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By Tricky. I think it was on the 13 Ghosts movie soundtrack. (Tricky does some pretty cool songs!) I finished the character descriptions for chapters 1 through 3. I'm still editing the story. I'm thinking tomorrow of posting the descriptions on my deviantART journal. It will give people more of an idea of what they look like. At some point when I finish editing, I'll repost the first couple of chapters on deviantART. I don't have much left to type up for the 3rd chapter, so that will probably be posted pretty soon too. :D Oh, and I saw a HUGE raccoon on my afternoon walk. O.O It's tail was between its legs, and was in the middle of the street. It stared at me for a while, and it almost looked like it was going to attack me. So, I moved, and it followed me with its eyes. Then, it went off into someone's yard. We normally see them in our backyard, so this was a bit unusual. Also, my contacts have been a bit weird today. They'll be crystal clear for a while and then extremely fuzzy and is a bit painful. Maybe I'm just tired today. -_- Or I haven't been blinking very much. XD (I tend to do that.)

Sakura is now Tsunade's apprentice. Jiraiya and Naruto are going off to train outside of Konoha for 3 years. (This seems to be just about when the regular series ended, and Shippuuden started.) The reason behind training for 3 years, is Orochimaru just used his immortality jutsu and slipped into someone's body. (He was too impatient to wait for Sasuke.) It takes 3 years to be able to use the jutsu again, so he won't be able to use Sasuke's body until then. Sasuke then becomes Orochimaru's apprentice for the meantime. Jiraiya tells Naruto to forget about Sasuke, and wants to prepare him for the Akatsuki. (Akatsuki means Dawn or Daybreak. They are an elite group of criminals and are the most wanted in the ninja world. Their main goal is world domination. They are S- class missing ninjas. S- class are highly skilled. They work in groups of 2. They also wear black cloaks with a red cloud print, red inside, with a chin high collar. All of them wear nail polish of different colors. Kind of funny considering only one is a girl. :P They also wear rings, each one has a different position on the hand, they also have different colors for each person, with kanji written in the middle.) Sakura managed to impress Tsunade after 3 months of training medical jutsu, she's learned it faster than expected. Everyone is trying to train harder. Part 1 ends with the Akatsuki talking to each other about capturing the Kyuubi. Part 2 starts with Kakashi's story. (Different than what the anime did for the beginning, I know Shippuuden had this episode a few weeks ago, not a couple of years ago. I think in the anime they just had Naruto's homecoming.) In the story of Kakashi they talked about Obito, who was a close friend of his. He gave his eye to Kakashi when he was about to die. (He had the Sharingan, so this was immensely useful for Kakashi, and extremely sad at the same time.)

I finished the o section, and did all of e and u. 伯母さん or obasan means aunt. お祖母さん or obaasan means grandmother or female senior citizen. お弁当 or obentou is the polite way of saying bento or Japanese box lunch. 重い or omoi means heavy, massive, serious, important, or oppressed. 面白い or omoshiroi means interesting, fun, or amusing. 音楽 or ongaku means music. 女 or onna means woman. 女の子 or onnanoko means girl (or lit. woman child). 絵 or e means picture, drawing, painting, or sketch. 映画 or eiga means movie or film. 映画館 or eigakan means movie theater. 英語 or eigo means English (language). Ee means yes, that is correct, right, um, err, huh?, grrr, gah, Must I?, or good. 駅 or eki means station. Erebeetaa means elevator. (It actually sounds pretty close to it.) 円 or en means Yen, money, or circle. 鉛筆 or enpitsu means pencil. 上 or ue means up, top, on, above, summit, surface, on, before, previous, superiority, one's superior (i.e. one's elder), on top of that, besides, what's more, upon (further inspection, etc.), based on, matters concerning..., as concerns..., or suffix indicating higher social standing. (So many meanings for it!) 後ろ or ushiro means back, rear, or behind. 薄い or usui means thin, pale, light, watery, dilute, sparse, weak (taste, etc.), slim (probability, etc.), or small. 歌 or uta means song. 家 or uchi means house. 海 or umi means sea or beach. 上着 or uwagi means jacket or coat.

In Mai- HiME, the nun didn't hurt the student, she was only protecting her. Apparently, the nun's a HiME too. She didn't realize it, and her power acted on its own. She uses a bow and arrow, and her 'child' looks like a white horse. The victim survived, but had a fractured bone in her leg. The school's art teacher (I think that's who he is) is in love with the nun. He hates that she tells him that she only wants to be with G-d. (He keeps telling her why can't she be with G-d and him?) She's slowly getting closer to him after finding out about her ability though. Natsuki gets captured by the priest. The priest is behind the 'vampires' (really machine type things) and is using Alyssa for summoning the Orphans. Yukino's a HiME too. Her child looks weird. O_O It's almost like a computer with a ton of tendrils coming off of it. Has many eyes that detach like spores and she can see what's going on through them on panels that pop up. Mai and Mikoto save Natsuki. Miyu fights them. Alyssa is giving the orders. (She seems so innocent, but she's really an evil little thing!) Mai's 'child' kills the 'vampire'. Miyu's impressed and thinks Mai might be the strongest HiME. Alyssa's hair can blind people and teleport herself and Miyu. O.O The priest is fired by the church. Not knowing anything, the nun blames herself. He made Miyu, but that apparently didn't matter and she kills him. Alyssa is in full control of Miyu now. Alyssa's really creepy, seems more evil than the priest was. I find it very interesting that the church seems to be evil or corrupted in this. The only one who's a part of it, who's clearly not corrupted, is the nun.

I made it through the 3rd level of When Penguins Attack TD. It was really hard! Funny, because the one before that was easier than the first. (Maybe that was just a breather level.) :D For drawing, I colored my character's face and tail. I spent so much time trying to figure out the colors and how to shade it, that I didn't have time to color anything else. So, he looks a bit odd right now. XD Maybe tomorrow I can get to more of it.

This song has become extremely popular over the web. It's the first time I've actually seen the singers:
A cool song and video centered on Gintoki:
Such a beautiful song!:
A hilarious video to the song from a video game, with a web comic of Death Note. Even if you're not into video games you'll enjoy this!:

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