Friday, October 30, 2009

Alice in Wonderland Horror of a Fairy Tale

By Miku, Kaito, Rin, Len, and Meiko Vocaloids. :P Awesome for a Halloween themed song! Even if you don't know the meaning of the lyrics it sounds freaky. Although, if you understood them it makes it even freakier. O.O Hi! I got most things done today! The only things I didn't do was play my clarinet and draw. Just before I started writing the power went out. :P Thank goodness it was only for about 20 minutes. I brainstormed what I should call a restaurant in my story. It's like a place where both demons and humans are accepted and can feel safe in. I'm trying to look at words in different languages for human, demon, and sanctuary (or safe place). Somehow, I hope to combine them into some sort of title for it. I might only use part of the words I decide on. I'm hoping it will sound good in the end. Right now, it seems weird. :P

Yamato tells Naruto to use his own strength rather than the kyuubi's. He says Naruto's own power is just as strong. Sakura, Naruto, and Yamato start looking through Sai's picture book. (Sai's the one on the right in the picture. Naruto's drawing something like faces on Sai's scroll. :P) One cover has a black haired boy (Sai) and the other a white haired boy which he calls his brother. The only time Sai shows any emotion is when he notices the book is gone. The middle pages of it are unfinished. The story of each boy starts with their respective cover and works its way towards the center. The characters are silent and there's no captions. With Sai's section, he's always on the right page, while the left is a different person fighting him. He slowly takes the weapons and armor after winning each fight. His 'brother's' side is the same except for him being on the left page. Yamato's team make it to Orochimaru's hideout and find Sai. Supposedly his true mission was to show Danzou's plans to Orochimaru about destroying Konoha. After this he was supposed to send info back to Danzou about Orochimaru. The book was supposed to be a present for his brother. But, while he was taking his time, his brother died from an illness, and he wasn't able to complete it. He wasn't related to Sai. But, since he would always praise him for his work and they didn't have their own families they considered each other as brothers. Sai wants to learn more about what bonds and relationships really mean, so he rejoins the team. After realizing that Naruto's personality is similar to his brother, he remembers and draws the middle page. Which has him holding hands with his brother, and they're both smiling. After doing this Sai actually gives a real smile. ^_^ Apparently the actual mission that Sai had from Danzou was to assassinate Sasuke. So Orochimaru wouldn't have a new body to change into. In the end it would have saved Konoha.

Since, blogspot is being weird, I'm not going to post my Japanese stuff today. (It's coming up with symbols for a font and no matter what I do it doesn't show up normal after typing it. Typing it on another place and pasting seems to work, but it takes a bit more time.) So, Sunday I should have that day's stuff along with today's to post. :P

Gintama was just about as nuts as Naruto this week. It made me cry too. :'( They showed a bit of Gintoki past. When he was a kid he was found (by his master or 'teacher') eating an onigiri on a battlefield full of corpses. He would steal the weapons and armor from the corpses. His master gave him his sword and told him if he wanted to learn how to 'properly' use it, he should follow him. Back to present, Gintoki tells Tsukuyo that she should show her emotions, when she does she'll stay true to herself. Gintoki and Jiraia had an awesome fight! (Aren't Gintoki's fights always cool? :P) Gintoki's master had told him that he shouldn't use his sword to cut down his enemies, not to cut away his weaknesses and protect himself, but to protect his very soul. O.O Jiraia's pretty relentless. Even after he seemed dead he kept coming after Gintoki. Tsukuyo ended it by throwing her kunai at the back of his head. As he lay dying they found out more about him. He really had wanted to be killed by Tsukuyo. Apparently, his real name was Danzo Tobita. The only survivors of his clan were him and his sister. The people who destroyed his family told him to devote his life to them or he'd be killed. His sister committed suicide by jumping off a cliff. O.O In order to 'medicate' his situation, he started hurting himself and killing people. He didn't want Tsukuyo to go through what he went through. Gintama's interesting, because you actually feel sorry for the 'villians' when they die. They are just misunderstood and they show their human side in the end.

Well, tomorrow my parents come home. Wahoo! Also, it's Halloween! It should be fun! Hope everyone has a great one! :P

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Naruto Main Theme

By Toshiro Masuda from the Naruto soundtrack. :P Hi! Well, my parents left earlier this morning than planned, so I didn't really get to say goodbye. Oh well, I hope they're having fun! :D Today was another weird one. I was hoping I'd have more time to do things, but I kept getting 'distracted'. Like this morning I was hoping to listen to my music through the desktop speakers. It was extremely quiet, and then for a while the sound was totally gone. I checked if it was my computer with my headphones, and it wasn't. I messed around a bit with the speakers and the sound was even quieter than before. I think these are defective. :( So, that took up a lot of the morning. I didn't have time to write or read manga. I had to do some cleaning then too, so my morning was really shot. Oh, another fun thing was I think I forgot to take my meds after lunch. So, I was a bit weird for most of the afternoon. I didn't realize it until I started to sweat and shake a bit. By then it was about 4 hours later than normal, but I really needed it and took it. I now feel pretty normal. Wahoo! :D

