Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Apricot Stone


by Eva Rivas. This was Armenia's entry for the 2010 Eurovision contest. It's another amazing song. :dummy: Sounds like it has hints of traditional music in the background. It ranked in the top 10. :iconusaplz:

Well, today has definitely felt warmer. Feels good! :iconeduardplz:They're still saying it's going to be much warmer the rest of the week. Wahoo! :iconyaykumajiroplz: I finished signing my pics of Gumbo Limbo. It didn't take as long as I thought it would.:iconchibinitalyplz:I also posted a pic: Hawk This is the start of the pics I took of Gumbo Limbo. There was a couple of hawks circling near the entrance. This is one of the best pics I took of one of them. I tried to post another hawk pic, but apparently it's too small for a deviation.:icontinoplz:Oh well, their loss. I didn't know there was a size minimum. :iconchibijapanplz:I played some more Irish tunes. Played a lot better than yesterday. :iconchibiamericaplz:And, towards the end, was really getting into it. I've got all the components of the next sentence in the grill's manual, I just have to piece it all together. I decided not to post the sentence I finished yesterday.
In Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, it was more of Chiri's 'killing' rampage. They weren't actually dead, just stuffed under the floorboards. She replaced them in the classroom with dolls. It was a bit creepy looking. Next, they talked about the Bean Throwing ceremony. Sensei said they do it to drive out the evil spirits, it's similar to an exorcism. Later, Kafuka says she'd rather exorcise Sensei's misfortune and topics. Then, it was about fighting a non-existent enemy. Examples: Masonic conspiracy, The Blair Witch Project, and Weapons of Mass Destruction. The examples they use are always a bit funny. 
In Kuroshitsuji, they were still on the curry competition arc. There's a lot of differences from the manga on this part. Queen Victoria arrives at the beginning of the competition instead of the end. She doesn't speak, except to her attendant. The attendant seems quite a bit taller too. It was cool to see the blue lobster in color. There's a special spice that one of the curries had. It changed people and made them go berserk. Soma says it's the 'Forbidden Spice.' Eventually, they realize the people who ate Sebastian's curry, became immune to the spice. (His curry's in the pic. It's the curry donut, or as he says in the anime, curry bread. I timed the screenshot perfectly!:iconspainplz:) After giving the crazed people some they turn back to their original selves. Sebastian wins the competition. 

I didn't find any good or just fun new games to play. :iconpolandplz: Finished outlining/highlighting Loathe. Also signed the drawing. Hopefully, it doesn't look too bad with it.:iconwtfromanoplz:Plus, I tried to make it as small as I could, but still be legible. Hard to do. :iconkikuplz:I'm hoping to post it later today. :eager:

deviantART faves: Happy Canada's Day Yummah Hotdog Yong Soo Windmill Poster St Louis Fireworks 2010 APH: The 4th, And We're Booked I did not make these! A cute drawing of Canada from Hetalia. He's holding a bouquet with all the provincial flowers. Interesting idea. Second, a funny LOLdog. Has the same expression Buster used to make. Third, a nicely drawn short flash of South Korea from Hetalia. Just has his hair thingy moving. Looks deep in thought. Fourth, is from one of my new friends on dA. He's making a manga called Windmill, and this is a poster for it. Really cool painting. He has put out 7 pages of manga so far. (I think.) Fifth, another one from one of my friends on dA. This is a pic of the fireworks in St. Louis. Nicely done. Sixth, a funny comic about how everything seems booked on the 4th. Using America and England from Hetalia. It's funny, and you don't need to like Hetalia to like it. 

Funny Fanta commercials in Japan:

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