Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Every human has a secret, or two. Or three.

An Ayame quote from Fruits Basket. :D (I think I might start doing song titles or something next time. There aren't many good quotes out there.) Hi! Well, today was busy. It was cold today again, I think they said it would be 10 degrees cooler than normal. I must have eaten something weird at the break the fast because today I felt really weird. o_O I started chapter 3 of my story. Up to about 16 pages now! Crazy! I feel like I haven't even begun. XD

In Japanese, I finished the shi section. There's a ton of words that start with shi or ji. o_O 自転車 or jitensha means bicycle or bike. 自動車 or jidousha means car. I don't put too many of the verbs up because of all the different forms of it, but I thought this one was interesting. 死ぬ or shinu is the root for to die. (I've heard of many different forms of it before. But, I thought the root would be shini. Mainly because of the word shinigami. (Death g-d or spirit.) 字引 or jibiki is another word for dictionary. 自分 or jibun means myself, yourself, oneself, himself, herself, me, etc. Ja or Jaa means then, well, so, or well then. 写真 or shashin means photograph or photo. Shatsu means shirt. 十 or juu means 10. 週間 or shuukan means week or weekly. 修行 or shugyou means studying, learning, training or pursuit of knowledge. 宿題 or shukudai means homework. 上手 or jouzu means skill, skillful, dexterity, or flattery. 丈夫 or joubu means healthy, robust, strong, solid, or durable. 醤油 or shouyu means soy sauce. (What's interesting is the kanji words are: 醤 sauce and 油 oil. I guess it makes sense, just a little weird to me.) 食堂 or shokudou means dining room, dining hall, cafeteria, messroom, restaurant, eatery, or snack bar. 白い or shiroi means white. 人 or jin means -ian (e.g. Italian, etc.) (attaches to name of country to denote nationality), -er (e.g. performer, etc.) (attaches to name of occupation), (usually in compound words) man, person, or people. 新聞 or shinbun is newspaper.

In Hetalia, it showed what Americans and Japanese do after Christmas. (America is the guy in the picture. He loves his slushy. :P) Japan immediately busily gets ready for New Year's. He loves this time of year. Meanwhile, America is freezing having blizzard like conditions. Therefore, he hates this time of year. He has an alien following him everywhere during this. (Maybe hints of Roswell? It's still weird.) Japan has a dog and every once in a while a chick that follows him. America just wants to sit at home and play video games, and doesn't want to leave the house until Spring. Apparently, Japan thinks you have to buy manga and icecream if you're celebrating New Year's alone. o_O He seems to always be shopping for the next holiday.

In Mai HiME, mostly everyone went to the Fuka Festival. Mai stayed behind to help Takumi get over his fever. His roommate comes in, and tells Takumi he's got a major sister complex. XD Akane goes on a date, and hopes to tell her boyfriend about her abilities. Tate, Kanzaki, Takumi, and Mai all end up falling through an old wooden floor. They get separated. Kanzaki tells Mai that she should love him, if she's not in love with Tate. o_O Of course, an Orphan appears. :D It looks almost like a hellbender. Akane battles another one, showing what she can do. She has weapons that clasp to her arms. During her battle, her boyfriend just looks shocked. Kanzaki also sees Mai's ability. After Akane kills the Orphan, her boyfriend tells her he still loves her. The girl in the picture shows up. Her name's Miyu, which stands for Multiple Intelligential Yggdrasil Unit. (Some of that really doesn't make sense.) She kills Harry, which is Akane's 'child'. Soon after that her boyfriend dies and disappears in a vapor. Her mark that showed she was a HiME disappears with him. Apparently, when a child dies, the person that the HiME cares for the most dies with it. :( It was very sad.

Next, I played a game called When Penguins Attack TD. It was hilarious! Obviously it's a tower defense game where this 'army' of penguins comes marching in and you have to kill them all. They make funny noises when they die. XD It was really fun!

I also drew my version of my Gaia avatar. It's not entirely done. I still think I should color it. But, I'll post it on deviantART after this. It was kind of fun. I wanted to see what she'd look like non- chibified. ^_^ Oh, and I didn't draw her dragon that was around her ankles. I might add that tomorrow along with color. But, I can post it first to show what it looks like without those.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Art is the beauty of a single moment.

A Deidara quote from Naruto. Hi! Well, yesterday I spent most of the day at synagogue for Yom Kippur services. I'm always amazed to see who shows up to these services. Most of these people I haven't seen in at least a year. I felt bad that we had to go off to eat lunch in our car, but we had to eat, because of our meds. (Plus, I could have a nasty Bipolar episode if I don't eat normal meals.) I made mistake last time saying it was one of the most holy holidays. It's THE most holy, or biggest holiday of the year. It's referred to as the 'Shabbat of all Shabbats'. It's an interesting holiday and makes you really think about your life and what you want to make out of it. We had 3 speakers talk about what it means to be Jewish to them. One was someone I knew pretty well who was 90 years old. It was cool to hear about her story. Another person lived off and on in Israel and the US. She talked about how different it was living in both. The last one was a guy who wasn't very interested in Judaism until he had a family. He had some bad experiences when people found out he was Jewish. Now, he's very into it, and loves it. For breaking the fast, there seemed to be a lot of food at the beginning. But, since everyone was hungry, I guess it didn't last long. Mom brought her smoked salmon alfredo bow tie pasta dish. Everyone loved it, and eventually we grabbed it to have for lunch the next day. (People were about to finish it.) There was a corn pudding type thing, quesadillas, falafels (tasted awful. I love falafel usually, but this just tasted wrong.), a 3 layered lasagna, tabouli, potato salad, a regular salad (wasn't able to get to before they ran out), pineapple, watermelon, and can't remember what else for dinner. There were these, I want to say ginger cookies; and a sheet cake with chocolate frosting for dessert. The frosting for some reason tasted horrible to me. It was not too bad of a dinner. ^_^ I still don't like when those little kids run up and get food first. I would much prefer the people who actually fasted to go first, then the people who for medical reasons couldn't fast, and finally the kids.

Today, I didn't get around to writing or reading manga. I had a lot of email for some reason, even more messages on the new forum, and checked other things. Kind of crazy! Someone commented on the 2nd chapter of my story. They loved it, and said it's very intense. I guess that's a good thing, makes it interesting. :P Since I'm a part of the prose and poetry social group on the new forum, I'm going to see what they think of it. It's always nice to see what a wide range of people say about it.