The next problem was what was the best verb form to use.
こうえんの 花は とても ______。
English: The park's flowers are very ___.
The choices were: きれいだった、きれかった、きれくなかった、or きれくないだった. I figured out the best answer to be きれいだった or kireidatta, which means beautiful. The others seemed to not have meanings or were misspelled. Since they weren't in any database or even in the verb table. English: The park's flowers are very beautiful. Next problem:
これは きのう わたしが _____ しゃしんです。
English: Yesterday I ____ this photo.
Choices: とる or to take, とって or taking, とった or took, とります or a polite way of saying to take. So, the best choice to me was とった. Next problem:
ドアに カレンダーが はって ____。
English (roughly): ____ sticking to the door calendar.
Choices: なります or a polite way of saying to make or to change, います or a polite way of saying to be for animate objects, します or a polite way of saying to do, あります or a polite way of saying to be for inanimate objects. I figured out the answer to be あります. Simply because you're already doing something, and it's not an animate object. English (roughly): To be sticking to the door calendar. I think it's an incomplete sentence, but the other options would still make it that way. :P More tomorrow! :P

Naruto Shipuuden was just nuts today! Huge spoiler: Jiraiya dies. :'( Although, they revealed a bit more of who Pain really is. Jiraiya was confused through most of it whether Pain was Nagato or Yahiko. Jiraiya killed one of these 'Pains' and threw him in gastric juices. O.O He came out a bit and stabbed Jiraiya before finally dying. This 'Pain' was someone Jiraiya fought a long time ago. He was a Fuma clan member. After this, Jiraiya wants to learn more information. So he tells the 2 sage toads to take the body and give Tsunade a message. They agree that one of them can do that, while the other one can help Jiraiya out. He realizes that all the 'Pains' are ninja that he's fought before. Just as he was figuring it all out, he was stabbed by all 5 of the remaining 'Pains'. They crushed his throat too. :( As he's dying, he relates his life as a book. He thinks that he was such a failure. Then, he remembers the people he helped and his friends along the way. He remembered that his student, who became the 4th, looked up to him so much he named his son after the main character in his book: Naruto. Even after Jiraiya's heart stops, he gathers enough energy to send a message to Tsunade on the toad sage that stayed behind. In his last moments, he realizes Naruto was the one in the prophecy. Now, he believes his 'ending' will be much better. He says the sequel to his life's story will be titled: "The Tale of Naruto Uzumaki." After he died he looked like his spirit tapped Naruto on the shoulder for a moment. I liked him a lot! Why'd he have to die?! :'( Few things can make me cry, and that was one of them.

I played a game called Globby on Flash Ninja Games. It was hilarious! :P It's a platform game, where you're a blob. After killing things, you can eat their powers and use them. Also, they leave behind little pebble things that add points to your score. There's bubbles along the way that give more points and some health. For my drawing, I added a body to the girl. I'm still not happy with it, but I can change it tomorrow. :P I also inked the head, and started a bit on her clothing. I guess it's good I'm taking my time on it. It should only get better if I work at it, right? XD Also, I got another 'watcher' (basically a follower) on deviantART. Must be doing something right. Up to about 13 watchers. That's a lot to me. O.O Again, I didn't find any good Youtube videos.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Head Wind

By Yasuharu Takanashi from the Naruto Shipuuden Movie soundtrack. Hi! Well, I did make a whole new playlist. Has a ton of cool anime/ Vocaloid related songs and background music. :D I think I'll listen to this one for a while. :P I was out for most of the day, so I couldn't do everything. (Yet again! -_-)

I finished writing my 4th chapter and posted it to my deviantART. If you haven't gotten the link to it, here it is: I also got a ton more drawing ideas. I'm thinking of making the current one have a girl in a kimono standing on an overlook (or terrace like thing) which is overlooking some green misty mountains with the sun peaking through the top of the drawing. I might put some branches and flowers on the sides of it. Sounds really cool in my head, so we'll see how it turns out. :P Other future drawing ideas: Halloween themed (I know it will be long after the holiday, but it should be fun), Birthday themed (Again, I know it will be long after it, but I feel like I should do something for it), start drawing characters from my story, and different poses of the character that was in my 'sunset' drawing. So, fun things to come! XD

I finally have a new pair of jeans! It always takes a while to find a good pair. The funny thing is it looks a bit like they made bullseyes on my butt. :P Weird design for the pockets. I also got a brown shirt. We bought a bunch of candy for the kids going trick or treating. We get so many at our house! We've had years where we've ran out of candy, even though we bought like 5 bags. O.O I guess since we're in the middle of the neighborhood, have a 3 way stop literally at our house, and for some reason people come from all over the county just to go through our neighborhood. Is the candy that good? Do people think we have awesome decorations? I've never understood it. We bought a bag of 3 Musketeers mini bars, and one of M&M's mini bags. The last bag was a huge Nestle assortment. I think it has Butterfingers, Crunch, Babe Ruth's, etc. All chocolate this year! Which I love! :P We also bought some food for me for when my parents are gone. I'm thinking of having a Mexican Casserole frozen dinner for Thursday. A frozen pasta stuffed with cheeses dinner with the last of the potstickers on Friday. Oh, and for dessert, chocolate cream pie! Sounds too good! XD

After that I put the Halloween decorations up. I put the scarecrow in the front. A fall- ish looking welcome sign on the door. Our black cat coming out of a pumpkin poster thing just below that on the door. Then, I put up the spider web and added the fake spiders. Looks kind of like spiders puked all over our windows in the front. :D

I'm thinking of wearing the red devil horns from last year, a red with black spots type sweater, black pants, red dangly earrings, and I might put some make up on. It won't be too complicated, which would be nice.

