Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Naniwa Iroha Bushi

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By Kanjani8. Naniwa is the old name for Osaka. Iroha is a Japanese poem, and is also sometimes translated as the ABC's or the basics. Bushi is a warrior or samurai. Kind of cool. :iconeduardplz:The lyrics are really beautiful and interesting. Although, at the same time, they bring a bit of comedy to it. :iconseychelles-plz: It makes you want to move and dance. This makes me want to visit Osaka even more. I love their humor, food, music, and culture.:iconchibihungaryplz:

It's been nice and warm today! :iconchibicanadaplz: Oh, I forgot to mention, Monday was Ocean Day or Umi no Hi (海の日) in Japan. Sounds like it would be fun! They visit aquariums, beaches, people get off work, etc. I found TV Tokyo's site, and they have a lot of their programs online. Also seem to be higher quality videos than the ones at Yomiuri. :iconswissplz: They have: news, cultural, drama, anime, and other types of shows. It's at: TV Tokyo So, now I have another option for online Japanese TV. :iconchibisitalyplz:(Since we got rid of TV Japan.) 

We had a leak coming from our ceiling for a while, then it started to bulge big time, eventually we had a piece fall off. :iconitalyishorrifiedplz: It has stopped leaking, but it looks like it'll collapse or something. Just had a plumber come in and look at it. He said it was a leak from my bathroom upstairs. So, supposedly the seal was gone from the toilet and he replaced it, and added another. I think I just heard that we'll need to replace the whole toilet soon. :iconwtfromanoplz:But, for now, it's temporarily fixed. Great! Maybe I'll get to use it? :iconkumajiroplz:

I'm going to start the search for a new psychiatrist later. Hopefully, I'll find one that's good. :icontinoplz:I wrote a little of chapter 11. Didn't get much done, since my computer was having a hard time waking up. :iconchibirussiaplz:Played some more Irish tunes. I was doing pretty well until I got pissed off at something.:iconchibienglandplz: (Not going to say at what or really who. But, later I felt better about it.) I'm still working on a sentence from the grill's manual. I'm almost done with the whole manual! :wow:
In O-Parts Hunter, Amidaba tells Kirin to protect Ruby. The necklace starts to shine brightly. It's in reaction to the spirit power of the city people. When all their hearts are combined at one time, it will change into a tremendous power. So, it reacts and absorbs energy. Ruby and Kirin meet up with Jio. Ruby throws the necklace at mekisis, and it destroys the barrier. Jio's spirit is huge now! The new Zero O-part has triple the power and it's a b-rank. After taking a slice out of Mekisis, Wise gets pissed and traps him in some sort of ooze. Jio sees Satan inside his head. Satan's been using Jio's body as a tool. He tells him if he doesn't want to be alone, than he has to use his power. He agrees to it, and Satan marks his hand as 'proof' of the pact. It's 666, representing Satan's power. Now, that hand's an O-part too. It has the power to absorb energy. 
In Fairy Tail, the island was covered by an evil lens. A gas was released during the creation of the Moon Drip. The gas crystallized and became a lens covering the sky. This lens made the moon look purple. Erza broke through the lens. (It's shattering in the pic.) The lens had affected the villagers' memories. They thought they were humans turned into demons. But, they were really just demons who could take a human form. Bobo's alive! He was the only one who gained back his memories before. After the lens is shattered, and Erza tells them what was really going on, they all start getting their memories back. They were so happy, they invited Natsu, Erza, Gray, Happy, and Lucy to a feast. Lyon's 'friends' show up, and eventually apologize for what they did. Erza tells them they're not taking the reward, and even when they say take it as a thanks, she says all they need is the Zodiac key. (Which is the Sagittarius one.) They leave on the pirate ship Erza hijacked. Siegrain was behind the whole plan, saying at the end that it was part of his big dream. Zalty's really Ul's daughter. 

Finished drawing and inking Zero in the XD box for the meme. I think that one turned out better than the other 2. :iconheroamericaplz:Going to move on to the :p box tomorrow. Looks like another fun one!:iconchibiamericaplz:

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