Friday, May 27, 2011

Tougenkyou Alien


Or: Alien Paradise. By Serial TV Drama. It's the 9th opening theme to Gintama. An awesome song for an awesome series.:iconchibifranceplz:Perfect for the series. Plus, the title just screams Gintama. Couldn't find much info on the band. This is it subbed:

Today's been cold again. About 10 degrees cooler than normal. Also, just as we were heading home from the grocery store, thunder clouds rolled in. It hailed at one point while I was taking the groceries in. Yay!:iconwtfukplz:

I thought I could relax a bit after that. I was wrong.:iconwtfromanoplz:Tasha had thrown up big time from the banister then streaking down one of the far walls, and splattering everywhere.:puke:It was a big hairball. It's one of the hardest walls to clean up from. Hard to reach certain areas, even with a long handled sponge mop. But, I managed to get it.:iconkikuplz:

Not only that, but at the store all of the electronic scooters were either out of juice or in use by other customers. So, I had to wheel Mom around with a non-electric one. Basically, a wheelchair with 2 small wired bins in the back, and an extra set of wheels. So, that was fun.:iconyaykumajiroplz:I like to help her, but those things can be hard to maneuver. I was thinking, maybe I can be a caregiver. I'm going to research it soon. But, I glanced at the Family Caregiver Alliance. It looked like I can actually earn money helping Mom.:la:I just have to fill out some forms. So, we'll see. It would be awesome. And, I basically am her caregiver at the moment. So, all in all, I'm pretty tired.:iconswissplz:

Wrote some more of chapter 13. It's actually feeling fun again.:dummy:When I felt depressed, I wasn't that interested in it. So, that's a good sign. I can progress quicker. Played some more Klezmer tunes. Getting better at them, but still needs some work.
In Hetalia, Germany and Italy spy on England's camp. Italy says the reason why the divorce rate is so low in his country is, because writing up divorce papers is too much work. Later, Germany says there's bad news, and worse news. They won't be able to have beer or wine. The worse news: they're shipwrecked again. Italy can't see how that's worse. In fact, he takes it as really good news. Japan comes to help them. Italy, for some reason appears naked in front of him. And tells him it's no big deal, as long there aren't any women around. Japan's not sure what to make of Italy being naked, and Germany trying to strangle him. They showed a grown up Sealand, looked a lot like England. Then, it was Japan and Germany's diet. They ended up only having tomatoes. Italy knocked some sense into them. There was actually some colored pages this time! 
Finished another sentence from the You Maga article on stress relieving exercises. This is the last one of the incredibly long intro. Next will be the actual exercises. 体がじんわり温かくなったら、リンパの流れも促進された証拠です。(Karada ga jinwari atatakaku nattara, rinpa no nagare mo sokushinsa reta shouko desu.) Gradually the body will become warm, which is evidence of the flow of lymph.
In Gintama, Madao sings about his sad, pathetic, unlucky life. With flashbacks from it. They hinted at the possibility of a 2nd movie in the works. This one will be about how Gintoki got the nickname 'White Devil'. And, his friends Takasugi and Katsura. Plus, his teacher. They said it will be an original story, not from the anime series. It looked like it will be awesome. But, you don't know with this series, if they were teasing us or it's really going to happen. I guess we'll see. The other main characters gave their opinions about what the next movie should be about. They had a Ginpachi Sensei corner. I missed those! This time they poked fun at the Naruto series. They compared Takasugi's personality to Sasuke. It's true, they somewhat alike. (That's Takasugi in the pic.) Apparently, Shinpachi stole the sharingan from Kakashi. Wow! Funny, when the make fun of another anime I watch. It's like 2 worlds colliding. Next time, they'll finally start their next story arc. I like their fluff episodes, but they have some pretty awesome stories as well. 

deviantART fave: Van Faces I did not make this! It's an oc from another artist I watch. He's got a lot of 'character'. 

A pretty song, sung by the Kaito Vocaloid. It's basically about Vocaloids:

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