Thursday, July 22, 2010



By Kanjani8. A funny, and feel good type song. They sound like they had fun making it, too. A new fave! :dummy: I'm going to find more music later! :iconberwaldplz:

It's been kind of cold today, but the weekend looks like it would be nice.:icontinoplz:  I woke up late, and didn't really have time to do much. :iconpolandplz: So, this will probably be a short post. I just was passed out last night. Must've really worn myself out. :faint:Sometimes that's a good thing, right? :iconchibicanadaplz:Since I've changed my routine a little, I haven't had problems sleeping. I also feel a lot healthier. That means I have to keep it up! :eager: Unless they skipped this week, I'll probably watch Naruto Shippuden later. I sure hope they didn't! :iconchibienglandplz: I'll also watch some more online Japanese TV, might draw some more, watch Bambino, and other stuff. I'll get some of my Japanese for the day, done this way. (Might even play a little Sims 2. :iconhurrplz:) Mom might have found me someone to talk to in Japanese! Wahoo!:iconyaykumajiroplz:That would be nice! 

Oh, and yesterday I made an awesome lunch. :iconchibipolandplz: (At least, to me, it was awesome!) It was the left over rice I had made for onigiri, cut up pieces of salami, tiny red and orange sweet peppers, soy sauce, sweetener, garlic, and 7-spice powder all heated and mixed together. It was amazing! :iconhungaryplz: I wasn't sure if it would come out, since I was experimenting. Someone faved my Zero drawing and a shark pic! Really nice! :iconsleepygreeceplz:

deviantART faves: Tako Fishing With Norway Sailing Under The Summer Sky I did not make these! First, a funny comic about Tako vs. Taco. Tako is octopus in Japanese, and we pretty much all know what a Taco is. Spain gets confused. Second, another funny comic using Norway and Iceland from Hetalia. Didn't know they had that type of superstition. :iconnorwayunimpressedplz: Third, another awesome drawing by a great artist. I'm new to her art, but I like it so far. This one was the Nordics, plus Sealand, from Hetalia on a ship in sailor uniforms. I like Iceland and his puffin off to the side. :iconiceland-plz: Norway is having a hard time. 

Funny water ad from Israel:

Funny Thai ad about exercise:

This reminds me of a show that's on CBUT. Canadian station in the Pacific Time Zone Area. It's parent station is the CBC. Yeah, we're that close to the border. :D Can't remember the name of it. Funny!

Funny Thai beer ad:

An awesome burger trick. I know there's something to it, I just can't quite tell:

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