My parents are leaving pretty early in the morning tomorrow, and again won't be back until either late afternoon or at night. Tasha's going to go crazy without them. :P I'll probably have to play with her a bit more than normal.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Black Water

By Nobuo Uematsu. Hi! I need to start adding more songs to my playlist. Tried using another playlist (from a different site), but apparently it was so old that they erased all my songs. :( I didn't sleep very well last night, so I slept in. I wasn't able to do very much, so this will be a short post. ;)

Last night my parents were invited to a thing at the Seattle Art Museum. They were showcasing art from Michelangelo (mostly sketches of some of his works) and Calder (who's famous for his mobiles, jewelry, and scupltures). My parents liked the art from Calder more, since the other one was mostly just sketches. It sounds like it would have been fun to see. :D

Since I was alone for dinner, I attempted to make an omelette. (Dad doesn't eat cheese or eggs.) I made it with chopped celery, broccoli, olives, cheese, eggs (obviously), and some spices. (Garlic, paprika, and dill mixed in with the eggs.) When I went to flip the egg over to make an 'omelette' it just wouldn't overlap or close. XD So, I made it into sort of a scramble. It came out really tasty though. :P

First regular grammar section problem:
わたしは きょう 6時に 会社___  出ます。
English: Today my company leaves ___ 6 o'clock.
Options: を, と, が, or で. I chose the particle で or de which indicates location of action, at, in, time of action, or by. So, in this situation it can be used to mean 'at'. So, the sentence would be Today my company leaves at 6 o'clock in English. The next one:
目の 中に ごみ___ 入って、いたいです。
English (roughly): Come, look inside ___ trash it hurts. (Sounds really bizarre, I don't know how trash can hurt. :P) Options: を, が, に, or で. I chose を or wo which indicates direct object of action, and can be used to mean 'the'. So revised English: Come, look inside the trash it hurts. (Again, still weird. :D) I'll post the next problem section tomorrow. :P

Well, only 4 days until Halloween! We still haven't gotten candy for the kids. My parents will probably be gone still, so I'll have to hand it out if we get some. They're going to a conference on the other side of the state starting Thursday, and might arrive late on Saturday. I'm going to figure out a variation on the custume from last year. I was a fire demon. XD The kids seemed to like it. I had devil horns, my hair had red hairspray in it, a black and red boa (made it look like a dark fire around me), a red shirt, black pants, red devil tail, and red long dangly earings. I'll see what I can make with that and some other things lying around. :P I love to dress up, but I don't feel as into it this year. I'll probably just watch horror movies all night, while handing out the candy. It's one of my favorite holidays! What's better than candy, dressing up, and horror movies?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Red Alert

By Basement Jaxx. :D Hi! I wrote more of the 4th chapter. It's 4 pages longer than my longest finished chapter already. O.O I might be close to finishing it, though. We'll see. ;) I also got a chance to play my clarinet, finally. (It's got to have been maybe a week since I played last.) I still haven't been able to fix the ligature, so it was harder to make the sounds or notes. Since it was a bit harder to play, I also ran out of air much quicker than normal. It really frustrated me! -_- The songs seemed very broken up because of this. I'm usually very good at circular breathing, and obviously that was harder than normal.

Orochimaru and Kabuto knew that someone was impersonating Sasori and started to attack Yamato. Naruto, Sai, and Sakura jump in. Naruto gets so pissed that he starts to 'tap' into the Kyuubi's powers. Jiraiya explained a bit about what happens to him during this process. In Naruto's Kyuubi form he's enveloped by a demon fox- shape 'shroud' made out of chakra. It looks like it protects him, but in reality it's contantly damaging his body. When he makes it to the 4th tail of the tranformation, he gets covered in his own blood along with the 'fox shroud'. He also won't be conscious of his actions and will be filled with destructive impulses. (He looks like the above picture when he's like this.) Yamato was one of the test subjects that Orochimaru used to see if anyone could 'inherit' the cells of the first Hokage. He tested it on 60 children, and Yamato was the only successful one. (All the other kids died.) Since he can use similar jutsu that the first used, he has the potential to seal Naruto from going 'too far'. Naruto manages to beat up Orochimaru pretty well. During this he manages to destroy the bridge. When Naruto makes it to the 3rd tail, the air around him becomes harsh. Sakura passes out and starts to fall off the bridge. Sai just flies (on a bird he drew) past ignoring her. Yamato luckily catches her. The fight between Orochimaru and Naruto is really cool. They're both very strong, it makes for an interesting fight. :P Naruto transforms even more to the 4th tail. He forms a black orb full of dense chakra and eats it. O.O It builds up so much inside him, he looks like he'll explode, and spits out the massive amount of chakra at Orochimaru. He survives though. Yamato seals Naruto after this.

