Friday, July 30, 2010

Cheesecake Day!


Wahoo! It's Cheesecake Day! :iconcheesecakeplz: I used to hate cheesecake. :iconkikuplz:I started to really like it when I had it at a camp a while ago. (Odd place to eat it, I think.) I think when I tried it before, it was too rich or was horribly made. I also like when it's not just the cheesecake flavor. Plus, going to The Cheesecake Factory when I visited New York City, made me love it even more.:iconhungaryplz:

I was going to post sooner, but my computer was having issues again.:iconohboyamericaplz: Did a scan disk check, which took a long time. Apparently, there were some corrupted files. Today was freezing at first, and when the sun finally came out a little after noon, it was nice and warm. :iconchibicanadaplz:I posted a pic: Huge Lobster on dA. This thing was huge! :iconitalyishorrifiedplz: At least to me, it was. There'll be better pics of it coming up. I already had someone fave it! :iconchibipolandplz:

I met my psychiatrist yesterday. It's funny, because I think that was the shortest appointment I've had. :iconchibirussiaplz: It lasted only 10 minutes. She was very nice, and helpful. We talked about the meds I'm on, first. About how I think we should try and not order a 3 month supply next time. That last month, the meds seem to be not as potent. :iconwtfukplz: So, I don't feel as stable. She agreed to having it as a 2 month supply this time. Should be just right. :iconthailandplz: She told me if I ever feel slightly like I'm not as stable, I should call her. It's nice she said that. Then, we talked a bit about some of the big things in my life. Odd that talking about my dad being transgendered took up more time, than talking about my mom who has a couple of different types of cancer. :iconromanoplz:She was a bit overwhelmed. I honestly, wouldn't blame her. :icontinoplz: Then, I asked about a recommendation for a therapist. She said there's someone who's down to earth, has a good sense of humor, and is a bit more understanding of the stuff I'm going through. She recommends her to a lot of her patients. Most have loved her. Sounds like a good candidate. :iconeestiplz: She also told me that there's a guy, who basically is fresh out of school, who's going to be working there in a couple of months. He's a psychologist, and will be closer in age to me. She said if I don't mind that he's a guy, he might be good too. I really don't care about gender when it's something that deals with my mental health.:iconchibijapanplz: If it was for a gynecologist, maybe. But, the head's different. I looked up the info for the therapist she suggested at first, and she's a social worker. I'm not used to those. But, maybe she'll be a good one. :iconkumajiroplz: So, the plan is to see that therapist for a couple of months, and if I don't like her, I can switch to the psychologist. Nice to have a back-up person. :iconchibisitalyplz: She acted like she was running out of time, and started to motor-mouth the last couple of minutes. I understood it, but it was a bit weird. (Maybe she was nervous?:iconchibilithuaniaplz:) Other than that, she was great. :iconheroamericaplz:
I finished everything on the grill's manual! :party: Including the extra stuff at the bottom. Might look a bit at the front cover, but I'm done with translating it. Next, I'll put it all together, and try to make sense of some of those sentences I had issues with. It will make a nice English copy of it for myself. :iconspainplz: Here are the last parts of it: 発売元: エコー金属株式会社 (Hatsubaimoto: Ekoo kinzoku kabushikigaisha) Sales Agency: Echo Metal Company (Corporation) 新潟県燕市小中川1782 (Niigataken tsubameshi konakagawa 1782) Tsubame City, Niigata Perfecture, 1782 Konakagawa. Now, I have their address! :iconenglandispervyplz:紙: ラベル プラ: 袋 (Kami: raberu Pura: fukuro) Label: recyclable paper. Bag: recyclable plastic. They had their recycling symbols around the words for paper and plastic. Pura is an abbreviated form of the word for plastic. (Which would be pla for us.) Very interesting stuff. :iconchibiswedenplz:

deviantART faves: APH- America x3 for Kiriban Tea PArty cupcakes APH: Alfred's birthday I did not make these! First, a drawing of 3 versions of America from Hetalia. America from the Revolutionary War, when he was a kid, and his current self. Very cute. Second, an amazing pic of cupcakes. Makes me hungry just looking at them. Third, a funny drawing of America's birthday. Him with a burger cake, soda, and some other things. In the series, burgers are his fave thing, after all. 

Just heard we're going to have roasted chicken, snap peas, and wild rice for Shabbat dinner. (Of course, that's also with Challah.) Sounds really good. :iconitalyplz: For dessert, French Silk Creme pie. I love that stuff! :iconchibispainplz:

Thursday, July 29, 2010

National Milk Chocolate Day!


Wahoo! For Milk Chocolate!:iconyaykumajiroplz:Sorry, it's a bit belated. It was yesterday. Chocolate's awesome! It should have its own day. :iconchibiamericaplz:Although, I've seen that all the different kinds have a day devoted to them. Weird. :confused:

Today's been freezing! :iconwtfromanoplz: Well, colder than a normal summer day. Not like it's 30 degrees or something. It's barely made it to 60, though. I have an appointment with my new psychiatrist later. Hopefully, she's good. I'm still a bit nervous about it. :iconchibilithuaniaplz: I posted 2 pics: Random Fish 2 More Fish They might not be the best, but they're up. The next ones should be a lot more interesting. I also edited chapter 11 a bit. Then, printed it off, so I can edit the hard copy version. Somehow, I can always see more mistakes on that than on the computer. :iconchibisitalyplz:

I watched the last episode of Mr. Brain yesterday. I love this show! :iconhungaryplz:Why does it have to end?:iconromanoplz: Only had 8 episodes. They caught the bomber. The 2 policemen I like survived the blast. Although, since Rinda tried to save someone, he was the last to leave. And, had to be hospitalized. Mr. Brain or Tsukumo is going to America to find out more about his brain and how their forensics/neuroscience is. On his way to New York, someone hijacked his plane with a bomb. He knew right away that it was fake. His laugh is kind of disturbing, but I'll miss it. :iconkikuplz: Maybe they'll make a 2nd season. :eager: I'm thinking of trying to find a similar show, or one that has either the actor who played Tsukumo, or some of the others that I like. Like his assistant, the policemen, etc. One possibility I saw might be Bloody Monday. But, I don't know. I'll look around some more. :iconmoarplz:
I finished the little box in the manual. Just have a little of the 'extras' left. サイズ/約~24.5cm (Saizu/yaku~ 24.5cm) Size/approx. ~24.5cm. 材質/本体:鉄(スズメッキ)(Zaishitsu/hontai: tetsu (suzumekki)) Material Properties/Body: Iron (Tinning) ハンドルバネ:鉄(亜鉛メッキ)(Amihandorubane: tetsu (aen mekki)) NetHandleSprings: Iron (Zinc Plated). 

Naruto Shippuden was a bit lame. :iconpolandplz: Everyone was younger and it was just before the final Chuunin exam. It was like watching the first series all over again. :iconchibijapanplz:If I wanted to do that, I would have. I wanted to watch what happens when Naruto talks to Nagato. I guess they'll have that next week. But, they took 2 episodes (1 hour special) for this travel back through time? Why?! :iconromanorageplz: I know people said the first series were full of fillers, and I admit some of it was. But, this was worse than filler to me. :iconbraginskiplz:

deviantART fave: APH- Bilingual I did not make this! South Korea and Taiwan from Hetalia as a couple. Cute. Very nice drawing, too. :iconchibihungaryplz:

I don't think I posted this on here. I uploaded this on youtube a couple of days ago. It was the fountain at Veteran's Park in Florida. Not the best, but I was testing that function out on my digital camera. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sukiyanen, Osaka!


By Kanjani8. It's a phrase that basically means: I Love Ya, Osaka! Really funny and a feel good song. Has become a new fave! :dummy: I think I'm starting to really like this band. :iconchibihungaryplz: And, now I want to visit Osaka even more! I'll post the video, at the end, too.

It's been a normal summer day. Cool in the morning, and nice and warm in the afternoon. I couldn't ask for anything better! :iconsleepygreeceplz: The next few days are similar. I might have finished chapter 11. It's 90 pages now! :wow: I'll have to start editing it tomorrow. :work: I played some more Irish tunes. Wasn't too bad. I'm going to have to get rid of some of the songs I got a couple of days ago. Some aren't as good as I thought they would be. :iconhongkongplz: I worked some more on the extras for the grill's manual. So far, it's about size, in the box labelled what they called Quality Indication. Interesting.

I watched the xxxHolic: Rou (Cage) movie, or OVA, yesterday. I love the series, and wish it would come back, instead of just having a movie. :iconswissplz: It started with Yuko disappearing, and 10 years pass. Watanuki is now the shop owner. He smokes the same pipe Yuko did, along with similar clothes. I like his grown-up self more. :iconchibisitalyplz: Doumeki is a professor at the local college and checks in on Watanuki every once in a while. Himawari, apparently, is married. Kohane's one of Doumeki's students. Cool, we get to see her much older, too. :iconthailandplz: At the end, Yuko didn't really disappear she just reincarnated/possessed (either way you want to look at it) a girl. This seemed a little too short. I know some OVA's have a couple of episodes, and I hope that's the case with this one. Seemed a bit abrupt. :iconhre-plz:

I watched Bambino, too. Interesting they made him cook in a challenge against a more experienced cook. He lost, but in a way he won. (You'd have to see that episode.) The person who makes the desserts, or dulce, breaks his arm. And, they want Ban to help him out. :iconchibijapanplz:
In O-parts Hunter, Jio wakes up and transforms into Satan. Then, fights Wise and Mekisis. A new OPT appears named Shuri, who's a member of Zenom. Her O-part's called Race, which is similar to a long chain. The effect is unknown. Jio returns to his old self and realizes he's face to face with Wise on top of Mekisis. They battle it out. Wise is really starting to remind me of Gaara from Naruto. Giggle Jio beats Wise, and Mekisis eats and absorbs him. :iconitalyishorrifiedplz:
In Fairy Tail, Lucy's team ended up getting their punishment even though the Master was away. They read off a quest poster aloud, that said if you can decipher it, you'll be rewarded. As soon as they said it, they switched bodies. Gray with Lucy, Erza with Happy (the cat), and Natsu with Loke. (Loke's the one who tries to charm women.) Hilarity ensues, and they spend most of the episode trying to get back to normal. :iconchibicanadaplz: In the end, only Gray and Lucy switch back. 

I finished inking Zero for the >:] box in the meme. I screwed up a bit on inking part of his eye, and tried to cover it up with white out. I'm hoping that works.:iconkikuplz: I just started drawing him in the D: box. Really, just has a head at the moment, no face. :iconwtfromanoplz: I have a lot of ideas for this one, though. EVIL Laughter! Let's hope it comes out. I'm halfway through this meme. It hasn't really been that long. :iconchibiamericaplz:

deviantART: In Depth Character Profile 4Kama- Pants APH- Greece and Chibi Turkey I did not make these! First, another great meme to help me build up my characters more. Second, a funny comic by an awesome artist. It's in Tagalog, but he has an English version in his comments. There's not much dialog, though. Third, a cute drawing of Greece carrying a tiny Turkey, both from Hetalia. She's one of the newer artists I added to my list, but so far her art's been great! 

The video for Sukiyanen, Osaka! Looks like they had a fun time making it: