Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011


Happy Halloween!:pumpkin:One of my fave holidays. It's fun to dress up in costumes, go to parties, get candy, and watch horror marathons. I love horror movies, especially.:icondenmarkplz:Also, kind of fun to see how other people decorate their houses. We didn't decorate this year.:iconhongkongplz:Hopefully the candy will be more than enough. We always get a lot of kids in our neighborhood. Looks like I'll be the main person to hand it out this year. We'll also save a little for ourselves, of course.:iconheroamericaplz:I'm not really dressing up. Just have my blood drive t-shirt saying "Blood, you're full of it!", my pumpkin earrings, black pants, and my new black hoodie. Not really exciting.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:But, maybe next year I'll do something.:iconpolandplz:

Exactly a week from today's my birthday!:cake:Yay! We'll probably celebrate it this weekend, though. I still haven't decided on a restaurant.:hmm:Hoping to do that later today. I'm still thinking going to Uwajimaya and looking at a Daiso shop might be great for my b-day, but not sure if it'll happen. We'll see.:shrug:

Sorry, I haven't been posting lately!:iconrussiarapefacepls:I'll try to do more next month. Things have just been a bit chaotic. It's gotten pretty cold already.:iconcoldrussiaplz:Although, it's not as cold as back east. Crazy, that it snowed just before Halloween over there. And, I'm not sure if it still's snowing. 
I went through quite a few anime shows for Friday and Sunday's slots. (I usually like to watch new shows, but this season doesn't seem to have too many that interest me.:no:Next season's a different story...:iconeestiplz:) Of course, not all of them in one day, and most were just for 5 minutes. If it didn't grab my attention in 5 minutes, I moved on.:iconsleepygreeceplz:For Fridays, I ended up with Kaze no Stigma or Stigma of the Wind. If I remember correctly, it was extremely popular when it came out, and people kept talking about it. So, why not give it a shot.:iconchibifinlandplz:Also, it was recommended to me by anime-planet as being similar to Naruto Shippuden and Fairy Tail. I can somewhat see why. 

Ayano is the heir to the house of Kannagi, which has ties with the spirit of fire. Which all of them are fire users. Except one, her cousin Kazuma. He was banished from the family when he was defeated by Ayano. Kazuma ran off and changed his surname to Yagami. He makes a contract with the spirit of wind, and becomes a very powerful wind user. Four years later, he returns. Very interesting, and has some good comedy thrown in.:iconchibinitalyplz:
For Sunday, I decided on Pandora Hearts. This one was really popular as well. And, I think I might like it even more.:iconchibihungaryplz:Has a definite Alice in Wonderland feel. Oz Bezarius, heir to one of the duke houses, has just turned 15. His life is rich and carefree, darkened only by the absence of his father. At his coming-of-age ceremony, however, everything changes. He's cast into a prison known as the 'Abyss', only to be saved by a 'chain' known as 'Alice', the bloodstained black rabbit. It's unknown why he was cast into Abyss, what Alice has to do with it, and what the organization, 'Pandora', wants with him. I like shows that make you think. A lot of people were commenting that it was too confusing for them on the 1st episode. It's not to me, but it still seems pretty intricate. Art's cool, too.:iconchibipolandplz:
Gintama was hilarious! Although, not as funny as last week's.:lmao:Elizabeth's people are aliens called Renho. He was only there to observe the habits of humans, and eventually help destroy Earth. He played the role of 'pet', so no one would suspect him. I still think he doesn't want to destroy the Earth. But, he wants to undermine his own people? I don't know. Lots of Star Wars jokes in this one. In case you couldn't tell by the pic. (Yay for the Death Star. It's kind of cute.) The Space Pirates, Sakamoto and Mutsu, are back. I was wondering when they would make their appearance again.:icondancingrussiaplz:

