Monday, May 2, 2011

National Truffle Day


That's the chocolate kind, not fungus. Truffles are so good!:drool:So many different kinds too! The original French recipe was named after the fungus because of the way it looked. According to a legend, in the '20s, it was created by accident. An apprentice had attempted to make pastry cream, he accidentally poured hot cream into a bowl of chocolate chunks instead of a bowl of sugared egg mixture. When it hardened, he worked it into bumpy, lopsided balls. After coating them with cocoa powder, realized they looked like the black truffle fungus. Now, there's many different kinds of chocolate truffles out there.:iconchibicanadaplz:
First pic's my new wallpaper for the month. It's Natsu from Fairy Tail. (Looks like his manga version?) Thought it would be nice and warm looking. Kind of what I'm hoping May will be.:iconheroamericaplz:I might change it again towards the middle of the month, we'll see. The second pic's my Japanese woodblock calendar for May. Kind of pretty.:iconchibihungaryplz:My Jewish calendar just has an artsy looking צ or the Hebrew letter, Tzadi. Not very exciting. 

Month-long holidays for May: Arthritis Awareness Month, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Carrot and Cauliflower Month, Family Wellness Month, Grapefruit and Kiwi Month, Haitian Heritage Month, Healthy Vision Month, Jewish-American Heritage Month, National Barbecue Month, National Egg Month, National Hamburger Month, National Mental Health Month, National Salad Month, National Vinegar Month, Personal History Month, Potato and Lime Month, Tennis Month, National Asparagus Month, National Strawberry Month. This month has a lot of them.:faint:Maybe more than for April. Most are important causes, or to make you think and appreciate things you may take for granted, or they're fun, etc. A lot of food holidays this time. I didn't know, or remember, that there was a Jewish-American Heritage Month.:iconchibinitalyplz:Interesting. It's good to raise people's awareness of things like arthritis and mental health. 

Yesterday was Yom HaShoah or Holocaust Remembrance Day. Our congregation held a service. People read poems, and a survivor spoke. (We knew the speaker, so that was interesting.) After that, we had our Israeli speaker come back and talk about how the Holocaust impacted life there. Also, about his grandparents' stories. Then, we had another speaker who talked and asked about what we should do to prevent another Holocaust.:iconchibichinaplz:And, finally there was a lot of good dessert-like foods. A cardamom cake, 2 different types of brownies, cookies, etc. Funny thing about yesterday, there was 2 other events happening at the same time, that I also really wanted to go to. Sometimes I feel like it'd be nice to be in 3 places at once.:iconseychelles-plz:There was a tribute to Japan thing, where the donations go to the earthquake/tsunami relief effort there. At the event, there was going to be traditional dancing, food, origami, music, calligraphy, and other stuff. The other event, someone I was friends with in high school invited me to. It was going to be a get together with her other friends. Haven't seen her in person for a long time.:icontinoplz:Only on FB. Of course, all these events happened at the same time. So, it's not like I could go to one and leave in the middle of it.:iconkikuplz:Oh well. Maybe there will be another Japanese event to go to soon. And, my friend will have another get together.:iconraivisplz:

I've mostly been replying back to people today. I haven't responded to people in such a long time.:iconlietplz:So, it was good that I managed to get around to everyone again. Writing to my Japanese friend on FB takes a little longer than the rest, because I'm trying to translate what I say into Japanese. It helps me in the long run (and her), since we're both teaching each other. 

Posted another character from my character sheet: Nico I like the way he turned out. Already has a fave! Posted 3 more food pics too: Chicken with Pineapple (which people for some reason seemed to love) Fish and Potato Selyanka (hasn't had any faves) Swedish Pear Pudding (this hasn't either). The last 2 I made for Friday night dinner. 

Didn't go to services on Saturday, because neither Mom or I felt up to it.:iconhongkongplz:Watched the 'Royal Wedding' on Friday. Mainly on Youtube. I'm not getting up at (or staying up until) 1 am, just to watch it 'live'. I liked Kate's dress a lot. The trees inside were an interesting touch. I thought it was all very nice. Heard that Osama Bin Laden is finally dead last night. It was great news. Feel funny saying that, but he killed so many innocent people. The real problem, like some people are saying, is that there may be a retaliation soon.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz: Found a few more new songs yesterday. So, look for them in upcoming posts!:la:

deviantART faves: plz stamps Provinces and their Supervisor I did not make these! First, a collection of some awesome stamps someone made. There's some Bleach, Naruto, and Fairy Tail themed ones. I really liked one of the Fairy Tail ones. And, I posted it with all the other plz stamps that I've found on my profile page. Second, someone personified Canada's provinces, Hetalia style. Very well thought out, and creative. Canada's comments about them were funny.

Another awesome Naruto Shippuden vid from someone I'm subscribed to:

Bourbon House song by the Kaito Vocaloid. Has an interesting sound, and lyrics:

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