Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween ~Speedy Mix~

By Aqua. :P Hi! Today was rainy, misty, and grey. Kind of dreary although I felt pretty good today. Very odd. I did more of my 4th chapter, I guess it's good I've decided to add more of a background to my main character in it. :D

Itachi uses his Sharingan with his Genjutsu technique. (Genjutsu is a vision type justu, that can make the other person hallucinate. In this way, it messes with the person chakra flow to their head.) Kakashi tells everyone that the more the Sharingan is used the more the user's eyesight deteriorates. Kisame traps Gai's teammates and forces Gai to fight him alone. The Samehada, Kisame's HUGE sword, only recognizes Kisame as it's owner. If anyone else touches it, it can rip that person to shreds with the spikes that come out. O_O I like when Itachi says 'we'll kindly ask you to come with us now... Naruto- kun.' It just sounded odd, and very nonchalant. Of course, Naruto gets trapped in the Genjutsu, and sees his teammates dead, and half his face rips off to reveal Sasuke. It's really quite interesting how they did it. He goes crazy, even though he knows it's not real. After being woken up by his teammates, they realize he doesn't just use his eyes, but he also uses it just by pointing at people. Kakashi and Itachi fight for a bit. Then, Naruto hits Itachi with his Oodama Rasengan or 'Great Sphere Rasengan'. Which would have killed him. In the end, Gai and Kakashi's teams weren't actually fighting Kisame and Itachi. They were fighting people who they called 'sacrifices' and were able to project their bodies into them. They only could transfer 30% of their full chakra since it would only allow that. Their only job was to stall the Konoha teams and it worked. They called the technique 'Immitation Shapeshifting techniques' or Shouten no Jutsu. Zetsu finds these 'sacrifices' and eats them. O.O I still don't know much about him, hopefully we'll learn more soon. (I just know there's 2 sides to him, and he might be a cannibal.) Gai and Kakashi's teams both make it to the mouth of the sealed up cave where the Akatsuki and Gaara are. Chiyo tells everyone, she was the one who sealed up the Shukaku in Gaara.

I did more of the practice test. They have some pretty funny sentences. :P Problem 2 was about how to write the kanji correctly. The example in English meant: Tomorrow let's meet in the afternoon. This is what it looked like in Japanese: あしたの ごご あいましょう。The gogo part (the middle word) was underlined. Then you to pick the correct way of drawing the kanji for gogo. A lot of them looked similar, they had things like extra long tails and more squiggles. Kind of funny to see the ones the wrong ones. I answered correctly and it was 午後. Wahoo! That's just the example question. XD The actual first sentence for problem 2 in English was: Today Mr. Sadou was absent from school. In Japanese: さどうさんは きょう がっこうを やすんだ。The last 2 words were underlined. The asked what がっこう kanji would be. I got it correct, which was: 学校。They asked what やすんだ would be. Again, got it correct: 休んだ. Question 2 in English: What's this party? (Sounds a bit strange in English. :P) Japanese: これは なんの ぱーていーですか。なん and ぱーていー were underlined. I was correct with both (second word was asking for what it looked like in Katakana): 何 and パーテイー. (Normally paatee looks like パーテー, the version they use is ok but doesn't happen as much.) I'll talk about the 3rd problem next time. :P

I did a couple of new escape games on Gamershood. I'm so rusty now, I'm not escaping them as fast as I used to. They're still fun though. We went to the grocery store after that, and didn't come home in time to finish coloring the sky in my drawing. :( Oh well, maybe tomorrow. For tonight's dinner we had roasted chicken, corn pudding, and steamed vegetables. For dessert we had huge gooey cinnamon buns. XD So, good!

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