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By Suemitsu and the Suemith. This is the theme song for the Jdrama, Hanayome wa Yakudoshi or The Pretend Bride. It's very fitting to the series.:iconchibinitalyplz:It has a nice beat, too. I like his voice. Suemitsu and the Suemith is a Japanese solo project headed by Suemitsu Atsushi. He performs piano and vocals for the project. Supposedly, he's best known for performing the opening and 2nd ending theme for the anime, Nodame Cantabile. That's all I could find on Suemitsu. Kind of weird.:iconkikuplz:Maybe I'll look at more of his songs. 


It's been a little cooler than yesterday, and grey looking. Mother's Day still looks like it's going to be rainy and cold.:iconohboyamericaplz:The day after looks better. Did my nails!:iconchibipolandplz:Haven't done them in so long. It says the color is 'Dune Rose'. It's kind of interesting. But, one of my more 'normal' colors. For some reason, doing my nails is calming to me. So, it was really nice.:iconchibihungaryplz:

Watched more of Guilty. It's getting pretty intense, and suspenseful. A bit surprising that the reporter's in on Meiko's plan for revenge. Really thought she wanted to kill him. Yet, he's supplying info on people for her. I kind of feel sorry for him. He seems like a jerk most of the time, though. Mashima and Meiko are getting dangerously close to each other. Meiko finally knows about him being a detective, but Mashima has no clue that she knows. I'm suspecting the chief of police is the killer or the one who paid someone else to kill for him. He's so twisted. The only problem I had with this episode was it seemed really slow. Enough of the long stares, get to more of the action and mystery!:iconromanoplz:
Gintama was surprisingly serious in this episode. Although, it did manage to throw in some pretty hilarious moments. Just not as much as usual. It starts with Catherine being engaged. Falling in love drastically changed her appearance and personality. He told her that he suddenly went bankrupt and wanted to move to another city. She decides to go with him and start her own bar. No one picked her up from the train station. The place he told her was going to be turned into a bar, was a lie. He took all her money, that she was saving up to help her fulfill her dream. Trying to finally make it on her own, she refuses to go back to working at the snack bar, and tries to work at a strip club. After finding out, Gintoki finds her ex and beats up him and his gang. And, gets the money back. Otose finds Catherine in a box just trying to stay warm and clutching an expensive wine bottle. The one Otose threw at her when she left, saying it was 'cheap'. She takes her in again, saying there's more she needs to learn before she gets serious. I like them, and they hardly ever get air time. Their background story is somewhat sad. 
I love how Hetalia throws in cultural misunderstandings. Makes for some awkward, yet hilarious moments. Like, in Japan they don't openly hug and kiss like that, unless they're lovers. In Italy, it's just how they greet people. Sealand was introduced. It's kind of sad how no one ever recognizes him as a country. Even in the movie. He's apparently 'too small'. Someone hijacks Estonia's blog, and turns it into a Russia fan site. He suspects Russia did it, and investigates it with the help of America. Turned out it was just another  Estonian. Mangafox apparently doesn't have the entire manga up. So, I looked around. There's a community on Livejournal that's been translating scanlations of it for a couple of years. So, they had an up to date listing of the manga. They also watch the mangaka's blog and post his sketches and extras on there. Almost as soon as he's posted it to his blog. (Kind of creepy!:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:) Sometimes, they even repost his blog post in English. They also have a lot of fanart and fanfics. I joined it, even though I barely ever use LJ. Should be interesting. And, I can continue to read it.:iconicelandmochiplz:

Finished that You Maga article on my horoscope. They say people with my sign have a sweet tooth, and to watch out. If you have any health concerns, immediately see your doctor. Wow.:iconchibijapanplz:I don't think I have too big of a sweet tooth. Usually, I have dessert and that's it as far as sweets go. I don't have a craving for it any other time. I guess I'm not like my sign, that way.:shrug:Read more of Dune. Now it's exciting. I'm about 160 pages in, and there's finally some action, tension, and suspense. I know you have to build up the story, but that's a long time to do it.:iconlietplz: 

I don't have to cook tonight. Mom's making meatloaf, risotto, and some sort of vegetable. We'll probably grab a dessert at the store while we're getting our challah. I love her meatloaf, and the risotto's really good too.:iconchibispainplz: 

deviantART fave: Tangerine Candied Fruit I did not make this! These look really good! 

A tribute to France from Hetalia:

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