Monday, January 30, 2012

National Croissant Day!


Croissants are so good!:iconcuteamericaplz:Yay for having a day for them. The croissant originated in Austria, but was modified a bit by the French soon after. I thought it started out in France, so that's interesting.:iconchibicanadaplz:

I finished watching Jikou Keisatsu or Time Limit Detective. It was a bizarre and hilarious show. Reminded me a lot of Monty Python. Humor was a bit dark too. Interesting stories, and interesting ways the cases were solved. Characters really stood out on their own, and had many 'quirks'. Really enjoyed it. Supposedly, there's a 2nd season. Might see if it's up, and start watching that.:iconhappychinaplz: 

Finished watching LADY~Saigo no Hanzai Profile (The Last Criminal Profile)~. Thought the title was weird until the last episode. Makes sense now.:iconfrancisplz:The last case was about a murderer dubbed 'Lady Killer'. It was a really good series, too. It was pretty much like a Japanese Criminal Minds. I like that they acted through everything the killer did trying to get the 'mind set'. There's a good possibility, I think, for a 2nd season. But, this season just ended like a few months ago (it was that new), so I don't really know.:icontinoplz:
I managed to make everything I planned to last week! Yay!:dummy:First's a Chinese dish that's fish with hoisin sauce and carrots. Surprisingly good. Thought it might turn out too plain, but it had a nice light flavor to it. Second's a Middle Eastern dish of sauteed chicken with curry spices. (With Israeli couscous [from a box] and green beans as sides.) Good, but could have used a little less cayenne and black pepper. 

The 3rd one was another Chinese dish with chicken and bell peppers. It was really good, but needed a bit more sauce for the amount of chicken I used. Somehow, after cutting up most of the vegetables, I managed to dislocate my shoulder.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:The side I wasn't using to cut with.:iconkikuplz:Mom helped out a lot after that. Managed to pop it back in twice just before it was served. Wahoo! For some reason, I felt sick after that, and still do. Wonder if it's from shock or just the enormity of the pain.:iconchibijapanplz:

I felt good enough after eating the chicken and peppers thing to make the last dish up there. (It needed to be refrigerated overnight to set.) Which is a Hershey pie. More like a s'mores pie, though. This was awesome!:iconchibispainplz:I think I've only made one other pie, and that was a long time ago. (It was a chess pie.) It has Hershey bars, marshmallows, milk, and whipped cream in the filling. Also, has a graham cracker pie crust, and since the filling didn't fill it up all the way we put more whipped cream on top.:iconseychelles-plz:

Started another drawing, this time using my new pen set. (The pencil has been great!:la:) It's going to be a Chinese dragon, or my take on it, anyways. I want to take my time with this one. Shaping, experimenting, and molding it to how I want it. So far, his head's looking kind of cool. Also, worked a little on the outline of his body. 

Didn't do my own Shabbat services this time. Wasn't feeling well. But, I still read the portion. It was the last of the plagues, the Israelites leaving Egypt, plus some laws on Pesach (Passover). Quite a jam-packed one.:iconchibinitalyplz:
Started Daily Lives of High School Boys on Saturday. Thought it would be stupid and lame. But, it was really hilarious!:rofl:(First few minutes were a bit dry, but the rest was really funny!) The type of humor's very similar to Gintama. It's directed by the same guy and has a lot of the same voice actors. Seems a bit unique in the way that there aren't many slice-of-life anime shows centered on guys. Most of the time it's cute girls doing cute things. The guys in this aren't doing 'cute' things, but that might be one of its charms. Better than I thought it would be. Hopefully, it keeps it up!:iconthailandplz:

Finished Earth by Jon Stewart. It was really long and wordy, but I was so hooked on it I couldn't stop reading.:reading:It was really hilarious! 

Dropped Himitsu no Arashi Chan for now, since I can't watch anymore episodes. (Even with looking at those LiveJournal groups.) Oh well. Leaves room for something new.:iconberwaldplz: 

Went out and ate at Hale's Ales on Saturday. They screwed up all 3 of our orders. So, the manager comped our meals, and we only had to pay for our drinks. Nice.:iconchibihungaryplz:

Finished watching Yamada Taro Monogatari (The Story of Yamada Taro). Really, a very sweet show. Had a pretty good ending. I'd recommend this show to pretty much anyone. Seems like I'll be starting at least 4 new shows soon. It's like a new season for me. Yay!:iconicelandfukkiretaplz:

My therapist and psychiatrist, have apparently both left the clinic. They assigned me, already, to a new psychiatrist. Thing is I had no idea that my old one left. No one told me.:iconohboyamericaplz:Although, it had been 6 months since my last appointment. Supposed to do it every 3.:iconusaplz:But my last psychiatrist told me if I'm not feeling anything different with the meds I'm on, I don't need to come in. It's a waste of money and time otherwise. If I go with him and the other guy my therapist recommended, I'll be seeing 2 guys for the first time for it. Hey, as long as they're good and don't treat me like crap, I'm more than happy.:iconsleepygreeceplz:What's going on with me isn't gender specific (for example, 'women's issues'), so it shouldn't be a problem. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!


It's the year of the dragon. Cool! I hope people who celebrate it had fun!:iconfrancisplz:It's also National Pie Day. Pies are awesome! 

Well, most of the snow's finally melted. It was a crazy storm. Started raining heavily on Friday, and essentially stopped today. There are still a lot of people without power. We're lucky to live on a hill, since there's also been a lot of flooding. Today's been really nice and sunny out.:iconchibicanadaplz:

Kept up with practicing my clarinet. Only missed one day this past week. Not bad.:iconheroamericaplz:Worked on editing the heritage meme. And, wrote a bit more of chapter 15. I haven't focused on my writing like this in so long. Feels good.:iconus-xdplz:

I'm going to make a Hershey's Pie for Friday. It has chocolate, marshmallows, whipped cream, and a graham cracker crust. It sounds sooo good!:iconchibispainplz:I'll have to start making it Thursday night, so it can set in the refrigerator. It'll be hard not to eat it right away.:iconseychelles-plz:I might make a Chinese dish called Fish Fillets with Hoisin Sauce. Sounds pretty tasty. I just have to figure out the sides.:iconchibiswedenplz:

Did my little service again for Saturday morning.:iconhappychinaplz:Rosie was really interested in what I was doing this time. When I was sitting she came over to investigate what was going on. And, when I was standing she sat where I had just been before, meowed, and watched me intently. It was cute.:iconcuteamericaplz:This time it was the start of the plagues. Kind of an interesting and happening portion. 

We went to Taco Time that night. I haven't been there in so long!:iconwtfromanoplz:Things looked a bit different. I had the soft burrito meal. I used to get the bean one, but I tried the beef. Not as good, but not bad.:icontinoplz:

Then, we went out for some stuff. I got an incense stand. I've wanted something that you could smell almost right away, but wasn't overpowering. The spring meadows candle was close, but just wasn't quite it. Mom felt the same way with her candle, and decided to try some incense. She got a sampler that had 3 scents and like 90 sticks in it, plus a stand. Since it had so many sticks, we decided to share. We just needed to get another stand for me. I don't think I've used incense before. Hope to start soon.:iconchibinitalyplz:Had to finish off my candle first, which I did yesterday. Should be interesting. 

Turns out I'll have to wait a bit to watch more of Himitsu no Arashi Chan. The rest of the episodes out there aren't subbed. Although, I've been looking at an episode list on livejournal, that seems to have links to more episodes. But, they're blocked to non-members. If I join, I might be able to watch more. We'll see.:iconkikuplz:

D no Arashi took too long to load, so I only watched the first couple of minutes. It looked like it would have been boring anyways. It was about segments they edited out of episodes, because they thought they were too random or something. They were doing it from their hotel room too. Apparently, 2 hours later than normal, so they looked exhausted. Oh well, maybe next time it'll be better.:iconchibihungaryplz: 

Yamada Taro Monogatari was touching. Taro's family had suddenly been able to move into a mansion, and were treated like royalty. It was a reward from the person who owned it, for the art Taro's dad did for her. Everyone, but Taro loved it. He couldn't relax, couldn't smile, and it was too quiet for him. Plus, everytime he looked at the food the staff made, he wondered how much it would cost. In the end, Taro told everyone he wanted to go back to their poor run-down house. He had too many good memories there, and things seemed cozier. Everyone agreed and moved back in. It's been a very interesting story so far. The next one's the finale. Taro might move to America to study under Ehara and Clemens (the guy he idolized as a kid), as their assistant.

Gintama was a bit lame. It's rare for them to be lame.:iconhongkongplz:Next week's looks awesome though! 

