Monday, January 24, 2011

2 More Days!!!


Wow! It's coming up so fast.:iconlachoirplz:I can't wait, but part of me feels like it's coming up too soon.:iconseychelles-plz:Will I be ready by then. I'm going to start packing today. Still have to figure out when I'll take my meds on Wednesday, and when I come back.:hmm:The time change is going to throw me off a bit. Wednesday I'll be up in the air for about 20 hours.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:Crazy! My butt's probably going to hurt, even if I move around a bit. There's only so much you can do. 

Time change will be funny, because Israel's 10 hours different. NYC, itself, is 3 hours different than here. I'm ok with 3 hours, the 10 I'm not so sure.:iconchibijapanplz:I have to remember this stuff when calling my parents, or vice a versa. I wrote back to that person from Kesher, but haven't heard from him since. It was a weird email to begin with. 

I hope they have something like Israeli movies on the plane. It'll make the time go faster.:iconheroamericaplz:Not that talking to people and doing what I brought won't. Just that there's a point where you may be tired of talking, or doing what you brought. There's a big winter storm warning for most of the east coast. I hope it doesn't make us late. But, if I'm with the group already, it's fine.:iconchibicanadaplz:If my plane to NYC is delayed, I'll be a lot more worried. But, I have the American staff's numbers, so I'll use them if I have to. I've never gone to a foreign country. Canada doesn't feel 'foreign', sorry. So, that should be an experience onto itself.:iconhappychinaplz:

Yesterday, I went to a talk on Israel, by an actual Israeli. It was all about his experiences, what it felt like to live there, etc. It felt more 'personal'. He just wanted to show people what it was really like, and educate them. Very interesting. Plus, it didn't help that he was kind of easy on the eyes.:iconenglandispervyplz:There was lots of pamphlets there. (Like thick enough to be small textbooks.)

The speaker was asked to do these talks by a group called Stand With Us. They are trying to promote peace in the Middle East, and educate people about what's really going on. He's staying in the US for 6 months. Hadassah, a youth group, and our congregation sponsored it too. (It was held in our synagogue.:iconsleepygreeceplz:) There was a lot of people. Most of whom, we knew. A lot of them had thought I was over there already. Ended up talking to a lot of people at the end. Some giving me advice, some saying I should visit a certain place, etc. (Funny, because I have to go wherever the group goes, I don't have a choice.:iconkikuplz:) I talked a little to the speaker, too. He said he was a part of Birthright too. Only, as one of the soldiers that join the group at some point. He said it was a lot of fun. All this made me feel even more excited about it. It was fitting to go to something like this just before I leave.:iconfrancisplz:

I'm leaving the house at around 4:30AM on Wednesday. I just know I won't be able to sleep the night before. I'll be too excited! I tried to sleep like normal last night. But, I guess I was too excited, and almost threw up a few times.:iconromanoplz:Then, Rosie decided to meow really loudly at me while I was in bed, and then at Dad. Eventually, she sat on my face. Yeah, good way to keep me up, cat.:iconprussiaplz:So, I slept in a little today. 

Saturday we went to services in the morning, and then Mom led a Tu B'Shevat seder at night. Same place. I feel like we lived there this weekend.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:But, it was all very nice. The Rabbi led the service, and we had a good turn out. The seder was fun, and I love the symbolism of everything. Correction from last time, you're supposed to have 15 different fruits, not 10. I knew that, but everywhere I looked online to make sure, said 10. My type of holiday. I love fruit, nuts, and juice. Plus, it makes you appreciate nature and trees more.:iconthailandplz:Had a good turn out for that too. 

I'm not sure if I'll be able to blog again before I leave. So next time won't be for a while.:iconusaplz:

deviantART faves: Kiwi Truffle Bunny I did not make this! Another truffle bunny to the series. It's cute. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

5 More Days!


Wahoo!! 5 more days until I go to Israel! So exciting!:iconlachoirplz:Doesn't seem real, still. I got an email from the American staff, introducing themselves. They both seem nice. They also want to form 4 committees for the: team trip journal, Shabbat, team T-shirt, Ruach or 'fun and games'. They said it's ok if you don't want to join one, so I won't. I don't need to do something extra.:iconkikuplz:

What's really funny, is they made a more official looking FB group and gave us the link to it. I was a part of one before, but it didn't seem as 'official'. It only had the bus number, this new one has the entire group number. Plus, a lot more people joined. So, I dropped that other group. So far, about 27 of the 40 members have joined it. Not too bad. There's also at least some commenting going on. I think I'm the only one from the northwest so far. Go me!:iconfrancisplz:The closest person to me is in southern California.:iconsleepygreeceplz:There's a couple of people from Canada too. Which kind of surprised me. But, it's ok. 

