Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr. Day!


This is really sad. I almost forgot about it.Oh Noes!It's a great holiday, honoring an extraordinary person. It's been colder today. Closer to our norm. I posted a pic: Rocks People are still faving Tasha's pic. It's got like 15 faves now.:iconseychelles-plz:Had one person fave my flavor meme. It was the creator of the blank version.:iconswissplz:It was still nice. 9 more days! Wow!:la:

I got caught up on Naruto Shippuden. It's still about their history.:iconbraginskiplz:(Or fillers.) Nothing new to the current storyline. I heard that they won't continue it until next week or the first week of February. Yay! When I'll be gone.:iconwtfukplz:Oh, well. It will just be more interesting when I come back. Although, the ones I watched were pretty good. I liked them, they just weren't really relevant. It's interesting, I noticed it a long time ago, but they have an amazing variety of hairstyles and eyes. I'm thinking that looking back on some of their characters might inspire or help me with my own. I don't know, just a thought.:iconsleepygreeceplz:I wouldn't do exactly like those styles, but it gives me ideas. 

I edited chapter 12 of Alliance. Done with the first go through in Word. Printed it out, and next time I'll edit the hard copy.:work:I usually can catch more mistakes this way. Played some more Mozart. It was pretty good this time. Need to work a little more on trills, but overall it was nice. Felt good to play, too.:iconchibiamericaplz:
In Afterschool Charisma, the assassins are killing off all the clones, just because they're bored. They're planning their next move for during the school's expo. Mozart's alive, but in a coma. Nightingale's one of the few not interested in the 'Almighty Dolly' sheep charms. The assassins are actually the ones distributing them. The school director, Rockswell, parachuted from a helicopter landing on the campus. He's there for the expo. Kamiya found out about the dolls. He knows now that they're bugging devices. That's kind of creepy, considering almost everyone has one.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:
Finished the first sentence of that stress relief article in You Maga. 生活習慣を少し修正するだけで、どんどん輝く自分になって、人生も変えられる!? (Seikatsushuukan o sukoshi shuusei suru dake de, dondon kagayaku jibun ninatte, jinsei mo kaerareru!?) By simply attempting a few modifications to your lifestyle, you'll begin to shine, you're life can change!? (Sounds kind of funny.:iconheroamericaplz:)
In Hetalia, Lithuania was unified under Grand Duke Mindaugas in 1236. Since The Grand Duchy of Lithuania was still practicing polytheism during this period, the Teutonic Knights decided to get 'involved' with them. They made it look kind of cute, yet sad or pathetic on Lithuania's part. August 2008: in Calabria Italy, a large number of baby sea turtles went astray from their path to the sea, and instead went into a local coastal restaurant. Kind of funny to see them piling up there. They were very attracted to Spain. The pic's of Romano's reaction to seeing them all. 

I fixed up Max's skull a little. Found out what made me feel 'off' about it. I'm working on his upper torso. Got frustrated after a while, so I thought I should stop for today.:iconhongkongplz:It's looking interesting so far.

deviantART faves: Red Seeds Gintama: Hijikata 1 I did not make these! First, an amazing pic of pomegranate seeds. They look like gems in this. Second, a nice drawing of Hijikata from Gintama. Before he was in the Shinsengumi. 

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