Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Feeling too great

Hi! This is probably going to be very short. :D I feel this weird ache especially in my hands and legs. It's like someone poured acid on my nerve endings or something. Kind of hard to concentrate on things, when this is going on. Also, difficult when most of the things you want to do deal with use your hands. :'( I managed to finish editing my 2nd chapter and I'm almost done with my 3rd. Wahoo! Moving along at least. :D

For Japanese I've decided my next step is coming up with more sentences and looking at the grammar. I managed to write some of the sentences by hand. I would like to get back into actually writing it again, and I might type these up on a separate document. Just so I can practice both ways again. I started with the wa list of words. I think tomorrow I'll post some of them on here, I'm still going over them to see if they are correct. XD After that, I played some games.

This was way too funny! It's a skit done by a Japanese comedian group called Unjash.:

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