Monday, September 7, 2009

The weaker you are the louder you bark.

A Tenten (from Naruto) quote. Although, I swear I've seen it somewhere else. :P Hi! I did all but one thing I wanted to do today, and that was playing my clarinet. I wanted to catch up on reading things. (That stuff can pile up!) I found a wallpaper for this month, funny it's so late. But, it's still September, so it's ok. :P The wallpaper is the pic at the top. It's the Shinsengumi's (the cops in Gintama), main officers. Left to right it's Hijikata, Kondo, Sougo, and Yamazaki. (They're all eating dango. It's a Japanese dumpling made from rice flour, and they have many flavors, usually served on a stick. A lot of anime have characters eating dango or have some sort of referrence to them.) By the way that stuff Hijikata is pouring on it is mayonnaise. He loves that stuff too much! o_O


For Japanese, I reviewed and found the kanji to some of the vocab list. I went over the ra, yo, yu, and ya sections. (That's the letters at the top of this section.) Radio is rajio. Very similar to the way we say it. 来年 or Rainen is next year. 来週 or Raishuu is next week. 来月 or Raigetsu is next month. There's a pattern, with rai meaning next. :P 夜 or Yoru is night. 読みます or Yomimasu is to read. 横 or Yoko is 'the side'. (I wonder if that's what Yoko Ono's first name means. :P) 良く or Yoku is often. They call Western type clothes 洋服 or youfuku. I got to a really simple word that I even knew before studying Japanese. And that is 雪 or yuki which means snow. Interestingly, I know the word yume is dream, but the one for famous is 有名 or yuumei. Very similar sounding, hope I'll remember the difference. ^_^ 屋 or Ya connected to some sort of word means store or shop. A great example of this was the next word: 八百屋 or yaoya. It means greengrocer or vegetable store. Yasui is cheap or inexpensive. Yasumi is holiday or vacation. So, interesting words, and even more interesting Kanji. XD

I had some major problems with my internet so I was only able to watch one episode of Mai- HiME. I was trying to watch the new Gintama, but everytime I try I only get about 2 minutes into it. I know it's about Elizabeth looking different, and they said she was 'Russianized'. (She's usually a weird looking penguin thing, now she looks even weirder.) Apparently for Mai- HiME, her brother is in junior high. The school or academy is for junior high school and high school students. I think it's a private school, since there was a chapel or church. There was a weird nun there saying the answer to everything is to pray. o_O Mai- HiME doesn't awaken until the end of the episode. Mikoto, who she saved on the ferry, was found with her at the school. She acts like a cat and is hungry most of the time. There's a weird guy (I'm guessing he's a HiME) who keeps popping up. There are scientists who say that the HiME's can basically materialize photons. (HiME is an acronym. Still don't know what it means.) Mai's brother has a weak heart, that's why he always needs his meds and can't run very far. After running to try and find Mai, he passes out. A monster or demon is about to eat him and then Mai tries to save him. She awakens while she's defending her brother with fire encircling her. It actually looks really cool.

In Fate I made it to level 15 of the dungeon. Still not dying. Kind of nice actually. I'm starting to see the vampires and ghosts. Also, the Yetis, which are huge and scary looking. Tasha looks like she gets terrified just looking at those things. (Could just be my imagination...) The screenshot for this section is from a site, it's not an actual screenshot of my character. I can do that, just keep forgetting to. ^_^" I guess it would be cool to post. I'll try next time. :P


For drawing, I tried to do a new pose for a character. It was a view from the sky looking down at the her. I don't think her arm turned out well, but the rest I think was ok. It looked like it was too high and bent weird. Have to work on that more. -_- It's a very hard perspective or view.

For cleaning I swept the floor in my bathroom and dusted off the countertops a bit. I'm surprised at how dirty it was, I just cleaned it pretty recently. o_O Tasha was funny too, she wanted to sniff the broom and when I brought it down to her level she ran away. XD She made a lot of growling sounds running up and down the stairs. I think because everyone was cleaning things and she was scared of it. She sounds like a dog when she does these growls, it's really funny. :P

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