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By Annamari and Robert Georgescu. This was Romania's entry for the 2010 Eurovision contest. Apparently, one of Romania's possible entries. The one that went on to compete is called Playing with Fire by Paula Seling and Ovi. I like this one, a bit more though. :icontinoplz: Kind of a cool, energetic, dance song.:dance: Also, seems to have traces of traditional music in the background. 

Wow! It's already getting really warm. :iconsleepygreeceplz: We're in the high 80's so far. People are still saying it will reach 90. Tomorrow they say it will be like 92. We might break a few records. Oh, and today's Chocolate Day!:iconchocolatebarplz:Chocolate's so awesome, it has a holiday devoted to it! :iconchibiamericaplz:Got to have some later or something. (Really just an excuse. :iconfrancisplz:) I posted a pic and a drawing: Little Hammerhead Zero and Loathe The first, a hammerhead we saw at Gumbo Limbo. Second, 2 original characters from my story, Alliance. Technically, Zero and Loathe are the same character, but it's complicated. I'd spoil it for people if I told them the story behind those characters. :iconbraginskiplz: I think the drawing came out pretty well. Much better than my previous ones. I guess I'm still improving. I find it funny that Loathe was the easiest to draw. A couple of people have already faved the pic. One actually commented! :iconchibihungaryplz: That doesn't happen too often. :iconbrothercanadaplz: I'm thinking of filling out some of the memes next. Might draw a little of the next character too. But, it's going to be mostly memes for a little while. :icontinoplz: I'll get to develop and torture my characters more.:iconprussiaplz:Those text ones sound interesting too. Will help with their development even more. I played more Irish tunes. Wasn't too bad. Only had one big slip-up which I lost my place. Wasn't fantastic, but not bad either. :iconeduardplz:

I saw a huge raccoon this morning. :iconitalyishorrifiedplz: (Like the size of a big dog.) She was messing around on the deck. Even looked inside our house a couple of times. Then, she walked off and explored our yard. Eventually, I think she heard me and froze for a minute. Finally, she just walked away. There's a small family of raccoons that live around the greenbelt or woods behind us. They've lived there for years. But, they don't come out in broad daylight usually. There are certain times of the year where they go off to find a stream that runs through. Usually, they have to cross our yard to get to it. I've seen like a family of 5 go single file along what looks like a tiny path. It's very cute, although a little scary at the same time. (They're vicious things!)
In O-Parts Hunter, Ball's spirit finally released. He beats Museshi with his 'cool ball'. The leader of the resistance finally makes it to the government's broadcasting room, but gets ambushed by a Zenom. Jio comes in just in time and saves him. Jagga goes crazy with power and gets sucked into Mekisis. He's the 'sacrifice' needed to make the O-part work. It was all so Wise could control it. 
I finished one sentence from the grill's manual. Starting another. 使用後は食器用洗剤でよく洗い、水気をふき取ってから収網してください。(Shiyou go wa shokki you senzai de yoku arai, mizuke o fuki totte kara shuu mou shite kudasai.) Please, after properly washing tableware with cleanser, use the vapor and hold from the supply netting. (Sounds funny, I'll go over it later on.) 

I also watched an interesting show called Walking the Kumano Kodo on TV Japan. It follows a woman who's walking the entire length of the trail. It used to be used as a pilgrimage route from Kyoto to Osaka. It leads to some famous shrines on the Kii Peninsula. There's many different little shrines along the way. I read that there are about 99 recorded small shrines. It became a World Heritage site in 2004. I think she made it to the Hongo Temple this time. It was really cool to see the sights along the way. I wouldn't mind walking a little of it. :iconchibisitalyplz:
In Fairy Tail, as soon as Gray was about to use Iced Shell (which would have killed him) Natsu punched him. He said, 'Since when is dying finishing a battle? Ain't that just running away?' Zalty tilted the ruins back to what it was. Natsu goes off to fight him, while Gray fights Lyon. (This is part of Gray and Lyon's fight. Probably not the best screencap.) Gray wins the fight. At the end, Deliora came out of the ice. 

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