Tuesday, October 6, 2009


By Nabuo Umatsu from the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children soundtrack. (An awesome soundtrack! Not to mention a cool movie! :D) Hi! It was freezing out this morning. I felt like my throat was going to freeze from breathing in the cold air. o_O I did twice as many character descriptions today than yesterday. So, that was nice. Maybe I had a clearer picture in my head about them, who knows. XD

Gaara beats Kimimaro, but just barely. It was an awesome fight! Naruto catches up to Sasuke and they start to battle it out at the waterfall. Then, it was a flashback of what happened to the Uchiha clan. (Sasuke's clan.) It's rather ironic to me that they had established the police force of Konoha, and one of their own killed them all. (Well, all except Sasuke, obviously.) I know the story, it's a little too sad and drags on for a while. So, I kind of skipped bits because of that. :P

I finished the incredibly long ka section, and did the first couple of the o section. 月 or gatsu means month. 学校 or gakkou means school. 角 or kado means corner or edge. 家内 or kanai means wife. 鞄 or kaban means bag or basket. 花瓶 or kabin means (flower) vase. 神 or kami means G-d, deity, divity, or spirit. 髪 or kami means hair. 紙 or kami means paper. (So many meanings for the word kami!) Kamera means camera. 火曜日 or kayoubi means Tuesday. 辛い or karai means spicy, hot, tough (on someone), adverse, or harsh. 体 or karada means body or health. 軽い or karui means light (i.e. not heavy). Karendaa means calender. 川 or kawa means river or stream. 可愛い or kawaii means cute, adorable, charming, lovely, pretty, dear, precious, darling, pet, cute little, tiny, or sweet. 漢字 or kanji means kanji. :P (They're adopted Chinese characters.) 感じ or kanji means feeling, sense, or impression. 莞爾 or kanji means smiling. (A lot of meanings for this one too.) 御 or o is a suffix meaning honorable. 美味しい or oishii means tasty, delicious, or good.

In this screencap, (yeah, I know they misspelled parachute) Russia is the one who's talking on right, China's on the left. They were about to jump out of an airplane. He screamed 'Vodka' all the way down. XD For this more recent episode Germany formed in alliance with Russia during World War II. Russia is about to visit Germany, so Germany's trying his best not to offend Russia. (You don't want to get on his bad side! :D) Meanwhile, Russia's trying to not embarrass himself. Italy wants to be remembered by Germany, so he asks France for advice. It was hilarious! :P Lithuania is helping Russia get ready, because he desparately wants Russia to leave him alone. Apparently, Lithuania is dating Belarus. o_O

In Mai HiME, it was the Mixed Junior High Special Summer Cooking Re- exam. The 'sister' (nun), nurse (from the school), and the maid for the director of the school were there to help the participants. Tate and Kanzaki were judges for it. The theme was making the best cake. Meanwhile, back at Takumi's place, his roommate, Akira, apparently is hiding that she's a girl. She binds her breasts so she looks flatter, has a voice that sounds almost androgenous, tries to dress like the other guys, and prefers to be called by the masculine kun honorific. It seems like she's disgusted with herself. :( Takumi walks in on her changing the bindings, but he doesn't see anything then. Mai's team is making black tea chiffon cake. o_O (Wow! I just looked it up and it's real!) The nurse's team is making chocolate cake. Natsuki is in the nun's group, and can't stand her. Takumi makes a birthday cake for Mai, with Akira. An Orphan shows up and ruins all the student's cakes, the maid fights back. She's awesome! The same Orphan runs over to Takumi's place and eats half the cake. Akira is another HiME. She looks like a ninja, and has ninja like abilities. Takumi finally finds out that Akira's really a girl. All the judges get so sick after the sampling they get admitted to the hospital. :D

I drew some more of the same character. I fixed more parts of the arms and legs. I added a scarf blowing in the wind, a winter coat, and slacks. Then, I inked it all. Tomorrow, I'll probably add some background. The fun never ends! XD We went to a Hadassah meeting and event after that. I'm the Secretary, so I have to take down the minutes. I think I was a bit rusty because it's been a while since we had a meeting. :P We talked about the upcoming event, which is a Mah Jongg tournament. We're still figuring out who can volunteer and for what. The event tonight was Mah Jongg. :D I don't play, so I watched and talked to another person who doesn't play.

I felt this way, too when I was in the hospital!

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