, if I had lived there, maybe I wouldn't have felt that way and wouldn't have cared.:iconraivisplz:

I watched Shinzanmono. It's getting even more interesting. I love all the interactions the victim had with the town's residents. Also, I wasn't quite expecting her ex to be hiding his daughter as his secretary. They made it look like they were having an affair or something. It was an interesting twist. So, they think her ex had nothing to do with her murder. But, towards the end, they find out that he gave a false alibi for that night. I still don't feel he did it. That there's a good reason for it, or someone framed him. 

I also watched Konkatsu. Haruno finally told Kuni how she really felt. But, he's not quite sure what to do. He loves her too, but can't come out and say it. The town's finally deciding to fight for their shops, and not just let those people evict them and build a mall there. They held a 'marriage festival'. It was actually pretty successful. I'm liking this show more and more. But, I'm almost done with it. I hope Kuni tells her how he feels, and the town's saved by the end. I'm hoping to start a new series today. Maybe I'll find something good in my list. And, I'll try to get some more music. 

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