For Japanese, I did the su section and started the shi section. (Hehehe... just realized put together it's 'sushi', kind of weird.) 水曜日 or suiyoubi means Wednesday. Skaato means skirt. 好き or suki means love or fondness. (Pronounced like ski.) 過ぎ or sugi means past or after. 直ぐに or suguni means at once or immediately. 少し or sukoshi means small quantity, little, few, something, little while, short distance. 涼しい or suzushii means cool (weather) or refreshing. Zutsu means each. Sutoobu means stove. Supoon means spoon. Supootsu means sports. Zubon means trousers. (Interestingly, they adopted this word from the French jupon.) Surippa means slipper or slippers. It sounds like it would be more for syrup, but I'll just have to keep this one in mind. 四 or shi means 4. (Another one for 4 was yon.) 時 or ji means hour or o'clock. 塩 or shio means salt. 併し or shikashi means but or however. 時間 or jikan means time or hours. 仕事 or shigoto means work or job. 辞書 or jisho means dictionary or lexacon. 静か or shizuka means quiet. 下 or shita means under, below, down, bottom, beneath, and underneath. (It's logical to me that it would be that from the kanji.) 質問 or shitsumon means question or inquiry.

A lot of the anime I'm watching, I had problems with watching the next episodes. So, I watched some of Primeval. Now, this paragraph might end with a big spoiler, just a warning. (If you don't want to see go on to the next one. :P Helen has learned how to clone people and how to train them with her voice. A reporter is trying to get the 'scoop' on these dinosaur sightings, but no matter what he does during this episode he doesn't get any proof. This time there was an anomaly at a hospital. It was coming out of the floor. o_O Eventually Helen did clone Cutter (the guy in the picture.) and he infiltrates the ARC. He seems to repeat things, and tries to keep quiet. This automatically sends off bells with the head of the ARC. The creature this time was a Diictodon. They're known for burrowing and chewing through anything. They are small and fat things. Helen takes over the ARC with her clones. 2 of the dinsaurs don't make it into the anomaly, so Abby and Connor say they'll 'keep them'. :D The fake (or clone) of Cutter meets the real one, they made it really cool to see. The reason behind Helen's actions is she wants to change the future. The cylinder container that Helen found, Cutter realized it has an anomaly in it. She wanted to know about it. The team stopped the clones by copying Helen's voice, messing with it, and by broadcasting it over the system saying 'Stop. Do nothing. Obey my voice.' over and over. The fake Cutter bombs the main part of the ARC. After getting out alive, Cutter goes back in to see if Helen's alive and to save her. That was real bright! :P Helen shoots him. Connor finds him slowly dying and stays by his side until he dies. While he's sitting with him, Cutter gives Connor the container. I can't believe he dies! He's like the show itself. Crazy! I guess Connor might become the new Cutter. :D

I played a game called Cyto- life. You play as an amoeba, and through leveling up you get points towards evolving. You can grow a long thorn, have many 'fins' (I think they're really flagella), grow long cilia, grow a strong almost impenetrable cell wall, and more. It's oddly addicting. You go around eating dead cells at first. Then, eventually through evolving, you can eat other amoebas. Well, tomorrow I hope to get a lot more done. It was just a weird day, maybe because I'm still a bit tired. At least I exercised and got most things done. ^_^

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hi! Today we put up the sukkah for Sukkot. Another holiday that starts on next Friday night. It lasts for about a week. It celebrates the harvest and you're supposed to eat and sleep in a temporary structure. (We don't usually sleep in it, but we do eat under it.) This temporary structure is called a Sukkah. We have one made out of lumber that we bought and brackets from a make it yourself Sukkah company. We always have to have extra people help, because it's big, bulky, and sometimes hard to get the right angles to get things in. Ours has a lattice back to it, kind of cool. The only really hard part is finding what type of plant matter to throw up for the roof. We like to get the evergreen's boughs and throw them over. Sometimes we get corn stalks to put up. It can't be covered entirely, because you have to be able to see something like 3 stars. We also got the decorations up. We have plastic fruit that we hang in the back, and some pine cone chains around it. We also put the table and chairs we have in the back under it. Oh, and a lantern that we use for camping we hung from a beam. We're pretty much set, only a couple more things.

Yom Kippur starts tonight. It's a holiday where you reflect on the past year, and think about what you can do better. Also, usually you're supposed to fast from sunset tonight until sunset tomorrow. I can't because I'm on meds, so there are exceptions to the rule. I used to really get into it though. I want to do it. :( They say though that you shouldn't compromise your health by doing so. If you do, it's almost a sin. We get a huge potluck afterwards, so I guess that's nice. Mom's going to make smoked salmon alfredo. Sounds so good. :3 Also, this is one of the most important holidays in Judaism. So, it's a big deal. People usually can get out of classes and work for it.

I finished the 2nd chapter of my story. It was really fun to do! Hope the 3rd is just as fun! I joined a new forum too. They are incredibly nice there! I've already made like 10 friends!

For Japanese, I did the end of the ta section, so section, and started the se section. 誰 or dare means who. 誕生日 or tanjoubi means birthday. 段々 or dandan means gradually. (Sounds funny!) Sou means so, really, seeming, (after ます stem and adj- stem) appearing that, looking like, having appearance of. (I hear that one a lot on Japan TV.) Soushite means and, like that, and then. Soko means there. 其方 or sochira means that way. 外 or soto means outside. 其の or sono is that. 側 or soba means near or close. (There's a different meaning and kanji for soba noodles. I think that one just means buckwheat, from what I saw.) 空 or sora means sky. 其れ or sore means that or it. 其れから or sorekara means and then or after that. 其れでは or soredewa means well then..., in that situation, or in which case. (The last letter is pronounced wa even though it's normally ha.) 背 or sei means height or stature. 生徒 or seito means student. Seetaa means sweater. 石鹸 or sekken means soap. 背広 or sebiro means business suit. 狭い or semai means narrow or confined. Zero means zero. (Huh! Funny! :P) 千 or sen means 1,000. 先月 or sengetsu means next month. 先週 or senshuu means next week. (Hmmm... sensing a pattern!) 先生 or sensei means teacher, doctor, or master. 洗濯 or sentaku means washing.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Such a drag...

Shikamaru says this a lot in Naruto. :D Hi! Today I got a lot of stuff done. I'm actually feeling tired. Wahoo! It's actually a good thing. I exercised a lot, wrote more of my story, played my clarinet, and other things. I'm already up to 12 pages of the story I'm working on. It's really moving along!

Since I've seen so many things on Youtube that have Vocaloids, I thought I could talk about them. Also, I'm starting to really like them. It's a singing synthesizer software program. Users can sythesize singing by typing in lyrics and melodies. You can change the way the voice sounds too. The programmed vocals are designed to sound like an idol singer from the future. Each Japanese Vocaloid is given an anime type character, and they even have specifications like age, height, weight, and musical strengths. There's many different characters to choose from. The samplings for the type of voice are mostly from voice actors. I think I read there's now English versions of Vocaloids, and they are starting to illustrate them too. It's very interesting for some reason. Maybe because it's based on music, and they have anime characters that sing it. ^_^ (Best of both worlds!)

