Tuesday, May 31, 2011

National Macaroon Day!


Yay for macaroons!:dummy:They're one of the few things I can tolerate coconut flakes in. There's many different flavors, and it's popular around the world. I like the chocolate ones the most.:iconchibinitalyplz:They were created in an Italian monastery in 1792. 

It's been cold and rainy today. Funny, because I actually feel good.:iconseychelles-plz:Weather doesn't match my mood. We had hamburgers and grilled corn on the cob. Good stuff!:iconchibiamericaplz:I personally like to cut the kernels off, and eat them in big chunks. Still tastes good, and I don't get too much stuff stuck between my teeth.:iconhappychinaplz:We also roasted marshmallows over the stove. I love setting mine on fire.:onfire:And, then when it gets nice and crispy on the outside, yet gooey still in the middle. It was awesome!:iconchibispainplz:But, I burned my lips. Badly enough I needed to put something like Blistex on them.:iconswissplz:Don't know what I'll make tonight yet.:hmm: Someone I knew from high school found and friended me on FB. Kind of nice. 

Watched Hanayome wa Yakudoshi. I feel sorry for Ichiro.:iconwtfromanoplz:He confesses his feelings to Akiko, and she tells him that she doesn't feel anything for him. Which isn't true. She loves him too. Not only that, but Mettv made a mockery of his family. But, Akiko found out that the tapes still haven't been aired, and took them. Jiro and Momoko have already forgiven Akiko. At the end of the episode, she rushes over to help the family protect their peaches from a typhoon that's rolling in. Yukie still doesn't forgive her, and she was told before to never set foot on the farm again. So, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out.:iconicelandmochiplz:

Worked more on the comic essay in You Maga. It's kind of a fun one to do. Read a bit of Dune. Paul's sounding kind of creepy at the moment.:iconchibichinaplz:
In Gosick, even though Victorique was sick with a cold at home, she managed to help solve the case. Kujo did most of the work, though. I have a feeling he probably would have been smart enough to figure it out on his own. But, the detective didn't entire believe him, and he trusts his sister. They saved all the kids from being auctioned off, and found the stolen jewelry. Kujo bought a glass slipper as a souvenir for Victorique. She's apparently using as a pipe holder. I'm starting to really like this series. I think it was just testing the waters with people at first. It seemed weak at the beginning. Now, it's like they're getting the hang of it. I realized it's still an ongoing series, so that should be interesting.
In Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Rin takes the class on a tour of Poower Spots. Spots that are depressing and energy draining just stepping foot in. (Poower came from Poor Luck.) Spots like a vending machine with an empty display. The cell phone shop that fits in a surprisingly narrow space. Bench under a streetlight flickering. They decide sensei himself is a mobile Poower Spot. He makes everyone depressed and have poor luck around him. Eventually, Kafuka decides that if she throws enough negative people into a pit, they'll be turned into positive energy spots. She says, after all 2 negatives equal a positive. She pushes most of the class in a pit. They come out energized and happy looking. The area had warning signs around it, because there's laughing gas emitting from the pit. She's so demented. 

deviantART faves: Strawberry Gateau Time Hi Panda China and Hong Kong Teacup Kitties Yotsubato First, an awesome pic of an amazing looking strawberry cake. Second, a funny comic with China and Hong Kong from Hetalia. Third, cute drawings of kittens in teacups. This is the same artist I watch, who did the truffle bunnies as a countdown for Chinese New Year's. I like most of their stuff. Fourth, a really warm drawing of Yotsuba and her father by someone I watch. I loved that manga. Too bad it seems to be hard to find, and there's not much of a fan base over here. 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011


I don't really consider it a 'happy' day.:iconamericasadchibiplz:So, I'm not putting happy in front of it. This is a day to honor those who have died in our nation's service. They deserve at least a day, if not more, to be remembered.:)

It's been colder today. I hope that soon we'll be at our normal temp again. Not very good weather for picnics or BBQ's, like some people do for the holiday.:no:It feels like it's the coldest Memorial Day that I can remember. Got back into my walking.:la:Already did 2 out of 3 of my walks. My friend, that wanted to be my walking buddy, and I don't seem to be connecting.:iconusaplz:But, I'll keep trying. It seemed like people only looked at the date, and dressed for it. Or maybe they were hoping for it to be normal. They looked cold.:iconcoldrussiaplz: Worked a little on the comic essay in You Maga. Read some more of Dune. Getting a bit more exciting.:eager:

Watched more of Oishii Proposal. Haruki finally kissed Suzuko, and confessed how he felt about her.:love:Now that they know they both are in love, it's making things even more complicated. Michiru's trying to force Haruki to marry her. Suzuko's old flame is telling her not to get involved with him, or she'll get hurt. These 2 and his father are the only ones against them being together. It's getting more and more interesting. I hope it doesn't end in tragedy or something. They're cute together.:iconfrancisplz:
In Letter Bee Reverse, Aria is sent on a delivery. It's been a long time since she's been 'out in the field'. She has absolutely no coordination. Niche reluctantly helps Aria out, after Lag begged her to. Lag has a horrible fever, and lost too much heart to go out for a while. I like Aria's Shindanjuu. A violin used as a weapon? Awesome to me! The only problem is she has to have an immense amount of concentration for it to work. I saw her towards the beginning of the series, and she usually uses her violin to heal people. 
In Afterschool Charisma, the students are still recovering from the terrorist attack. Nightingale's trying to make sense of what it means to them if they fail as clones. Mozart has gone back to playing. He figures, if he can't control how things go anyway, he might as well do what he knows how to do. Hitler's getting more twisted. (Much like his original.) He tried to kill Rasputin by stuffing a bunch of 'All Mighty Dollies' down his throat. The pic's of Hitler and Shiro just after he did it. Next chapter isn't up yet, so if that's still the case next week, I'll start another manga. I'll go back to this when they update it. 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

International Jazz Day!


Yay for jazz!:sing:(This was actually yesterday, but since I don't post on Saturday, why not?) It needs to be appreciated more.:iconchibisitalyplz:Jazz is awesome! Loved it since I first heard it. I tried to get into jazz band when I was in high school, but my director told me that clarinets don't belong in a jazz band.:iconromanoplz:She's the only one I know who had that opinion. Clarinets are very jazzy! (Take Benny Goodman, for example!) In the future, I hope to form my own klezmer band.:iconchibihungaryplz:Which is like Jewish jazz. This holiday was created in 1991 by musician D. Michael Denny. 

It's been a little warmer this weekend. Still not quite holding our normal temp, but it's better. Found a lot of cool music today!:la:So, look forward to that. Tasha seems to be becoming more brave. Hopefully, that means the spray and plug-in thing is working. 

Found another great site yesterday, as well. It's called Ikasu Anime. Ikasu can mean cool, stylish, smart, or sharp. Really interesting community. And, seems like I can share what I've been working on, there as well. Already have 8 friends, and I didn't do much.:iconkikuplz:One of them asked if they could read my novel, or what I have up at the moment. I guess the way I described it, was interesting enough. Hearing that makes me happy. They also have an interesting game. It's Bleach characters vs Naruto characters. Kind of similar to Mortal Kombat. Only problem was, it was all in Japanese. (Except for the Ready...Go! thing.) So, it was another test for me, to figure out what the text meant. This site seems to be quite new. So, it'll be interesting to see it develop.:iconicelandmochiplz:
Changed my avatar's look. A lot better than the chef outfit I had on for the TinierCafe event. I love that panda.:love:It's animated to climb up and down my arm, and look at people. Haven't really used the fireworks before. Weird to see them suddenly appear. The wolf ears, I thought, would look stupid. But, they're not too bad. I really wanted something 'different' as an outfit. Also, in TinierCafe, I don't have to do much, but my cafe's already a 4 and half star restaurant. I can't get more waiters yet, so things have been backing up. And, the one I have looks tired most of the time. So sad!:iconpolandplz:
Watched the 4th Naruto Shippuden movie: The Lost Tower. It's the 7th overall Naruto film. It was good, just not as good as I expected. Naruto, Sai, Sakura, and Yamato were assigned on a mission to capture a missing nin, named Mukade. They set out to find him in the historic ruins of Rouran, a city that once had thousands of towers, and is located in the middle of the desert. They find and corner Mukade, but his goal is to travel back in time to take over the 5 Shinobi countries using the power of Ryuumyaku. An ancient chakra flow deep underground Rouran. He unleashes the power that was sealed by the 4th Hokage, Minato. Naruto and Yamato were sucked into the light from it, along with Mukade. They're sent 20 years into the past. Naruto has to save the Queen of Rouran, Sara, and defeat Mukade in order to return. He meets Minato, who's his father, and a very young Kakashi. Kind of funny to see Kakashi again that way. Also, nice that Naruto actually got to see his father in person. The next movie looks like it'll be better. We'll see.

