Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011


I don't really consider it a 'happy' day.:iconamericasadchibiplz:So, I'm not putting happy in front of it. This is a day to honor those who have died in our nation's service. They deserve at least a day, if not more, to be remembered.:)

It's been colder today. I hope that soon we'll be at our normal temp again. Not very good weather for picnics or BBQ's, like some people do for the holiday.:no:It feels like it's the coldest Memorial Day that I can remember. Got back into my walking.:la:Already did 2 out of 3 of my walks. My friend, that wanted to be my walking buddy, and I don't seem to be connecting.:iconusaplz:But, I'll keep trying. It seemed like people only looked at the date, and dressed for it. Or maybe they were hoping for it to be normal. They looked cold.:iconcoldrussiaplz: Worked a little on the comic essay in You Maga. Read some more of Dune. Getting a bit more exciting.:eager:

Watched more of Oishii Proposal. Haruki finally kissed Suzuko, and confessed how he felt about her.:love:Now that they know they both are in love, it's making things even more complicated. Michiru's trying to force Haruki to marry her. Suzuko's old flame is telling her not to get involved with him, or she'll get hurt. These 2 and his father are the only ones against them being together. It's getting more and more interesting. I hope it doesn't end in tragedy or something. They're cute together.:iconfrancisplz:
In Letter Bee Reverse, Aria is sent on a delivery. It's been a long time since she's been 'out in the field'. She has absolutely no coordination. Niche reluctantly helps Aria out, after Lag begged her to. Lag has a horrible fever, and lost too much heart to go out for a while. I like Aria's Shindanjuu. A violin used as a weapon? Awesome to me! The only problem is she has to have an immense amount of concentration for it to work. I saw her towards the beginning of the series, and she usually uses her violin to heal people. 
In Afterschool Charisma, the students are still recovering from the terrorist attack. Nightingale's trying to make sense of what it means to them if they fail as clones. Mozart has gone back to playing. He figures, if he can't control how things go anyway, he might as well do what he knows how to do. Hitler's getting more twisted. (Much like his original.) He tried to kill Rasputin by stuffing a bunch of 'All Mighty Dollies' down his throat. The pic's of Hitler and Shiro just after he did it. Next chapter isn't up yet, so if that's still the case next week, I'll start another manga. I'll go back to this when they update it. 

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