Tuesday, May 10, 2011



By Arashi. This sounds like a unique song from them. A little jazzy with some Latin flair. Kind of fun. 

It's starting to get nice and warm.:iconchibicanadaplz:Not sure if we reached our normal temp. But, it's a lot better than its been for the last couple of days. Didn't post yesterday, because I had a bad internet connection.:iconchibienglandplz:It was a lot better by the end of the day, though. 

I sent an eCard to Mom for Mother's Day. I felt the same way she did, that regular cards can be a waste of money. They waste a lot of paper too. The one I sent was a little sappy, but it was the best I could find.:iconfrancisplz:She got a virtual flower and tea through it.:tea::rose:Gave her some Navy cologne, her favorite. 

Then, we went to Burrata Bistro for dinner. It's a fancy looking Italian restaurant. One of the newer ones downtown. It was really good.:iconchibispainplz:We shared some focaccia, and a Tuscan bean soup. Then, I had their four cheese pasta. More like a really fancy looking mac and cheese.:iconseychelles-plz:Had a pasta shape that I'm not familiar with. They were kind of like snail shells. Mom had their short ribs with polenta. Dad I think had some sort of seafood thing. With shrimps. Mom had tiramisu for dessert. I had a chocolate chip, coconut, and pecan cookie. Good, but I don't really like coconut, at least not the shavings. Makes me feel like I'm chewing on wax.:chew:It still was good. I tried a bite of the tiramisu, and it was really intense.:iconchibiswedenplz:You can really taste the alcohol. Hopefully, it was good ending to her day.:)

Also, later at home, my jeans are so loose on me now, they literally fell off.:iconkikuplz:Good thing I was in the bathroom, but it was surprising. I must have lost a lot of weight to affect my blood test and have my jeans fall off.:iconchibisitalyplz:Some of my other clothes are becoming pretty baggy on me as well. Yay!:dummy:

We didn't go to services on Saturday, because Mom's still recovering from her fall. Hopefully, we'll be able to make it to the adult B'not Mitzvot on the 21st. We know pretty much everyone that's going through it. 4 people are doing it this year. 

Found a lot more music this weekend, as well. I've always felt Classical music wasn't exactly for me. A strange relationship, because I felt like it's the perfect music to perform or practice on.:iconchibijapanplz:I think I always thought that it was for old guys. But, I'm starting to look a little more into it. Started going through our collection at home with Debussy and Elgar. I love playing Debussy, but didn't remember much about Elgar. Anyways, I was surprised at how many songs I ripped from them. There's a buttload more CDs, and some are in sets. So, I guess I'll explore it for a while.:iconheroamericaplz:Also, found some more 'normal' songs. 
Made this last night. It's Caldo Tlalpeno, or Chicken Soup from Tlalpan. It's a Mexican dish. First time I shredded chicken.:DAnother good recipe.:nod:It has rice, chick peas, scallions on top, chipotle powder (originally it called for whole dried chipotle chilies, but this worked out), the chicken, and a really tasty broth.:iconitalyplz:The chicken cooked for a while in it, along with some onions, bay leaf, peppercorns, and garlic. (Those were strained out.) Tonight, I think since it's just Mom and I, we'll have eggs and cheese. Not sure if they'll be scrambled or what. Just simple.:iconhappychinaplz:I also posted another oc: Rakesh Sur. I thought he wouldn't get any faves. But, apparently people like him.:iconusaplz:Including an artist that I watch. He watches me as well. It's a little creepy sounding.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz: For some reason, I really love this character's story so far.:love:Not sure if I like the 'design' on paper yet. 

deviantART faves: Akuchi Cold. .:Alexander Arlovsky:. Outfit meme blank Rustic Bento Dark Chess APH: Maple Gin-san in Wonderland Lemon Meringue Pie in a Jar CorporateFox I did not make these! First, a cute drawing of 2 of the artist's ocs from their manga, Seven Deadly Sins. Their names are Akuma and Patchi. Second, a nicely done drawing of another artist's oc named Yuuta. Third, an awesome drawing based off of the new male version of Belarus from Hetalia. The original creator, or mangaka, of Hetalia has been slowly coming up with opposite gendered nations. Like a female America, Canada, England, etc. It's kind of interesting. I think he just started with switching the female characters into their male counterparts. I don't know if they'd show the opposite gendered characters in the anime. Third, a very useful looking meme. It could help me think more about my character's clothes. It's hard to come up with outfits randomly. I think I'll later try to look at traditional clothes of where my characters come from, and what's popular now. I can be more inspired that way. Fourth, an interesting bento. Fifth, an awesome looking cake. That has chess pieces and a chess board. The explanation of what happened to one of the kings was kind of funny. Sixth, a cute drawing of Canada seeing a pile of pancakes. Seventh, a drawing of Gintoki from Gintama in a candy wonderland. Eighth, a very interesting way to have that type of 'pie'. From an artist I watch. Ninth, a StupidFox wallpaper. I guess that's what happens when you let animals run meetings.

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