Thursday, July 8, 2010

So Hot!


We've already reached 90! :iconwtfromanoplz:They say we'll be like 92. But, oddly, they said we'd reach 80 at noon. It was earlier than that. :iconseychelles-plz: Yesterday, we broke the record high. I didn't feel too bad until after we ate dinner. Then, I was a lot better after making a huge thing of iced tea. I guess that's going to be my new friend. :iconfrancisplz: Today's Video Game Day! PartyWahoo! Video games are fun. Maybe I'll play the Sims 2, Fate, or Fable later to celebrate. (More excuses! :iconitalyplz: Very interesting and fun month.) 

I posted another pic: Hammerhead Close-Up It's the same hammerhead from last time, only this was when it swam closer to me. :iconchibicanadaplz:I finally decided on a name for one of my new characters. :iconeestiplz: The only problem is I have to pick a surname. If it takes too long to decide tomorrow, I might just stick with his first name. But, that wouldn't be as fun to me! 

In Dear, Chiruha and Kisara are growing closer, and seem to be happy. Kisara has a mission at a big party and invites Chiruha. The captain bumps into Purino. Immediately, he falls for her. Kurenai and Carol are with her. Carol thinks the best way to get info on the Lycanthrope is to be arrested by the Punitive Force. He decides that he and Kurenai will act like they're fighting over Purino. It will cause such a disturbance, they'll be arrested. It works. Just when Purino was about to be arrested she sensed something from Kisara. He sensed it too. She thinks that Kisara's the Lycanthrope she's been searching for. (She's a bit off. Oh, and they're in the pic above.) She gets thrown in jail, mainly because she started barking and biting Kurenai's arm. Kisara, Chiruha, and the captain arrive at the party.

I played more Irish tunes. Some I haven't played in a very long time. Really got into it.:iconeduardplz: It was pretty good. I'm almost done with another sentence from the grill's manual. Oh, and I looked at the JLPT's site to see if they posted anything yet. The new test will be on December 5th. Registration doesn't start until August 2nd and goes until September 24th. Also, it's going to be $40 again, for the level I'm taking. If it's once a year, it's really not very much. :iconchibisitalyplz: (Soon it might be twice a year, they're still debating. Still that's not much.) Nice they finally had that stuff up! :iconchibifinlandplz:Except, I looked at my test site and supposedly there's a limit in seats. Last time, there wasn't. I have to register as soon as I can, then! :iconberwaldplz:I have to take it! :iconprussiaplz:

I was going to watch Naruto Shippuden, but they're not airing it this week. :iconhongkongplz: Instead, it will be a one hour special next week. It's at such an intense and awesome point in the series, it's hard to just wait. :iconus-xdplz: Although, maybe that means it will be all the more enjoyable? :iconspainplz:

A couple of nights ago, I made a new list of possible anime to watch. That includes a couple of movies and specials. A lot of them are new, and debut this month. Apparently, this is the start of the new summer anime season? :iconchibispainplz:I'm usually not on top of that. :icontinoplz: I just thought it would be good, since I've been trying to find good shows for Fridays, and maybe for when I finish shows. :iconkikuplz: New anime I'm interested in watching: High School of the Dead (might be too ecchi, but it's an interesting looking zombie anime), Kuroshitsuji 2 (when I finish the first series), Shiki (Cool, scary and interesting anime. Looks like it has a lot of promise. Let's hope so.), and Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin or Occult Academy (know the least about). Movies/specials: Naruto Shippuden: The Lost Tower, xxxHolic Rou, Hetalia Axis Powers: Oresama Nikki, Ginmaku Hetalia- Axis Powers Paint It, White (Shioku Nure!), Gintama: Shinyaku Benizakura-Hen. Ginmaku just means Silver Screen. I really want to watch the Gintama and Hetalia movies. :iconhungaryplz: Lots of hype, and I love both. :iconthailandplz: I'm also thinking of watching Yumeiro Patissiere. Which, is still semi-new and still going. I think it debuted in the Spring. It's an interesting cooking anime. I liked things like Yakitate Japan, so maybe I'll like this one.:iconkumajiroplz:  Now all I have to do is decide on one for tomorrow. 

I'm currently trying to pick which meme I'd like to fill out.:iconchibilithuaniaplz: I didn't realize they're such huge files, and they would take pages to print out. :iconitalyishorrifiedplz: So, I'm not sure if this is how everyone does them, but I'm going to have to draw them first on my drawing pad. I have to make sure I have the right size for each box. Then, I can scan, cut, and paste each one. I would like to find a short one for my first. One that I can just print out and work on. It would be less of a hassle. :iconswissplz:We'll see. Whatever I decide, at some point, I have to do a certain long one. Because I kind of promised the creator I would. :iconwtfromanoplz: So, it wouldn't be fair if I didn't. 

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