The grammar section seems a bit tougher than the other sections. I figured it out though. :P The first part is about trying to decide which particle goes best in the given sentence. The first sentence looks like this:
これ___ えんぴつです。
English (roughly): This ___ pencil.
The options were に, を, は, or や. I was correct in saying that it was は or wa. (Also, the letter can be pronounced as ha, but in this case it's wa.) は is a topic marker or can add emphasis. So, the sentence would be similar to 'this is a pencil' in English. Tomorrow, I'll add the next part of this first problem. ;)

In Hetalia, it's the 17th century. Sweden, Finland, and some German mercenaries created New Sweden in the 'New World' which is Delaware now. They harrassed the nearby Dutch and were kicked out by a war with the Netherlands. Finland meets up with France and England saying there was a mysterious boy wondering around what was 'New Sweden'. The boy is really America. Both England and France fight over him. England wins, and America calls him brother. England's touched since his real 'brothers' hate him. (Scotland at the time, for instance.) Finland and Sweden are in the picture above, obviously. (It's the best one I could find of them. It's a bit fuzzy to me. -_-)

I didn't feel up to drawing, so hopefully tomorrow I will. Didn't see many good videos yesterday, so no Youtube today. :( Here's a little something in the meantime:

A Vocaloid picture. :D Featuring Luka's head (in the left corner), Miku (in the center with her chibi), Len and Rin (with their chibis), and Luka (on the top of the speakers).

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tarzan and Jane

By Aqua. ^_^ Hi! Today was freezing! I guess next time I go for a walk or something I should put a scarf on. :P Wahoo! Halloween is next Saturday and my Birthday is exactly a week after that! XD I can't believe it's getting so close to them! Time flys! :D I did more of my 4th chapter. It seems to be going a bit faster than before, so I might be able to post it sooner than I thought.

Finished reading Hatsune Mix, and I think it could have been a lot better. A lot of the 'songs' or chapters didn't seem to be related and there's not much of a plot. I know that basically a fan (an actual mangaka) made it, and it was obivously an unofficial manga, but a lot of it seemed off to me. Apparently Miku gets a bunch of jobs to help pay for Kaito using all their money for icecream. The twins chip in too. Len works for a telemarketer company and Rin works as a subway announcer. All 3 have pretty funny mishaps with their jobs. The next part was about Miku dying. Kaito feels like she was the only family he had and secretly mixes her old songs and puts them out, which to the fans, seems like she didn't really die. Kind of sad. :'( The next chapter was about Miku being a mermaid. (Really?! -_-) This was really a lame side story. The last chapter is about Miku being a chibi and she kind of acts like a bug. :P So, yeah, very lame in the end. The picture above has Rin, Miku, Len, Kaito, Meiko, Gakupo, and Luka. (With Luka's octopus head on the, I'm guessing, menu. Kind of funny.) I might post more Vocaloid pics in the future. Again, these pics have more to do with the actual Vocaloids, not the manga I just read. :P

Sai shows up and attacks Naruto, Shikamaru, and Chouji during his first appearance. I really hate him at this point of the story. Later I like him because he ends up being awesome, funny, and actually gets more of a personality. :P His jutsu has to do with his drawings or paintings. He can make them come alive, use them for transportation, protection, to gather info, or for attacks. Really cool. Sai's a Root Anbu, which follow Danzo and are trained to abandon all emotion. The regular Anbu follow only the Hokage and are an organization of assassins. Yamato shows up to replace Kakashi until he's better. He's a regular Anbu member. All Anbu never tell people their actual name and use a code name instead. Apparently Sai never titles his art, because he thinks it will show too much emotion. He keeps saying he doesn't have any emotions to begin with. Yamato has the same ability as the 3rd and can construct a building imediately with his jutsu. They make it to a bridge where Sasori told them that he was going to meet an Akatsuki spy. This 'spy' is Kabuto. Orochimaru's watching everyone and looks pissed thinking Kabuto's betraying him. O.O

In the last section, they say 2 men are talking. The question is what day is it today?

M1 : 映画を見たいんですが、安い日はいつですか。
(Similar movie, but the cheap day is when?)
M2 : 木曜日ですよ。
M1: じゃあ、明日ですね。
(Well, tomorrow then.)

Obviously, the answer was 水曜日 or Wednesday. I'll post the first part of the grammar practice test tomorrow. :P

In Primeval, someone goes through an anomaly and gets infected by spores. After going back through he coughs up something then gets thrown back to where the spores were. Connor is living in his office at work since Abby's letting her baby brother stay at her place. Quin breaks into the ARC and begs the team to let him join. The boss of the guy before (Sir Richard) touches what the guy coughed up and becomes infected. It makes you cold and itchy. O.O It's really a toxic fungus that can grow rapidly and can infect anyone who's near it. One of the people who went to keep 'tabs' on the ARC touched a sample of the fungus in their lab. He seemed to immediately liquefy. Later, they realized it changes the victim into a weird creature. Lester called him a human mushroom. :P (The 'creature' looks like the one in the picture.) Later Sir Richard transforms too. At the lab, they find out that the creature explodes in high heat. The team finally accepts Quin, and later appoints him as their new leader. Connor drops something in the lab room onto the 'dead fungus' and it comes back to life and grows even faster. The heat just spreads the spores and makes them reproduce more. If you freeze it, it kills it off. Connor almost freezes to death while attempting this. They cool down the entire ARC, and the creature finds Jenny and goes after her. She tries to freeze it more with a fire extinguisher (I think- was a silver canister.) and Quin comes in to save her. The creature eventually freezes and crumbles, while Jenny almost froze to death. She quits after that, saying she needs to 'find herself'. Lester actually offers Connor to stay at his place to stay for a bit. O.O

I played more of Easter Island TD. That game's really addicting! :P I made it to level 24 though. There were too many enemies on that level. Plus, they split into 3 when you hit them. O.O I started a new drawing finally. I think it takes me a while to figure out how I want the face to look, the other stuff comes a bit easier to me. XD I only managed to draw the head, and I drew part of the skeleton. Hopefully tomorrow I'll draw the body in, and maybe some of the background. Not sure exactly what it will look like, just playing it by ear. :D

An awesome Kaito song (The song's called Uninstall):
Alarm clocks:
Dying messages:
Security camera:
Kaito- Application's Love:
Security camera at a convenience store:
A Kaito song, videos title is Sunday in English. Also, some lyrics are in English, so people can
probably gather what he's saying. It's pretty funny:

Friday, October 23, 2009


By Rob Zombie. :D (He's well known for this song and it was in the Matrix.) Hi! I wrote more of Chapter 4. It seems to be a pretty long chapter, and I feel like there's so much more to it. I might only be halfway. O.O Well, the bright side is the people who told me they can't wait for the next one, will have sort of a bonus. XD

I read more of Hatsune Mix. It's a pretty hilarious series! Miku tries to teach people music. She's asked to sing the school's anthem. She finds out it's not in her database and freaks out, malfunctions and shuts herself off. In the end, everyone downloaded the song to her database, which she immediately sings it. The next part was the Vocaloids go to view the sakura trees. Since most have never seen it before they're amazed. Apparently Miku's from the future. O.O Next, Miku and Kaito are fighting over getting a new computer. Eventually, Miku gets upset and decides to go through the computer and travel to others. She ends up in pretty funny situations. :P Next part was about how Kaito's addicted to icecream so much that they've run out of money. He has a huge freezer full of huge tubs of icecream. XD The above picture, thought it was a funny picture of them. It has Meiko, the twins (Rin and Len), Miku, and in the back is Kaito.

Chiyo saves Sakura after she's stabbed, by giving her the last antidote. In the end, Chiyo beats Sasori with the puppets that look like his parents. They stab him straight through the heart. This was the only part of him that was still human. Kakashi learned the highest level Sharingan. He rips off Deidara's arm just by using this eye. O.O While Deidara falls to the ground, Naruto grabs the clay bird and opens it. He finds Gaara's dead body in it. He goes berserk and starts to beat up Deidara. When he finds out that what he was beating was really a clay clone he 'taps' into the Kyuubi's power and the 2nd tail appears. Kakashi supresses it just in time. Just as Deidara was going to sneak away, Gai's team find him. He eats his own explosive clay and blows up from the inside out. Just before the explosion hit the teams, Kakashi sent Deidara and the explosion to another dimension with his eye. O.O Afterwards, Chiyo sends all the rest of her life energy to Gaara with the help of Naruto. Gaara wakes up and Chiyo dies. :'( When Gaara looks around he realizes that his entire village came to save him. (If everyone was there, who's protecting the village? :P) This showed him that he was wanted, he thought everyone hated him for being a Jinchuuriki. Tobi becomes Deidara's partner. (Yep, he made it back.) Sai and Yamato are about to show up. (I hated Sai in the beginning, later he's one of the best characters, though.)

Along with studying the practice exam I looked online to see if they changed any info on the test in December. They finally posted, as they called it, the 'vital information' about my test site. I know exactly where it's at now. Also, what times it will start and end. Apparently registration is 20 minutes for it, and then we're supposed to find the room. They gave a link for directions, parking and accommodations. It will be free parking that day! :D Also, they listed phone numbers and emails if we have any more questions after we get our vouchers. The voucher also tells you where to sit. We get those during the first week of November. This second problem is bit weird. It's titled something like: no answers. It asks what day tomorrow will be.

M: あしたは、5日ですよね。
(Tomorrow, is the 5th.)
F: いいえ、ちがいますよ。今日が5日ですよ。
(No, you're wrong. Today's the 5th.)
M: ああ、そうか。
(Ah, is that so?)

It asks what tomorrow will be according to this. Which is easy, the 6th. But, for the answer sheet example, you mark off the correct answer and wrong ones. Tomorrow I'll post the last part of the 'listening' section. :P

I played 2 of Minoto's games. They're usually point and click, adventure, and escape type games. I love their games! :D They're cute, follow more logic than most, and are pretty short. The first was a Halloween theme where you help bring Frankenstein's monster to life and a UFO crashes. The next one was about helping the aliens repair their ship. :P

Cool song featuring the twins:
A Kaito song about all the prefectures. Get's pretty crazy! :P
Crane (or the Claw) game:
A hilarious driving school:
Cute song about cat ears:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Theme

By Rob Zombie (Techno Remix of it). Hi! Well, my 'monthly friend' started again. It's only been exactly a week. O.O I think I feel more drained then last time too. So, I got up late and kind of took it easy today. :D One good thing is someone commented on a bunch of my drawings. It was awesome! She said she loved how detailed I am and loved the colors. I'm glad she said more than I liked it. :P

The next part of the first problem asks about how many pills a man is presribed. (This is the dialogue, got it correct by the way. :P I'll do the next problem tomorrow.)

