Friday, May 20, 2011

Take Off


By 2PM. 2PM's a South Korean band of 6 members. It's one of the 2 subgroups that branched out from an 11-member band, One Day. The other one is 2AM. I like their sound. This is the ending theme to the anime, Ao no Exorcist, or Blue Exorcist. Which has been awesome so far!:la:The song's kind of fun, too.

It was really nice and warm again. I like that it's been warm enough, I can actually go outside without a jacket.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz: Worked more on the comic essay in You Maga. Read a bit more of Dune. Due to using a different system than I'm used to for reading Hetalia, the manga version, I spent most of the time I set aside for it figuring out where I was.:iconnataliaplz:So, next week, I'll be where I should be. It's quite different than what mangafox was like.:iconusaplz:

I just started something a little different with my hair.:iconchibinitalyplz:A while back I followed the advice of someone. They said I shouldn't brush my hair, unless it was absolutely necessary. Also, try to comb conditioner through it in the shower. Well, the combing conditioner through it thing, I think, still damaged my hair pretty badly. It wasn't as bad as before, but it was like ripping my hair out. The conditioner seemed to slip right off, instead of working its way in.:iconromanoplz:Hair ended up being straw-like, and still had lots of split-ends. So, I decided that maybe I shouldn't even comb it in the shower. It's already looking and feeling so much better. I can really work in the conditioner this way. I'm starting to get these nice spiral-y ringlet things.:iconchibihungaryplz:I'd settle for that. Also, decided to give that split-end mender stuff a chance. Every time I apply it, it feels really sticky, though.:iconwtfromanoplz:

Watched Guilty. It's getting even more 'angst-y'.:iconkikuplz:I don't really like those type of dramas.:iconlietplz:But, I'm almost done with it, and I want to know who's behind the whole thing. I know Ukita is a crooked cop, and they said that someone higher up ordered him to do some of the stuff he did. So, who's the 'higher up'? They finally got rid of Mizoguchi. He was creepy.:iconchibichinaplz:After he fell into a pit that was doused with kerosene, and accidentally dropped his lighter, he burst into flames. Fitting for how he killed his victims. The only problem I had with it, is Meiko was still covered in kerosene but stayed dangerously close to the fiery pit. If she did that in real life, I'm pretty sure she'd catch fire as well.:onfire:Other than that, it was pretty good. 
In Gintama, Gintoki, Kagura, Shinpachi, and Zenzo were trying to protect Sachan from the Punishers. She finally went back to her old glasses with the right prescription, and they transformed her. (Like the stereotypical magical girl anime shows.) She also started shooting lazer beams through them. In the end, she put glasses with the wrong prescriptions on all of the Punishers. It was hilarious!

Tomorrow's my mom's birthday!:party:I hope she has a good one. We're going to an adult B'not Mitzvot. I think we know all 4 of them. So that should be nice.:iconchibicanadaplz:And, I think there's usually a lunch at the end as well. Another added bonus.:iconseychelles-plz:I should get back into reading the portions for each week. Usually I forget, though.:iconswissplz:Instead, if we go to services, I get a quick summary of it there. After that, my parents are going to celebrate her birthday at a fancy restaurant. Can't afford for me to go.:icontinoplz:Oh, well. I hope they have a nice time. I'll just have the Tony's Philly Cheese Steak pouch things we bought today. It's cheap, yet oh so good!:iconitalyplz:I decided I didn't feel like making Snickerdoodles, and we forgot to get a special dessert at the store. So, regular cookies from the cookie jar it is!:dummy:They're not bad. Just not very Shabbat-y.:iconicelandfukkiretaplz:We'll have beef ravioli with a jarred garlic sauce tonight. Easy, and good.:iconchibispainplz:Next week's my parents' anniversary. So, another weekend where I won't get to go out for dinner.:iconohboyamericaplz:But, that's ok. They should have a good time together alone.:iconchibiaustriaplz:

Also, tomorrow Birthright Next in Seattle is having a Lag B'Omer BBQ and bonfire at a beach. It's for people aged 22-32. So, it's my age group. It's free, I would just have to RSVP just so they know how many people will be there. They'll provide some kosher meats, BBQ supplies, drinks, and some snacks. They just ask if people want to, they can bring a non-dairy side. It would have been awesome if it was right next to where my parents are going for their dinner. Sadly, it's not.:iconwtfukplz:I wouldn't have any other way of getting to them. Safely anyways. They said to bring instruments if you have them to jam with others, bring frisbees, and any other games. Sounds great. Hopefully, they'll have another event like this soon, like during the summer.:iconfrancisplz:

deviantART fave: The TinierMeme I did not make this! A very interesting meme based on your Selfy from TinierMe. I haven't drawn my Selfy yet. A long time ago, I did my Gaia avatar. So, it will be a good one to do. When I get to it. 

Kind of a sad song about the Kaito Vocaloid longing to know what it's like to be human. A lot of people seem to make him sing these type of songs. It's very interesting:

An awesome Naruto Shippuden vid. By someone I'm subscribed to:

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