Thursday, July 1, 2010

Algo Pequeñito

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By Daniel Diges. In English: Something Tiny. This was Spain's entry for the Eurovision contest. Sounds cool, and full of emotion. :iconchibispainplz:Another one that probably should have placed higher. The lyrics are pretty interesting in English, too. :iconheroamericaplz:

Well, it was even colder today. :iconnataliaplz: They said we're 10 degrees below normal. I'm wearing a hoodie and it's the beginning of July! Not right to me! :iconromanorageplz: Also, happy Canada Day to the Canadians out there! :flagcanada: Hope it was great! I posted 2 pics on dA: Weird Plant More of the Sunset These are still from Veteran's Park. The first, a really strange looking plant. :iconromanoplz: People told me it was probably a seedling for a palm tree. Ugly way to start out, I think. :icontinoplz: The other, more of the sunset. I don't know if it was good or not. :iconswissplz:I like the colors in the sky, and how dark everything else was. Cool effect. I also may have narrowed down where my new character's from. Played more Irish tunes. Fumbled a bit, but still wasn't bad. 
In Dear, Kurenai and Carol join Purino on her journey. First, they stop at her house. It's hilarious how clumsy she is on the way. They meet her older brother, named Tris. He's got a huge sister complex. He says he's jealous of any man being with her. He looks like he'll kill a guy who gets close to her. When Purino asks for the helicopter and tells him she's going to steer it; they all look at her funny. (Because of her clumsiness and bad luck.) Later, the group sits at a dessert shop while her brother goes to buy some supplies. When they find out Tris is being attacked by an 'animal' formed demon, they rush to save him. They do and Tris' amazed with how well they work together. He agrees on letting them take the helicopter. They find the island a month later. The human captain from the first story saw the helicopter at the end. Hopefully the main stories are going to come together? It's weird how she leaves you hanging in each one. But, never concludes them.
I finished a label and started another sentence from the grill's manual. By the way, I'm almost done with the manual. Wahoo! お手入れ保管について (Oteirehokan nitsuite) MaintenanceConcerning Storage. 

In Naruto Shippuden, it was just too awesome! :iconus-xdplz: Really good episode. It was the Kyuubi vs Pain. One of the most epic fights so far! The necklace that Tsunade gave Naruto for an extra seal, tried to bring him back to normal. But, the Kyuubi was too powerful and crushed it. It seems no matter what Pain, or really Nagato, dishes out the Kyuubi can withstand it. Hinata might still be alive! She mumbled "Naruto" while they were fighting. Naruto is on the verge of reaching the 9th tail. The villagers are told to evacuate to a further location. They were going to go find Yamato, but he realized something was wrong already, and is heading there. He's the only one who can control the seal. The Kyuubi and Pain go to a different location to fight. Pain uses his Planetary Destruction jutsu, that makes a huge boulder that's like a planet. It has it's own gravitational force, and sucks the Kyuubi up. Inside Naruto, Kyuubi's telling him to give him his soul and rip the seal off. Outside, the Kyuubi busts through the 'planet'. Nagato says it's more powerful than he imagined. His father, the Yondaime (or Minato), saved him from ripping off the seal. He finally gets to meet his father. Although, he's supposed to be dead? 

I played Crush the Castle 2. You crush people's castles with a catapult. Was funny at first. But, got old real quick. There were a lot of other lame games out today. :iconpolandplz:

I gave Zero a better skin tone. And what a difference it made! :iconeduardplz: I used a very light pink/peach before, and today I used a medium shade peach. He doesn't look like a ghost anymore. :iconsleepygreeceplz: It looks better with the other colors in the drawing too. That might be why I felt something was off for a while. Fixed his eyes a bit too. I decided to highlight parts of Loathe with a thick outline. I, by accident, found a way to make his wings look like they're textured! :iconyaykumajiroplz: I like the effect a lot!:iconchibisitalyplz: I think Loathe will be the best part of the drawing. I really wanted Zero to be, but oh well. Looks like I'll be able to post it soon.

deviantART fave: Now How Do I Get Down? I did not make this! A funny LOLcat. 

The first cat with prosthetic feet! 

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