F: この薬は寝る前に飲んでください。
(Before lying down swallow this medicine.)
M: はい。
F: 大きいのが2つと小さいのが3つです。
(Take 2 big pills and 3 small pills.)
M: はい。
F: 全部で5つです。
(Take 5 pills all together.)
M: ありがとうございました。
(Thank you very much.)

In Naruto Shippuuden, Jiraiya was fighting Pain's 'clones'. Each clone excels in only one ability. They have the same eyes, so they share what they can see. He realizes that the clones are too much to deal with all together, and tries to separate them. The toad sages sing to start their Genjutsu, and sound like a bunch of frogs croaking to the clones. Eventually they all get caught in a genjutsu paralysis that binds their psyche. O.O Jiraiya, thinking he won, stabs them with huge swords while they're under. Another clone, out of no where comes in and slices Jiraiya's arm off. After falling outside, 6 clones show up. They call themselves the 6 paths of Pain. Saying that Pain's just an alias for all of them. (So, does that mean Pain isn't just one person anymore. O.O Crazy!) It ends there, which is a HUGE cliffhanger. :P

I think I'm addicted to another game. XD This one's called Easter Island TD. A tower defense game where you use many different types of the huge carved head stones as towers. There's one that literally spits out bullets from its mouth, another spits out throwing stars, one makes a ring of fire, another a ring of ice, and more. There's also an option at some point to make a volcano explode over your enemies. :P Very interesting concept for a game. I'll try tomorrow to get more things done. It's always that first full day that hits me hard. :D

Cool Taiko drummers:
A skit about the game Puyo Puyo (Funny thing is I played the original game after I saw it, reminds
me of Tetris):

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Oh My

By Aqua. ^_^ Hi! Somebody favorited my drawing! Wahoo! I didn't think anyone would. I wrote some more of Chapter 4. This chapter seems to be harder to put to paper (so to speak). I have a ton of ideas still for it, it's just hard to describe what's in my head, I guess. It's not like writer's block. If anything it's the opposite. ;D But, because of that, it seems to be taking a bit longer than my other chapters.

I started reading a bit of Hatsune Mix! Which is a manga based on Vocaloids. It's really random but funny. The chapters are separated by songs. The first one was about Miku. She's the first Vocaloid and mascot for the software program. So, I guess it makes sense to have her story as the first one. ;) Next, the twins Len and Rin show up. According to the company that made these they are identical twins and reflections of a mirror. (They emphasize the mirror image aspect.) Kind of creepy. They're voices are from the same voice actor, except Len is the male version and Rin the female version. They're names are puns for right and left. (They're in the above picture.) Their last name (Kagamine) actually means mirror sound. o.O They were the second 'installment' to the Vocaloid program.

The Sandaime puppet still has all the skills that his body once had, and uses Iron Sand. This sand can change into any form and weapon; also has a magnetic force to it. Sakura shows how awesomely strong she's become, and has a really cool fight. She eventually smashes the Sandaime puppet to bits. Sasori gets pissed. He shows that he himself is really a puppet. (This is what he looks like in the picture. Really cool looking. A little creepy though.) The area where his heart is supposed to be says Sasori in Kanji, which can mean Scorpion. Fits him perfectly, considering he loves to use poison. Sakura smashes him to bits, but he reassembles himself. O.O Chiyo summons her 10 puppet army, that she can control with one finger each. (She's taken down castles in one day with them.) Sasori summons his 100 puppet army. (He's destroyed entire countries with them.) Really cool fight between these groups of puppets. The puppets, in Japanese have the name Chikamatsu, who was known as Japan's Shakespeare for his many plays staged by puppets. The battle with them, I would even call it 'epic'. If you haven't seen it you should! XD At the end of the chapter, Sakura gets stabbed by a poison drenched sword while trying to protect Chiyo.

The first problem of the listening part on the practice test was really just trying to figure out what the 2 people are talking about. (Seems more like a reading comprehension thing to me, but maybe they just wrote it out for the practice test or something.) Part 1 of the example asks which postage stamp the woman buys. (It might be fun to type what the dialogue was.)
M: タンさん、すみませんが、切手を買ってきてください。
(Ms. Tan, excuse me, please buy a stamp.)
(Yes or ok.)
(3 sheets of 50 yen stamps and 5 sheets of 80 yen stamps, right.)
(Yes. Correct, 3 sheets of 50 yen [stamps] and 5 sheets of 80 yen [stamps].)
(Yes or ok.)
I got the correct answer! They showed different amounts of the stamps, and I had to pick which ones they were talking about. Tomorrow, will be the next part of the test. :P

In Gintama, it was just really intense! Jiraia's too messed up to talk about! o.o Very complicated, too. It's interesting what the ninjas in this series think of themselves. That they don't care or even really have masters and they're willing to serve anyone, as long as they get paid. They only became the Shogun's secret agents because he paid them so well. I like Gintoki's line of: "Only way to get free is to eat the spider." In the end of the episode Gintoki saves Tsukuyo, but still needs to fight Jiraia.