Watched D no Arashi. This time about wheelchair basketball and chameleons. The team they did the piece on was preparing for the 2004 Paralympics in Athens. (Yeah, I know I'm still far behind in the series. I am skipping some of the episodes, though.) They were cool. All the members of Arashi this time decided to do a game against the team. They managed to do better than I thought they would.:iconkikuplz:The team beat them 3 times over, though. I think they were going easy on them. The main person they interviewed, was injured in a snowboarding accident. She became paralyzed from her lower back down. She didn't become depressed, because she saw people with much worse injuries in the hospital while in rehab. She didn't want to do wheelchair basketball at first, because she thought it was stupid. After being bored for so long at the hospital doing nothing but rehab, she decided to do it. Realized it was fun and kept at it. She said it kept her pretty fit too. With the chameleon, they wanted to see what color it would change to when in a black box. Turned out they turn white. Kind of weird. (Not very good camouflage...) They said it's because it relaxes them so much, they feel they aren't threatened. 
Top's baked fish in horseradish cream sauce, and green bean and walnut salad. The fish is a Scandinavian recipe. The green beans are from a Russian recipe. They were so good!:iconchibispainplz:The salad seemed to take the most amount of time.:iconwtfukplz:For the fish, they had me 'oven-poach' it, then chill it, and then bake it. Sauce was awesome in both things!:iconitalyplz:The salad also had red onion. I'm not into eating them, but it flavored it nicely.:icontinoplz:Lots of garlic too. 

Bottom's sausage in polish sauce. Made this last Friday. First Polish dish!:dummy:The sausage cooked in beer and onions for a while. The sauce was awesome!:iconfrancisplz:Had some of the stuff the sausage was cooking in, plus margarine, flour, vinegar, and sugar. Used smoked turkey sausage. Also, made mashed potatoes (from a box) and snap peas as sides. Good stuff!:drool:

Managed to find one song yesterday.:iconchibijapanplz:Also, made a bunch of playlists. Took forever with my mp3 player. I've been going through a dictionary to review/find new descriptive words to help me with my story. It's not stupid, in fact, in the long run I'll become a better writer through it. I know most of these words, it's just when I finally get to typing, I blank.:iconlietplz:So, it's good to have a little bank of words to remind me. Dad had her colonoscopy, that she put off for a few years. She was really nervous. But, they didn't find anything, and she seems to be getting back to normal. Except, she managed to catch a cold at the place she went to have it done. Yay!:iconhanatamagoplz:Mom's really sick today, and I'm not sure if it's because of that or her chemo. And, apparently my therapist's retiring. So, only one more visit, then I'll have to go to someone else. Wahoo!:iconamericasadchibiplz:

deviantART faves: Pumpkin Latte Pots De Creme Anna Bed Cake Floral Emblem: Iceland Cookies and Cream Fudge I did not make these! First, an amazing looking dessert. Made by an artist I watch. She also has a link to the recipe in her comments. Second, really cute pic of a very young kitten. Third, creative looking birthday cake for a couple who have the same birthday. (That must be difficult...) Fourth, an awesome drawing of Iceland from Hetalia with his national flower: mountain avens. I sometimes think that the fanart for the series can be better than the series itself. Kind of weird that way. Fifth, a really good, almost evil, looking piece of fudge. Based on oreos. They posted the recipe in the comments. It looks too good.

An awesome Naruto Shippuden amv. Rammstein goes surprisingly well with this series. (Seen it used for a few other awesome amvs.):

Okita, from Gintama, is always trying to kill Hijikata. And apparently Gintoki in this clip:

Hijikata, from Gintama, smoking a firework:

Monday, October 24, 2011



by +Plus. It's the 6th opening to Fairy Tail. A fun and upbeat song. I like the beginning drum solo. Adds to the atmosphere. +Plus formed in 2009. They're also actors. There's not much info out on the band.:iconwtfromanoplz:

