Thursday, October 15, 2009


By Garbage. Hi! Today I felt a lot better! Wahoo! :D I wrote the first part of chapter 4. I seemed to be a bit stuck on what to call my main character's sister. XD Had so many ideas, but I kept going over them and they didn't seem exactly right. I ended up calling her Sahara, but might have Hara as a nickname. Not sure if I'm happy with it yet, but at least I have something down. :P

I had an executive meeting for our Hadassah group. Only 3 of us showed up. The President, the Treasurer, and me the Secretary. Kind of sad. :'( Our meeting was pretty short, the rest of the time turned into a social event. XD They also told me I'm an important part of the board. =^_^= We talked about some of the future events along with regular business stuff. There was huge chocolate covered biscotti's and coffee that were served at the meeting. It was sooo good! :D The next thing is an event on Sunday. That should be fun! Also, the Mah Jong tournament is the day after my birthday. I told the board this and they said I have to go to the event so they can sing Happy Birthday. Now, I really am not sure if I want to go. ;)

I watched Dog and Cat Cafe on Japan TV. It's a show where people come in with their pets, and talk about how they got them, what crazy mischievous things their pets have done, about pets that have died, etc. They also have a segment where they ask a vet some advice. This time he said people should check their pets regularly for cancerous lumps, and showed how to do it. They gave a statistic where only about 30% of all owners actually do this. It was kind of cool.

I looked a bit online just to research more stuff on the JLPT. I got to a forum where someone asked how much studying time does each level require. It had very useful info. One of the posters was a proctor for the Seattle JLPT in 2008, so I mostly looked at what she had to say. She says the estimated time for studying for Level 4 is 3- 9 months. She added that everyone's different, but this is the closest estimate for people. She also said the level 4 test usually starts around 1 and ends at about 5 pm. I also did more of the practice test, and realized I know a lot more than I thought I did. I think it's just a matter of how confident I am. I just have to go over more of the grammar too.

In Naruto Shippuuden, Jiraiya's still in a big fight with Pain. (I heard a rumor a while back that Jiraiya dies during this battle, but I really hope that's not in the anime! I like him a lot! He's a great character!) Through most of the battle, he had to have his hands together for a while in order to summon the 2 'toad sages.' (If he moved them for a second he wouldn't be able to summon them.) Gamaken keeps saying he's clumsy, it got a bit annoying but cute at the same time. ^_^" Pain summons a Cerebus like dog first. (3 headed.) Once hit, they multiply. At one point I thought Gamaken had died, but Jiraiya just re- summoned him, so I guess he really didn't die. Eventually he sends the 3 headed dogs into the Great Toad's stomach. Pain summons a huge bird, that has a spear like beak. It beats Gamaken unconscious and drops eggs that explode like bombs at Jiraiya. O.O Jiraiya incinerates it. Apparently, Nagato could use all 6 of the elements. (Usually ninjas can only use 1 or 2.) Pain summons a giant bull next. Jiraiya kills it pretty quickly surprising Pain. Jiraiya finally was able to summon the 2 sages. They formed on his shoulders, and he looked a bit different. He had toad like eyes. Apparently the toads have to aid him in tranforming into 'sage mode.' The female sage's tounge can sniff out the enemy, grab onto them, and spew poison out of the holes coming out of it. O.O The male sage can spit a lot of water with enough force to slice through things. They kill the chameleon that Pain used to hide himself. At the end, Pain summons huge clones of himself. Jiraiya says at the end it's unusual to summon humans instead of animals. O.O Crazy! It just keeps getting crazier!

The best game I played today was Picma on Flash Ninja Clan. I always forget what they call these puzzles, and now I know. They're awesome! You make pictures out of what you figure out to be where the numbers tell you. It's a bit hard to explain, but it's really awesome! They describe it as picross, where the goal is to color the boxes of the grid according to the numbers listed next to the columns and rows of the grid. It's really addicting once you do a couple. :D I might do more tomorrow. I got up to apprentice.

I finally finished the sunset part of the sky, it took so long! :P Now, all that's left is the dark part of the sky at the top. I'm not sure if it's a good sunset, but I'm really liking the effect it gives. Really interesting. ^_^

This is another skit from a member of Unjash. He's trying to learn English. Somehow it seemed to relate to me. :P
A cat gets a new toy, reminds me a bit of Tasha:

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