Monday, October 17, 2011

5th Day of Sukkot


Wow! It's the 5th day already! Doesn't really feel like it started.:iconusaplz:It's also National Pasta Day. I love pasta!:iconspaghettibounceplz:Almost any kind.

We did have a potluck at the synagogue, to celebrate Friday night. The food was laid out under the sukkah. We also had a brief 'service', and sang. Got to do the lulav thing. The etrog that I used had a really funny shape to it.:iconhanatamagoplz:But, it works. Nice to see people again. Plus, at least we had one day where we were under the sukkah for a bit.:iconyayhanatamagoplz:There was a feta and artichoke heart pizza, mac and cheese, a mashed potato with beans underneath thing (really tasty), and various other things. We brought a salad with some strawberry bits and vinaigrette. It was a store bought mix. Tasty. I was going to make a side/salad for it, but we ran out of time.:iconwtfukplz:

Had my hearing on Thursday. Let's just say it creeped me out.:iconchibichinaplz:Felt weird for a long time afterwards. But after the hearing, we went to one of the schools Dad works at. She needed to do a few things. It's ok, I treated it like another day at the cafe we go to when Mom has Mahj.:iconchibicanadaplz:

After that, we went to an awesome Greek restaurant called Kokoras. It was so good!:iconchibispainplz:Their portions were ginormous! I got their gyro platter. It comes with a salad before the platter. HUGE salad. Full of good stuff. Olives, lettuce, green pepper, etc. Really good vinaigrette too. The platter was big! It comes with a huge pile of meat, Greek fries around it, pita slices on the sides, tons of feta sprinkled on top, and a thing of tzatziki sauce. This monster lasted for 3 meals!:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:I haven't eaten something like that in a long time. I'm not a wimp when it comes to eating either.:iconhongkongplz:The fries were interestingly done. Sliced crosswise, I think it still had some skin to them, a little oregano, and then fried like normal fries. Finally, they throw some feta on them too. Also had their baklava for dessert. It was large too. Barely fit on a sandwich plate. Had a cute little clove pushed into the middle of the top. Not too sweet, so that was a plus. A lot of places make it so sweet, I have a hard time eating it.:iconkikuplz:But, this was good. Lots of cinnamon and clove. I'd so love to go there again sometime.:iconfrancisplz:Not in the near future, but sometime.
Started watching Katanagatari or Sword Story, on Sunday. Very interesting anime. Wasn't used to the art style, but it grew on me. I think the art's pretty unique. Story's interesting too. It takes place during the Edo period. The story's about Yasuri Shichika, a swordsman that fights without a sword (uses his hands like blades instead), and Togame, an ambitious strategist that seeks to collect 12 legendary swords for the shogunate. Shichika's the son of an exiled war hero, and is the 7th head of the Kyotoryuu school of fighting. He lives on an isolated island with his sister, Nanami. At the request of Togame, Shichika and Togame set out on a journey to collect the 12 Deviant Blades. The only thing I thought was mildly annoying, was how much they talked. But, it wasn't too bad on that front either. The episodes are really long! An hour each. I'm used to the norm of around 24 minutes. The story and characters feel a bit Kenshin like, but only slightly. (Rurouni Kenshin is a classic samurai anime. Haven't watched much, but it's pretty good.)

Looked at the last couple of new anime shows for the season on Friday. Most of them were too ecchi for me. And, I had high hopes for them.:icontinoplz:The only one that wasn't 'ecchi' was Un-Go. But, that seemed a bit bland. The crime wasn't that elaborate, and the characters are a bit dry. I liked Inga a lot. But, that's only a supporting character. He's weird, but entertaining. There's still a couple of good possible anime shows for Fridays. Also, looked at the possible new winter season shows. I didn't realize they had it out so early.:icongermanyplz:They're a bit tentative, but nice to see. Supposedly, December-February is the winter anime season. Only 2 shows interest me so far. Another, which is a horror/mystery anime; and Baby, Please Kill Me! which looks cute in a dark humor-ish way. 

So, realized my birthday is coming up fast.:iconsleepygreeceplz:So, I thought why not make a new wish list on One with things I really want, not only for my birthday, but for things like Hanukkah as well. Only have 5 items on there at the moment. But, all of them are awesome!:dummy:Couldn't find more after going through the recommended stuff and browsing. Maybe next time. 

Almost done with the Hetalia Heritage meme. Pretty much just have to finish sketching myself as a mochi. Then, I'll try to draw out their flags next to them. And, finally have them say something like hello/phrase in their language. 

Tried to look up Estonian recipes online. But, there wasn't anything.:iconlietplz:Next, I'll look for Moldovan recipes. Not sure if I'll find anything on that either.:iconchibijapanplz:

Wrote more of chapter 15. I can't believe I'm up to almost 120 pages! Crazy!:iconchibipolandplz:Watched D no Arashi. It was about a couple of contests and moles. Contests like which man has the most girliest voice or the best 'natural perm'. With the mole, it was the first time that a report wasn't successful. They were trying to find one. Had cameras everywhere, including a mole tunnel cam. They set up a bunch of traps as well. But, they did find a lot of frogs.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:
In Gintama, Kagura felt jealous that her friends had cell phones, and she was too poor to own one. After a bit of a tantrum, Sadaharu pooped out 3 cell phones. They went to the local mechanic to see if they belonged to anyone. He said no, and they're still usable. Kagura was ecstatic, the guys weren't so much. She kept texting them every 5 minutes. While they were sleeping, in the bathroom, eating, or even when they were right in front of her. They got really fed up with it. Later, it seemed like the owner of the cell phones was going to kill Kagura if she didn't hand them over. (Like he would be able to kill her. -_-') At the end, she tells them that she thought it would make them connect more to each other. She learns that it didn't, and drove them further away. They 'make up' and throw their phones back to the original owner. 

Played my clarinet. It's been a while, so it was nice. Great stress reliever too. Did some Irish and Klezmer tunes. Looked around for a new manga, since Afterschool Charisma and Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge hadn't updated yet. Didn't find anything good. I'll just look again next time. Translated a sentence and a half of the article I wrote out from You Maga on cherries and the local farms they come from. Interesting. 

deviantART faves: Mad Man Something Hidden Torment Pillow of Hearts Character Roulette Meme T H A I L A N D I did not make these! First, really cool drawing by an artist I watch. About an artist who becomes obsessed with his creations, and becomes delusional. Then, is slowly eaten away by it. Really cool concept. Second, an interesting art project. Third, another cool looking concept. Fourth, a nice Gintama fanart drawing of Shinpachi, Kagura, and Gintoki. Fifth, really interesting meme. You can create a new character just by rolling dice. Sixth, a really nice Hetalia fanart drawing of Thailand.

Really cool vid about how diverse Judaism is:

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