Wednesday, October 7, 2009


By Nine Inch Nails. :D (One of my top faves!) This is my new wallpaper for October. XD She's pissed and eating most of the crab legs, it's from Ouran High School Host Club. Hi! I did more of the character descriptions. It was a little difficult to explain all the points of one of the characters because he's a bit complicated in my head. ^_^" But, I think I'm done with the characters introduced in the first and second chapters. I'm working on the one's in the third right now, since I was so far a long with it. So, pretty soon maybe in the same time tomorrow, I can begin the process of re- editing things. I don't think it will take too long. :P We'll see!
They talked more about Sasuke's past. -_- They also talked about the many levels of Sharingan. (Bloodline limit for Uchiha- in their eyes.) Sharingan literally means copy wheel eye. They can copy any jutsu they see, see what the person's next move is, and on the highest level can make people hallucinate and torture them. Each level of Sharingan has a different number of 'tomoe' which are similar to commas. The highest level, the Mangekyo Sharingan (Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel eye), most of the time looks like a pinwheel. Sometimes, they have circles in them. It can even look like a star. They're red and black. Cool to see. Itachi uses the Mangekyo Sharingan to torture his brother after killing his family. Sasuke tells Naruto that he's his closest friend, and therefore wants to kill him. (According to Itachi in order to gain the highest level you have to kill your 'closest friend'.) The battle really begins after this, and it was just too cool. :D (Just as cool as the anime was for it.) Ends with them in a stalemate, Naruto being passed out and Sasuke barely able to walk. As he's hubbling away he says he's not Itachi's puppet, and he'll gain power his own way. Chouji and Neji are found and are in critical condition at the hospital. (Ninja hospitals are awesome!) They survive though.

I almost finished the o section. 大きい or ookii means big, large, great, or loud. 大勢 or oozei means many or crowd. お母さん or okaasan means mother. (A polite form.) お菓子 or okashi means sweets, confections, or candy. お金 or okane means money. 奥さん or okusan means (hon) wife, your wife, his wife, married lady, or madam. お酒 or osake is just a polite way of saying sake, which means alcohol, liquor, or sake. :D お皿 or osara is another polite form of saying sara, plate.伯父さん or ojisan means uncle or mister. お祖父さん or ojiisan means grandfather or senior citizen. 遅い or osoi means late (ex. 'late at night'), slow, or too late. お茶 or ocha is a polite way of saying cha or tea; also used for a tea break (at work) or a tea ceremony. お手洗い or otearai means toilet, restroom, bathroom, etc. (I think it might be used for traditional Japanese style ones, because the borrowed a couple of more words that mean the same thing.) お父さん or otousan means (hon) father. 弟さん or otoutosan means (hon) younger brother. 男 or otoko means man. 男の子 or otokonoko means boy, (lit.) male child, or baby boy. 一昨日 or ototoi means the day before yesterday. 一昨年 or ototoshi means the year before last. 大人 or otona means adult. (I think it lit. means big person. :P) お腹 or onaka means stomach. 同じ or onaji means the same or identical. お兄さん or oniisan means (hon) older brother, elder brother, young man, buddy, fella, or laddie. お姉さん or oneesan means (hon) older sister, elder sister, young lady, or miss (when referring to a waitress.)

In Mai- HiME, there's a rumor going around campus where vampires are loose around the church. The truth to it was there were 3 murders, blood was sucked out of them, they were all female, and they were left naked. It's really something (not sure Orphan, Child, or what) that's trying to detect the HiMEs, kill the person (whether they are or not), and drain their blood for DNA analysis. o_O Tate's finally realizing all these incidents (landscape changing, the cooking exam, ferry, etc.) are related to Mai. It ended with the nun doing some of the killings, only she was unconsciously doing it. When she found out she was devastated. (A bit of an understatement. XD)

Wahoo! I finally passed level 1 of When Penguins Attack TD! That was 50 waves of enemies. I was so low on lives I didn't think I'd make it! The next level had 77 waves! O.O I beat it though. (I think it was easier than the first.) I stopped playing after that because I thought it was enough. But, they save the level you're on to your computer, so no worries about trying to do it all over again. :P I ended with a score of 10265! O.O That was nuts!

For drawing, I did some of the background. Still not sure if I'm happy with it. But, there's always tomorrow, and I could erase it still. XD It's a snowy scene, with a sunset, a road covered in the snow, and wind. I think it's the first time that it will take up the entire page! Wahoo! :D I think I like his face the most right now. :P

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