Monday, July 19, 2010

Allez Olla Olé (Again)


By Jessy Matador. This was France's Eurovision 2010 entry. Still a fave! :iconchibihungaryplz: A nice and fun dance song. :dance:I will find more music later! :iconhongkongplz: Again, I'm not going to post this song, since I already have. :iconkikuplz:

Wow! I already have over 10,000 views since February! :iconyaykumajiroplz:That's a lot. Kind of amazing.:iconchibinitalyplz: It's been cold most of the day, but now it's starting to warm up. So, that's good. :iconthailandplz:I posted a pic on dA: Starfish This is still from Gumbo Limbo. It was kind of cute and was making its way to the wall. A lot of people missed him, because he was so far to the side. :iconchibicanadaplz:It was kind of smart on his part. I'm almost done writing my descriptions for my new characters. The only really hard part this time, was figuring out what they should wear. :iconlietplz: I wanted it to be a bit different and interesting. So, I spent a while searching online for ideas, and I figured something out. Not sure if it's what I want, but it's a start. :iconraivisplz:

I played more Irish tunes. Some that I haven't played in a long time. I seem to be a little rusty when I start playing on Mondays. :icontinoplz: Once I get going, I pick it up again. Maybe I should start playing during the weekend, too? :iconchibijapanplz:I finished a sentence from the grill's manual. This one is very short, but sounds really weird in English. I'll have to go over it again later. (So weird, I'm not going to post it.:iconswissplz:
In Kuroshitsuji, it seems each city the circus has performed in, a lot of children go missing. The police are searching for them, and haven't been very successful. But, the queen thinks Ciel can find them quicker. They usually disappear in the middle of the night. Ciel goes to the undertaker to see if he's 'worked' on any of the children on the list. He hasn't, and tells them he hasn't heard anything about the case either. So, there's a high possibility they're still alive. They decide their only choice is to go to the circus itself. Seems normal at first. When asked for a volunteer, Sebastian stands up. They tell him to lay down somewhere. Instead, he runs over to the tiger and admires it. (He has a huge fascination and love of cats. :iconfrancisplz:) It bites down on his head, but he still keeps pestering it. Later, he apologizes to it, saying he couldn't get over her loveliness. It's funny that he loves cats and Ciel is allergic to them.:iconheroamericaplz:  They leave and the ringleader (in the pic above) tells Sebastian he's sorry about the tiger. Then, tells him to go around back so their doctor can check him out. They realize what he's doing and agree.
In Hetalia, Greece asks Japan if he ever gets angry. Since, he's never seen him that way. He tells him he can when he wants to. So, they start trying to make themselves angry, thinking about things they hate. Greece thinks a lot about Turkey. (In the pic.) And is pretty successful with becoming angry. Japan doesn't come up with anything, becomes a little angry and calls it his full rage. (Pretty sad.:iconseychelles-plz:) After Spain bumps into France while following Romano, he finds out. Both South and North Italy have very different personalities. North had a Renaissance culture, and South only focused on sightseeing and agriculture. Hasn't changed much in 1000 years. They say due to this, Europe, even now, seems to recognize South as: "that one region where the residents are poor and eat only pasta and tomatoes, yet they're still cheerful." :iconromanoplz:
In Letter Bee, Nelli makes it to the gate. She doesn't see a bridge. The Gatekeeper Signal's supposed to use the smoke from his black crystal pipe to cross-check the identities of those crossing the bridge. He knows she's not Lag and he'll be taking 'appropriate' measures. He then sends out a giant gecko thing and it attacks her. Niche attacks it, but it's so big, she only slows it down. Lag goes in to save the letter, and something shoots out of his hand. (The pic's just before that happened.) It hits the paper and sends out Nello's thoughts and memories. Nelli was wrong about what was really going on. It was a letter to Jiggy telling him to protect his older sister; because he was too sick and knew he would die soon. Since the spirit amber's in Lag's body, he can use it as a weapon. Lag goes to the church and starts shooting trying to show Jiggy's 'heart'. The church was Jiggy's idea, and it was supposed to be a safe place for the children. He shot it up so much, he passes out. Niche hates Nelli for hurting him again, and says if she touches him, she'll kill her. After shooting the bell, Jiggy's 'heart' is revealed. He brought the bell to the church, and actually cared for them. Nelli's going to keep the letter until she can pay for postage. They part ways.

I started drawing the :o box from the meme. I don't usually have this problem, but I was having a hard time drawing Zero's chin. It's not that hard to do. :icongermanyplz: So, it was frustrating. Once I finally got that down, I was only able to make the expression on his face. It's kind of a fun one. :iconchibisitalyplz: I'll finish that one and probably almost finish the next one tomorrow. Which is the XD box. Looks like fun, too! 

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