Tuesday, July 13, 2010



By Feist. This one's one of my top faves. :iconchibicanadaplz:Ranks higher than One Evening to me. I think the first time I heard this one was in an iPod commercial. It was also the first song I heard of by Feist. It's kind of fun. :iconsleepygreeceplz:Still have to find more songs! :iconberwaldplz:

It was a little warmer than yesterday. :iconthailandplz: Still not our normal temps, though. I edited and wrote more of chapter 11. Named one more new character. These 2 characters are important to the story, so I had to give them names. :iconchibisitalyplz: Tomorrow, I'll have to come up with their character descriptions and add them to the list. I played more Irish tunes. Played a little better than yesterday. :iconspainplz:Only had a couple of fumbles. I'll try to not make any tomorrow! :iconchibiswedenplz:I finished another sentence from the grill's manual. It came out so odd sounding, it's one of the ones I'll definitely have to go over again. :iconchibigermanyplz:Also, the online dictionary that I use is updating their database. So, it will be improved soon. It really needed to be. :iconchibiaustriaplz:I'm thinking of starting an anime called Yumeiro Patisserie later today. 
In Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Sensei gets thrown in jail because the school thinks his name will bring bad luck to the students taking their exams. (When his name's written a certain way it's read as Zetsubou. Which means Despair.) Somehow his student stalker Matoi, got into the cell with Sensei unnoticed. Eventually, Chiri says all the students should rescue Sensei. They break into the jail and start killing the guards violently. Each student has their own way of attacking. Meru uses a drill built into her cell phone, Chiri uses a shovel, and Mayo uses her bat. Kaga, who is always saying sorry, bows quickly when saying it. Knocking more guards out. (It was funny to watch that in the anime.) They finally bust him out of his cell. Kafuka turns him into a giant Luck-Charm, saying it's the opposite of what people thought. Students should worship him in order to do well on their exams. I love how she can twist things around. 
In Kuroshitsuji, this part's totally different than what happens next in the manga. It's an entirely different story. Maybe they'll have it in the manga further on than where I'm at? :iconkumajiroplz:They go to check out the castle Ciel just bought. Since, people were saying there were ghosts there. (And wouldn't work on it.) There really are 2 ghosts haunting it. One's the King of England, Edward V. The other's his younger brother Richard. They died and started haunting it in 1483, and it's currently 1883. (The sad story of them is actually real, but people don't know if they survived the tower. In this, they obviously died.:iconsadrussia:) After losing a game, Sebastian becomes their butler for a while. Richard's always carrying a skull and talks to it. (The one in the pic.) His brother assumes it's Richard's own skull. Kind of creepy. Edward doesn't remember their deaths, but remembers glimpses of it while Sebastian's holding the skull. He thinks if the skull is on the chess table, they'll be able to go to heaven. Nothing happens when they do.:iconchibijapanplz: He remembers everything later. Their bones were never found, but they go to heaven after Edward remembers. At the end, Ciel had their graves made next to the castle. 

I played Age of War 2 again. It's got to be one of the best TD/strategy games online! :iconchibispainplz:I won pretty quickly again. 

I decided on a meme to fill out. I think the one I chose is the easiest one to do for my first. It's an emote meme. Where your OC is making whatever emotion is shown. Some emotes being: :D   o//o    >_<#    T^T    :]    D:<   +//+  ._.U Fun! :dummy: There's only one problem, I can't decide which character to use. :iconromanoplz: I started drawing Gun on :D. But, I'm not sure if I really want to use him. (A character that's most of the time, emotionless.:iconwtfromanoplz:) I was thinking maybe Zero or Shadow. Shadow's my main character so it might be good to do. :iconchibifinlandplz: But, I think Zero will have better expressions. I don't know! :iconlietplz:Which one?!:iconraivisplz:

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