Monday, July 26, 2010

Tu B'Av


Today's Tu B'av or the 15th of the month of Av. It's celebrated as a Day of Love.:heart: Kind of like Valentine's Day. It's a pretty minor holiday. It used to be, on this day unmarried women would dress in white garments and go out to dance in the vineyards. :iconspainplz:This was also the start of the grape harvest. It's part of the days of comfort after such a long time of mourning. This period of 'comfort' lasts until the High Holy Days. (It began on Nachamu, which was this last Shabbat.) Which means we don't have much time until then. Rosh Hashanah's at the beginning of September this year! :wow:

It's been really warm today. Warmer than the forecast predicted. :iconchibicanadaplz:That's ok, because it's still nice. The problem's when it gets into the high 90s. I wrote a lot more of chapter 11. I have a feeling I'm getting close to the end of that one. Good, because then I can start the process of editing it and then posting it. :iconchibisitalyplz: It's getting exciting! :eager: I love how even I don't know how this part of the story's going to turn out. I played more Irish tunes. Much better than before. Got more into it, again. :iconchibihungaryplz:
In Kuroshitsuji, Joker, takes Sebastian to the circus doctor. Joker's apparently not the ringleader. He calls himself a hired shop manager. He says the circus is where people with some sort of problems gather together. Joker's missing an arm, but the doctor made a prosthetic for it. It's shaped like a skeleton hand. The doctor makes all the prosthetics himself. They're ceramic, and he uses ball jointed parts from dolls. After seeing Sebastian's reflexes, Joker wants to scout him. Sebastian says he'd accept only if 'someone' would be able to take the entrance exam. They agree. Ciel tells them his name's Finnian. Joker keeps asking him if he's really a boy. Through the exam, Sebastian helps him a bit, and he passes. Ciel's stage name: Smile. Sebastian's: Black. Smile, because he has a hard time smiling. 
Finished 2 sentences. One of them was repeated from a couple of sentences ago. But, I finally figured out a crucial word to it, because it didn't make sense a first. The katakana threw me off, big time. (サビ when it's supposed to be 錆.) It was just for emphasis though. Its rare, but they do that sometimes. (Katakana is usually used for company names and foreign words.) 分や酸等を含んだ汚れが付着したまま放置したり、湿気の多い所での保管はしないでください。(Enbun ya san tou o fukunda yogore ga fuchaku shita mama houchishitari, shikke no ooi basho de no hokan ha shinai de kudasai.) Salt content, acid, and things like dirt can stain and stick to the bottom sometimes if you neglect them; please don't leave spots damp before storing. The only reason a couple of those kanji are bigger, is because they didn't show up in the normal sized font. サビの発生原因となります。(Sabi no hassei genin tonarimasu.) Rust may occur at the source.
In Hetalia, it started with Greece trying to get Japan violently angry. Actually succeeded! :iconohnoesjapanplz: Next, some of the Nordics actually showed up! :iconyaykumajiroplz:I don't think they've had Denmark on the anime before this. They showed Finland briefly before. And, Sweden even more brief. It's like if you blinked, you would have missed him. :icontinoplz: Denmark, Sweden, and Finland are in the pic above. The other one is Denmark. Denmark had kind of a brief appearance. (Regular form for like a second, and chibi for a bit longer.) Finland calls Sweden, Sve. They were once underlings in Denmark's home. Sweden hated it, rebelled, and ran away. Finland ran with him. Only followed him, because he had no one else to turn to. The other nations frightened him. Sweden seems a bit scary, though.:iconchibiswedenplz:
In Letter Bee, they cross the bridge to Yuusari. It was barely above the water. Lag finally starts calling Niche his dingo. They meet up with Conner, who takes them to the Head Post Office or Bee-Hive. Lag meets Aria Link, who Gauche had a crush on. She's the sub-master. The master is Largo Lloyd, who they saw at the hotel from before. He looked like he was going to kidnap/steal Niche. He was thinking of using Niche as his dingo. But, he sees how they make a better team, and was fine with it. Lag passes the suitability interview exam. 22 people had failed it before him. There was only one other person who faster at completing the task: Gauche. The proctor tells Lag that Gauche's not a Bee anymore, kind of nonchalantly. :iconwtfromanoplz:

I finished drawing and inking the :p box from the meme. I'm starting the >:] box. I think the :p was kind of a fun/cute one. :iconhungaryplz: I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to go about the other box. :iconlietplz: I'm looking at examples online, though. :iconchibiamericaplz:

deviantART faves: Shishi To Tora StupidFox- FAQs Gintama- Back Seat Gintama Meme I did not make these! First, an awesome drawing from one of the artists I watch. Shows perspective really well. And the whole thing flows together nicely. It's 2 characters fighting each other. Second, StupidFox FAQs. The creator answers a couple of questions from her comic. The answers are funny! Third, an awesome drawing of Sougo and Gintoki. Sougo's riding on the back of Gintoki's vespa. While holding Gintoki's bag of candy. Gintoki's driving. Funny. Fourth, an awesome Gintama meme! They filled it out with similar humor to the show. Really, nice work. It's sad there aren't very many Gintama fanarts. I love that show! 

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