Monday, July 12, 2010

Pecan Pie Day!


Wahoo! It's Pecan Pie Day! :iconlachoirplz: Another reason to celebrate. That's one of my favorite pies. :iconhungaryplz: I love these crazy holidays I found online! :dummy:Well, today felt very cold.:iconrussiavodkaplz:Highs in the upper 50's and rainy.:iconwtfukplz: So much different than a couple of days ago. Doesn't make much sense for Summer. But, it should be better the rest of the week. 

I made onigiri again. :iconchibicanadaplz: They were with the same fillings. I again ended up with one that had half of it stuck to the mold. I got to remember to add more water to the bottom after a batch.:iconberwaldplz:I've noticed, if you have a little water left on the bottom, they slide out easily. Well, it's ok, it tasted just as good. I'll just have to practice a bit more to get better. :iconchibiamericaplz:So far, they've been getting easier to make. I also had a salad with a raspberry walnut vinaigrette. All very good! :iconitalyplz:

Finally came up with a name for a new character. :iconusaplz:Also, wrote some more of chapter 11. I'm glad to get back into writing it. :iconthailandplz:I played some more Irish tunes. Some I haven't played in a very long time. It wasn't too bad, just seemed a bit timid with the ones I haven't played for a while. (At least to me I did.) Hopefully, I'll have a bit of a stronger, more confident sound tomorrow!:iconchibiaustriaplz:I'm working on another sentence from the grill's manual. Have all the components, just need to put it together.
In Kuroshitsuji, Randall and Aberline from Scotland Yard visit the mansion. Throughout their visit, Agni tries to turn himself in. He thought if he didn't it would put Soma down. Sebastian goes to great lengths to not let that happen. (Closing curtains, locking doors, etc. when he'd pop up.) If he did, Ciel would be in trouble. Also, Soma wanders into the room every so often. Sebastian terrifies him and ties up Agni. Randall was mostly there to deliver a check as a reward for solving the case from the queen. Kind of weird and awkward for Scotland Yard (basically, the police) to reward him for it. Sebastian couldn't stop Agni and Soma from showing up in the end. Ciel tells Randall and Aberline that they're his friends and they're staying with him to study English culture. When Soma hears Agni was going to turn himself in, he's ordered not to. Ciel decides that while they stay, they have to work for him. Soma will be paid. They'll manage his townhouse in London. They agree to it. Ciel and Sebastian will be staying there too, for a while.
I was going to watch Hetalia, but apparently the next episode isn't out yet. Oh well. In Letter Bee, Lag and Niche stop at Kyrie. It's the last town before the bridge. It's also known as Dead-End Town. Since, only people with permits can cross the bridge. It's hard to get one and the people who live there, end up being stuck there. Very poor looking place. They meet someone named Nelli. She hides herself and looks more like a guy. She hates Letter Bees, because she thinks one called Jiggy Pepper abandoned her brother and the town. After he left, her brother wrote a letter to him on his deathbed. She's been trying to have it delivered for 2 years. The Bees won't take it, because she can't afford the right postage. Niche keeps telling Lag to call her Dingo Niche. Eventually, he tells her he doesn't want to see a little girl get hurt, and therefore she can't be his Dingo. Her reaction's in the pic. (Those are golden swords coming out of her hair.) I'd have a similar reaction. Steak's off to the side behind her and Lag's in the front. That's just not right, after how she's proved to him how strong she is. She saves him later when the townspeople attack him. She demands again that she should be called Dingo Niche. 

I played Claytus Hood Tower Defense. A pretty funny and oddly cute farm-themed TD.  Examples of enemies: moles, pigeons, snakes, etc. 

I figured out a way to incorporate my drawings onto the memes. :iconchibisitalyplz:Just use collage in Picasa. It might take a long time, but it's one way. I've never used the collage tool. Should be interesting. :iconchibirussiaplz:Looks a bit fun, too. Oh, one more little thing about Shabbat services Saturday morning. Our cantor actually said it was nice to see me going to it regularly. Kind of nice. :iconsleepygreeceplz:

This is the trailer for the anime I started last Friday, called Shiki. It doesn't give away much.

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