Looked over lesson 3 in my book. It was on これ or kore, それ or sore, and あれ or are. これ is this or these. それ is that or those. And, あれ is that over there, or those over there. Their polite forms are こちら or kochira, そちら or sochira, and あちら or achira, respectively. When modifying a noun, it's この or kono,その or sono, あの or ano. I was a bit confused before, but it does explain some things. I think I might have to go over it again next time, to really get it down. (Before, it was kind of hard to distinguish which is which and when do you use it, so this helps. I knew what they meant, though.) The kanji I worked on was or karu, kakeru, or ku. It means to advance, drive, gallop, impel, inspire, run, or to spur on depending on its context. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

National Popcorn Day!


Yay for popcorn!:dummy:I usually have to be in the mood to eat it, though. Also, I think my fave variety is Kettle Corn.:iconawwwplz:Caramel and white cheddar tie at 2nd. ;) I feel if it doesn't have flavor added to it, it's almost like eating cardboard.:iconwtfukplz:Popcorn originated in Mexico. It's supposedly been around for more than 5,600 years. Microwavable popcorn was introduced in the 1980s. Kind of interesting. Yesterday was Peking Duck Day. Good stuff.:icondenmarkgrinplz:

Gotten back into practicing my clarinet everyday this week.:iconchibiamericaplz:Worked on editing the Hetalia Heritage meme in Photoshop. A lot of areas look much better now. I thought I wouldn't be able to fix a certain spot, but it ended up looking pretty good.:iconchibicanadaplz:

Finished drawing my original character Sin's head. I like how she turned out.:iconfrancisplz:I'm up to Phraetes (or Fray) now. He should be another fun one.:iconchibinitalyplz:

Since En Passant hasn't updated in a while, I went back to reading Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. Just until the other one updates again. I like SZS, but it's very long-winded.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:They talk a lot and use a lot of examples. Sometimes it gets a bit tiring. Had to skip a lot of chapters, since its been slow as well. It doesn't really matter with SZS, since there's no actual plot. Just day to day happenings for Nozomu and his students.:iconspainplz: 

Got some more writing done on chapter 15. Also, got over my mini-writer's block. Wahoo!:iconlachoirplz:Wrote for a longer time than what I normally do. Which was really nice. Feels like I'm back on my game.:iconprussiaplz:We'll see how long that lasts...(Hopefully, a long time!)

There's been a crazy winter storm going on for the last couple of days.:iconchibichinaplz:Its snowed a lot today and yesterday. Been pretty cold and windy as well. They expected the snow to stop early this morning, but in some areas (like us) it hasn't.:iconkikuplz:A little further south of us, there's been sleet and major ice problems. Most school districts are closed in the region. So, my dad's been off this whole week. Monday, because of MLK Jr. Day. Tuesday there was a little snow, so there was a 2-hour delay, but after just 2 hours of being there, they cancelled the rest of the day. Wednesday and today because of more snow. And, just found out she has tomorrow off as well. 

They've shut down some of the main highways too. Snowed about 4 inches here by the end of the day Wednesday. And, I bet we got at least another 4 inches today.:iconlietplz:That's a lot for this area. Lots of accidents, too. And a lot of people are without power. (I'm hoping our power stays on!:icongermanyplz:) It's just creating a mess. Will be pretty messy still when everything melts. Because of the snow storm, we decided not to go to the cafe, like we usually do on Wednesdays. 
In Fairy Tail, it was revealed what Carla and Happy's real mission was. Apparently, they were sent out to find dragon slayers, bring them back, drain their magic, and finally execute them. It was all the Queen of Extalia's (a cat kingdom) plan. Which is who they're about to see. I feel really sorry for Carla and Happy. 
666 Satan was just epic!:iconchibihungaryplz:A lot of twists in one chapter. Next one will be the 2nd to last chapter. The final chapter's probably going to be even crazier. I think this would be perfect as an anime, too.:iconchibipolandplz:I'm really going to miss it when it ends. Also, read more of Soy Source, Earth, and Host yesterday. 
Naruto Shippuden was really cool!:iconheroamericaplz:Haven't seen them really get back to the story for a long time. So, this was a treat. Naruto conquered his own hatred, and now believes in himself more. With Bee's help and Yamato watching just in case things get out of hand; Naruto fights the Kyuubi within himself. Bee told him he can't conquer it without taking it's chakra. So, that was the start of an awesome fight. That's a huge Rasengan in the pic!:iconusaplz:Next episode should be very interesting, too. If he can conquer the Kyuubi, he can control it, and therefore will become much more powerful.