The American staff also gave us their phone numbers, just in case something happens or we have questions on that day. Nice to have!:iconchibiamericaplz:I also got an email from Kesher. It was weird they were saying how excited they were to see me on Monday. My trip's not on Monday.:iconusaplz:Also, they asked me to explain more of what Bipolar disorder is. And, proceeded to tell me that there'll be very intensive activities. (Duh, I kind of gathered that!) It seemed weird to me. So, I'm trying to figure out what I should say in response.:iconchibijapanplz:

I didn't have much time to post the last couple of days. Went to the Hadassah meeting Wednesday night. It was kind of cool that everyone was excited for me. They almost seemed more excited than I was.:iconseychelles-plz:Also, it marked our 2 year anniversary as a group. Mom had a little thing on Tu B'Shevat. And, we talked about coming up with some sort of fundraiser. Other than the Mahj tournament. We also have a Rabbi who's speaking to us next month. So, we were trying to come up with ideas or topics for her to talk about. There was also a lot of good food this time. There was: really good little vegetarian sandwiches, Mom brought Kasha, deviled eggs, potato salad, pita chips, hummus, tuna and pasta salad, vegetables with dip, a squash casserole (not my thing...), and something else. For dessert, dried mango, nuts, chocolates, cake to celebrate the anniversary, and dried apricots. All very tasty!:iconchibispainplz:

Tu B'Shevat started that night, and ended yesterday. But, Mom's going to lead a seder for it this Saturday. I love this holiday. It's the New Year for the Trees.   Literally, it means the 15th of Shevat. We celebrate all the things trees provide for us. So, we eat our way through the seder with different fruits, nuts, and 4 cups of wine or grape juice. The cups represent the seasons. We're supposed to have up to 10 (I think) different fruits and nuts. The seder has Kabbalistic roots. The fruits have several meanings. They say eating 10 specific fruits and drinking 4 cups of wine in a specific order while reciting the appropriate blessings, would bring human beings, and the world closer to spiritual perfection.:iconhappychinaplz:We eat from the 7 species (or categories) that were abundant in Israel. They are: wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives and dates. There's a lot more to it, but gives you the gist. 

Got a bunch of stuff I still needed for the trip, too. A travel journal, SD card for my camera, batteries- again for the camera (it eats through them so fast:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:), my eye solution for my contacts, and a couple of other things. They seem like small things, but they're important. I tried shaving my legs with that new razor. It's not the best one, but I look a bit better at least.:iconpolandplz:

I've Been Married to Hell was hilarious! Also, I ended up liking her sister-in-law more. When she's nervous, she becomes very selfish. In this episode, she was pregnant. Towards the end of it, everyone wanted to help her and she lashed out. Kimiko lashed back at her. Knocking some sense into her. It seems to me Kimiko keeps the family together, even though she says she can't stand them. Now, they want her to move in with them.:iconenglandispervyplz:

Bloody Monday 2 was awesome!:dummy:They saved Sawagita's son, captured Hornet, J collapsed and his heart stopped, Otoya was shot in the neck and is bleeding out, the 'Professor' is actually working for the Prime Minister (Otoya's father), the terrorists are still preparing for the bomb, and other stuff all in one episode. It's really amazing this season! I hope neither J or Otoya die. J became more emotional or 'human' since he found out he was dying. Third-i is offering him a chance to talk to his sister, if he gives them all the info he knows. He agreed to it, but that's when he collapsed. His sister has gone insane, so it should be interesting what they do with her. I'm thinking of replacing Orthros no Inu. I'm not crazy about it. 

deviantART faves: Almond Truffle Bunny Chibi Kiku Pistachio Truffle Bunny I did not make these! The first and last ones are a part of a project that one of the artists I watch is doing. She made 18 of these bunnies, and everyday she's going to post one. This is until the Chinese New Year, which will be the year of the rabbit. It's somewhat of a countdown for her. They're kind of cute. I like them so far. Second, a cute drawing of chibi Japan, from Hetalia. Funny how they put a little doll of South Korea next to him. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

8 More Days!


I can't believe it! I'm leaving soon! So exciting!:iconlachoirplz:It's been cold today. Posted a pic: Seagull One person faved it!:dummy:I edited most of the hard copy version of chapter 12. Only a couple more pages to edit. Actually found a pretty big mistake.:iconkikuplz:Good thing I caught it. After editing the rest, I'll fix the Word version and finally post it.:iconchibisitalyplz:Almost finished the next sentence in the You Maga article. 

I made some Cream of Rice for breakfast, to see if it was semi-close to that Korean rice porridge I had. Added chopped carrots, parsley, dried onions, garlic powder, and a little 7-spice. It was really good.:iconitalyplz:Just had a different texture. I don't think the rice was totally pulverized in the Korean one.:iconusaplz:Also, I followed the recipe for the Cream of Rice, and they make it way too thick. So, it'd be closer if I add more water. I will next time. It's good and filling though. 
In Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, it was Tori no Ichi (Rooster Market). A fair that's held in Asakusa in November on the day of the Rooster. Apparently, the 'stylish' thing is to ask for a discount, get it, but have the tip as the amount  taken off. Kind of lame. Why not pay the whole thing, then? Occasions in the world where you know it just is like that all the time, but it's still somewhat illogical/unreasonable. Like, getting hit by the kids you raised. You smoke it and don't get arrested, you have it and get arrested. Their examples were a little weird. But, aren't they always?:iconheroamericaplz:
In Psychic Detective Yakumo, the kidnappers wanted to kill Haruka in front of Yakumo. Ishii and Makoto find detective Goto. Haruka heads to the place where Azusa was being held 15 years ago. She finds Yakumo there. Just in time, Goto, Ishii, and Makoto find them. Azusa possesses one of the kidnappers and saves Haruka. (In the pic.) Finally, Yakumo gets the chance to see his mother after she 'disappeared'. Only, sadly, she's already dead.:iconamericasadchibiplz:She never hated Yakumo or his eye, even though she tried to kill him last time he saw her. She was forced to. They later find her remains there.

I drew the 'framework' for Max's upper torso. I'm just not sure what type of pose I want him in.:hmm:Next time I'll work with my little wooden mannequin to figure it out. I'm liking it so far.:iconchibiamericaplz:

Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr. Day!


This is really sad. I almost forgot about it.Oh Noes!It's a great holiday, honoring an extraordinary person. It's been colder today. Closer to our norm. I posted a pic: Rocks People are still faving Tasha's pic. It's got like 15 faves now.:iconseychelles-plz:Had one person fave my flavor meme. It was the creator of the blank version.:iconswissplz:It was still nice. 9 more days! Wow!:la:

I got caught up on Naruto Shippuden. It's still about their history.:iconbraginskiplz:(Or fillers.) Nothing new to the current storyline. I heard that they won't continue it until next week or the first week of February. Yay! When I'll be gone.:iconwtfukplz:Oh, well. It will just be more interesting when I come back. Although, the ones I watched were pretty good. I liked them, they just weren't really relevant. It's interesting, I noticed it a long time ago, but they have an amazing variety of hairstyles and eyes. I'm thinking that looking back on some of their characters might inspire or help me with my own. I don't know, just a thought.:iconsleepygreeceplz:I wouldn't do exactly like those styles, but it gives me ideas. 

I edited chapter 12 of Alliance. Done with the first go through in Word. Printed it out, and next time I'll edit the hard copy.:work:I usually can catch more mistakes this way. Played some more Mozart. It was pretty good this time. Need to work a little more on trills, but overall it was nice. Felt good to play, too.:iconchibiamericaplz:
In Afterschool Charisma, the assassins are killing off all the clones, just because they're bored. They're planning their next move for during the school's expo. Mozart's alive, but in a coma. Nightingale's one of the few not interested in the 'Almighty Dolly' sheep charms. The assassins are actually the ones distributing them. The school director, Rockswell, parachuted from a helicopter landing on the campus. He's there for the expo. Kamiya found out about the dolls. He knows now that they're bugging devices. That's kind of creepy, considering almost everyone has one.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:
Finished the first sentence of that stress relief article in You Maga. 生活習慣を少し修正するだけで、どんどん輝く自分になって、人生も変えられる!? (Seikatsushuukan o sukoshi shuusei suru dake de, dondon kagayaku jibun ninatte, jinsei mo kaerareru!?) By simply attempting a few modifications to your lifestyle, you'll begin to shine, you're life can change!? (Sounds kind of funny.:iconheroamericaplz:)
In Hetalia, Lithuania was unified under Grand Duke Mindaugas in 1236. Since The Grand Duchy of Lithuania was still practicing polytheism during this period, the Teutonic Knights decided to get 'involved' with them. They made it look kind of cute, yet sad or pathetic on Lithuania's part. August 2008: in Calabria Italy, a large number of baby sea turtles went astray from their path to the sea, and instead went into a local coastal restaurant. Kind of funny to see them piling up there. They were very attracted to Spain. The pic's of Romano's reaction to seeing them all. 

I fixed up Max's skull a little. Found out what made me feel 'off' about it. I'm working on his upper torso. Got frustrated after a while, so I thought I should stop for today.:iconhongkongplz:It's looking interesting so far.

deviantART faves: Red Seeds Gintama: Hijikata 1 I did not make these! First, an amazing pic of pomegranate seeds. They look like gems in this. Second, a nice drawing of Hijikata from Gintama. Before he was in the Shinsengumi.