For Japanese, I finished the chi section and started the ta. 近く or chikaku means neighborhood. 地下鉄 or chikatetsu means subway. (Kanji for: ground, under, and iron. That's weird they have iron there. I understand the underground part, but that seems odd.) 地図 or chizu means map. (huh... Kanji: ground and drawing. Cool!) 父 or chichi means father. For some reason, that's always been easy to remember. :P 茶色 or chairo means brown. (Kanji: tea and color. Makes sense.) 茶わん or chawan means rice bowl or teacup. 中 or chuu means middle, average, or medium. 丁度 or choudo means just or right. 一寸 or chotto means just a minute, just a little, rather, or hey! 台 or dai means counter for machines, a stand, or a rack. 大学 or daigaku is university. (Kanji: big and learning. :P) 大使館 or taishikan means embassy. 大丈夫 or daijoubu means OK, safe, or all right. 大好き or daisuki means loveable or like very much. 大切 or taisetsu means important. 大抵 or taitei means mostly or probably. 台所 or daidokoro means kitchen. 大変 or taihen means very, greatly, immence, enormous, great, serious, grave, dreadful, difficult. (Has lots of meanings.) 高い or takai means tall, high, or expensive. 沢山 or dakusan means much, many, or alot. Takushii is taxi. (Sounds funny.) 達 or tachi pluralizes a suffix, especially for people and animals. 建物 or tatemono means building. 楽しい or tanoshii means enjoyable or fun. 煙草 or tobako means tobacco or cigarettes. (The only word, I think, on the list that the katakana has a kanji form. Katakana is for foreign words and company names.) 多分 or tabun means perhaps or probably. 食べ物 or tabemono means food. 食べる or taberu is the verb to eat. 卵 or tamago means egg. (Looks kind of like eggs to me. :P)

I watched the next episode of Hetalia. They started with showing the G8 conference, they couldn't remember who they were missing, so they went through each country. Eventually, Canada shows up saying I'm sorry I'm late. They turn to him and ask who are you. So, sad, no one remembers who Canada is. Greece and France meet in the Greek ruins of Athens. Greece was trying to excavate the Olympic ruins. After hearing that the men that participated in it were naked, France immediately suggested having the first modern Olympics. It was held on April 6th, 1896 in Athens. Cuba mistakes Canada for America, and beats him up. All the while Canada is saying "maple". ^_^

In Mai- HiME, Mikoto has a brother, I think, named Miroku. She's been searching for him every night. Another HiME named Nao shows up. She becomes friends with Mikoto. Midori was in college, so she must be older than 17. Plus, she gets drunk while hitting the bars with her friend who's the school nurse. Takumi's roommate for a while looked like a girl, to me, but now they've been using the masculine honorific for him (kun) and he's wearing the men's uniform. Oh, well, I guess he's almost an adrogynous character. Nagi, that weird guy that keeps popping up, shows up again and tells the HiME's that they must not fight each other. Supposedly, if they do, he'll punish them. o_O Reito saves Mikoto at the end, and it almost seemed like she found her brother in him.

For games, I went to Gamershood. They have a new game on there called Roboflu. It's basically a word game. You're supposed to clear the red tiles (computer virus) by making these words. I got to level 15, and only stopped because we went to the grocery store. It's very addicting. ^_^

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Naruto, it's nice that you removed the poison so spiritedly,

But you'll bleed to death if you lose any more... seriously." A Kakashi quote from Naruto. :P Hi! Today, actually felt cold compared to yesterday. Even though today was closer to normal. I worked more on my story, and got so into it, I didn't realize the time. So, I didn't have the time to read manga. That's ok, I still had a lot of fun with it. ^_^ I think I'm about halfway through the 2nd chapter now. I don't really know, because it feels like I'm just going with the flow on it. This way the rest isn't set in stone and I can change it to what I feel like. Somehow, I work best this way on writing. I know a lot of people have to actually map out their stories, but that seems to hold me back. :P Plus, it makes it more interesting for me. This chapter's about my main character's first day at a new university. Also, has a background on one of the other main characters. It gets kind of bloody and weird in the second chapter during a flashback, but it goes with the character. I can't wait to write more! ^_^

They skipped a week of putting out Naruto Shippuuden, so this week there were 2 episodes. :P In the first part, it was about Jiraiya's past. Jiraiya's character is based off a Japanese folktale of a character with the same name. He was a ninja too, but in this other story he could morph into a toad. He fell in love and married someone named Tsunade who mastered snail magic. (He also added Tsunade to the world of Naruto.) Oh, and wouldn't you know it Orochimaru mastered snake magic and was Jiraiya's arch enemy. So, he's taken from the story too. Kind of cool! When Jiraiya started out he seemed just like Naruto. According to the 3rd Hokage, everyone has a certain animal they align with that they can summon. Without making a contract with any animal, Jiraiya tries to summon one. He ends up in Mount Myoboku, the land of the toads. The toad elder called 'Great Lord Elder' had predicted Jiraiya would end up there and that eventually he'd make a contract with him. He's told that later the elder will tell him his prophecy. So, in the meantime, Jiraiya trains as being a toad sage half the time, and trains in ninjutsu in Konoha the rest of the time. He finally gets to see the elder and finds out the toad is so old he's senile and keeps asking who he is. :P Most of the prophecy that the toad predicted has already come true. He said Jiraiya will, despite being a big pervert, be a great ninja. While doing so, he'll travel the world writing his novel. He also told him after all this he'll find a disciple who will bring peace to the world. After traveling for a while, war breaks out over the five great nations. So, he joins his team again (Tsunade and Orochimaru) and tries to bring peace to the land. Eventually, after winning so many battles they are given the title of the Legendary Sannin. Just after this on the way back to Konoha, they meet 3 kids. Their names at the time were Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan. (I think later Yahiko changes his name to Pain.) They were orphaned because of the war. They were also begging for food, so the team gives them their bread. For thanks, Konan makes a paper rose and offers it to them. Jiraiya decides to take care of them, at least until they are strong enough to fend for themselves. Apparently, Konan and I think Nagato have the Rinnegan. (At least it looked like he was talking about Konan at first.) Rinnegan is considered more superior of a bloodline technique than Sharingan and Byakugan. (They are shown in the users eyes when used.) It's as Jiraiya said what the 'father' of ninjas possessed. With it you can develop all the jutsu that are known and create more. You can use it to either save the world or obliterate it. Nagato for sure used it, and killed someone instantly. So, Jiraiya believes this is the revolutionary that the toad was talking about. After working with them for 3 years, Jiraiya leaves to go back to Konoha. Later, he gets a letter telling him that the 3 kids are dead. So, he moved on to his next disciple, who ended up becoming the 4th Hokage. He read Jiraiya's first book, which basically was about the adventures he's had. The Hokage liked the main character so much he names his son Naruto. He hopes his son will be as great. Finally we see Naruto's mother who at the time was very pregnant with him. Jiraiya becomes Naruto's g-dfather. The funny thing is they don't really get to know each other until years later. Makes sense now why Jiraiya wanted to train Naruto.

For Japanese, I did the rest of te section, tsu section, and started the chi section. 出口 or deguchi means exit, gateway, or way out. (It looks like the kanji for to go out and mouth. Interesting.) Tesuto means test. Dewa means then, well, or so. It's funny because the last letter is written as ha, but you pronounce it as wa in this case. Depaato means department store. Demo means but, however, still, yet, even though, or although. Terebi means TV or television. 天気 or tenki means weather, the elements, fair weather, or fine weather. 電気 or denki means electricity. I've noticed that den must go with anything that's electric, they just slap it on. The kanji for it is cool too. :P 電車 or densha means (electric) train. 電話 or denwa means telephone. 次 or tsugi means next. 机 or tsukue means desk. 詰まらない or tsumaranai means uninteresting or boring. 冷たい or tsumetai means cold or freezing. 強い or tsuyoi means strong. 小さい or chiisai means small. 近い or chikai means near.

Well, I'll talk about Vocaloids tomorrow. They're very interesting. I just don't have the time right now. ^_^

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

He's so far out of the loop he doesn't even know there's a loop.

A Shikamaru quote from Naruto. :P Hi! Well, today was hot! It was in the 80's. It's Fall for crying out loud. -_- I worked a lot on the 2nd chapter to my story. It's getting very interesting to me. I still don't know why, but the ideas for it are just flowing. ^_^

In Naruto, eventually Sasuke decided to leave with the sound. (They obviously use sound as their technique, but it's kind of cool.) They also showed a bit of Lee's past and how he met Gai. A very touching story, and a bit weird, but you understand why the way they are after it.

In Japanese I finished the to section and started the te section. 何方 or donata is a polite form of who. 隣 or tonari means next to (ex. living next to) or neighbor. Dono means which. (I think it also is a similar title as sama for someone. Used for someone like a president, or for a superior.) 友達 or tomodachi means friend or companion. 土曜日 or doyoubi means Saturday. 鳥 or tori means bird. (Actually looks like a bird to me.) 鳥肉 or toriniku literally is chicken meat or bird meat. Donna means what kind of. 手 or te means hand or arm. Teepu is tape. Teepurekoodaa is tape recorder. (When sounded out it actually sounds like it. By the way, te is pronounced 'tay'.) Teeburu means table. 手紙 or tegami means letter.

So, after this I went to see my psychiatrist. I talked a bit about what my parents are going through, and she said it must be hard. It sort of is, but I can't do much about it. I'm also kind of used to it by now. We talked about that little bout of depression I had about a month ago. She said did you have a crying spell. The funny thing is, I never have a crying spell. It's hard for me to cry. Instead, when depressed, I'm a bit destructive. Like the worst times I'm suicidal and cutting myself. I also look completely normal to people. So, I kind of call it a silent killer. She was surprised by this, and said that's a really bad type of depression. You think? :P I know she's just getting to know me, but it was funny to me. But, other than that I've been occasionally easily irritated at things. But that can be just stress. I'm pretty happy and stable for most of the time. ^_^ So, I'm keeping the same dosage of Lamotrigine for the time being. We later got my prescription where it's the full 150 mg for one pill. So, now it won't be 1 and half pills. (Where I had to cut that silly half every time. When having it twice a day it gets tiring. -_-)

After this we went to get Mom's oil changed and shopped while it was being worked on. We found a camisole that actually fit me! o_O (Good, because there's a shirt I might wear that's a bit see through.) Mom got a fancy patterned shirt. We went to Target after the car was ready. After this, we went home. We both were tired. Mom tried her new pain killer and it didn't sit too well with her, so I had to help with dinner. It turned out great though. ^_^

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sometimes I see dirt, and I try to follow it with my eyes.

An Osaka quote from Azumanga Daioh. (She's so random. :P) Hi! This morning instead of reading manga, I edited and posted the first chapter of my Alliance story. This is the one where I hope to make a manga out of it sometime. Deviantart apparently only takes pdf's and html's for their literature genre. So, eventually, I had to just copy and paste to their 'add text' section. It's weird they don't allow things like a word document. -_- So, at least, I have the story out there in the open. :P I wonder what people will say, if they say anything.
This is the link to it:
For Japanese, I finished the na section and started the to. 名前 or namae means name. 習う or
naraumeans to learn. 戸 or to means door. 度 or do means degrees (angle, temperature, scale, etc.).
Doa means door, western style. Toire means toilet. 如何 or dou means how. 如何して or doushite
means why. Douzo is please, kindly, or by all means. 動物 or doubutsu means animal. Doumo
means thanks, much (thanks), very (sorry), greetings, hello, or goodbye. Seems pretty random in
meaning. Although, I do get it. 十 or too is another way of saying ten. 遠い or tooi means far or
distant. 時々 or tokidoki means sometimes or at times. I think this sounds pretty funny. ^_^
時計 or tokei means watch or clock. 何処 or doko means where. 図書館 or toshokan means library.
Dochira is a polite way of saying which way or where. Totemo means very or awfully.

In Mai- HiME, it mostly was about how Mai is trying to support her brother by trying to work as much as she can. Eventually her new friends notice she's not doing things with them. They find out and act really supportive. It's a lot better than when she was little and she didn't have any friends. Although, the one true friend turned out to be Tate. (He's in the picture above.) He said it's kind of irresponsible to tell her to try your best. When, truly she already is. It was nicer than the bickering scenes between them. (You can tell they like each other from all that, though. :P) There's apparently a group that comes after an Orphan is destroyed and erases people's memories of it. o_O In the next episode, since Tate's family Shinto shrine was going to host a wedding, he asked Mai, Takumi, and Mikoto to work for them to set it up. While they are doing so, they accidentally break a seal to a door. Behind it is a huge painting. Behind that wall there was an Orphan. One that looked like a huge rock monster or something. Midori, who Mai works with as a waitress at a restaurant, comes in with a huge axe and destroys it. She's a little too flashy or showy, and they all look at her like she's nuts. -_- Her element is wind. Midori must have lied about her age, because she ends up becoming Mai's Japanese history teacher. She had told Mai she was just 17. She also keeps talking about her 'thesis' and when asked about it she won't explain it. She goes crazy over any book about history. Even antiques she might find.

Noodle Shop Game
For games, I did this one on Free World Group. It was pretty funny, addicting and rather challenging. You're a chef (I think a panda) at a noodle shop. You have to keep the customers happy, so you can earn the most money. By doing so, you can get more ingredients and become more popular. I got to like the 6th level out of 10. And my customers were extremely happy, I don't think the emoticon could have a wider smile. I just ran out of time. I don't know how you can be any faster than I was. So maybe the other levels are too hard, or I didn't become popular enough and get the most expensive ingredients. :P I might have done more, but I realized how much time I had been playing it. :D Here's the link to it: For some reason blogger is doing weird things to this post so I'm sorry if things don't turn out right. ^_^

Monday, September 21, 2009

No More Stitches!

Hi! Well, I had a pretty good Rosh Hashanah. I hope everyone had a good weekend. :D It always amazes me who actually shows up for services during this holiday. There are some people who only go to synagogue during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. That's it through out the entire year! On Saturday, we went to a pier for Tashlich. (Tashlich meaning cast off.) It's where your sins are symbolically cast off by throwing crumbs or pieces of bread into a body of water. It's fun to watch the birds get all excited because of the crumbs being tossed. Also, we saw huge starfish. One was quite a bit out at the bottom of the ocean. It was white with very long skinny arms. There were a lot of fat purple ones. XD And one that was pink and green, that had hundreds of little stubby feet and a huge body. It was pretty cool. ^_^ Today, I got my stitches taken out. It looks really weird now. It hurt a bit towards the end, because of how tender that area is. They were happy with the way I took care of it. I guess that's a good thing. Oh, and I drew a Rosh Hashanah thing yesterday. I felt inspired by the holiday, and posted it on deviantART. Someone immediately put it into their collection. (That's like more than just faving it!) o_O Also, someone apparently likes my art and encouraged me to do more today. Very nice, but this is the first time someone has actually left multiple comments, put me on their watchlist, and tried talking to me about it in my profile. Weird. ^_^ They even want to read the story I'm coming up with for my manga. I hope to post the first chapter soon on there. I'm already a bit into the second.

In Naruto, Sasuke and Naruto fought on a hospital roof. They only fought because Sasuke keeps thinking he's not good enough, and had always thought he was better than Naruto. Naruto just wants recognition from him that he's on the same level. Sakura was kind of stupid and ran in front of them just when they were about to hit each other with their strongest jutsu. (Chidori vs. Rasengan.) Kakashi being extremely fast stopped them and threw them at the water towers. When Sasuke looked on the other side of the tower he noticed Naruto's technique was far greater than his. They both were intending to kill each other. Later, Kakashi gave him a lecture on revenge, and it just made him more pissed. When he was finally alone the Sound show up.

In Gintama, I skipped most of the story about the female firefighter. Even in the anime it seemed a little too long. Yeah, I understand she's trying to prove that women can also be firefighters, but I don't need to know every detail about it. It just seemed like they were dragging it out a bit. One of the few that the story wasn't done too well.

In Japanese, I did the no's, ne's, nu's, ni's, and na's sectons. (Seems like a lot but really wasn't.) Nooto means notebook or note. 飲み物 or nomimono means drinks or beverages. 飲みます or nomimasu means to drink or to swallow. (There's a pattern. :P) Nekutai means necktie. 年 or nen can mean year or a counter for year. The only word on the list they had for nu was 脱ぐ or nugu. Which means to take off clothes or undress. 二 or ni means 2. 賑やか or nigiyaka means bustling or busy. 肉 or niku means meat. (Always thought this one had an interesting kanji.) 西 or nishi means west. 日曜日 or nichiyoubi means Sunday. 荷物 or nimotsu means luggage. Nyuusu means news. (Actually sounds like it when sounded out.) 庭 or niwa means garden. 人 or nin is a counter for people, it's also sometimes in compound words meaning 'something' person. Nai means not when connected to a verb. Naifu means knife. 中 or naka means middle or inside. 鳴く or naku basically means animals making sounds; to sing (bird), to bark, to purr, etc. 夏 or natsu means summer. 夏休み or natsuyasumi means summer vacation. 等 or nado means etc., and the like, and so forth. 何 or nani or nan means what.

This is just hilarious, and I've felt like this playing on some of the online games.
Everybody's heard about the 3 second rule. ^_^

Too cute:

So true:
Vocaloid version of the Swedish song, I think, that has been popular on the net.
Gets stuck in your head. :P Odd, but addicting:
Fits Gintama so well!:
Poor Mello:
Names are difficult to remember, sometimes. :P

Friday, September 18, 2009

L'Shanah Tova!

This means Happy New Year! Hi! Well, today was hectic. Even though it's not going to seem like much, because of this blog. It'll be nice and short. ;P Tonight's the start of Rosh Hashanah. Mom did make the Teiglach, and we had a couple of pieces. Very good stuff! I forgot to say last time that Mom puts walnuts in it too. Even better! ^_^ So, today we were mostly getting ready. Went to the grocery store to get the special Challah we eat during the holiday. It's round, and it either has honey in it usually or we dip it honey. There's a lot of honey and other type sweets eaten during this holiday. That's one of the reasons I love it! :P I also helped out with things around the house. We're going to have Teriyaki chicken and Bok Choy for Shabbat dinner tonight. (I think. :P) I love that stuff too! Oh, and technically we're celebrating 2 holidays at the same time. Shabbat and Rosh Hashanah. Twice the fun! XD After we eat early, we're getting dressed, and then we're going to be at services. Tomorrow I'll mostly be at services too. And since Kol Shalom doesn't do a service on the second day, we're going to Beth Hatikavah's then. We used to be members of both. Now, I think we go to Beth Hatikvah maybe twice a year. So, I hope whoever celebrates Rosh Hashanah has a good one too! ^_^

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I don’t really know what just happened, but I do know what we need to do.... RUN!!!!

A Gintoki qoute from Gintama. Hi! Well, I've kept up with sticking pretty much to my routine this week. Kind of nice. :P Hopefully I can keep it up. I don't know why but I felt irritated this afternoon. The feeling left pretty quickly though, so I guess it's not too bad.

In Naruto, there was a cool fight with Naruto against Kabuto. In the end, Naruto beats Kabuto with his new technique, Rasengan. (Doesn't kill him but severely injures him.) Tsunade takes a sword through her chest trying to protect Naruto. After this, she overcomes her fear of blood. The legendary 3 ninjas (sannin) summon their animals. Tsunade summons a slug, Jiraiya a toad, and Orochimaru a snake. These are huge! I think the funniest one to battle with is a slug, but it holds it's own surprisingly. Eventually, Orochimaru gets injured and retreats. So, everyone else heads back to Konoha, where Tsunade is about to be inaugurated Hokage. Apparently, Shikamaru was the only one who passed the Chuunin exams. o_O Because of Lee's severe injuries that Gaara inflicted, Tsunade tells him he can't be a ninja anymore. (But, I know later in the anime he beats all odds and stays a ninja.)

(The series isn't by Maximumt, I think that's just one of the translators. XD) In Gintama, Otsuu gets threatening fan mail about her new boyfriend. (Otsuu- the pop singer.) She comes to the Yorozuya asking for help and protection. In the end they find out her boyfriend really hates her and sent all that threatening mail, he was thinking the relationship would be a nice publicity stunt. When Shinpachi finds out he scares the hell out of the 'boyfriend'. Kind of funny to see this from Shinpachi. He has his moments. :D Next, was about Katsura introducing Elizabeth. Elizabeth looks like a penguin costume with someone inside. o_O (I find her hilarious! Weird, but still funny!) Katsura tells Gintoki that he has the better pet. Later both end up in a contest called the First Universal Weird Pet Grand Prix. :P Neither Sadaharu or Elizabeth win it. Plus, Elizabeth talks! (Without those silly signs she's always carrying.) Next I started the story of the first female firefighter in Edo. She's trying to catch an arsonist who sets fires to garbage dumps. She mistakes Gintoki as one. None of the other firefighters actually take her seriously.

For Japanese, I did the ha section. 歯 or ha means tooth or teeth. Looks like a cracked tooth to me. :P Paatei is party. :) Hai means yes or ok. Also there's another meaning to it: as a counter for cupfuls. 灰皿 or haizara is ashtray. Has the kanji for ash and the one for plate. Makes sense. 葉書 or hagaki means postcard. 箱 or hako means box. 橋 or hashi means bridge. 箸 or hashi (same word different meaning and kanji. :P) means chopsticks. Butter is bataa. They say it kind of funny. 花 or hana means flower. 鼻 or hana means nose. Interesting, I guess since you can sniff flowers they call it hana. 話 or hanashi means talk, speech, or chat. I like the kanji for this one for some reason. I looks kind of like something's coming out of a mouth. 母 or haha is mother. 早い or hayai means early, quick, hasty, or fast. 春 or haru means spring. 半 or han means half. 半分 or hanbun also means half. It looks the half kanji and minute kanji to me though.


This next one, is very much like me. :P

This next one's just sad. Really no translation needed. Seems like he's having a horrible day.

This next one's just creepy, but somehow cool! :P (Very fascinated by it.)

Well, tomorrow night is Rosh Hashanah! Wahoo! A new year! Should be fun! ;D Mom's going to make Teiglach for it. On Rosh Hashanah we eat sweets to make this next year 'sweet'. Teiglach is basically little bits of dough cooked in a honey and orange zest sauce. They become very sticky, and are like candies stuck to each other in a mound. It's very good! I haven't had it in years! I can't wait! :D It's fun to pull them a part.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What? Amnesia? Is that true? Tell me exactly what happened, Gintoki.

A qoute from Katsura of Gintama. :P Hi! Well, today I felt pretty good. There are weird people in our neighborhood, though. When I went for my first walk, there was a lady with her dog. The dog came running over to see me, while his owner was mouthing something. As soon as it got to me and I said hello, it barked at me. Which is ok, and kind of understandable. What I didn't know was I had been just passing their house and the lady walked right in front of me. There was all that space (like her entire driveway!) she could have used. A little bit later in that same walk, there was a couple smoking in their driveway. The guy was working on his car. Real smart to be smoking and working on your car. -_- Also, the next walk, there were these high schoolers that had parked next to a mailbox near our community tennis courts. They were smoking, and obviously skipping class. One of the guys watched me and followed me a bit, I'm guessing so I wouldn't tell anyone. I don't know why but that gave me the creeps. The rest of the day seemed ok, but weird after that. I played my clarinet pretty well today, not too many screw ups. Felt nice.

In Naruto, Shizune talked a bit more about the necklace. Supposedly it's 'cursed' and only the people who it deems worthy can wear it, otherwise they die. Only Tsunade and the First Hokage were able to wear it. Yesterday they had translated who the 2 loved ones that died wrong. It was her brother, but the other one wasn't her uncle, it was her boyfriend. (That's a big difference to me. I kind of already knew from the anime, but I thought maybe the story would be different.) Tsunade tries to kill Orochimaru when she acts like she's going to heal his arms. (By the way, that's Orochimaru in the picture. He's kind of creepy in this one.) Also, she's the strongest shinobi (ninja) in the series. She can topple buildings with one finger. Later, from the anime, Sakura trains with her and also gets extremely strong. She's also a medic ninja, usually used to heal their comrades in battle, but also can target the enemies nervous system and arteries. (Makes for awesome scenes when she uses it this way.) She ends up battling Kabuto, who's also a medic ninja, and messes with his nervous system. He'll try to move a leg and end up moving a shoulder, try to move an arm and it'll move his head. o_O I stopped right when Jiraiya and Orochimaru were about to fight.

In Gintama, the first story was about the hanami. Hanami means flower viewing, usually of cherry blossoms or sakura. In Japan it's customary to go out and have a party under the trees. You can only do this for about a week or two, since the blossoms don't last long. The night parties called Yozakura have paper lanterns out while enjoying the sakura. Anyways, Gintoki, Kagura, Shinpachi, and Otae are enjoying themselves having a picnic under the trees. The Sinsengumi show up, and Sougo suggests a game. He does the weirdest things. (I like him though, makes him unpredictable.) The game was called Hit and Cover Rock, Paper, Scissors. You play rock, paper, scissors; then whoever wins has to hit the 'loser' on the head with a 'squeaky' hammer before the person can put a helmet on. Yamazaki and Shinpachi refereed it. The first people were Kondo and Otae. Otae ended up hitting him straight through the helmet. XD The next people were Kagura and Sougo. They ended up throwing their hammers down, both wore the helmets, and started a big brawl. Neither one actually hit the other, but their fists were going nuts. :P Gintoki and Toshi were drinking all this time. When they were next, Toshi ended up doing the rock, paper, scissors part with Sadaharu (the giant dog) and Gintoki slashed down a tree thinking it was Toshi. XD This was hilarious! The next story was mainly about the Kappa. Kappa's are considered to be either a water sprite or river imp. They're really weird looking. o_O They have a beak or duck bill, seem to look a bit like a turtle, sometimes an ape type thing with webbed feet. They also have a depression at the top of their head that's filled with water. This is supposedly their source of strength. Some stories say that the depression is more like a plate. Their favorite food is cucumbers. (That's why Kappa sushi or kappamaki has cucumbers.) Although, they still prefer human children too. :P This story was about how the first Amanto, looking like a Kappa, had his ship land in a lake. In the Gintama world, when people saw him they made up the story of the Kappa. Kind of cute. :P

For Japanese, I did the fu and hi sections. Fuiruma is film. Weird way of saying it. Fuutou means envelope. (Which for some reason the kanji isn't turning out for this word on here.) Puuru means pool. Sounds pretty close to the way we say it. Fuooku means fork. 豚肉 or butaniku means pork. (Literally pig meat.) 冬 or fuyu is winter. 古い or furui means something old. (Not a person.) 風呂 or furo means bath. 分 or fun means a minute. 東 or higashi means east. 飛行機 or hikouki means airplane. 左 or hidari means left (direction). 人 or hito means person. 病院 or byouin means hospital. 病気 or byouki means illness or sickness. (It looks like most of the words that start with byou are medical.) 昼 or hiru means noon. 昼ご飯 or hirugohan means lunch or literally midday or noon meal. :P 広い or hiroi means wide or spacious.

In Hetalia, it started with Italy showing his record book of combat. Funny thing was, the book was filled with the girls he's been with. XD Germany visits Italy, thinking how peaceful and beautiful a country it is. He tries to speak Italian to people walking around, and ends up scaring the hell out of them. Japan made special bento's for himself, Italy and Germany. For himself he made rice with a pickled plum on top. (Really not much of a lunch.) For Italy, he made pasta, chicken with tomatoes, and Zuccotto for dessert. XD (I looked up Zuccotto, and it looks rather good. It's an Italian dessert, semi- frozen chilled, made with brandy, cake and icecream. Usually in the shape of a pumpkin. Which, Zuccotto means little pumpkin in Italian. Now, I want to try it.) For Germany, he gave him a sausage on a stick. XD Later, Japan tries to make an English dish, because England tells him to. Don't remember the name, but it doesn't turn out the way it should. (It's supposed to be something like a beef and potato stew.) This is how nikujaga was invented. Which literally means meat- potato. It's got beef, potatoes, onions, soy sauce, and vegetables. The episode ends with Canada holding a bear, and it saying 'what's your name?' Obviously Canada says Canada. :P Not many of the countries notice him. After he says this Greece is in the back with a dazed look on his face and has a cat dangling from his shirt. o_O

I finally finished the episode from yesterday. Maybe my computer doesn't like this series, and only gives me a bad connection when I want to watch it. :P The lingerie burglar, or orphan monster thing ends up becoming millions of little monsters. They all merge to make a huge monster. Once destroyed it scatters the lingerie into such fine pieces it looks like it's snowing. o_O Quite a funny episode actually.

I did a few of the games on gamershood. I haven't played the games on here in a while. Thought it would be good. They have some pretty awesome escape games. The one that was the trippiest was the Cat and the Knife one. It's where you feed this cat and it just keeps growing. Eventually you give it a berry and you choose what it should eat from the fridge. The first time I told it to eat the icecream, and it took me underwater. Where the cat gathered a bunch of seafood, piled it on the car and drove away on the beach. o_O The next one I think was just ice or something and took me to a maze in the mountains. The last one I did, I gave him the beer. This was hilarious! He rocketed off into space looking really drunk. After landing on the moon, the only option was to scratch at the Earth, and eventually he destroyed it. O_O They get the weirdest, but most interesting games. I also played a bit of the Naruto Shippuuden game on Facebook. I'm at level 10 now.

Hopefully, tomorrow there won't be too many weird people out there when I walk. :P Also, hope to draw some more. I can't believe we only have until Friday night for Rosh Hashanah. It's the Jewish new year. It'll be 5770. Kind of a crazy number for a year. :P

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When Aneue makes tamagoyaki, you see and taste things you can't even imagine.

This quote is from Shinpachi in Gintama. (Aneue just means older sister. Also, tamagoyaki is fried eggs. She's a horrible cook. :P) Hi! Well, today I got to do almost everything again. Got up early, exercised, etc. I was actually feeling pretty good. ^_^

In reading Naruto, Orochimaru asks to be healed from Tsunade. He says if she does so, he'll bring back her uncle and brother. She was about to kill him, and then he made himself bleed in front of her and she froze. She has a fear of blood. Weird, considering she's basically a doctor. He gave her a week to think about it. Naruto perfected the second stage of the Rasengan with the rubber ball. Now, he has to make a wall with his chakra in a balloon, and swirl it around without popping it. After this he'll be able to do it normally. Tsunade doesn't believe he can learn the Rasengan in 3 days. So, she said she'll wager her necklace if he can do it in a week. This necklace is very expensive, and has been passed down to her from her grandfather, who was the First Hokage. She said if he can't in a week she's taking all his money. :P

For reading Gintama, there was a ton of pirate parodies. Gintoki and Katsura found the 'space pirate's' ship (the people who abducted Kagura and Shinpachi) and dressed up as pirates. Katsura was insisting people call him Captain Katsura. Gintoki acted like he had a hook for a hand. It was hilarious! :P Eventually they save them. But, Shinpachi and Kagura are still under the drug's influence and asked to be carried and for food. ^_^ The next story was about how the Shinsengumi was told by the Shogun to protect a toad Amanto. (This is the same toad that was trafficking drugs.) Kondo, trying to save the toad, ends up getting shot. The toad doesn't care, and still treats them like 'monkeys'. Obviously this pisses off everyone, especially Sougo. He puts the toad on a cross and makes a fire under him, slowly roasting him. Saying he knows they're not allowed to kill him but they didn't say he couldn't torture him a bit. XD The Kiheitai (an army similar to the Joui, but believes violence is the answer against the Amanto.) want to kill the toad, so they show up after seeing the smoke. So, they end up fighting over a toad that they both hate. Eventually the Shinsengumi win, and put the toad in jail for the drugs. Hasegawa is finally called Madao by Kagura. Madao is an acronym in Japanese meaning useless old man. She calls him this since he keeps telling her how he can't get a job. So, he talks to Gintoki, who says he needs to lose his shades and try to become someone different. (But, he's known for his sunglasses. ^_^) He ends up working as a taxi driver. Eventually Gintoki asks for a ride 'anywhere' and how things are going. The silly Amanto prince shows up while they're talking and asks to go to the zoo. On the way they see a pregnant lady with her husband frantically searching for a taxi. He asks if they can be driven to the nearest hospital. They throw the 'prince' out and hurry the couple in. This ends up getting him fired.

For Japanese I did the rest of ma, ho, and the he section. 窓 or mado means window. It's weird because it looks like the sky kanji over the heart one. Interesting. 丸い or 円い or marui means round, circular, or spherical. 万 or man means ten thousand. 万年筆 or manenhitsu means fountain pen. It's weird, because it starts with the ten thousand and year kanji. o_O I just read that hitsu might be brush. So 10,000 year brush, sounds really weird. :P 法 is an act or law. 胞子 or houshi has many meanings. It usually means spore or a Buddhist priest. XD 欲しい or hoshii means wanted or desired. Houshi and hoshii both sound so similar. :P 細い or hosoi means thin. Hoteru means hotel. :P 本 or hon means book. 本棚 or hondana means bookshelf. Makes sense. ^_^ 本当に or hontouni means really or truly. It's interesting they call Japan, Nihon. So, does that mean it's 2 books for the meaning of the country's name? Kind of cool. :P Peeji means page. 下手 or heta means unskillful or poor. Beddo is bed. :P 部屋 or heya means room. 変 or hen means strange, weird, odd, peculiar, curious, etc. Kind of interesting to know, since I seem to hear it a lot on things. :P 勉強し始める or benkyoushihajimeru means to begin to study. What a long word for that! o_O Although, when I say it, it doesn't seem that bad. 便利 or benri means convenient or handy.

In Mai- HiME, the head school administrator looks like a kid. o_O She the one in the picture. She's also in a wheelchair. She's gathering all the HiME's so they can get rid of 'orphans'. Orphans in this are creatures from another dimension that are lost. One of them was the monster that awakened Mai. The HiME's get their power from a distant star. Later, there's a lingerie burglar. Kind of funny, because all the girls had been 'burglarized'. They find out it's an 'orphan' who stole all of them. So, they set up a trap for it at a nearby apartment. Putting all the lingerie they could find and putting it all over one side of the building. It was funny the guys' reaction to all this. It made me laugh so hard. XD I like when a series pokes fun at these kinds of things. Well, couldn't finish the episode, because the internet went nuts again. Oh, well I'll watch the ending tomorrow.

After this, we went to Walmart and tried on some clothes. I got an ivory shirt, and then we looked at the jewelry. I really don't have many casual and long type earrings, so we looked at some. We bought a bunch, plus 2 necklaces. It feels nice to have so much new jewelry now. :P

Monday, September 14, 2009

Gintoki: She'd be fine even if we threw her into space!

Kagura: I'm not a cockroach!
Gintoki: Watch your tone! Apologize to the poor cockroaches! They're the most durable beings on this earth! Apologize to the cockroaches!

A scene from Gintama. :P Hi! Well, today I felt good enough to do my whole routine. ^_^ I even got up early and exercized more. Even cleaned my toilet. o_O Also, I did some of my clarinet.

For reading Naruto, it was all about him learning the first stage of Rasengan. For this Jiraiya gave Naruto a water balloon, and he was told to try and break it with his chakra alone. Similar to using it for walking on water and tree climbing combined, supposedly. Before this training Jiraiya told him about the 3 'sins' ninjas try to avoid or have in moderation. Money, women, and alcohol. The funny thing is, he does all these in excess. :P Jiraiya's weak point is especially women. Tsunade's is money and alcohol. Naruto trained for a while trying to pop the balloon. He didn't get it until he saw a cat playing with one. He came up with a way no one has thought of before. Then it was 'easy' for him. It took the Fourth Hokage 3 years to master Rasengan, and Naruto says he can do it in 3 days. In fact, from the anime, I know he learns it faster. ^_^ They started the second stage which was learning how to pop a solid rubber ball with just his chakra again. Jiraiya saying it's like 10 times harder. ^_^

In reading Gintama, it was about a dying man's wish to give back the hairpen he grabbed 50 years ago. He always watched the lady with the hairpen at the Dango shop. (Japanese dumplings.) One day, he was watching her, and she told him he could have a Dango. But, not to tell anyone, or she'd be fired for handing out free Dango. She didn't realize he loved her. Eventually he choked on the first bite, and he made such a racket everyone found out about it. In the midst of all this he grabbed her hairpen without realizing it. He still loved her after all these years. Funny thing is the woman he knew was Otose, the woman who runs a snack shop and rents out an apartment to Gintoki. (She's at the bottom of the picture. Really weird picture of her.) Otose hasn't changed much, she still cares about the needy. She tries to help everyone. In fact, she's helped Gintoki numerous times. The next story was about a father who says his daughter's missing. Turns out she's into a new drug that some Amanto have been trafficking. It's to get rid of the young 'trendsetters'. Also, it's very lethal. One of the leaders of these Amanto is a germaphobe. If he sees a speck of dust he goes nuts. His men abduct Kagura and Shinpachi. The real leader of this group is a frog Amanto. o_O

For Japanese I did the mi and ma sections. 磨く or migaku means to polish or brush. 右 or migi means right (direction). 短い or mijikai means short. 水 or mizu means water. It's one of the easiest kanji. :P 店 or mise means store or shop. 皆さん or minasan means everyone or all. 南 or minami means south. 耳 or mimi means ear. 毎朝 or maiasa means every morning. 毎月 or maigetsu means every month. 毎週 or maishuu means every week. 毎日 means every day. 毎年 or mainen means every year. 毎晩 or maiban means every night. (Hmmm... there's a pattern. Mai usually means every. But, it's also used to count thin objects.) 前 or mae means front or before. It looks like a TV for some reason to me. ^_^ 町 or machi means town.

In Mai- HiME she's told her element is fire. (No surprise there.) This episode had cool creatures, awesome music, and just visually awesome. :P She's given a 'sealed sword'. This sword transforms into a huge creature. (Pictured with her in the background.) It sounds like a whale. o_O After battling this 'creature' can change landscapes, it's that huge. o_O Since the internet had a bad connection, I only was able to watch half of this episode. :(

I died yesterday in the game. :P I was all the way down to level 21 in the dungeon. It was like a million monsters coming at me. >.< So, I chose to be teleported to a nearby level. They sent me 2 levels down. I somehow escaped to town, and now I'm starting at the beginning of the dungeon. This way I can get more money and become stronger.

For drawing I drew 2 bears. One was standing the other was hunched over. I think the hunched over one ended up better than the other. The book introduced me to a bit of modeling with the bear hunched over. Also, it was fun shading him. I'll post my current drawings on deviantART after this. So, people can actually see. :P Also, Mom got me 2 pairs of pants. The shirt she got me was too big, so we'll get it smaller tomorrow. It's for Yom Kippur. Hard to figure out what to wear sometimes to it. :D

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Old age isn't so bad when you consider the alternative.

A quote by Maurice Chevalier. :D Hi! Well, I felt like I was hit by a truck again, so I slept in. -_- I think I'll feel better by tomorrow, and can do what I want to do. I apparently had a ton of messages on deviantART. I don't know why it was all of a sudden. I also joined a group on there, so maybe that might have to do with it. It's a Gintama fanclub. They draw fanart, write fanfics, have quotes from it, clips of episodes and amv's, contests, and games for club members, polls, and more. It's really a lot of fun! ^_^ If anybody wants to join it check out my friends section on there, they should have an icon to it. (I have a free account, so I can't post any of the club icons that I might be apart of on my page. Kind of sucks, but they're still in the friends section, and I gave the link out in my journal on there.) Funny thing is I tried to use headphones, and it took me a while to figure out the right jack to the computer. :P But, I figured it out. ^_^ Also, there's a new application I'm using on Facebook, that Crunchyroll made. It's called Naruto Shippuden Official! on Facebook. It's game where you're a ninja in the Naruto world and you level up, go on missions, learn jutsu (techniques), make up teams, fight others that are using it, and more. The Hokages give you special things for completing missions. It's actually a pretty good system. Except for when you run out of chakra, you can't do anything until it fills up again. I've supposedly killed someone in the player vs. player thing. Usually they just say you beat the other person, and they're retreating. But, apparently they didn't retreat. o_O I've only lost once on there. Reminds me of another game I played a while back. :P

I watched the next Primeval episode. This one was just weird. They made a model of where all the mythical creatures' stories came from, and where the known anomalies were. Supposedly with this info they can pinpoint when and where an anomaly will happen. One of the places was an abandoned house, so the team went to see if there was an anomaly there. The place smells like animals. o_O Helen used one of the military guy's clones to break into the ARC. Security found him and killed him. A detective named Quin showed up at the house too. His brother was killed there, and he thinks the only witness to it murdered him. He died 14 years ago. Nobody believed the survivor of the incident because he said some creature killed his friends. Abby was almost attacked by these creatures and ended up stumbling down the stairs, hitting her head and passing out. Everyone kept seeing a girl in red. Abby later follows her and finds out that the kid has been feeding it. Connor gets arrested because he was just doing his job. :P This creature can camouflage itself like a cameleon. It looked like a cross between a bat and a man. Very weird. o_O So, the anomaly opens up where they thought it would be and the creature tries to go home. But, the detective who wasn't thinking straight killed it while it was going through. Smart. :P It looked like at the end, Helen was preparing to make a clone of Cutter. We'll see.