I got my flu shots after all this. The first one was a normal flu shot. The person who did it, was new to it and made me bleed a bit. She went nuts when she saw it, and forgot to just press something against it for a bit. -_- I qualified for getting the H1N1 flu shot, only because I'm still 24. (Their cut off age is 24, but a lot of other places go to 26 at least. Apparently I'm at a high risk since I'm still young.) It didn't feel much different. Except now I'm sore in both arms. :P They also had the option of getting it through a nasal spray. I think that might have been worse. Those things can either hurt or make me sneeze it out all of the place. At least now I'm set for the winter, and won't get sick with the flu. I'm doubly protected. XD Well, I didn't really see any good Youtube videos, so none today too.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Black Water

By Nabuo Uematsu from the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children soundtrack. Hi! Today looked really weird out. The fog this morning was so thick I couldn't see where I was going. O.O I could make out things next to me, but not much further. Also, there was a huge flock of crows on people's lawns towards the end of that same walk. (Yeah, I know a 'flock' of crows is a 'murder', but I didn't want to say that, it was creepy enough.) It was almost a scene right out of the Birds. It truly seemed like a Halloween theme, almost like 'nature' knows it's coming around. I wrote more of Chapter 4, which seems to be coming along.

In order to remove the cave's barrier Gai's team splits up and finds the seals for it or tokens. As soon as they rip them off, clones of them appear and they have the exact same skills. Kind of like they're fighting themselves. :P Meanwhile, Sakura punches the wall that was covering the cave's entrance and busts it open. Deidara (who's sitting on Gaara's lifeless body) and Sasori are the only ones there. After seeing Gaara, Naruto goes berserk. He looks like he's about to use the kyuubi's power again. While he's going nuts, Sasori and Deidara are discussing what fine art really is and acting like nothing's happening. XD (Sasori's view is it should be perfect and eternal. Deidara's is it should only be for an instant, and the final masterpiece should kill the artist. O_O) Eventually Deidara flys out on a clay bird (that has explosives- all of his 'art' does.) with Gaara in its stomach. Naruto and Kakashi go off to fight him. Sakura and Chiyo stay behind to fight Sasori. Apparently, Sasori has killed almost 300 people and makes them into puppets. (He's a really disturbing character!) That's the secret to his puppets being 'unique.' Sasori himself is in a puppet. (I think from the anime, he put his heart and soul literally into a puppet. So, he's mostly a puppet now. That's why he hasn't aged too.) He's known for putting unpredictable traps into his puppets, and for using poison. With Chiyo's help Sakura gets close enough to smash the outer puppet to pieces. The 'Sasori' puppet comes out of it. He's so strong that he's killed the 3rd Kazekage. Akatsuki have already taken 2 of the Bijuus. Orochimaru had killed Sasori's father, and later on became Sasori's partner before he quit the Akatsuki. Sakura's fight with him is awesome! XD

Problem 4 was about being given a sentence, and which sentence would be an alternative or substitute that has a similar meaning. The example one: この しょくどは まずいです。English: This cafeteria is unappetizing. The correct choice for an alternative sentence was: ここの りょうりは おいしく ありません。English: This meal's cooking is not delectable. Actual question: きむらさんの おばさんは あの ひとです。English: That person is Mr. (or Ms.) Kimura's aunt. The correct choice for it: きむらさんの おかあさんの いもうとさんは あの ひとです。English: That person's Mr. Kimura's mother's younger sister. (These sentences sound funny in English. :P Understandable, but funny.) Tomorrow I'll talk about what's on the Listening part of the practice test.

In Gintama, Gintoki fights the leader of the gang. It's one of the best fights! Also, the animation just keeps getting better and better. The music was awesome too! The leader eventually pulls off half his face, he looks a bit like two- face from Batman. :P He was Tsukuyo's master who changed his name to Jiraia. He was a ninja banished from his own town because of his methods of training people. He would tell Tsukuyo that a woman can never protect anyone or anything. That a woman's life is worthless and she needed to lose her identity or sense of self. That's why she wants to protect people, tries not to become 'emotionally' attached to anyone, and won't let others protect her. He says he should be the only one to protect her. (Another really demented character. :P) He's been the leader of the gang smuggling drugs just so he could see her. The reason why half his face is gone is he tried to save Tsukuyo from a fire and ended up getting trapped in it. Everyone thought he had died. He keeps calling her his 'creation' and says that Gintoki's group are ruining it. Gintoki fights Jiraia again, but loses and passes out from the injuries and lands in the sea. He was knocked out for 3 days. The ninja Zenzo, who hasn't appeared in a long time, had saved Gintoki and dropped him off at Hinowa's. (He's the ninja with the hemorrhoid problem :P) The picture above is what he looks like, although it looks like an odd one of him, to me. Tsukuyo gets taken and put on Jiraia's web. He's planning on burning Yoshiwara to the ground. O_O

I played Full Moon, a new game on Gamershood. It has interesting puzzles. You have to help a rabbit get what he wants. It's kind of a cute game. ^_^ I did 5 more puzzles of Picma. Only one more left and I make it to master level. :D I decided to give drawing a break today. I'll probably draw something tomorrow. ;)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Super Beast

By Rob Zombie. Hi! Today I kind of goofed off a bit in the morning. I thought it was ok since I was gone most of the day yesterday and wasn't caught up with the forums online. XD So, I didn't write or read manga. I did watch a thing on organizing your home on Japan TV. It was very interesting. Kind of cool that I got to see some of the Japanese products people had in their home. Like food, refrigerators (which looks a bit odd to me. The big part opens upwards instead of to the side. o.o), clothes, etc. And a lot of the tips we already do here at home. It was interesting how similar it was. The person they were helping out had piles of papers everywhere, food just all over the place, etc. She was pretty bad at organizing. The people that helped her came in, and after they left it was like a brand new place. It was kind of amazing to see the before and after pictures.


