Friday, July 23, 2010

National Hot Dog Day!


Wahoo! :iconyaykumajiroplz:Hot Dog Day! I love hot dogs! :iconprussiaplz:As long as they're anything but the pork kind. (Beef, turkey, tofu, etc.) It's odd that it's their month, too. Twice the fun? :iconchibifranceplz: Today's been perfect, weather wise. Low 70s. Nice! :iconjapanveeeeplz:

I wrote a lot more of chapter 11. Feels good to get back into it. :iconchibisitalyplz: Last night, my ideas for it were just pouring out.:iconchibispainplz:Funny, how it usually doesn't happen during the day. Oh, well. Good thing I remembered most of it. I probably should keep a note pad or something next to my bed. :iconswissplz: Just so I'm ready to write them down next time. This has happened many times, but I'm usually not as lucky remembering it. :icontinoplz:

I played some more Irish tunes. It was pretty good this time. :iconthailandplz: Might have been  better than Wednesday. Got most of the components for the sentence from the grill's manual. Just have to put it together, and make sense of it.:iconchibijapanplz: I tried to watch Shiki, but they haven't subbed it yet. I'm not good enough to watch it raw. :iconkikuplz: I also tried to watch Naruto Shippuden yesterday. But, they're making it another 1-hour special next week. I wanted to see it, badly! :iconchibienglandplz: Especially, because it's getting better and better each episode! 

Yesterday, I watched another episode of Bambino. I like the show. Just don't like the parts where Ban mopes around. It gets painful to watch. :iconwtfromanoplz:Once he finally got it, one of the waiters had to bring his self confidence back down. Why? :iconwtfukplz:I like that he got their toughest customer to like him. 

I started the :p box of the meme. Got most of him done, except the hair. I kind of like his face in this one. I'm noticing his hair changes slightly in each frame so far.:iconsleepygreeceplz:I guess that's ok. No one's hair is perfect and stays the same. :iconhongkongplz:The next one is the >:] box. Looks like another fun one! 

Another funny Thai ad:

One about a workaholic:

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