Wednesday, July 14, 2010

La La La, It's Love! (Again)


By The Melody from the Coffee Prince soundtrack. A good one. I still need to get more songs. :iconberwaldplz: Maybe I'll get some later. This reminds me, I should probably watch Coffee Prince at some point. Even if it's a Korean drama. It looks good. Since I already posted this song, I'm not going to again. :iconnataliaplz:

Today was much warmer. It's perfect weather for Summer! 77 degrees and sunny with a light breeze. What could be better?:iconchibispainplz:I started filling out a character description for 1 of the new ones. I got stuck on how to describe his hair. I have a perfect image in my head, but it's hard to put down. :icongermanyplz:I wanted to type more of chapter 11, but ran out of time. I also just realized I've got only 4 female characters. In the future, I probably should make more, to even it out a bit. :iconchibiromanoplz:

Played some more Irish tunes. Was much better this time. :iconchibiaustriaplz: I felt more into it too. I worked on a sentence from the grill's manual. Didn't get far, because my computer decided it needed updates. :iconchibienglandplz:

I made onigiri again. This time using craisins (or dried cranberries), little orange sweet peppers, and some of the 5-bean salad as fillings. They were surprisingly good!:iconsleepygreeceplz: Also, the orange peppers looked really colorful inside. (They're a very bright orange.) Kind of a nice visual thing while eating.:iconthailandplz:Had a small spinach salad with it. It's really fun to experiment.:iconeestiplz: The new rice we got tastes really good, and holds together nicely. :iconfrancisplz:That's good because it's a 5-pound bag. :iconwtfromanoplz:I'll have to really like it. I'm also looking for more good online Japanese TV sites. Yomiuri seems slow lately, so it might be good to find another for the time being. Might get a wider scope of the culture, too.

I started watching Yumeiro Patissiere yesterday. The title literally means Dream-Colored Pastry Chef. Kind of odd, but interesting. :iconkikuplz: The food is awesomely drawn! Looks almost like the real thing. I might get hungry after each episode. :iconitalyplz:The main character's voice is really annoying. That's the only part I don't like. It's so high-pitched.:iconusaplz: More so than most anime girls. It's a lot better when she's not so excited about things. Her name's Ichigo, and she loves sweets. She used to be overshadowed by her younger sister, who's a very talented pianist. She has a talent for being able to immediately tell what ingredients are used in different sweets, and who made the ingredients with a single taste. After trying a sweet from Henri Lucas, and describing it, he tells her she should enroll in St. Marie Academy. The main campus is in Paris, but there's a boarding school branch in Japan. (2 hours away from where she lives. :iconwtfukplz:) She agrees to it, and enrolls. Through this she hopes to become a great Patissiere, like her grandmother was. She eats a buttload of sweets. I'm usually not a fan of the shoujo style, but it doesn't look too bad that way either. :iconchibisitalyplz:It's really funny, and cute. :iconchibihungaryplz:
In O-Parts Hunter, the Mekisis changes into something really weird, almost scary. Just when Ruby and Amidaba were about to be killed by Zenom OPTs, Kirin comes in and saves them. Kirin isn't an OPT, but he seems to be the only 'normal' man that can fight them. He knew Ruby's father. He's awesome at fighting them too! After Jio tells the leader of the Resistance that he's trying to find Ruby, he tells him to go search for her. He can't say it in front of her, but he says, "But she is a precious friend to me!" She's the only reason why he's still in that city. Jio starts to fight Wise who's controlling Mekisis. (He's in the pic above. Creepy looking guy.) Wise is going crazy with power. He thinks of the citizens and Jio as toys. The leader finally makes the broadcast exposing how the government and Zenom have been working together. He tells everyone to fight alongside Jio. The city uses the steam to blind Wise, and the beam from Mekisis is useless in it. Kind of a cool fight. 

In Fairy Tail, Deliora's in the process of being resurrected. Natsu and Zalty fight. Zalty can control time with Time Ark magic. He wants to control Deliora and make it his. It seems Zalty is defeated at one point. Erza had tried to stop the ceremony so that Deliora wouldn't fully resurrect, but she's too late. It's fully resurrected finally. Gray, again, was about to use Iced Shell. Which would kill him in the process. Natsu gets in the way and tells him he doesn't want him to die, that's why stopped him the first time. Natsu tries to fight it, but as soon as he lands a punch, it crumbles. It was already dead. Ul as the ice had slowly killed it over 10 years. After realizing what she did, brought Gray and Lyon together. They're not through with the mission, they still have to turn the villagers back. The Moon Drip itself might not have caused it. Later, they realize Zalty is behind it. Just then, he turns Erza into a demon. Only she looks a lot better than the villagers. She plans to destroy the moon! Saying it will be easy. 

I played Effing Worms. As a huge worm, you try to eat as many things as you can. :iconchibijapanplz: That's humans, dogs, cows, airplanes, etc. Very funny and fun to play. You can die from being hit too many times by missiles and guns. 

I decided to see how Zero would look in the meme. I think I might use him. In the story, he's got a lot of emotion. Might be the most emotional? :iconswissplz: So, it should be fun with him. The only problem is his hair. It's supposed to be like a spiky mess. But, I want it to be similar for each square. :iconromanoplz:I can do some memes that involve more characters and aren't about emotes after this. :iconchibiamericaplz:

An awesome vid about the Bad Friends Trio from Hetalia. Prussia, Spain, and France. Song fits them remarkably well:

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