Sunday, May 15, 2011

National Pizza Party Day!


Yay for pizza!:dummy:I won't be able to have it today, but it's nice that there's a day devoted to it. Our market serves some awesome pizza and they have a special on a pizza every month. A lot of the time that special is something we can't eat. Like it has pepperoni or sausage or something. But, sometimes it's on my fave types of pizza. BBQ'd chicken's my top fave. It's amazing!:iconchibispainplz:There's also a garlic pizza there. 

I tried to post on Thursday. But, Blogger was doing maintenance. I didn't realize how long they'd be doing this maintenance.:iconwtfukplz:So, I assumed I'd just pick it back up on Friday. Silly me. They didn't have the post I was working on until today. It's a bit of a headache, but if it's to make the site better somehow, then ok.:icontinoplz:Another bit of headache was our internet connection went out last night. So, we worried that maybe the modem needed to be replaced or something. Turns out, it wasn't just us, and it was back this morning. So, yay!:la:I had a lot of stuff I could do if it was still out, so it wouldn't have been too bad. At least for only a couple of days.:iconusaplz:It's funny how we're all so connected to the internet.
Top pic is sweet and sour meatballs with pasta. It's an Ashkenazic dish. (Jews from Eastern Europe.) Another good one. For some reason I used to get nervous about making meatballs.:iconchibilithuaniaplz:Now that I've done it a couple of times, it's kind of fun.:DSauce reminded me of my mom's stuffed cabbage. And, was so good, I probably could have just made that.:drool:Second pic's blueberry muffins. I followed the recipe, but it needed a little more sugar.:nod:Tasted more like scones. But, they were really good.:iconitalyplz:I'm thinking of making more muffins and cookies in the near future.:iconchibiamericaplz:Snickerdoodles maybe next week.;)I'm not used to baking, so it's been interesting. Both of these have become pretty popular on dA. I don't quite get why, but it's nice.:iconheroamericaplz:The meatballs have 9 faves and 54 views so far. It's only been up for a couple of days. The muffins have 6 faves and 34 views so far. And, it hasn't been a full day since I posted that one.:omg:I think the meatballs, so far, have had the most amount of faves at least for pics. They really didn't look that great. Maybe to others it did?:iconswissplz:I'm happy though!:meow:Not sure if I mentioned this, but that chicken soup I posted last time has been getting a lot of faves as well. Someone commented that they couldn't believe that they'd see something like that on dA, and that he recognized it.:blush:He's from Mexico and it's one of his favorite dishes. Crazy! 

Didn't go to services yesterday, because Mom still didn't feel up to it. Her leg is still healing from that fall she had a couple of weeks ago. We went to Urgent Care to have my dad's sutures taken out. There was a woman sitting in the waiting room directly across from us. She had a mask on, but every so often would take it off to cough.:cough:She told her daughter she had a 103 degree fever. I really hope neither Mom or I were infected. And, what's the point of 'wearing' the mask if you're going to keep taking it off to cough?:iconromanoplz:Dad had a pretty rude doctor take her sutures out, but she's iffy about filing a complaint. I think she should. 

After that we went to Burger King. I haven't been there in a long time. We mostly go to places like Pho T&N and Subway if we want something cheap. I actually had a hard time finishing my hamburger and onion rings.:iconkikuplz:They put way too much mayo on mine. It was swimming in it.:iconwtfromanoplz:But, the rest was awesome! 

I'm going through an American-Jewish cookbook at the moment. It's huge! And, there's so many things that look appealing enough to put on my list.:iconchibinitalyplz:And, a lot of it seems pretty easy. The recipe for the muffins came from it. The categories for the recipes are odd. Like desserts are first. There's a category just for egg and cheese things. Ideas for stuff when Dad's not there for dinner, or lunches. (So sad that she doesn't eat those things!:iconpolandplz:) My recipe list is so long now. About 7 pages. (Recipes are written on both sides of each page. So, longer than it sounds.) Soon I hope to get that 3-ring binder and clear sheet protector things. Those will help keep it all together. Easier to search through to see what I might want to make as well.

deviantART faves: Before After Northern Lights Butterfly I did not make these! First, before and after drawings from an artist I watch. His stuff's amazing! I like how he said the only real change is that they can finally smell now. Second, an awesome painting of Iceland, from Hetalia, looking up at the northern lights. Third, an awesome drawing of someone's oc. Love the patterns and colors, too. 

A cool tribute to Russia from Hetalia:

Hikouki Gumo by Odani Misako:

Poor puppy!

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