Monday, January 10, 2011

Koko ni Iru Yo


By 72. In English, I'll Be Here! It's one of the theme songs to the Jdrama, Untouchable. I love the series, and this really set the mood for it. It's somewhat haunting, hopeful, yet sad, and beautiful. I didn't see the artist's music video until much later, but it's cool too. Lots of metaphors, and the wolf and scenery are beautiful also.:iconchibihungaryplz:

It's starting to get really cold again.:iconohboyamericaplz:It was forecasted for later in the week, but it's snowing!:iconyaykumajiroplz:I still haven't gotten the info (itinerary, emergency numbers, flight info, packing list, etc.) for my trip to Israel. If I don't get an email by the afternoon, I will email or call them today.:iconhongkongplz:It's getting ridiculous. We only have 16 days left.:dummy:I also looked on FB to see if our group has been made yet. It hasn't. So, it's not just me.:iconkikuplz:I saw a couple of other groups that are up, but they leave earlier than we do. It's interesting to glance at what they're saying or asking. Gives me a chance to figure out what to ask them when it's up.:iconseychelles-plz:Mom brought up that it might be easier if I check my luggage at SeaTac airport and just send it directly to Ben Gurion airport. But, the thing is, I think we may have to pick it up at JFK and send it with the group's luggage. I don't know.:iconswissplz:I'll ask when it's up. Also, there's a couple of questions about the 'payoneer' card we're using. 

We got a wall charger for my mp3 player. Or, really anything that uses a USB port to charge. I can use that on my trip.:iconchibicanadaplz:I kind of need my tunes. I'll definitely need them on the plane. It's a 15-17 hour plane trip.:iconusaplz:Not including the one from SeaTac to JFK. 

I made chicken tikka masala, with a side of green beans, for Shabbat dinner. The sauce was from a can, so it wasn't like I made it from scratch. But, it was good, quick, and easy.:iconhappychinaplz:We went to Casa Luna for dinner yesterday. Haven't gone in so long. They make a lot of things from scratch (salsa, chips, tortillas, etc.), so it's good most of the time. I got a Mexican pizza. I love their's. Lots of beans, cheese, ground beef, tomatoes, a good fried tortilla, and really good sauce. Saying it's a pizza, just sounds funny to me.:iconheroamericaplz:But, it's really good.:iconchibispainplz:Mom got their signature burrito. I thought it would be like a normal burrito. It was huge! Maybe next time I'll try it. I won't be able to finish it, but it looked good too. Mom ate maybe half of hers. That's ok, I couldn't finish mine either. Dad got some chicken mole. I love mole, so that looked tasty too. 

I started another drama to replace Joker, called Orthros no Inu. (Funny, because one of the main actors was in Joker, too.:iconenglandispervyplz:) It's very interesting so far. I thought it would be too hokey or a flop or something. Ryuzaki Shinji possesses a 'G-d Hand', but seems to be an evil manipulative person. The hand can heal wounds and illnesses. Aoi Ryosuke possesses a 'Demon's Hand', but he's got a kind and almost angelic personality. His hand can kill a person with a single touch. They end up meeting with the help of detective Hasebe Nagisa. Aoi ends up helping Ryuzaki escape from prison. Only later realizing he was tricked. A very interesting beginning, and kind of cool. Orthros, by the way, is a 2-headed dog in Greek mythology. He was a 'brother' to Cerberus. Kind of cool.

Went to services on Saturday!:dummy:Had a pretty good turn out. The Rabbi was late, because as soon as he got off the ferry, he ran out of gas.:iconwtfukplz:So, our cantor led the very beginning of it. The parsha was about Moses asking Pharaoh to 'let my people go'. It's a very interesting one. At the end, they let the kids from the school come in for kiddush. Years ago we used to have someone who made a chocolate chip and powdered sugar dusted challah for the oneg. She made some this time. It was so good!:iconitalyplz:

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