Problem 3 of the practice test was about what words actually make sense in the sentence. The example sentence looked like: さむいですね。まどを ___ ください。This means: It's cold isn't it. Window ____ please. I got the correct answer which was: しめて or to close. The sentence in English would be more like: Cold isn't it. Please close the window. The actual next question was a bit more funny. It was: この ___は おいしいです。In English: This ___ is delicious. The choices were: かびん or vase, とけい or watch, めがね or glasses (for your eyes), or やさい or vegetable. The correct answer was obviously the vegetable one. It was funny because I don't think people eat vases, watches, or glasses. :P Tomorrow, I'll talk about problem 4. It's the last one for the vocab section of the practice test.

In Hetalia, Germany finds the letter Italy was going to give him. Germany thought it was weird for Italy to get so worked up over being forgotten because of his new friend, Russia. He said it would be hard to forget Italy. XD Germany heard from Japan that in order to make a promise with someone, they pinky swear. So, Germany pinky swore with Italy, that he'll never forget about him and they will help each other out. (I'm curious if Japan was really the one who used the 'pinky swear' thing first. :P) They gave a bit of history saying on May 22nd 1939, the Italo- German Alliance Pact of Steel was signed. (Steel?) The G8 meets again. They remembered to ask if Canada was there! That was a first. -_- Sealand came in and impersonated Canada. (Which was pretty random, since they haven't had Sealand on since the beginning of the show.) Russia didn't see Canada and was sitting on him. More like crushing him, he mumbled 'maple.' XD I feel so sorry for that character. :(

I found out what Picma comes from (I thought Picma was another form of Picross- which is a Nintendo DS version of this puzzle) it's really called Nonogram puzzles. An example would be above. They can get extremely complicated! I made it to the expert level of Picma, and now I can solve them just as fast as the fastest players. Crazy! I think I love puzzles a bit too much. -_- But, it was really fun! I haven't gotten to master level, but I think I will next time.

I finally finished coloring my drawing! It took forever! I think mostly because I took so long to decide which colors would be best in the sunset. The actual drawing of it didn't take very long. But, wahoo! It's the biggest drawing I've done, filling up the entire space! I'll try to fit most of it on deviantART after this. Not sure how good it will turn out on there, but we'll see. It really has a cool effect. ^_^

A funny skit about lost cell phones:
Another funny skit, this time about what it would be like to hear what your dog is saying:
This one is a similar skit, but it really reminds me of Buster:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Roses Are Red

By Aqua. Hi! Well, most of the day I was at the Hadassah Kick- Off Brunch event. The president of our group, who we're friends with, drove my mom and I. Which was very nice. :D Mom made a tallit set as a donation for the raffle. It was kind of cool that a lot of people wanted it. The only downside was they didn't say her name when they presented it like everybody else. They just said and here's a beautiful purple tallit set. Kind of made me disappointed in them. -_- But, at least she put some of her cards next to it on the table, and the person who drove us is thinking of mentioning that my mom made the tallit and about her website in the next Hadassah newsletter. So, at least she'll have a bit more publicity that way.

The food was awesome! There was a salad with apple slices, gargonzola, spinach (I think?), and a nice sweet dressing. There were lots of fruit, like melon slices, orange slices, grapes, and more. Also they had an assortment of scones and muffins. They had a sort of squash medley, which I'm not a fan of squash, so I didn't have it. They had blintzes with some mango and blueberries on top, which were good but a bit too sweet to me. :P The last thing they had was salmon in very good creamy almost garlicy type sauce, with scallions on top. XD For drinks there was decaf and regular coffee, cranberry juice, tea, and some other fruit juices. Oh, and they had little chocolates around each person's place on the table.

The speaker was an actress. She wrote a book, and was talking about it. Her book talked about her family and how she came to be an actress. It was pretty funny and interesting. Also, they gave us a free cookbook after we filled out a paper. It was basically a way for us to go on the list so when ever we go to a restaurant in the city they'll give 5% of what we pay as a donation to Hadassah. Which is pretty cool. ^_^ The cookbook was full of recipes compiled from the restaurants who agreed to donate. We didn't get home until about 3:30 maybe 4. We were out since 9:30 though. That's a huge chunk of the day. But, it was nice to see people and be social. :D

A hilarious Japanese skit about baseball:
Another funny Japanese skit about movers (Be sure to press the cc that pops up or
you won't get English subtitles. If it doesn't pop up, press the up arrow in the far right):
A weird one about a restaurant:
A very cool horror Vocaloid video:
Eye test ^_^:
Presents from Mom:
Counting sheep: