Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tarzan and Jane

By Aqua. ^_^ Hi! Today was freezing! I guess next time I go for a walk or something I should put a scarf on. :P Wahoo! Halloween is next Saturday and my Birthday is exactly a week after that! XD I can't believe it's getting so close to them! Time flys! :D I did more of my 4th chapter. It seems to be going a bit faster than before, so I might be able to post it sooner than I thought.

Finished reading Hatsune Mix, and I think it could have been a lot better. A lot of the 'songs' or chapters didn't seem to be related and there's not much of a plot. I know that basically a fan (an actual mangaka) made it, and it was obivously an unofficial manga, but a lot of it seemed off to me. Apparently Miku gets a bunch of jobs to help pay for Kaito using all their money for icecream. The twins chip in too. Len works for a telemarketer company and Rin works as a subway announcer. All 3 have pretty funny mishaps with their jobs. The next part was about Miku dying. Kaito feels like she was the only family he had and secretly mixes her old songs and puts them out, which to the fans, seems like she didn't really die. Kind of sad. :'( The next chapter was about Miku being a mermaid. (Really?! -_-) This was really a lame side story. The last chapter is about Miku being a chibi and she kind of acts like a bug. :P So, yeah, very lame in the end. The picture above has Rin, Miku, Len, Kaito, Meiko, Gakupo, and Luka. (With Luka's octopus head on the, I'm guessing, menu. Kind of funny.) I might post more Vocaloid pics in the future. Again, these pics have more to do with the actual Vocaloids, not the manga I just read. :P

Sai shows up and attacks Naruto, Shikamaru, and Chouji during his first appearance. I really hate him at this point of the story. Later I like him because he ends up being awesome, funny, and actually gets more of a personality. :P His jutsu has to do with his drawings or paintings. He can make them come alive, use them for transportation, protection, to gather info, or for attacks. Really cool. Sai's a Root Anbu, which follow Danzo and are trained to abandon all emotion. The regular Anbu follow only the Hokage and are an organization of assassins. Yamato shows up to replace Kakashi until he's better. He's a regular Anbu member. All Anbu never tell people their actual name and use a code name instead. Apparently Sai never titles his art, because he thinks it will show too much emotion. He keeps saying he doesn't have any emotions to begin with. Yamato has the same ability as the 3rd and can construct a building imediately with his jutsu. They make it to a bridge where Sasori told them that he was going to meet an Akatsuki spy. This 'spy' is Kabuto. Orochimaru's watching everyone and looks pissed thinking Kabuto's betraying him. O.O

In the last section, they say 2 men are talking. The question is what day is it today?

M1 : 映画を見たいんですが、安い日はいつですか。
(Similar movie, but the cheap day is when?)
M2 : 木曜日ですよ。
M1: じゃあ、明日ですね。
(Well, tomorrow then.)

Obviously, the answer was 水曜日 or Wednesday. I'll post the first part of the grammar practice test tomorrow. :P

In Primeval, someone goes through an anomaly and gets infected by spores. After going back through he coughs up something then gets thrown back to where the spores were. Connor is living in his office at work since Abby's letting her baby brother stay at her place. Quin breaks into the ARC and begs the team to let him join. The boss of the guy before (Sir Richard) touches what the guy coughed up and becomes infected. It makes you cold and itchy. O.O It's really a toxic fungus that can grow rapidly and can infect anyone who's near it. One of the people who went to keep 'tabs' on the ARC touched a sample of the fungus in their lab. He seemed to immediately liquefy. Later, they realized it changes the victim into a weird creature. Lester called him a human mushroom. :P (The 'creature' looks like the one in the picture.) Later Sir Richard transforms too. At the lab, they find out that the creature explodes in high heat. The team finally accepts Quin, and later appoints him as their new leader. Connor drops something in the lab room onto the 'dead fungus' and it comes back to life and grows even faster. The heat just spreads the spores and makes them reproduce more. If you freeze it, it kills it off. Connor almost freezes to death while attempting this. They cool down the entire ARC, and the creature finds Jenny and goes after her. She tries to freeze it more with a fire extinguisher (I think- was a silver canister.) and Quin comes in to save her. The creature eventually freezes and crumbles, while Jenny almost froze to death. She quits after that, saying she needs to 'find herself'. Lester actually offers Connor to stay at his place to stay for a bit. O.O

I played more of Easter Island TD. That game's really addicting! :P I made it to level 24 though. There were too many enemies on that level. Plus, they split into 3 when you hit them. O.O I started a new drawing finally. I think it takes me a while to figure out how I want the face to look, the other stuff comes a bit easier to me. XD I only managed to draw the head, and I drew part of the skeleton. Hopefully tomorrow I'll draw the body in, and maybe some of the background. Not sure exactly what it will look like, just playing it by ear. :D

An awesome Kaito song (The song's called Uninstall):
Alarm clocks:
Dying messages:
Security camera:
Kaito- Application's Love:
Security camera at a convenience store:
A Kaito song, videos title is Sunday in English. Also, some lyrics are in English, so people can
probably gather what he's saying. It's pretty funny:

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