Monday, July 5, 2010



By Urban Symphony. This was Estonia's entry in the 2009 Eurovision contest. The song's amazing. :iconchibiamericaplz: Almost haunting. Very unique sound, combining both modern electronic music and acoustic instruments. Randajad means nomads or travelers. The band's comprised of 6 women. The song tells a story of never-ending nomadic journeys through the sandy deserts. 

Today was a bit cold, yet again. :iconbrothercanadaplz: Last time I checked, tomorrow's supposed to be 79 and Wednesday's supposed to be 89. Some places will hit 90. :iconitalyishorrifiedplz: (That's about 32 C if you use that.) It's supposedly, going to be in the 80's during the rest of the forecast. 90's a bit uncomfortable. 70's are perfect for me. My ears have been bothering me again. :iconnataliaplz: It might be because of the weather, who knows.

Today we went to Costco. :iconchibipolandplz: Got a lot of good stuff again! :iconitalyplz: Huge crate of oranges, huge jar of biscotties (they're supposed to be healthy ones:icontinoplz:), a mixed snack thing that I think's called Pub snacks, a Pecan and cinnamon cereal, huge thing of sliced meats, huge thing of sliced sharp cheddar (not used to sharp, so we'll see :iconchibijapanplz:), trail mix, more hummus, those small multi colored sweet peppers, bagels, huge beef hot dogs, and more. It will probably last a long time. Most might be more than a couple of months. We also had dinner there. We had Polish hot dogs. And, for dessert, frozen yogurt with 3 different berries. So good! :iconchibispainplz: They make some of the best Polish dogs! :dummy:

I'm going to make it short, since it's so late.:iconwtfukplz:I started signing my Gumbo Limbo pics. Tomorrow, I'll probably do a couple more. And, might post a couple. I'll try to write a bit more, too. Won't have much time, but I'll try. :iconchibirussiaplz:Played my clarinet, but since I was not into the music much and thinking about other things (that pissed me off:iconchibienglandplz:); I made a few mistakes. It wasn't bad, not good either. 

In Kuroshitsuji, Soma's staying at the mansion a little longer. The queen's servant from before had slipped Ciel some tickets to see the Noah's Ark Circus. The servants are getting ready for Randall from Scotland Yard's visit. Each servant seems to be hiding a dark past. Makes me want to know more about them. :iconkumajiroplz:

Finished a sentence from the grill's manual, and started another. Will post it tomorrow. 

In Hetalia, HRE seems to still think Chibitalia is a girl. :iconchibitaliaplz: When France hears chibi Romano's going home for 3 days, he fights Spain for the 4th time over him. :iconromanoplz:

In Letter Bee, the place where Niche was supposed to be delivered to was a freak-show called Love Someone Down. They abuse their animals. Apparently, Niche's part dragon and she would be their showcase. She breaks out. Her hair can become swords. After she escapes, Lag finds her and saves her from a Gaichuu. She sees his memories. Being touched by it, she says she'll be his dingo. 

I didn't get far, but I highlighted/outlined more of Loathe's tail and some of the feathers falling down. I only have a small section left. Then, I sign it and post it.:icondanmarkplz:

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