Tuesday, January 18, 2011

8 More Days!


I can't believe it! I'm leaving soon! So exciting!:iconlachoirplz:It's been cold today. Posted a pic: Seagull One person faved it!:dummy:I edited most of the hard copy version of chapter 12. Only a couple more pages to edit. Actually found a pretty big mistake.:iconkikuplz:Good thing I caught it. After editing the rest, I'll fix the Word version and finally post it.:iconchibisitalyplz:Almost finished the next sentence in the You Maga article. 

I made some Cream of Rice for breakfast, to see if it was semi-close to that Korean rice porridge I had. Added chopped carrots, parsley, dried onions, garlic powder, and a little 7-spice. It was really good.:iconitalyplz:Just had a different texture. I don't think the rice was totally pulverized in the Korean one.:iconusaplz:Also, I followed the recipe for the Cream of Rice, and they make it way too thick. So, it'd be closer if I add more water. I will next time. It's good and filling though. 
In Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, it was Tori no Ichi (Rooster Market). A fair that's held in Asakusa in November on the day of the Rooster. Apparently, the 'stylish' thing is to ask for a discount, get it, but have the tip as the amount  taken off. Kind of lame. Why not pay the whole thing, then? Occasions in the world where you know it just is like that all the time, but it's still somewhat illogical/unreasonable. Like, getting hit by the kids you raised. You smoke it and don't get arrested, you have it and get arrested. Their examples were a little weird. But, aren't they always?:iconheroamericaplz:
In Psychic Detective Yakumo, the kidnappers wanted to kill Haruka in front of Yakumo. Ishii and Makoto find detective Goto. Haruka heads to the place where Azusa was being held 15 years ago. She finds Yakumo there. Just in time, Goto, Ishii, and Makoto find them. Azusa possesses one of the kidnappers and saves Haruka. (In the pic.) Finally, Yakumo gets the chance to see his mother after she 'disappeared'. Only, sadly, she's already dead.:iconamericasadchibiplz:She never hated Yakumo or his eye, even though she tried to kill him last time he saw her. She was forced to. They later find her remains there.

I drew the 'framework' for Max's upper torso. I'm just not sure what type of pose I want him in.:hmm:Next time I'll work with my little wooden mannequin to figure it out. I'm liking it so far.:iconchibiamericaplz:

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