Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Who -08-


By Odani Misako. It's the theme song to the Jdrama, Gonzo: Densetsu no Keiji. (Or, Gonzo: The Legendary Detective.) This is another amazing theme song, and very fitting. It's got a somewhat sad, driving, emotional sound. I loved this series!:iconfrancisplz:The artist's vid for it is interesting too.

It snowed a lot last night. But, pretty quickly, it turned to rain. So, this morning, there was a mixture of slush, regular snow, and water (like enough to flood) on the roads.:iconwtfukplz:Lovely to walk through. I managed it, though! My jeans are still drenched up to halfway up my calves. Yay!:iconnataliaplz:We still have lots of snow on our roof, yard, and walkway. Kind of annoying. I had a mild fever throughout most of the day too. Go me!:iconlietplz:Exactly 2 more weeks from today until my trip to Israel!:la:

I posted a pic: Waterfront Pier It's got 3 faves and a comment so far!:dummy:That's pretty quick. Got a lot of writing done. Really soon I'll be done with this chapter. Then, I can finally start editing!:work:Played some more Mozart. It was much better than last time. Hopefully, tomorrow will be even better. After searching through a lot of magazines and articles, I found something to work on for my Japanese.:iconchibipolandplz:It's in You Maga, and it's about stress relieving exercises. Should be very interesting. I'll post my work on the translated sentences on here. Haven't done that in a long time. I think it helps me to post it.:iconprussiaplz:
In O-parts Hunter, it was Jio vs Anna at the Roc Bird City Olympiad. They were the 1st match. Anna's O-part is the Tennyo. It's effects are handling and shape shifting. Jio uses Satan to drain Anna's spirit. With that, he easily wins. Next, is Ball's match. (He's in the pic.)
In Fairy Tail, there was a black magic cult plot to construct an 'R-system' 10 years ago. There were 7 towers to it, which the council had destroyed. But, there's an 8th tower they didn't know about. It's called the Tower of Heaven. It wasn't finished by the magic cult. Someone named Jellal is behind it. I find this funny. His name changes an awful lot with the subbers.:iconenglandispervyplz:They had Gerard for a while, and now it's Jellal. In the katakana it's spelled as Jeraaru. So, I think the way they subbed it this time, is a bit more accurate.:iconchibisitalyplz:Jellal is Siegrain's evil twin. (They looked so similar, I thought for sure it was him.) The R-system stands for 'Revive System'. It's to resurrect a single person using a large number of human sacrifices. Erza busts out of her cell. There's only one way to destroy the tower, and that's using the council's ultimate weapon, the Etherion. It's a type of cross dimensional destruction magic. Natsu, Juvia, Gray, and Lucy make it into the tower easily. Happy was kidnapped by a cat fanatic. (In the pic.) Natsu ended up being more worried about Happy than for Erza.:iconkikuplz:

I finished drawing Max's head. Not sure if it's really the way I want.:hmm:But, it looks like a skull still. So, I might leave it. Next, will be his skeleton or 'body'. Should be interesting. Oh, and I promised myself at some point, I'll draw a full body of Ravel. I've made several drawings of his head and tail. That's not enough for me.:iconhongkongplz:I plan to draw 'full bodies' of all my characters in the future.:iconberwaldplz:

deviantART faves: Happy New Year 2011 Chibi Mai Hijikata Toushirou Baby Seal Cat Fort Little Miss Waffle Chibi Prussia Diaries -001- I did not make these! First, a cute happy New Year drawing by one of the artists I watch. It has a bunny, because it's the year of the rabbit. Second, a cute deviantID for another artist I watch. I love how she makes things end up looking cute, yet slightly evil. Third, an awesome drawing of Toshi from Gintama. Makes me want to see the new episodes already! But, I have to a while. Fourth, an awesome drawing of a baby seal by another artist I watch. It's really lifelike. Fifth, a funny drawing of, what looks like a new boss from a new game,  another person I watch is working on. Cats are usually the enemies in his games. A lot of them being bosses. I guess, another theme where they're cute, but deadly. Sixth, it's a drawing of Belgium, from Hetalia, protecting a very large waffle. Funny. Seventh, a hilarious comic starring Prussia, Germany, and Germania. I love Germany's expression throughout. 

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