Thursday, May 19, 2011

National Devil's Food Cake Day!


Yay for Devil's Food cake!:la:Do you really need a reason to indulge in that stuff? It was introduced to the US in 1900. Too bad we're not having that for dessert.:iconkikuplz: 

It's been really nice and warm the last couple of days. Hovering around 70. Yay!:dummy:Nice time to start walking again. I was trying to for a while, but I think this gave me some more motivation. It's funny how warm it is outside, but the house is still cold inside. I kind of like that when it gets in the 90s, but now it's a bit different. 

Worked a bit more on that comic essay in You Maga. And, read a bit more of Dune.
Made this Tuesday night. Pic didn't turn out too well. This is the tuna loaf I talked about before. With some white sauce (margarine/flour/milk), Italian Herb Risotto (from a box), and some peas. We didn't really like the new risotto flavor.:no:The loaf was really good, and seemed 'unique'.:iconchibinitalyplz:Had a lot of bread crumbs, canned tuna, lemon juice, egg, cayenne, and parsley in it. Came from the same cookbook as the muffins did. 

Watched the last episode of Proposal Daisakusen. It was a bit painful to watch. Ken finally confessed to Rei, but it was at her wedding. He was asked to give a speech, as her best friend. After going back and forth from the past to the present; he realized he should try to 'win her over' in the present. Although, all the things he changed as he went back into the past greatly impacted the present. Rei realized she was the one that wasn't being honest with herself, and ran after Ken who left after his speech. At the very end, the taxi he's in runs out of gas, and he's forced to help push it to a gas station. Just then you hear Rei shout "Ken-zou!" And he smiles. They don't show her. And they end it right there. But, there's a special that I'll watch next week. Hopefully, they get married or something in it. I feel really bad for Tada.:iconwtfromanoplz:He was an honestly nice guy. Hopefully, he'll find someone too.

Hana Kimi just keeps getting funnier. I like how they've added things that normally would be in manga or anime. Like the nose bleed thing, the sparkles, etc. I actually like Nakatsu more than Sano. His crush on Ashiya's only getting stronger. Sano just looks pained most of the time. I like him, though. The other guys are pretty quirky and funny as well. The guy that can see auras and dead people's kind of cute, yet creepy. This time the guys were asked to help at a beachside resort.
In Naruto Shippuden, nothing much happened. Sakura set off to kill Sasuke on her own. Then, most of it were her flashbacks of Sasuke. And, at the end she sees him. Tells him she wants to desert Konoha and join him. I know what she's doing, but it's really stupid. It would have been nice to see a bit more action. 
In Dear, Carol talked a little about his past. Apparently on the demon continent, children have the choice whether to go to school or not. He seemed to have a normal happy life until he was 11. When his parents divorced. After that, he felt like nothing was real, and spent most of his time dozing off. While things were being 'worked out' he was forced to live at a church, that also served as an orphanage. He was one of the oldest kids. And, the others didn't quite understand why he was so depressed. He started to feel better, being around such happy kids. Yuima, who was the same age, had been at the orphanage the longest. He was like a big brother to everyone, but always seemed to be staring at something far away. When Carol finally asked about it, he said he looks at a lot of things, like the sky. He just thought it was beautiful. He seems to feel what he sees and hears more than anyone else. Carol's mom decides that he'll stay with his father. Carol decides to join the army instead. Yuima gave him hope for the future. Kurenai was Carols roommate after he joined the army. Carol still visits Yuima every so often. I like his story, maybe more so than the others. Well, sadly they don't have the next chapter up on mangafox, so I had to stop. A lot of other sites don't have it up yet either. Noticed that they've been posting a chapter a month. So, maybe it will be up soon? Crazy how I've caught up to what they have up. If it's not up next week, I'll put it on hold until it is. But, I'll start another manga in the meantime. 

deviantART faves: Pink Magician .:Happy New Year:. Embrace the Music I did not make these! First, a really cool old drawing of an oc by an artist I watch. It doesn't have their signature almost watercolor look. Which makes it even more interesting. Second, a hilarious drawing of Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia from Hetalia. Third, an awesome drawing of the vocaloid Miku, by another artist I watch. 

I liked this one, simply because it was about how much they like Natto. (I'm a little afraid of the stuff.) Song is sung by the Rin and Len vocaloids. Not sure I like the way they sing it, either. It's just funny:

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