Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Art is the beauty of a single moment.

A Deidara quote from Naruto. Hi! Well, yesterday I spent most of the day at synagogue for Yom Kippur services. I'm always amazed to see who shows up to these services. Most of these people I haven't seen in at least a year. I felt bad that we had to go off to eat lunch in our car, but we had to eat, because of our meds. (Plus, I could have a nasty Bipolar episode if I don't eat normal meals.) I made mistake last time saying it was one of the most holy holidays. It's THE most holy, or biggest holiday of the year. It's referred to as the 'Shabbat of all Shabbats'. It's an interesting holiday and makes you really think about your life and what you want to make out of it. We had 3 speakers talk about what it means to be Jewish to them. One was someone I knew pretty well who was 90 years old. It was cool to hear about her story. Another person lived off and on in Israel and the US. She talked about how different it was living in both. The last one was a guy who wasn't very interested in Judaism until he had a family. He had some bad experiences when people found out he was Jewish. Now, he's very into it, and loves it. For breaking the fast, there seemed to be a lot of food at the beginning. But, since everyone was hungry, I guess it didn't last long. Mom brought her smoked salmon alfredo bow tie pasta dish. Everyone loved it, and eventually we grabbed it to have for lunch the next day. (People were about to finish it.) There was a corn pudding type thing, quesadillas, falafels (tasted awful. I love falafel usually, but this just tasted wrong.), a 3 layered lasagna, tabouli, potato salad, a regular salad (wasn't able to get to before they ran out), pineapple, watermelon, and can't remember what else for dinner. There were these, I want to say ginger cookies; and a sheet cake with chocolate frosting for dessert. The frosting for some reason tasted horrible to me. It was not too bad of a dinner. ^_^ I still don't like when those little kids run up and get food first. I would much prefer the people who actually fasted to go first, then the people who for medical reasons couldn't fast, and finally the kids.

Today, I didn't get around to writing or reading manga. I had a lot of email for some reason, even more messages on the new forum, and checked other things. Kind of crazy! Someone commented on the 2nd chapter of my story. They loved it, and said it's very intense. I guess that's a good thing, makes it interesting. :P Since I'm a part of the prose and poetry social group on the new forum, I'm going to see what they think of it. It's always nice to see what a wide range of people say about it.

For Japanese, I did the su section and started the shi section. (Hehehe... just realized put together it's 'sushi', kind of weird.) 水曜日 or suiyoubi means Wednesday. Skaato means skirt. 好き or suki means love or fondness. (Pronounced like ski.) 過ぎ or sugi means past or after. 直ぐに or suguni means at once or immediately. 少し or sukoshi means small quantity, little, few, something, little while, short distance. 涼しい or suzushii means cool (weather) or refreshing. Zutsu means each. Sutoobu means stove. Supoon means spoon. Supootsu means sports. Zubon means trousers. (Interestingly, they adopted this word from the French jupon.) Surippa means slipper or slippers. It sounds like it would be more for syrup, but I'll just have to keep this one in mind. 四 or shi means 4. (Another one for 4 was yon.) 時 or ji means hour or o'clock. 塩 or shio means salt. 併し or shikashi means but or however. 時間 or jikan means time or hours. 仕事 or shigoto means work or job. 辞書 or jisho means dictionary or lexacon. 静か or shizuka means quiet. 下 or shita means under, below, down, bottom, beneath, and underneath. (It's logical to me that it would be that from the kanji.) 質問 or shitsumon means question or inquiry.

A lot of the anime I'm watching, I had problems with watching the next episodes. So, I watched some of Primeval. Now, this paragraph might end with a big spoiler, just a warning. (If you don't want to see go on to the next one. :P Helen has learned how to clone people and how to train them with her voice. A reporter is trying to get the 'scoop' on these dinosaur sightings, but no matter what he does during this episode he doesn't get any proof. This time there was an anomaly at a hospital. It was coming out of the floor. o_O Eventually Helen did clone Cutter (the guy in the picture.) and he infiltrates the ARC. He seems to repeat things, and tries to keep quiet. This automatically sends off bells with the head of the ARC. The creature this time was a Diictodon. They're known for burrowing and chewing through anything. They are small and fat things. Helen takes over the ARC with her clones. 2 of the dinsaurs don't make it into the anomaly, so Abby and Connor say they'll 'keep them'. :D The fake (or clone) of Cutter meets the real one, they made it really cool to see. The reason behind Helen's actions is she wants to change the future. The cylinder container that Helen found, Cutter realized it has an anomaly in it. She wanted to know about it. The team stopped the clones by copying Helen's voice, messing with it, and by broadcasting it over the system saying 'Stop. Do nothing. Obey my voice.' over and over. The fake Cutter bombs the main part of the ARC. After getting out alive, Cutter goes back in to see if Helen's alive and to save her. That was real bright! :P Helen shoots him. Connor finds him slowly dying and stays by his side until he dies. While he's sitting with him, Cutter gives Connor the container. I can't believe he dies! He's like the show itself. Crazy! I guess Connor might become the new Cutter. :D

I played a game called Cyto- life. You play as an amoeba, and through leveling up you get points towards evolving. You can grow a long thorn, have many 'fins' (I think they're really flagella), grow long cilia, grow a strong almost impenetrable cell wall, and more. It's oddly addicting. You go around eating dead cells at first. Then, eventually through evolving, you can eat other amoebas. Well, tomorrow I hope to get a lot more done. It was just a weird day, maybe because I'm still a bit tired. At least I exercised and got most things done. ^_^

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