Made these Friday night. Top's Armenian lentil and apricot soup. Very good and filling.:meow:Mom helped with the last bit of pureeing half of it. By then, I had ran out of steam. If anyone's interested, I posted the recipe to my dA journal. Someone asked for it, so I put it there. Bottom's the dessert, banana cooked in coconut milk. It's a Cambodian/Laotian recipe. (Apparently, popular in both countries.:shrug:) Simple to make. It was so good!:iconchibispainplz:Really rich and heavy tasting, though. Almost couldn't finish my portion.:iconseychelles-plz:

I got some really nice responses from my last post in my pic thread, in my fave anime forum. Kind of made my day!:iconthailandplz: 

Watched D no Arashi. This time it was about seeing a cross section of a tri-colored toothpaste tube. They also looked at a shoe and a cell phone. They used an extremely powerful high pressure water jet cutter. It was cool. They also introduced a new corner, called A no Arashi. It's Aiba doing various scientific experiments. This time with liquid nitrogen. I think that stuff's fascinating.:iconchibiswedenplz:His ultimate experiment with it was to figure out what happens when you drop a bowl of ramen in. Interesting result. Noodles end up looking like those instant noodles in top ramen, the broth solidifies and sinks to the bottom of the canister, and there's little bits of vegetables and stuff frozen, but floating in the middle. His last experiment was what would having the exact same amount of hot pepper powder and sugar mixed up in water taste like. They couldn't really describe it well. Apparently, first it's very sweet and then the spiciness kicks in. But, it's not as spicy as before. I love this show so far!:iconchibipolandplz:

As well as their other variety show Himitsu no (Secrets of) Arashi-chan. Did not know one of them was a very good professional magician. They also interviewed a guy who had near perfect pics of bugs, and about his secret to getting them. The guy puts a sensor next to the lens, and when a bug stumbles upon it, it takes a pic instantly. He takes them from a bug's perspective, so some of them look huge. Also, does video of them using a very tiny video camera. The head of it is about the size of an ant. Really interesting. 
Gintama was freaking hilarious!:lmao:I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Luckily, no one was home to hear me blurt out in laughter.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:It was kind of 'mature'.:iconenglandispervyplz:Only Gintama can make you laugh like that, during a funeral episode. Gintoki and Hijikata's fave restaurant's owner died. So, it started off really somber. And, then they saw his ghost sit up straight in the coffin. He decided to mess with them a bit before he went to heaven. He even managed to make their fave foods. The owner had a special for each of his regulars. Gintoki always had a sweet adzuki (red bean)-based ramen(?) one. And, Hijikata, a mayo-based one. Nasty, but funny. It was one of their best episodes, at least in hilarity.:rofl:

I can't believe Halloween's coming up so soon!:iconbatsplz:I only like the scary movies, costumes, and candy part. We usually get a ton of kids. While we were at the store on Friday, we got the candy. Good selection, like always. I also came up with a list of things I might want to make this week. Wrote out an ingredients list for them, and got the stuff while we were out. It took me a while to come up with it. But, now we have the stuff to make them. No excuses.:iconkikuplz: 

Also, exactly a week after Halloween's my birthday! Wahoo!:party:I might have some ideas about what I want to do for it. Not sure about a restaurant yet. Last year we went to a Japanese steakhouse. The show was great, but the food was not that great. I used to go to the Olive Garden for it. But, they seem way too salty for me now. And there's not much variety from year to year. At least in the way of what I can eat there. (No pork or shellfish kind of limits things.) So, maybe someplace different. I know this might be weird, but I also might want to go to Uwajimaya and check out Daiso. I don't know, I haven't decided yet.:iconlietplz:

deviantART faves: Orange-Caramel Poached Pears Wanna play? Windmill- Ch3- Front Page Gintoki wallpaper 100 Years of Pride I did not make these! First, a pic of really tasty looking pears, from an artist I watch. Second, a creepy comic by another artist I watch. His interpretation of a dream someone had of finding his house by accident. Third, front page of another chapter of the manga Windmill by an artist I watch. Fourth, a cool Gintoki wallpaper. Fifth, a nice drawing of Taiwan from Hetalia.

Really cute vids featuring Yune from Ikoku Meiro no Croisee: