Friday, January 14, 2011

Hajimari no Hi (はじまりの日)


By Suga Shikao feat. Mummy-D. In English: Day of Beginnings. This was the first opening song to Letter Bee. This anime seems to have really great, and interesting songs. The series itself is rather 'unique', and mostly has some outstanding art. I say mostly because the CG'd Gaichuu are a little much.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:The rest is amazing. The song's about the thrill of adventure and being carefree. I love Suga's voice. He did one of the theme songs to xxxHolic too.:iconchibihungaryplz:

It's been really warm again today. It's nice, just a bit weird to me. Only 12 more days until my trip! Yay!:dummy:Ok, this is funny. The pic of Tasha that was approved by the group, today, had about 8 faves in the last few hours. It wasn't that good, was it?:iconchibijapanplz:One person put it into a collection. A lot of the time people don't do that unless they really like it. I posted another pic Waterfront Pier 2. It's got a fave and a comment so far. All this faving and commenting is awesome to me, but it feels strange.:iconkikuplz:I finished writing chapter 12! Next, editing.:work:Wahoo! I played some Mozart. Much better than last time. Getting close to the way I used to play. Just had a couple of small mistakes. Nothing big. We're trying a new thing for the cats. They seem to have been fighting non-stop since we got Rosie, so Mom bought a special chemical or herbal thing that when ingested, calms them down. An emotional stress reliever. We're putting it in their water. Rosie already seems much more loving. (If that were possible.:iconchibirussiaplz:) Tasha's slowly moving around more. We'll see what happens.:iconenglandispervyplz:
In Hetalia, America introduces Japan to table turning. It's similar to fortune-telling. This later became very popular in Japan. Japan asks if he can get along with everyone in the future. (Everyone being other countries.) America makes it say 'yes'. After keeping a rabbit and guinea pig Japan says 'Westernization is a wonderful thing!' The author loves rabbits. (Doesn't surprise me.) They became very popular during 'westernization'. At the same time guinea pigs became popular too. The first person in Japan to own one was the emperor. A member of the Italian nobility gave it to him. South Korea's obsessed with breasts. (Women's and Men's.) There's slight differences between American English, and the original England English. In English rubber refers to an eraser, in America a rubber refers to a condom. True, we played around with this a little in marching band.:iconsleepygreeceplz:We needed 'rubber' bands to keep the music in place. We made lots of jokes about it. I wonder if they'll do more comparisons like that. The pic's of hair (ahoge- literally, foolish hair), facial hair, and other things of some countries. And, what they represent. Why would America's glasses be Texas? Is it because of how big it is? I've wondered, since I've known this, what part of him would Washington state be? Interesting. I like how Korea's hair thing is like his soul. It seems more 'alive' and has it's own personality.
I finished the heading for this article in You Maga. Started the first sentence. ストレス・フリーな心と体を作る習慣. (Sutoresu furii na kokoro to karada o tsukuru shuukan.) Stress free training habits for the body and spirit. 
In Shiki, seems like everyone's getting killed off.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:Including the main characters. It's kind of crazy! I'm nearing the end of the series. But, if everyone dies, what's the point? I know Natsuno was turned into an Okiagari (like a vampire) and might revolt against them, but he's just one person against a town of them. The pic is when Seishin has a gruesome nightmare. With Toshio's wife (who was turned into an Okiagari) having a hole in her gut from being stabbed by a wooden stake, and Seishin talking to Toshio through it. This anime's very bloody. But, I like that sort of thing. Almost anything horror, I tend to like. This seems to be dragging though.:hmm:

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