Monday, October 5, 2009

More Human Than Human

By Rob Zombie. :P Hi! It was a bit warmer today, so that was nice. :D I did more character descriptions, although it's kind of going slower than I expected. :( I was still only able to do 2 today. I guess the hardest parts are putting what's in your head on paper and coming up with the names. I'm doing first and last names in an interesting way, but it also means it takes a bit more time. Oh, and today somebody actually commented on my deviantART journal, where I talk about what I'm planning and doing for writing and drawing. I didn't think anyone would read it. =^_^=

In Naruto, Sasuke finally gets out of the sealed box and runs away from everyone. Lee shows up, and tells Naruto to follow Sasuke, and he'll take care of Kimimaro. Lee survived his surgery and ran away from the hospital to help the team. Funny thing is, he thought he took his medicine bottle. It was really a sake bottle that had been next to it. :D Gai was explaining that when Lee accidentally got drunk before he went into a 'drunken frenzy'. He's a natural user of the Drunken Fist. When drunk, he's faster and is very unpredictable. Kimimaro explains his blood line ability a bit more, calling it Morphic Bones. He can control his bones, forming and destroying his own cells, as well as the density of his calcium to manipulate the formation of bones. o_O He can also make more or less than the 200 bones that the human body has. (His character's really interesting to me, it's sad he doesn't last long.) The sand siblings: Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro come in as allies to help Konoha. Gaara comes in just in time to help Lee. Temari helps Shikamaru, and Kankuro helps Kiba. Gaara says he's helping because he owes a large debt to Konoha. He says this while thinking about Naruto. Before they were forced to betray the leaf, because Orochimaru's sound shinobi had taken over. Temari and Kankuro kill the enemies almost instantly. (They're awesome!) ^_^ Gaara was just getting started when I stopped.

I did a lot of the ka section. There's so many words for it! O_O 回 or kai means counter for occurences or counter for innings (baseball). 階 or kai (yeah, I know again.) means counter for stories or floors or levels of a building. 外国 or gaikoku means foreign country. 外国人 or gaikokujin means foreigner. 会社 or kaisha means company or workplace. 階段 or kaidan means stairs. 買い物 or kaimono means shopping. 顔 or kao means face. 鍵 or kagi means key. 学生 or gakusei means student. カ月 or ヵ月 or ケ月 or ヶ月 or kagetsu means (number of) months. (First time there's so many kanji for the same thing. Although, it looks like it's really just 2 versions, and the others are lower case or something.) 傘 or kasa means umbrella. (I like that it kind of looks like one for the kanji.) :D 風 or kaze means breeze or wind. 風邪 or kaze (weird, that it's pronounced the same, you'd think they would add something to it.) means cold (illness) or the common cold. 家族 or kazoku means family. 片仮名 or katakana is one of the Japanese syllabaries. (I know this section seems small from my post, but I didn't add all the verbs.) XD

Wow, Gintama started this season kind of on a serious note. The yorozuya visit Tsukuyo in Yoshiwara seeing how things have changed since Gintoki liberated them. Crime's on the rise, and the crime that's committed the most is the selling of illegal drugs to their prostitutes. No one knows the true identity of the person who's selling them. Although, Tsukuyo thinks he has a red spider tattoo. So, Gintoki and Tsukuyo go and see if the 'Red Spiders' gang or the Benigumoto have anything to do with it. Apparently, Gintoki's terrified of spiders, because one crawls on his back and he freaks out, bumps into Tsukuyo's boobs, and her reaction was to throw him through the wall. XD Gintoki's plan: Act like a married thug couple who have kids, and ask to join the group. So, they can get more info on the illegal drugs. They're both accepted, but since Gintoki didn't do much, they don't quite trust him. Eventually, the group tricks them and takes them somewhere. They bust out of the truck, but after trying to pinpoint the leader of the gang they get ambushed. The end of the episode stopped on a cliff hanger. :( The new ending credits were funny. All of the characters come out and walk with Gintoki, Kagura, and Shinpachi. Funny, because they're up to their usual antics. XD

For games, I did the When Penguins Attack thing again. This time I made walls of towers, it was fun to see the penguin army die almost instantly. XD Although, it didn't take long for them to become stronger and kill me. ;) For drawing, I tried to correct the guy's shoulder. It looked like one side was bigger than the other. O_O That took a while to figure out, because I'm still a bit new to anatomy. I fixed the legs a bit too. Since I think I was pretty happy with his head, I inked it. I also drew his hands curled up a bit. I think I still need to work on that, but maybe I'll do that tomorrow. I also added a pretty long and thick tail. That was fun to draw! (It curled a bit more than my Gaia avatar I made.) No Youtube, since I didn't find any good ones yesterday. :(

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