Friday, July 16, 2010

I Like You, I Love You

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Sung by the Rin Vocaloid. Wow! :wow: I'm surprised I didn't post this one earlier. It's an old one, but good. At least you'll get to hear it, unlike before. :iconnorwayunimpressedplz:She's trying to say I love you to someone, but at first he ignores her. (Plus, she stutters and is very shy.) When he starts paying attention, she gets scared and says sorry it was nothing. :blush: After getting enough courage, she says it louder at the end. A kind of cute song. :icongilbird: I got this originally from Nico Sound. It's like a partner site to Nico Nico Douga. Which is like a Japanese youtube. If you paste the url of a Nico Nico Douga video into their search, it comes up with the music for it. :iconspainplz:

Today was a little cold. :iconwtfromanoplz:I might have been a little too optimistic, wearing sandals and a short-sleeved shirt. :icongermanyplz: Oh well. This morning I stepped in a huge pile of throw up. :iconwtfukplz:Our cat must have eaten something weird, because she never throws up. I feel sorry for her, but at the same time a bit annoyed. :icontinoplz:It was a wonderful 'good morning' to me. :iconbraginskiplz:

I finished one of my new character's description. Almost done with the other one. Then, I can write more of the story. :eager: I played some more Irish tunes. Sounded better than yesterday. I had a bit of a hard time with the second part of the Rights of Man song. I haven't played it in a long time, so it makes sense. :iconusaplz:

I finished another sentence from the grill's manual. This one came out a little weird too. Mainly because everywhere I looked, and from my own knowledge, I couldn't figure out a couple of the word meanings. :iconkumajiroplz:(Maybe they'll have them up on that online dictionary after they update?) Another one I'll have to go over again. Oh, and there was at least one word that isn't used often. 濡れたままや、鉄やアルミ等の異種金属と接触させたまま放置しないでください。(Nureta mama ya, tetsu ya arumi tou no ishu kinzoku to sesshoku sa seta mama houchishinai de kudasai.) Please, it's ok for the metals like iron and aluminum from the grill to get wet, but don't neglect it. :iconchibijapanplz:
In Shiki, Toshio Ozaki, who's the village's head doctor, is puzzled by Megumi's death. He assumed she just had a mild case of a common anemia. But, he looked at the blood test they did when she was alive, and it was a rare type. It only can happen when there's a wound or a small cut, but Megumi didn't have any. Plus, you can't die from it.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz: So he still doesn't know cause of death. He told the parents that he wanted to perform an autopsy, but they refused. :iconsadrussia:The village only has 1300 people, and since a big part of that population are elderly, they're constantly making graves. Muroi, one of the monks, said that they are always surrounded by death. :iconraivisplz: Most people don't like to leave the village. Since it's such a small village, rumors spread like wildfire. Toshio know's something's up, and asks a journalist from the local paper for a list of the people who have died in the past month. (This is in August.) Last summer, only 4 people died. In just a month, 10 people have died. :iconchibichinaplz:Muroi and Toshio are calling it an epidemic, assuming the worst case scenario. (They're both in the pic.) All the people who died seemed to have similar symptoms. Starts nonchalantly with minor symptoms like anemia, and some are fatigued from the summer heat. Then, after a few days it worsens drastically. :iconscaredplz: Toshio vows to find out what's causing this. Very interesting story so far! :iconchibisitalyplz:

I inked the first drawing for one of the boxes on the meme. Then, I found out the meme I was hoping to fill out, had disappeared online. :icongermanypalmplz:Looked for the artist, and her account's been deactivated. Sad. :iconswissplz:So, now I'm working on the one she based it on. It's not as good, but it still will help me. The next one on that is :o and the other one would have been o//o  At least, there still is the original one. :iconeestiplz: I didn't do too bad for the :D slot. I think it's easier drawing the head than the body. I also faved a flavor meme. Draw how your oc would react with each one. Like spicy, savory, salty, etc. Sounds fun.  

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