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By Garbage. :P Hi! I posted my character descriptions as a deviation instead of posting to my deviantART journal. It probably would have been too long of a journal entry. XD I edited a bit of the story too. I was bit tired today, so this might be a short post. ;D

Apparently, Kakashi's story was in between Part 1 and 2. Seemed like an extra, although it does explain how he got the Sharingan eye. Part 2 does start off very similar to the beginning of Shippuuden. Naruto arrives with Jiraiya 2 and half years later. I liked that they made the characters age and mature in both the anime and manga. Naruto seems to be very similar in personality to Jiraiya. Jiraiya comments that Sakura turned into a little Tsunade. XD Sakura and Naruto team up with Kakashi again. Only this time they're considered equals, not teacher and student. It's awesome how strong Sakura gets! She's almost as strong as Tsunade, and Tsunade thinks that Sakura will surpass her. I think she's a much better character in this part of the story, before she couldn't do much. I almost forgot Naruto's nickname: The World's Most Unpredictable Ninja. :D

Naruto Shippuuden was an hour long special. This was just a crazy special! Pain has the ability to make it rain, and while it's raining he can see and hear what the villagers (from hidden Rain village) are doing. People are too scared to defy him since he killed their former leader, killed his entire family, and his friends. This guy's ruthless! When Jiraiya made it into the village, Pain detected him, but wanted to see what this 'intruder' was up to and waited. (Oh, there's cool new opening and ending credits. Must be a new season, just like it is for Gintama.) Konan (the only girl in Akatsuki) later searches for this 'intruder' by becoming paper butterflies. (Origami) The villagers don't know much about Pain. No one has even seen him. The villagers call Konan the "Lady Angel" mainly because she can also make wings out of paper. The nation is isolated from the rest of the world, and they have no idea what goes on outside it. (Also, they have no idea who the Akatsuki are, even though the base is there.) The village's past leader, Hanzo, was the one who gave Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru the title: Legendary Sannin. (Legendary 3 ninjas.) The villagers also call him a G-d. Pain apparently has many bodies and switches into different ones depending on who he fights or sees. The art this season seems to be even better than the last. The extra was everyone who died (enemies and friends) are ghosts that haunt a carnival. The very end of it the Third made a really creepy smile, and Naruto and Sakura got freaked out. :D Apparently one of Jiraiya's toads, which has a scroll for a belly is the key to open Naruto's sealed safe for the Kyuubi. Jiraiya tells it that if anything were to happen to him, it will have to store itself in Naruto. (Which is a bit dangerous. :P) Jiraiya thinks Madara Uchiha might still be alive and summoned the Kyuubi in the first place to attack Konoha. Apparently, Pain is really Nagato, but he looks so much like Yahiko, something must be behind that. XD Jiraiya fights Pain. Pain became who he was through the pain of wars. His view is that you have to suffer immense pain in order to 'evolve' or 'mature'. Pain has been the only thing controlling his actions and thoughts. He considers himself a G-d of peace. His main objective is to stop the wars. By gathering Biju he can develop a new forbidden jutsu. He plans to kill entire nations with this, saying millions will die, and therefore he'll spread fear to the remaining people. They'll be so scared they won't be able to fight each other. He will bring pain to them and in his view make them stronger and more mature. It ends with Jiraiya summoning Gamaken (Monstrous Toad), who seems bigger and maybe more powerful than the Toad Boss. O.O This series is getting too good! :D

Ponytail Day? XD
This is too funny! :

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