Also, watched Inception. It was really good, and a little trippy. I think it could have been shortened by quite a bit, though. It wasn't as 'mind-bending' as I thought it would be, either. It had some downs, and some ups. We didn't go to services again yesterday. Mom's still not well enough. My parents went to another nice restaurant for their anniversary. I was very content with just my frozen Tony's Philly Cheese Steaks. 

deviantART: Mee 05 Interview YOUR Vampire OC APH Blame Canada Sugar Sphere Dessert APH-chased by zombie? Lioness Bunny Cake II I did not make these! First, a very cute pic of a young kitten. Second, a written meme to interview your vampire oc. It should be fun to do with my vamp oc, Vincent. Third, a funny (and nice) drawing of Canada, from Hetalia, wearing a South Park themed shirt. Fourth, an awesome looking piece of candy. I'm curious as to the actual process of how this person made it. Fifth, a drawing of China, England, and America from Hetalia trying to run from zombies. Kind of funny. Sixth, a cool drawing of an oc from an artist I watch. Seventh, a really cute and awesome looking cake. 

A really cute puppy trying to sleep on the stairs:

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tougenkyou Alien


Or: Alien Paradise. By Serial TV Drama. It's the 9th opening theme to Gintama. An awesome song for an awesome series.:iconchibifranceplz:Perfect for the series. Plus, the title just screams Gintama. Couldn't find much info on the band. This is it subbed:

Today's been cold again. About 10 degrees cooler than normal. Also, just as we were heading home from the grocery store, thunder clouds rolled in. It hailed at one point while I was taking the groceries in. Yay!:iconwtfukplz:

I thought I could relax a bit after that. I was wrong.:iconwtfromanoplz:Tasha had thrown up big time from the banister then streaking down one of the far walls, and splattering everywhere.:puke:It was a big hairball. It's one of the hardest walls to clean up from. Hard to reach certain areas, even with a long handled sponge mop. But, I managed to get it.:iconkikuplz:

Not only that, but at the store all of the electronic scooters were either out of juice or in use by other customers. So, I had to wheel Mom around with a non-electric one. Basically, a wheelchair with 2 small wired bins in the back, and an extra set of wheels. So, that was fun.:iconyaykumajiroplz:I like to help her, but those things can be hard to maneuver. I was thinking, maybe I can be a caregiver. I'm going to research it soon. But, I glanced at the Family Caregiver Alliance. It looked like I can actually earn money helping Mom.:la:I just have to fill out some forms. So, we'll see. It would be awesome. And, I basically am her caregiver at the moment. So, all in all, I'm pretty tired.:iconswissplz:

Wrote some more of chapter 13. It's actually feeling fun again.:dummy:When I felt depressed, I wasn't that interested in it. So, that's a good sign. I can progress quicker. Played some more Klezmer tunes. Getting better at them, but still needs some work.
In Hetalia, Germany and Italy spy on England's camp. Italy says the reason why the divorce rate is so low in his country is, because writing up divorce papers is too much work. Later, Germany says there's bad news, and worse news. They won't be able to have beer or wine. The worse news: they're shipwrecked again. Italy can't see how that's worse. In fact, he takes it as really good news. Japan comes to help them. Italy, for some reason appears naked in front of him. And tells him it's no big deal, as long there aren't any women around. Japan's not sure what to make of Italy being naked, and Germany trying to strangle him. They showed a grown up Sealand, looked a lot like England. Then, it was Japan and Germany's diet. They ended up only having tomatoes. Italy knocked some sense into them. There was actually some colored pages this time! 
Finished another sentence from the You Maga article on stress relieving exercises. This is the last one of the incredibly long intro. Next will be the actual exercises. 体がじんわり温かくなったら、リンパの流れも促進された証拠です。(Karada ga jinwari atatakaku nattara, rinpa no nagare mo sokushinsa reta shouko desu.) Gradually the body will become warm, which is evidence of the flow of lymph.
In Gintama, Madao sings about his sad, pathetic, unlucky life. With flashbacks from it. They hinted at the possibility of a 2nd movie in the works. This one will be about how Gintoki got the nickname 'White Devil'. And, his friends Takasugi and Katsura. Plus, his teacher. They said it will be an original story, not from the anime series. It looked like it will be awesome. But, you don't know with this series, if they were teasing us or it's really going to happen. I guess we'll see. The other main characters gave their opinions about what the next movie should be about. They had a Ginpachi Sensei corner. I missed those! This time they poked fun at the Naruto series. They compared Takasugi's personality to Sasuke. It's true, they somewhat alike. (That's Takasugi in the pic.) Apparently, Shinpachi stole the sharingan from Kakashi. Wow! Funny, when the make fun of another anime I watch. It's like 2 worlds colliding. Next time, they'll finally start their next story arc. I like their fluff episodes, but they have some pretty awesome stories as well. 

deviantART fave: Van Faces I did not make this! It's an oc from another artist I watch. He's got a lot of 'character'. 

A pretty song, sung by the Kaito Vocaloid. It's basically about Vocaloids: